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00:08 The book of Revelation predicts that some day
00:11 the Mark of the Beast will be enforced by Law around the world
00:16 get ready for the details on His Voice Today.
00:20 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:26 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:31 The title of this power-packed message
00:34 is called: The Mark of the BEAST ENFORCED.
00:36 My goal is to share information with you
00:39 and what you do with that information... that is up to you
00:43 I don't know if you've watched my past presentations
00:47 but we've gone into detail about the beast
00:51 and about the Mark of the Beast
00:53 in other programs of His Voice Today
00:56 and if you've missed those programs,
00:58 because they have really built up and laid the foundation
01:01 for what we're going to do today...
01:02 if you've missed those programs, I encourage you to go to
01:07 YouTube. com forward slash whitehorse media and catch up
01:12 but anyway here we go...
01:14 it's time to talk about
01:16 the enforcement of the Mark of the Beast.
01:17 In Revelation chapter 13 verse 16 the Bible predicts,
01:23 "And he causes all... " "cause" implies force
01:27 "He causes all, both small and great,
01:29 rich and poor, free and bond,
01:30 to receive a mark in their right hand,
01:33 or in their foreheads:
01:34 And that no man might buy or sell,
01:36 save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast,
01:40 or the number of his name. "
01:42 Now, first of all, I'll just quickly recap
01:46 what we've talked about in the past
01:48 about who the "beast" is in Bible prophecy
01:51 if you were to go back to the 1500s
01:53 and talked to the Protestant Reformers
01:55 and they were unanimous on who the beast is
01:58 I've got in my library... and here in my hand...
02:01 a copy of Fox's Book of Martyrs
02:04 this is an ancient classic
02:07 dealing with the Christian martyrs and the persecutions
02:10 and inquisition and on page 43 of this book,
02:14 it tells us who the Protestants believed that the "beast" was.
02:18 Page 43 says, "Disregarding the maxims
02:22 and the spirit of the gospel, the Papal Church
02:25 arming herself with the power of the sword
02:28 persecuted the church of God
02:31 and wasted it for several centuries
02:32 a period, most appropriately termed in history,
02:35 The Dark Ages... "
02:37 and then it says that the kings of the earth
02:39 gave their power and their strength to the beast.
02:43 So this is Fox's Book of Martyrs
02:46 it used to be next to the bedsides of
02:49 the Puritans and the Pilgrims who came across the Atlantic
02:52 from England and from Holland
02:55 coming to establish colonies to help establish America,
02:59 this book was a classic and they read it
03:01 and they knew... they knew who the beast was.
03:03 Now, the Bible also says that the beast will have a mark,
03:07 it will have a mark that will be enforced
03:10 and I mentioned this in the last program.
03:12 This is a copy of a Roman Catholic Catechism
03:15 by Pierre Geiermann published in 1946
03:19 and it comes right out openly and it says, question:
03:22 What day is the Sabbath day?
03:23 Answer: Saturday is the Sabbath day.
03:26 Question: Why then do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday?
03:28 The answer is: Because the Catholic Church
03:32 transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday.
03:36 So, here's Fox's Book of Martyrs identifying the beast
03:39 which was really a System... it's not individuals...
03:42 it's a System... called the Roman Church
03:45 which has done a lot of things in history
03:49 that fulfills prophecy...
03:50 and that's what the Protestants believed,
03:51 and here is the Roman Church's Catechism
03:54 that says that they changed the Sabbath into Sunday
03:57 and they actually see Sunday Observance
04:01 as a mark of their authority as the true church.
04:06 Now, I know that's shocking but these are historical facts
04:12 and when we go back to Revelation chapter 14
04:15 verses 9 to 12...
04:17 we have a warning about the Mark of the Beast
04:19 and at the end of verse 11
04:22 we have a warning about those who receive the mark
04:25 and then verse 12 says,
04:26 "Here is the patience of the saints;
04:28 here are they that keep the commandments of God
04:30 and the faith of Jesus. "
04:32 And so, here are the Ten Commandments...
04:35 here's one of the tables of stone
04:37 and Revelation talks about the beast
04:40 and that it would have a mark and then in verse 12 it says,
04:43 "to avoid the mark is to be among the people...
04:46 the saints who keep
04:47 God's Commandments and the faith of Jesus... "
04:50 and verse 7... in the same chapter it says that
04:53 we need to worship Him that made heaven and earth
04:56 and the sea and the fountains of waters,
04:57 and the fact is... when we look at the Ten Commandments,
05:00 there's only one Commandment
05:01 that talks about the Creator of heaven and earth
05:04 one of the big ten... and it's number four...
05:07 which identifies the 7th-day Sabbath
05:10 as God's special day, and that is the Commandment
05:13 that the Roman church
05:15 which Protestants have believed for a long time...
05:17 is the beast of prophecy...
05:18 has changed and they claim it is a mark
05:23 of their authority in religious matters.
05:27 Now, if all of this is true, if this information is correct,
05:32 and I don't expect you to take my word for it... for anything
05:35 and I'm not here to condemn anybody but to share information
05:39 and you can do with it whatever you choose
05:42 but if this is all true that the beast is the Roman Church,
05:47 and that its mark is its change of God's holy day
05:52 into the first day of the week,
05:53 then when the Bible says,
05:54 "He causes all, both small and great,
05:56 rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark... "
05:58 we can expect that at some point in history
06:01 during the final crisis that Sunday observance
06:04 will be enforced by Law around the world.
06:08 Now, is this possible, is this just some crazy idea
06:12 or is it something that can actually really happen
06:15 in America and around the world?
06:17 Well, let's discuss this, it is a fact of history
06:21 that Sunday has been legislated
06:24 for hundreds of years in the past
06:27 the first Sunday Law was passed in the year 321
06:31 by the Emperor of Rome, Constantine on March...
06:35 I've got the date right... March 21... 321 A.D.
06:39 it's a historical event, it's in the history books
06:43 and that was basically the first time
06:45 that Sunday had ever been enforced by legislation,
06:48 if we go down European history, if we go into British history,
06:53 and into Colonial American history,
06:55 you'll find that Sunday has been enforced in various degrees,
06:59 those Laws used to be called, "Blue Laws"
07:02 I've got a book right here called,
07:04 "Dateline: Sunday, U.S.A." written by an Attorney,
07:06 Warren Johns and the subtitle says,
07:09 "This is the story of three and half centuries
07:12 of Sunday Law Battles in America
07:14 and this talks about the Court records and the struggles
07:17 between... whether Sunday should be enforced by Law
07:19 or whether this was constitutional or not...
07:21 it talks about the Blair Sunday Bill
07:24 that was introduced into Congress in the year 1888
07:27 seeking National Sunday Legislation
07:29 and how it was defeated, the facts of history are here.
07:33 Did you know that George Washington
07:35 was almost thrown in jail
07:36 because he kissed his wife on a Sunday,
07:38 the Blue Laws were very strict
07:41 back in the days of early Colonial America
07:44 but they've be loosened now
07:46 and so now we don't have those kinds of laws
07:49 but there are... there are many,
07:51 there are forces, there are churches,
07:53 that are Organizations that are very active at this very moment
07:57 that would like to see those old Blue Laws kick back in
08:01 so that Sunday could be once again legislated by Law,
08:05 here I have a copy of the
08:07 large official catechism of the Roman Church
08:10 published in 1994,
08:11 this is their big book of their doctrines,
08:13 and on page 538, this book comes out very, very clearly
08:18 in support of Sunday legislation they believe in it,
08:23 they encourage their members to seek it,
08:27 actually, I'm sorry, it's 528... it says that public authorities
08:32 should ensure citizens a time intended for rest
08:35 and divine worship,
08:36 Christians should seek recognition of Sundays
08:39 as legal holiday... so the church...
08:42 the Catholic Church has gone on record of wanting this
08:45 many Popes have gone on record wanting this,
08:49 there's a whole Organization... an Alliance in Europe
08:51 called the, "European Sunday Alliance"
08:54 that seeking for Sunday Legislation
08:56 but at this point... it's never happened on a national
09:00 or specially not on a global scale.
09:02 Is something like this actually possible?
09:06 Let me share with you some very volatile and serious information
09:16 let's go back a few years
09:19 to the day that the towers came down,
09:21 September 11, 2001,
09:24 I remember where I was when that time hit,
09:26 I was in Texas... my phone rang, it was a friend of mine,
09:29 and he said, "Steve, you've got to turn on your TV... "
09:31 and I did... and I was shocked to see
09:34 one of the twin towers burning
09:35 right in front of my eyes on live television
09:37 and then I was shocked to see
09:38 another plane hit the second tower
09:40 and then the second tower was burning...
09:42 and then I saw the first tower go down
09:44 and then I saw the second tower go down,
09:46 and along with millions of Americans
09:47 and people around the world,
09:49 I watched those images over and over again
09:51 and I had a very strong sense that something big was happening
09:56 that something apocalyptic was going on
09:58 and that I needed to really sit up and take notice
10:03 and, of course, pray for the families...
10:07 of the victims... which I did...
10:09 now, let me tie this in with prophecy,
10:12 I strongly believe that there is a deep lesson for us
10:15 and a significance of what happened during the week of 911
10:19 if you recall... the date September 11, 2001
10:23 took place on a Tuesday...
10:25 on a Tuesday... don't forget that.
10:26 Three days later there was a
10:29 big church service in Washington, D.C.
10:32 in the National Cathedral and it was a church service
10:35 where lots of different politicians, congressmen,
10:39 senators, presidents, they were all there,
10:41 and anyone who really was anybody in America
10:44 as far as Washington Leadership, they were at that...
10:48 at that church service and it was really a...
10:50 it was a prayer meeting, Billy Graham was there
10:52 representing the Protestant world,
10:53 there was a Rabbi there representing the Jewish world,
10:56 there was an Imam representing the Muslim world,
10:59 there was a Cardinal representing
11:01 the Roman Catholic church and one by one,
11:04 these different leaders, gave speeches
11:07 and they encouraged people to come together
11:09 into unity and to pray because the crisis was very real,
11:14 when you hit the financial center
11:16 of the most powerful, political nation in the world,
11:20 the potential for a ripple effect
11:23 to affect the global... global economy...
11:25 was very, very real and so,
11:28 on the Friday following the Tuesday 911,
11:31 people came together from different religions to pray
11:34 and I'm certainly not against praying in a crisis...
11:37 we need to pray now and all the time,
11:40 specially in the days ahead but anyway that was on Friday,
11:44 so you had crisis... Tuesday... a move for unity on Friday...
11:49 what happened two days later?
11:51 Two days later was a Sunday
11:54 and I want to tell you that the following...
11:55 that on the Sunday following September 11,
11:58 church attendance went through the roof,
12:01 not just in America but Europe, Australia,
12:03 around the world... people were going to church,
12:06 like they had never gone to church before
12:08 and what is the reason for that?
12:11 The reason is simple, like I said,
12:13 when you hit the financial nerve center
12:15 of the world's largest and most powerful economy,
12:19 the potential for a disastrous ripple effect
12:25 to bring down the economies of the world...
12:27 is very, very real, and so...
12:29 and people were scared, people were scared,
12:31 they knew something serious was going on,
12:33 trading stopped on the New York Stock Exchange
12:36 and people were just in a state of panic,
12:39 what is going on, what is going to happen?
12:42 now, again, think of the sequence,
12:43 Tuesday was a crisis, Friday... was a move for unity,
12:48 and then... Sunday...
12:50 church attendance went through the roof,
12:52 so, here is the sequence, crisis, unity, Sunday...
12:58 crisis, unity, Sunday...
13:01 now, thankfully, what happened over ten years ago
13:05 during the week and following weeks,
13:08 after September 11... it did not continue to unravel
13:12 into a real, desperate global crisis,
13:18 it didn't happen...
13:19 I think that the angels held back the forces of darkness...
13:24 held back the forces of total chaos,
13:26 God is still holding on to His world, somehow,
13:29 but it didn't really completely unravel...
13:32 and so the crisis eventually went away
13:35 and then Stock Exchange went back
13:38 and there has been somewhat of a recovery,
13:41 but the Bible predicts that some day in the future,
13:45 we are going to hit a crisis
13:47 that we are not going to get out of.
13:48 Daniel chapter 12 verse 1
13:49 says that there will be a time of trouble,
13:52 such as never was since there was a Nation
13:54 even to that same time...
13:55 what is going to precipitate that crisis...
13:58 what will be the catalyst of that crisis... I don't know...
14:01 I don't know whether it might be another terrorist attack
14:04 whether it might be a whole series of natural disasters,
14:07 whether it might be some kind of an economic meltdown,
14:10 I just don't know... I'm not a prophet,
14:13 but I do know according to the Bible
14:15 that we are going to enter in at some point
14:18 and it's going to happen very quickly when it finally hits,
14:21 into the final crisis at the end of the history of this world
14:24 and when that crisis hits,
14:28 I can guarantee you... you can bet your bottom dollar
14:32 and you may not have a lot of money,
14:34 but you can... you get my point...
14:36 you can bet your bottom dollar that what happened
14:39 during the week of September 11, 2001,
14:43 will happen again...
14:45 and it's just because of human nature,
14:47 have you ever heard the expression?
14:48 Many people have said,
14:50 "there are no Atheists in fox holes"
14:51 it's true... when people come face to face with crisis,
14:56 with death... with disaster,
14:58 they... they often drop to their knees
15:01 or at least they open their mouths and they pray
15:04 and then they go to church which is what most people do,
15:08 when they are in a crisis, or at least a lot of people
15:11 and so, think about human nature,
15:14 what happened during the week of September 11
15:16 will happen again,
15:18 all we need is a big enough crisis,
15:19 to bring about the same sequence of events
15:22 there'll be a crisis,
15:23 then there'll be a move toward unity,
15:26 coming together of the world's religions
15:30 combined with Governments, a move for unity
15:32 and that will be followed, I can guarantee you
15:37 it will be followed by people flocking to church
15:42 not on Saturday and not on Friday...
15:45 but the majority of the world
15:47 are going to be going to church on Sunday
15:49 because that is the biggest day on the planet
15:52 for worship... it really is.
15:54 So, we're going to see again crisis, unity, Sunday...
15:59 and if the crisis doesn't resolve itself,
16:05 like it did... so many years ago,
16:07 if the crisis deepens... if it gets worse...
16:10 if people get desperate... then what's going to happen
16:14 is Sunday attendance will eventually shift
16:18 to the next... the next phase...
16:21 and the next phase will be Sunday Legislation
16:25 in an hour of desperation,
16:28 to try to force... in a final crisis,
16:32 to force humanity to come back to God
16:36 and to pray to God for the survival of the planet
16:41 and of the economy and of the world's systems.
16:46 That's what's going to happen,
16:49 it's that is what is going to happen
16:51 and as I mentioned the Roman Church,
16:54 they are pushing for Sunday Legislation in Europe
16:59 the European Sunday Alliance
17:01 is pushing for Sunday Legislation
17:03 and when we hit a crisis, if people are going to church,
17:08 but the crisis gets worse, then we're going to see laws
17:12 that are going to kick in
17:14 as a last-ditch effort to try to solve the problem
17:19 to force people to pray.
17:21 When that time comes... when that time comes
17:25 you may not believe right now that that time is going to come
17:29 I don't know when you're watching this,
17:31 you might be watching this in the middle of the crisis
17:34 and it may be happening right now,
17:35 if it is... then you know this message is right on target,
17:39 if you are watching before it happens,
17:43 and if you're not sure when this is really going to happen,
17:46 just ponder all of this in your heart
17:49 and study your Bibles to see what's right...
17:52 what's really right...
17:53 I strongly believe... I'm honest about this belief,
17:57 I've studied my Bible for years and years and years,
18:01 I've looked at the theories... I know what other people say,
18:03 I've seen some of the movies about the Mark of the Beast,
18:06 the novels, the internet websites,
18:09 the radio preachers... the TV preachers...
18:11 that say that the whole thing is just really a technology issue
18:15 a technology issue, but that's not what I read
18:19 in my Bible... let's go back to Revelation 14
18:22 verse 9... Revelation 14:9 says,
18:25 "Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice,
18:28 'If any man worships the beast'"
18:30 and the beast is...
18:33 who the Protestants used to believe it was...
18:36 they've lost this knowledge
18:38 but that knowledge needs to be resurrected,
18:41 and I certainly... I'm not saying that
18:43 every single person within the church of Rome,
18:47 is "beastly... " you know, that's just not true at all,
18:50 I believe there is going to be a lot of sincere Roman Catholics
18:53 that are going to be in the Kingdom of God,
18:54 I believe that...
18:56 because God is a loving God and a merciful God
18:58 and He judges us based upon the light that we have,
19:00 but it is a fact of history that for 300 years
19:03 Protestant scholars from Luther to Wesley to Calvin
19:06 to Jerome, to Spurgeon, to Huss...
19:09 they all believed that the beast was
19:12 a symbol of the Roman Church System...
19:14 and the Bible warns...
19:17 "If anyone worships the beast and his image,
19:19 and receives his mark... " the mark comes from Rome...
19:22 it's a mark of Rome's authority in the forehead
19:26 which does not represent the skin or an implant
19:29 but it represents the mind... inside the mind...
19:32 what people think... "or the hand... "
19:34 which represents the actions... what people choose to do
19:37 "the same shall drink the wine of the wrath of God... "
19:40 it's a very serious warning...
19:42 and then verse 11 continues on with the warning
19:44 of what will happen to those who get the mark
19:46 and at the end of verse 11, it talks about
19:49 what will happen to "whoever receives the mark of his name"
19:53 and then verse 12 says,
19:56 "Here is the patience of the saints:
19:57 here are they that keep the commandments of God,
20:03 and the faith of Jesus. "
20:06 The third angel's message points to the safety zone.
20:10 During the Mark of the Beast crisis, the Bible says,
20:13 the Bible says that the safety zone is becoming a saint,
20:18 it's becoming a person who chooses to keep
20:22 the Commandments of God as God gave them
20:27 and the faith... it says,
20:29 the faith of Jesus... Jesus is mentioned in...
20:34 it's the last word in verse 12, and then there's the period...
20:37 Jesus... now some people say,
20:38 "We don't need the law because we just have Jesus... "
20:41 but the Bible says that we need to be followers of Jesus
20:44 and because we love Jesus and believe in Jesus
20:47 and accept His grace and His salvation
20:50 through His power... we're born again...
20:52 and then we choose to keep the commandments of God
20:55 we don't keep God's law in order to be saved,
20:59 we keep God's law because we have Jesus in our hearts
21:03 and we love Him and we want to do what's right
21:05 and that's what the Bible says,
21:07 Jesus said, "If you love me, keep my commandments. "
21:10 So these are the issues that the book of Revelation reveals
21:14 and what's going to happen is, once the crisis hits...
21:16 the final crisis... and there's a move toward unity
21:19 and then, people are going to church on Sunday
21:22 and the crisis deepens and finally
21:24 Sunday attendance shifts into Sunday Legislation
21:28 and that time... the message of the third angel
21:32 is going to go out around the world... with a loud voice
21:36 through ministries like, "White Horse Media"
21:39 and through many other ministries
21:41 that are going to be faithful to God,
21:42 doing the best they can and by the power of the Holy Spirit
21:46 they're going to be giving God's last message to the world
21:50 and then, as the Ten Commandments are lifted up,
21:52 just like I'm trying to do right now,
21:54 the Ten Commandments will be lifted up
21:57 people will have a chance... all around the world
21:59 to look at the big ten... to go down one, two, three, four
22:02 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy... "
22:05 and they'll be told two things, they'll be told that
22:08 Sunday Legislation is wrong because number one...
22:11 it's the wrong day...
22:12 and number two... it involves force...
22:16 God never forces people to love Him...
22:19 or to follow Him or to obey Him,
22:21 He always gives us free will to make a choice
22:24 as the Holy Spirit speaks to our conscience.
22:28 So, the world will have to make a final choice,
22:32 the Ten Commandments will be lifted up
22:33 and as God's Law is lifted up
22:35 and people realize what they really say,
22:37 what the real day is...
22:39 the seventh-day Sabbath that points to Jesus Christ
22:41 as the creator of heaven and earth,
22:43 then they're going to realize
22:45 that they are commandment breakers
22:47 and that they need a Savior and those that are honest,
22:51 those that are seeking truth and who want to be on God's side,
22:55 they're going to be hungry...
22:57 hungering for the cross of Calvary
23:00 and so the commandments of God would be lifted up
23:03 and the faith of Jesus would be lifted up
23:05 and God's people around the world
23:07 will lift Jesus up higher and higher and higher
23:09 and people will have a chance to look at the One who died
23:13 on the cross for the sins of the whole world
23:15 and they will realize that Jesus died
23:18 because we have broken God's law...
23:20 that's why He died... sin is breaking the commandments
23:24 including the fourth... and Jesus agonized...
23:27 He suffered... and He died on a cruel cross
23:29 2,000 years ago for your sins and for my sins
23:32 where we've broken the law
23:34 that's why His heart was broken on Calvary
23:38 and then, hallelujah, He rose from the dead
23:41 and then, the world will be brought
23:44 to a final point of decision
23:46 whose side will... will people be on?
23:51 Will they choose the beast or will they choose God?
23:55 Will they choose tradition or will they choose truth?
23:58 Will they choose the day that man has changed
24:03 and is it now enforcing by Law?
24:05 Or will they choose the day
24:07 that God has written with His own finger
24:09 on two tables of stone
24:11 that ultimately that day... points to Jesus Christ Himself
24:16 as the Maker of heaven and earth?
24:18 These are the choices... that's what the Bible says
24:20 I'm not making this up,
24:22 these verses are going to be read around the world
24:26 and the Holy Spirit is going to be talking to people's hearts
24:29 just like the Spirit of God is talking to you...
24:32 verse 11 says,
24:33 "Don't get the Mark of the Beast"
24:35 and verse 12 says,
24:36 "Here is the patience of the saints;
24:39 here are they that keep the commandments of God
24:44 and the faith of Jesus. "
24:47 And once everyone makes their final choice,
24:49 people that choose to believe a lie...
24:52 that choose to believe in Rome's authority
24:54 and in the change of the Sabbath into Sunday...
24:57 once they know the light and the truth from the Bible...
25:00 if they choose to go along with it,
25:01 they get the Mark in their foreheads.
25:03 Those that know it's not right, they don't believe in force,
25:06 they don't believe this was really something that's from God
25:09 but they choose to do it anyway because...
25:11 "Hey, they've got to...
25:12 they've got to feed their families... you know...
25:14 they can't buy or sell" unless they go along with the Mark...
25:16 they're going to get the Mark in their hands.
25:18 But God's going to have a people who do say,
25:21 "No way, you're not putting the Mark in my forehead
25:23 or in my hand... I'm going to follow Jesus,
25:25 I'm going to follow the Bible, I'm going to follow truth,
25:27 I'm going to follow the Ten Commandments...
25:29 no matter what... "
25:30 and then the doors of heaven will close
25:32 and the plagues will fall
25:34 on those that get the Mark of the Beast,
25:36 those that don't... God will protect all the way through
25:40 to the day... the great day when Jesus Christ comes again
25:43 and that will be our next... our next meeting...
25:45 it's on: Armageddon and the seven last plagues...
25:48 don't miss it.
25:49 During the Civil War... a long time ago in the 1860s...
25:53 somebody asked Abraham Lincoln and he said,
25:55 "Mr. Lincoln, do you believe that God is on our side
25:58 in this crisis over slavery?"
25:59 And Abraham Lincoln is said to have responded,
26:02 he said, "I'm not so concerned
26:04 whether God is on our side or not,
26:05 my biggest concern is, are we on His side?"
26:09 And that's God's concern as well,
26:12 Are you on His side? Am I on His side?
26:14 What are we going to do?
26:16 Again, the Bible says, not the voice of Steve Wohlberg,
26:19 it's not from one particular church,
26:22 it's God's Word... Revelation 14:12...
26:25 "Here is the patience of the saints:
26:27 here are they that keep the commandments of God,
26:32 and the faith of Jesus. "
26:34 May God help us to be among this people.
26:38 You have just heard His Voice Today.
26:42 We hope you've enjoyed this timely message
26:44 from Pastor Steve Wohlberg and we want you to know
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