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Solving the Mystery of Death, Part 1

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00:09 What really happens when we die?
00:11 Do we go up? Do we go down?
00:12 Do we come back around?
00:14 What does the Bible really say?
00:16 You'll find out on His Voice Today.
00:19 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:24 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:28 Welcome to solving the mystery of death, Part 1.
00:34 Once upon a time there was a young boy
00:35 and he was walking in a cemetery looking at tombstones.
00:39 I don't know if you've ever done that,
00:41 I've done that many times...
00:43 it's very interesting to see
00:44 what people have inscribed upon their stone.
00:47 Well, as this little boy was walking along,
00:50 he saw one stone that really struck his eye
00:53 and it was the stone by the name of Paul Adams.
00:56 He lived from 1902 to 1964, how he died... I have no idea
01:01 but this is what this man had written on his stone,
01:04 he said, "Stop my friend... as you go by
01:08 as you are now... so once was I...
01:10 as I am now... you soon shall be...
01:13 so prepare yourself to follow me. "
01:16 Well, this young boy was quite a thinker...
01:20 and he thought about what was written on that stone
01:24 and he took out an orange marker
01:26 and he wrote these words on the stone,
01:29 he wrote, "To follow you... I am not content
01:32 until I know just where you went. "
01:36 Pretty smart boy... well, where did Paul Adams go?
01:42 Where does anybody go after they die,
01:45 this is probably one of the most emotional,
01:47 controversial and important question
01:50 that every human being asks themselves
01:53 at some point in their life
01:55 and there are a lot of different views...
01:56 in the religious world and the secular world
01:59 around the world...
02:00 some believe you go up, some believe you go down,
02:03 some believe you come back around,
02:05 depending upon how you live,
02:07 maybe you could be reincarnated as an elephant or as a mouse...
02:11 some believe you enter the spirit world
02:14 and some believe you basically don't go anywhere...
02:17 you're just dead and that's it.
02:20 To make it really simple, there are three basic views
02:24 concerning what happens after you die,
02:26 the first view is the Atheist view,
02:29 that basically... you're gone,
02:30 that's it, there's no heaven, there's no hell,
02:32 there's no future, there's just nothing,
02:35 eternal darkness, so that's one view,
02:37 I do not subscribe to that view...
02:39 the second view is what we could call
02:42 "the immortal soul idea"
02:44 and that is the idea that inside of every body, physical body...
02:48 there is an immortal substance called the soul
02:51 and then when the body dies, which is basically "the house,"
02:55 the dust goes back to the dust...
02:57 then the immortal soul goes on,
02:59 it goes somewhere depending upon the religious persuasion
03:02 that would determine where people believe the soul goes,
03:06 some believe you go to heaven, some believe hell,
03:08 some believe... reincarnation,
03:10 some believe you enter into the spirit world
03:12 you can come back as a ghost,
03:14 there are various different views,
03:16 and then there's the third view which I call
03:19 "the mortal soul view" that basically teaches
03:22 that man is a mortal being and that when he dies,
03:25 he is dead... asleep in the grave...
03:27 but he is waiting for the resurrection from the dead
03:31 three basic views, so, we are here on His Voice Today,
03:36 to try to find out what does God's book have to say.
03:40 Our first text is, 1st Thessalonians chapter 4,
03:45 verses 16 and 17, here Paul is talking about
03:49 the return of Jesus Christ...
03:51 the great day when the Lord comes down from the sky,
03:54 verse 16 says, "For the Lord himself
03:57 shall descend from heaven with a shout,
04:00 with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God:
04:04 and the dead in Christ shall rise first... "
04:09 the dead in Christ shall rise first...
04:14 verse 17 says,
04:16 "Then we which are alive and remain
04:18 shall be caught up together with them in the clouds,
04:20 to meet the Lord in the air:
04:22 and so we shall ever be with the Lord. "
04:24 Verse 18, Paul wrote,
04:26 "Wherefore comfort one another with these words. "
04:29 Now let's examine this closely, at the end of verse 16,
04:34 again I read, Paul said that
04:35 when Jesus comes down from the skies,
04:38 that the dead in Christ shall rise first,
04:41 so, here it's talking about the dead,
04:43 it's talking about death and those who have died
04:46 in believing in Jesus, Paul says,
04:49 that they will rise which is the concept of resurrection,
04:54 they rise from the dead, now the word, "rise"
04:57 implies that they are not up there,
05:01 but that they're down somewhere and that they are rising
05:05 which means they are coming up...
05:06 coming up from the grave on resurrection morning,
05:11 the resurrection and... this concept... this truth...
05:15 is mentioned many times in the Bible,
05:17 John 11 verse 25, Jesus said,
05:21 "I am the resurrection and the life.. "
05:22 1st Corinthians 15:3 and 4, Paul talked about Jesus...
05:26 how he died... He was buried...
05:28 and then He rose from the dead on the third day.
05:31 Matthew 28 verse 7, on resurrection morning
05:34 when... after Jesus died...
05:36 the women came to the tomb and they saw an angel,
05:38 and the angel said, "Don't look for Him here,
05:41 'He has risen... He has risen from the dead...
05:44 He's not in the tomb anymore. '"
05:46 Acts 24 verse 15, Paul wrote
05:48 that there will be a resurrection of the dead
05:51 both of the just and of the unjust
05:53 so the concept of people rising
05:56 and of the resurrection of the dead...
05:58 it's a basic Bible doctrine,
06:00 it's mentioned at least a 100 times in the New Testament
06:03 there are... there are just so many verses
06:06 that teach this... now going back to verse 17,
06:10 Paul talks about how when Jesus comes down from the sky,
06:13 after one group...
06:15 those who have died in Christ believing in Jesus
06:18 are resurrected, then he said,
06:20 "We which are alive and remain... "
06:23 which refers to those who haven't died,
06:25 and personally, I hope to be in this group
06:29 I don't have any interest in biting the dust
06:33 or going down to the grave...
06:34 I would like to be alive on the day when Jesus comes,
06:37 and there will be a group of people that are alive
06:39 that go through the final days, they're alive,
06:42 they look up and they see Jesus coming
06:43 and Paul says that those who are alive and remain
06:46 will be caught up together... and the word, "together"
06:49 has to do with a reunion with those that have been resurrected
06:53 and those that are alive are caught up together
06:56 in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air,
07:00 and then Paul says,
07:01 "So shall we ever be with the Lord
07:06 wherefore comfort one another with these words. "
07:09 If I were to ask you based on this text...
07:12 just this text alone,
07:13 when do believers get to be with Jesus
07:17 what would your answer be?
07:19 Based on this text, if you answered right,
07:22 the answer would be...
07:24 "we get to be with the Lord forever
07:27 when He comes down from the sky,"
07:29 when he resurrects the dead
07:31 and when the living are caught up together
07:34 to meet Him in the air... that's when Paul says,
07:37 "so shall we ever be with the Lord"
07:41 and this is a very comforting truth,
07:44 this is what we're waiting for, and Paul says,
07:47 "Comfort one another with these words.. "
07:49 we're waiting for the big day
07:50 when Jesus will come down from the sky
07:53 now, next question is, the soul...
07:56 we have to tackle the soul, we have to understand the soul
07:59 in order to understand what the Bible says
08:01 so let's go back to the beginning... back to Genesis...
08:05 Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 says,
08:07 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth"
08:10 in chapter 2 verse 7,
08:12 Moses described how the Lord
08:16 originally made man in the beginning.
08:18 In verse 7... Genesis 2:7, that the Lord God formed man
08:24 from the dust of the ground,
08:25 and He breathed into His nostrils the breath of life;
08:29 and man became a living soul.
08:31 I remember one time I was talking to my little...
08:34 little daughter, Abby, she's five-years old
08:36 and I was talking about
08:37 how God originally formed Adam from the dust of the ground
08:41 and He made him into a man
08:43 and then He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life
08:46 and man became a living soul...
08:47 trying to teach my daughter the Bible
08:49 and Abby looked at me and she said,
08:50 "Daddy, did God get His hands dirty when He made Adam?"
08:56 and I had to say to her, "Well, you know, Honey,
08:59 I really just don't know, I don't know,
09:01 there are a lot of things I don't know"
09:03 but I do know what God has told us
09:06 and this verse tells us about the soul
09:10 and it tells us how God formed the soul
09:12 and also the components of the soul
09:15 so notice... God made man from the dust of the ground,
09:19 here's the formula, He put man together from dirt
09:22 and then once He had him formed,
09:24 he was either standing up as a statue or lying down
09:28 then it says that God breathed into his nostrils
09:32 the breath of life,
09:33 the Hebrew word for "breath of life" means
09:36 the breath of the spirit of life,
09:38 he breathed some spark into Adam
09:42 and then at the end of the verse it says,
09:45 "Man became a living soul"
09:49 so, basically, what we read here is that
09:52 God took the dust of the earth and then He breathed
09:55 the breath of life and the combination of dust plus breath
10:00 resulted in man becoming a living soul,
10:06 the word "soul" here in the Hebrew
10:08 is "nephesh"
10:10 there's commentary that I've read
10:12 Lawrence O. Richards Expository Dictionary of Bible Words
10:16 page 576, and this is what he says about this verse
10:20 he says, the word "soul" does not indicate
10:23 some immaterial part of human beings
10:26 that continues on after death,
10:30 in the context of the living soul
10:33 was basically the totality of what Adam was,
10:38 God didn't put a soul into Adam,
10:41 into his physical house or physical body,
10:44 it says that when the dust and the breath combined
10:47 that Adam became a living soul, so that's what he was,
10:51 he was himself in his totality
10:54 he was a living soul, now when you go on...
10:57 to verse 16 and 17, we have a warning,
11:01 this was the first warning given in the Bible,
11:04 God warned Adam and he told Eve the warning,
11:06 in verse 16, the Bible says
11:08 that the Lord God commanded the man and he said,
11:11 "Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat"
11:14 you're free to eat all the beautiful delicious fruit
11:17 from all these different trees, the plants,
11:19 all the good things that God had made for Adam,
11:22 and then he said, "But... " in verse 17...
11:24 "But... " and this is a big "but"
11:25 "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,
11:29 you shall not eat of it:
11:32 for in the day that you eat of it, you will surely die. "
11:38 Now notice those four words, "You will surely die"
11:43 when God said, "You... "
11:44 He was talking to Adam as a whole person,
11:46 again, Adam was a living soul
11:48 and God warned the living soul that if he sinned,
11:52 if he ate from the fruit... that he would surely die.
11:56 In chapter 3, the drama begins...
11:59 the great controversy between God and the devil.
12:03 In Chapter 3 verse 1,
12:05 the Bible says that the serpent was more subtle...
12:08 he was very crafty... he was tricky...
12:10 more subtle than any beast of the field
12:12 which the Lord God had made
12:13 and he struck up a conversation with the woman... with Eve...
12:18 Eve had wandered away from Adam's side...
12:20 she found herself gazing at the tree,
12:22 wondering about it and all of a sudden,
12:25 she heard this very... most likely musical,
12:27 melodious voice coming from a snake,
12:31 and Eve didn't realize who was behind the snake,
12:34 she didn't realize that the devil himself
12:36 that Lucifer... a fallen angel...
12:38 was speaking through the reptilian lips of the serpent
12:42 but he was and as they dialogued,
12:45 in verse 4, the serpent said to the woman,
12:47 he said, "You shall not surely die. "
12:53 Now notice the four words, "You shall... "
12:55 the five words... "You shall not surely die"
12:58 now, God had told Adam and Adam told Eve,
13:01 His own voice... His own words...
13:03 "You will surely die"
13:06 and then the serpent challenged that,
13:08 and the serpent said, "You will not surely die"
13:12 he quoted the words of God
13:13 but he put his one little word of poison
13:16 in the middle of the four words of God,
13:19 and that word was, "not... "
13:22 basically the devil was contradicting the Lord,
13:25 God said, "You will die... "
13:26 and the serpent said, "No you won't...
13:29 if you eat this fruit, you will not die. "
13:31 Now, let me ask you, have you ever heard
13:33 or felt like you were hearing two voices in your head,
13:37 you have the voice of conscience telling you one thing
13:40 and then you have this other
13:41 tempting voice telling you something else?
13:44 I think it's pretty safe to say that just about all of us
13:48 have had that experience many, many times,
13:50 we're in a battle... we're in a drama...
13:52 we're in a war between the voice of God
13:55 which speaks to our consciences and the voice of Satan
13:58 who contradicts God's words.
14:01 Now, in this situation,
14:03 Eve had to make a very big choice.
14:07 Should she listen to what God said?
14:10 God said, "If you eat, you'll die"
14:12 or should she listen to the serpent
14:15 who promised that she won't die
14:17 that if you sin... you really don't die...
14:19 you'll just keep going... you'll keep going on and on
14:22 and on and on and on... forever...
14:24 which is basically the idea that no matter what happens,
14:29 you just... you'll never die
14:31 and if you really think about it this is actually the root...
14:35 the root teaching of the doctrine of the immortal soul
14:42 that no matter what happens, souls just continue
14:45 on and on and on forever,
14:47 that's basically what the serpent said to Eve
14:50 and Eve had to make a choice... whom was she going to listen to
14:53 God or this pleasant voice
14:56 speaking through the lips of a snake in a tree?
14:59 And we know what the Bible says
15:02 that she made the wrong choice, she listened to the serpent,
15:05 she took the fruit... she ate it...
15:07 and then she handed it to Adam and he ate it
15:10 and their eyes were both opened
15:12 and they realized that they were naked...
15:14 the air began to get a little bit colder,
15:16 they went over into the trees,
15:18 they covered themselves with fig leaves
15:20 and then God came to them and brought them out
15:23 from their hiding place and confronted them
15:27 and told them many things in Genesis 3 verse 19,
15:30 we find what God told... told Adam,
15:34 He said, "In the sweat of your face
15:38 you will eat bread, until you return to the ground;
15:43 for out of it were you taken: for dust you are,
15:47 and to dust shall you return. "
15:51 Now, God didn't say that He was just talking about his body,
15:54 He said, He was talking about Adam himself,
15:57 He said, "I made you from the dust
15:59 and you are going back to the dust. "
16:01 But again, the serpent denied that teaching
16:06 and it's significant when you go
16:08 all the way to the book of Revelation,
16:10 chapter 12 we read that the serpent's teachings
16:14 actually deceive the entire world,
16:18 Genesis... I'm sorry... Revelation chapter 12 verse 9
16:23 says that the great dragon was cast out,
16:25 that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan,
16:28 who deceives the whole world: he was cast out into the earth,
16:31 and his angels were cast out with him.
16:34 And when Revelation... at the end of the Bible
16:36 talks about the old serpent,
16:38 that idea takes us back to the beginning of the Bible,
16:40 where Satan first deceived Eve with the doctrine
16:43 that she wouldn't die if she ate the fruit
16:47 and verse 9 says that the serpent deceives
16:50 the entire world and so the doctrine of the devil...
16:53 the doctrine that he taught in the Garden of Eden
16:56 is a doctrine that's part of his arsenal of deception
17:00 through which he used... not just to deceive Eve,
17:03 but through which he deceives people all over the world.
17:08 Now let's go back to Genesis,
17:10 what happened to Adam and Eve years later
17:13 after they listened to the voice of the serpent,
17:16 who really was right?
17:18 Was the serpent right or was God right?
17:20 In Genesis 5 verse 5, the Bible tells us very clearly
17:26 it says, "all the days that Adam lived
17:29 were nine hundred and thirty years... "
17:31 he lived a long time and then the Bible says,
17:34 "and he died. "
17:36 He lived for 930 years
17:39 and during that time he was still a living soul
17:41 and then it says, at the end of that period simply
17:43 that he died, so when he was alive,
17:45 he was a living soul and when he died,
17:48 we might say that he was a dead soul.
17:51 Death is the result of sin.
17:55 Now, the next question is,
17:58 "Can a dead soul continue to go on forever just naturally,
18:05 are we basically immortal?"
18:06 Well, let me share with you some Bible verses about the soul.
18:09 In Acts 27 verse 37, the Bible talks about
18:15 Paul boarding a ship and it says,
18:18 "In all the ship there were
18:19 two hundred three score and sixteen souls... "
18:22 showing that a soul is a person,
18:24 Acts 3:23 says,
18:26 "Every soul who will not hear that prophet... "
18:28 referring to Jesus,
18:30 "shall be destroyed from among the people... "
18:32 and so this is talking about the soul being a person.
18:34 In 1st Peter 3:20,
18:36 the Bible says that in the days of Noah,
18:38 there were eight souls who were saved by water.
18:41 So again, the soul is a person.
18:43 Now, are these souls immortal, do souls naturally live forever?
18:47 Here are some other verses, this is what the Bible says,
18:51 1st Timothy 6:16 says that God only has immortality.
18:54 Romans 2:7 says that Christians are to seek
18:58 for immortality through Jesus Christ.
19:00 1st Corinthians 15:53,
19:02 Paul wrote that on resurrection morning...
19:04 this mortal will put on immortality.
19:08 So, all of these verses show that the soul is a person
19:13 and that when we are living in this world even after sin,
19:17 we still don't have an essence within us
19:20 that is basically immortal because only God has immortality
19:25 and we seek for immortality through the gospel
19:27 through Jesus Christ... through His death...
19:30 His burial and his resurrection, that's what the Bible says.
19:35 Now, let's continue on
19:38 and find out what happens after death.
19:40 According to God's book,
19:42 can a dead soul continue to think?
19:44 You know that we're not naturally immortal,
19:48 we are mortal beings waiting for immortality
19:50 on the resurrection morning but what about our minds?
19:53 Can we continue to think after death?
19:55 Well let me just give you
19:57 a string of clear simple Bible verses from...
20:00 not from Steve Wohlberg,
20:02 not from any church but from God's book.
20:04 Ecclesiastes chapter 9 verse 5,
20:07 the Bible says that the dead know not anything.
20:11 Psalm 146 verse 4 says that when a person dies,
20:14 his thoughts perish.
20:16 Psalm 115 verse 17 says that the dead go down into silence...
20:21 when a person dies, it's silent in the grave
20:25 where they are going.
20:26 Psalm 6 verse 5 says
20:28 that in death there is no remembrance of you:
20:31 in the grave who shall give you thanks?
20:35 If you think about it, according to these verses,
20:39 death is a little bit like just blacking out,
20:41 I don't know if you've ever blacked out or not,
20:44 I did one time... a long time ago when I was a teenager,
20:48 I was playing basketball with some buddies of mine
20:50 and I went out to get the ball
20:51 and as I went up, somebody's elbow came down
20:54 and the elbow hit me right in the nose
20:56 and I still remember I was out...
21:00 and I don't remember anything
21:03 about... during the time that I was out...
21:05 but I do remember opening my eyes
21:08 at some point after the elbow hit my nose
21:12 and I was looking up... I was flat on my back...
21:16 looking up and I saw all these faces looking down on me
21:18 and now, I had "come to" from my blackout,
21:23 how long I was blacked out...
21:25 I think it was about ten minutes
21:27 but during the time when the elbow hit my nose
21:31 and the time that I looked up, I was not aware of anything,
21:34 I wasn't thinking about a thing,
21:37 I was totally out and that just convinced me
21:40 that it is possible for thoughts to cease
21:44 and if you've ever blacked out,
21:46 I'm sure you know the same thing.
21:47 This is very... it happens all the time,
21:50 it happens to lots of people.
21:52 Now, what about further descriptions of death
21:56 again... does the Bible...
21:59 we know the Bible says we're not immortal...
22:00 we know the Bible says, we can't think,
22:02 we know the Bible says, we're in the grave...
22:04 we're silent...
22:05 but there's another word that God uses,
22:07 many times... Old Testament... New Testament,
22:09 that makes it very clear what death is
22:12 and here are a number of verses.
22:14 Psalm 13 verse 3...
22:16 David talked about the sleep of death.
22:20 Acts 7 verse 60 when Stephen preached a powerful sermon,
22:24 it was his last sermon about Jesus Christ
22:27 to the Jewish Leadership in the book of Acts,
22:29 it says that they stoned him and in verse 70,
22:32 the Bible... verse 60... the Bible says,
22:34 Acts 7:60 that when he was stoned,
22:36 he fell asleep.
22:38 In 1st Corinthians 15:6, Paul wrote that
22:41 many of the witnesses of Jesus' resurrection,
22:44 who were still alive at that time when he wrote that,
22:46 but he said, "many have fallen asleep. "
22:48 1st Thessalonians 4:14,
22:50 Paul talks about those who sleep in Jesus,
22:54 and 1st Corinthians 15 verses 51 and 52,
22:57 Paul said that when Jesus comes down from heaven
23:00 on the great day, he said,
23:02 "We shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed
23:05 in a moment... in the twinkling of an eye...
23:07 at the last trumpet, "for the trumpet shall sound
23:09 and the dead will be raised incorruptible
23:12 and we shall be changed. "
23:14 So, all of these verses basically teach
23:18 the idea that when a person dies,
23:20 they are asleep.
23:22 Now, if you think about the concept of sleep,
23:25 it's actually rather a comforting concept
23:27 because when you go to bed at night
23:29 and you're sound asleep,
23:30 the next thing you know is the alarm clock's going off
23:34 it's time to wake up, there is no awareness
23:38 of the passing of time
23:40 from the moment that you're out to the moment that you're awake,
23:43 it's easy to prove this, I've given many talks...
23:46 given many seminars sometimes I look at the audience
23:50 and I'll see somebody asleep
23:51 and if I'm talking about this subject,
23:54 I'll often use that person as an illustration
23:57 and I'll say to the crowd, I'll say,
23:59 "Folks, when you're asleep you don't know anything
24:01 and here is my proof"
24:03 and I'll point to this person then I'll say,
24:05 "Look, that person doesn't know that I'm talking about him,
24:07 he doesn't know what's going on around him,
24:10 he's just... as they say, 'out like a light. '"
24:13 Now, the big question is, when a person dies,
24:16 when they're asleep, if they're not conscious,
24:19 if they don't know anything like Ecclesiastes 9 verse 5
24:22 says, "Is there any hope for the future?"
24:25 Is there any hope that we will come back to life again?
24:29 Well, the answer to that is very clear
24:31 and I've already alluded to it many times,
24:33 Daniel chapter 12 verse 2 tells us that on the great day,
24:42 when Jesus comes, "many of them that sleep
24:46 in the dust of the earth shall awake,
24:48 some to everlasting life,
24:50 and some to shame and everlasting contempt. "
24:54 So the Bible says that people are sleeping
24:57 and at some point they will... they will wake up.
25:00 They will wake up and it will be resurrection morning...
25:04 and there are two resurrections
25:05 which we'll talk about in future meetings,
25:08 there's a good resurrection for believers
25:11 and then there's a bad resurrection
25:13 for those who are not believers.
25:15 Now, we've got a lot more to do,
25:17 in our next program we're going to talk about
25:19 the New Testament, we'll talk about
25:20 what Jesus Christ taught about death, burial and resurrection,
25:23 we'll talk about the story of the rich man and Lazarus,
25:26 we'll talk about the people on the cross,
25:28 we'll talk about Paul's statement,
25:30 "absent from the body, present with the Lord"
25:32 we'll take a look at all these texts from the Bible
25:34 in Part 2 of "solving the mystery of death"
25:37 but let's finish with... back with 1st Corinthians...
25:40 I'm sorry... 1st Thessalonians...
25:43 I have so many texts in my head, 1st Thessalonians chapter 4
25:46 verse 16 and 17... this is the hope of the Christian,
25:50 these are the words of God,
25:52 Paul wrote that the Lord himself will one day
25:55 descend from heaven with a shout,
25:57 with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God:
25:59 and the dead in Christ shall rise first...
26:03 here's the resurrection...
26:04 "then we which are alive and remain
26:06 shall be caught up together with them in the clouds,
26:08 to meet the Lord in the air:
26:10 and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
26:14 Wherefore comfort one another with these words. "
26:18 Comfort one another.
26:20 God wants us to know that if people die,
26:22 if they believe in Jesus, death is just a quick sleep
26:25 and then at the resurrection morning we get to see Jesus
26:28 and be with Him forever and ever and ever
26:31 and Paul said, "Comfort one another
26:33 with these words... "
26:35 these are the words of God for us today
26:38 and you have just heard, His Voice Today.
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