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00:08 Does hope exist on the other side of the grave?
00:12 Stick with me for that's our topic
00:15 on His Voice Today.
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00:20 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:22 with Steve Wohlberg.
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00:27 Welcome to: Solving the Mystery of Death, Part 2.
00:31 Let me just do a little bit of review.
00:34 I imagine that you're in college or high school
00:36 and it happens a lot... teachers do it,
00:38 a review of what they've covered in the past
00:40 so in our last program,
00:42 I talked about how there are three basic ideas
00:45 about the soul and about what happens after death,
00:48 The first view is really the Atheist view
00:51 that when you die... that's it...
00:52 there is nothing more forever.
00:54 The second view is called "Immortal Soul View"
00:57 that inside of us,
00:58 there is some... mysterious something
01:00 that never dies
01:02 that when the body just goes back to the dust,
01:04 the physical house, this immaterial something...
01:07 goes on forever, that's the Immortal Soul View.
01:09 And then there's the third view with is the "Mortal Soul View"
01:12 that basically says, "We're mortal...
01:14 when we die... we're dead...
01:16 but there is a resurrection from the dead
01:19 through Jesus Christ. "
01:21 These are the three views
01:23 and we are here to find out what the Bible says,
01:26 let me also give you a quick summary
01:28 of some of the verses that we looked at,
01:29 in our last program, Part 1,
01:31 in Genesis 2 verse 7, God created Adam from the dust
01:35 breathed the breath of life into his nostrils
01:38 and man became a living soul... that Adam was a living soul...
01:43 the "soul" applied to him as a total person.
01:47 God warned Adam that if he sinned,
01:50 he would die and go back to the dust,
01:52 but his wife chose to listen to the serpent
01:56 at the tree, she ate the fruit
01:58 with the promise from the serpent that she would not die,
02:01 she would go on forever but that was a lie,
02:04 she took the fruit, she ate it,
02:05 she gave it to Adam, he ate it,
02:08 they both sinned and later on
02:10 in Genesis 5 verse 5, it says that Adam died.
02:12 He died... he went back to the dust and so did Eve.
02:16 In 1st Timothy chapter 6 verse 16,
02:19 the Bible says that God is the only One who has immortality,
02:23 that we are not naturally immortal
02:26 in Romans chapter 2 verse 7,
02:28 Paul said that we are seeking immortality
02:30 through the gospel.
02:32 In Ecclesiastes 9 verse 5, Solomon wrote that
02:36 when a person dies... he said that the dead know nothing
02:39 and in Daniel chapter 12 verse 2,
02:42 Daniel wrote that at the end of the world,
02:44 many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake
02:48 it will be at resurrection morning,
02:51 now, and so that's what we covered in Part 1,
02:53 let's continue on... what did Jesus Christ teach?
02:56 This is what we really want to know,
02:58 Jesus Christ is the master of truth,
03:00 He is the good shepherd, He is the Lord of all,
03:04 and He knows what happens in death
03:08 and what happens on the other side of the grave
03:11 and in John chapter 5 verse 28, this is what Jesus said,
03:15 he said,
03:32 So Jesus, here, clearly teaches that people that have died...
03:37 they are in their graves and they're waiting
03:40 for His voice... and when they hear His voice...
03:43 they will come out of the grave,
03:45 two resurrections... the resurrection of life
03:48 and the resurrection of damnation,
03:49 which we will be exploring later on
03:52 in future programs of His Voice Today.
03:55 In John chapter 6, Jesus is very clear
03:58 that He taught, believed and promoted
04:02 the truth of resurrection.
04:04 In John chapter 6 verse 39,
04:07 Jesus said that those who believe in Him
04:09 will be raised up on the last day.
04:11 In verse 40... John 6:40, "Those who believe in Him"
04:15 He said, "I will raise him up on the last day. "
04:18 Verse 44, "I will raise him up on the last day. "
04:22 Verse 54, "I will raise him up on the last day. "
04:26 So, Jesus said four times in one chapter... John chapter 6,
04:31 that those who believe in Him, He will resurrect them...
04:36 on the last day at the end of the world.
04:41 So it's very clear... Jesus taught
04:43 the concept of death, burial and resurrection,
04:45 one more... Luke 14 verse 14...
04:48 Jesus said that you will be rewarded
04:51 at the resurrection of the just...
04:54 So this is a basic... basic Bible teaching...
04:56 it's certainly something that Jesus Christ taught
04:59 and this is what I believe,
05:01 I do not subscribe to the "immortal soul view"
05:04 where we have something inside of us
05:07 that just naturally goes up or goes down
05:10 or comes back around...
05:12 maybe as a mouse or a person or who knows what,
05:15 I don't believe that my soul will go into the spirit world
05:18 that I can come back and scare somebody after I die
05:21 I don't believe any of these things,
05:23 I believe what the Bible says,
05:24 I certainly don't believe that when I die, that's it forever
05:26 like the Atheist view,
05:28 I believe that when I die, I'll be dead,
05:31 I'll be unconscious, I'll be asleep
05:34 and I will be waiting for the resurrection
05:37 and to me it's not a scary concept
05:39 because I'm a strong believer in Jesus
05:41 and if you think about it, once you die...
05:43 or once you go to sleep and then when you wake up,
05:46 there's no awareness of the passing of time,
05:49 when your head hits the pillow and you're out...
05:51 then the next thing you know, it's morning,
05:53 my daughter proves this night after night,
05:56 she's five-years old and her favorite line
05:58 right before she goes to bed, she says,
06:00 she's lying in bed and she says,
06:02 "Mommy, Daddy, I'm going to sleep now"
06:03 and she says this every night and within just a few seconds,
06:08 she's out... and then the next thing... it's morning
06:11 and she's awake and that's what I believe about death
06:14 that if I die before Jesus comes...
06:17 the last thing I'll remember boom! is going out...
06:21 and the next thing I'll know is it's resurrection morning,
06:24 in other words, there's no concept of the passing of time,
06:28 it's just... you're dead and then... you're awake
06:31 and so for all practical purposes,
06:33 if a person dies believing in Jesus,
06:35 the next thing they know is they get to be with Jesus
06:38 through death, burial and resurrection
06:41 because Jesus Christ died... He was buried and He rose
06:44 and He went to heaven,
06:46 He has the power to come back again
06:49 and to raise the dead.
06:50 Now, this brings up quite a few questions
06:54 and in this Part 2, "Solving the Mystery of Death"
06:57 I want to deal with these questions
06:59 I want to talk about briefly... about the thief on the cross...
07:04 also, about the rich man and Lazarus
07:06 and about Paul's statement,
07:07 "Absent from the body and present with the Lord"
07:10 but, before I hit those three, I want to read one more text
07:14 which is so powerful, in John chapter 14...
07:18 John 14 verse 1, 2 and 3... Jesus is very clear
07:25 about the hope that we have as believers,
07:27 these are some of the most
07:29 well-known verses in all the Bible...
07:30 now listen to this... listen carefully...
07:32 you probably heard this before, if you know your Bible,
07:36 but maybe we haven't really understood
07:38 what Jesus is saying here, John 14 verse 1,
07:40 Jesus said,
07:45 Jesus is talking to His disciples... His friends...
07:53 that's comforting...
07:56 Jesus said, "I'm going to heaven to get a place ready for you"
08:01 and then in verse 3, He says,
08:05 He did not say,
08:07 "I'll see you there when you die"
08:08 no, that's not what He said,
08:10 He says,
08:19 So, based on this verse,
08:21 when do believers get to be with Jesus?
08:24 He said, it's when He comes back again,
08:27 that's when He receives us to be with Him.
08:29 To me this is just an irrefutably simply Bible text,
08:34 the hope of believers is the coming of the Lord,
08:38 that's when you get to be with Him.
08:40 All right, but what about...
08:42 first of all... the thief on the cross?
08:44 Let's take a look at what the Bible says about this,
08:49 let's go to the book of Luke, Luke chapter 23 verse 42,
08:55 these are... I'm going to look at
08:57 the most common verses that people wrestle with
09:01 as they try to understand what the Bible teaches
09:06 about death, burial and resurrection
09:08 and these verses seem to say the opposite
09:10 of what the rest of the Bible says,
09:12 so let's take a look at them, we need to do this.
09:14 Luke chapter 23 verse 42 is a very famous Bible passage
09:21 where Jesus is talking about the thief on the cross.
09:28 He's talking to the thief on the cross
09:31 and in verse 43... a man that was dying next to Jesus,
09:36 in verse 42... this man said to Jesus with his...
09:40 one of his last breaths, and he said,
09:43 "Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom... "
09:48 and notice the question, "Lord, remember me
09:50 when you come back into your kingdom... "
09:52 that is the question of the dying thief.
09:55 And in response... in verse 43, Jesus said to him,
10:00 He said, "Truly I say to you,
10:03 today you will be with me in paradise. "
10:08 Now, when people read this text,
10:11 they assume that Jesus is telling the thief
10:14 on the cross next to Him,
10:16 that today... both of us are going to be in paradise
10:20 which would mean that Jesus went to paradise the day He died
10:24 and the thief went to paradise the day he died,
10:28 is that really what Jesus was actually saying?
10:32 Now, let me shed some light... some light on this...
10:35 this passage was written by Luke,
10:40 in my Bible it says, Luke chapter 23 verse 43,
10:47 now when Luke originally wrote this,
10:50 believe it or not... Luke did not write...
10:53 Luke chapter 23 verse 42... he didn't write verse 43...
10:58 he just wrote the book of Luke, later on... as people edited
11:02 the gospel of Luke and the other writings or actually...
11:06 not really edited... but they put them together...
11:09 somebody... at some point in history...
11:11 decided that there should be a Luke chapter 1,
11:14 a Luke chapter 2, chapter 3 and chapter 4, et cetera,
11:18 and I am glad that somebody did that...
11:19 because if they didn't, it would be very difficult
11:21 for me to tell you how to find the verse
11:22 that I'm reading... reading right now...
11:24 but man did that...
11:26 God didn't tell them to put chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3
11:31 and the same thing is with the punctuation,
11:33 punctuation...
11:34 the Bible doesn't call itself "the punctuation of God,"
11:39 it calls itself "the Word of God"
11:41 and there's a little point of punctuation
11:45 which is called the "comma"
11:47 and this whole issue of how do we understand this text
11:50 depends upon the comma...
11:52 if you take the comma out of verse 43...
11:57 then Jesus said,
11:58 "Verily... or truly... I say to you today
12:00 you will be with me in paradise. "
12:03 And depending upon where you put the comma,
12:05 if you put the comma before the word "today"
12:07 then Jesus said, "I tell you the truth,
12:10 today you will be with me in paradise... "
12:13 meaning... we're both going there that today
12:15 but if you put the comma after the word today...
12:18 then you have Jesus saying,
12:20 "Truly, I tell you the truth today... "
12:22 I'm telling it to you right now... comma...
12:25 "you will be with me in paradise... "
12:27 meaning... in the future...
12:28 so, which one did Jesus mean, did Jesus mean,
12:32 "today we're going into paradise"
12:34 or did He mean, "I'm telling you the truth today
12:37 right now, as I'm hanging upon the cross
12:39 that in the future, you will be with me in paradise. "
12:43 I'm going to give you four reasons
12:45 why the comma should have been placed after the word "today"
12:51 reason number one, Jesus doesn't contradict Himself
12:55 Jesus said in John 14 that I'm going up to my Father's house
12:59 and then I'm going to come back again and get you
13:01 and then you're going to be with me.
13:03 He didn't say,
13:04 "You'll be with me at the point of death"
13:06 Jesus said in John 6, we've already read four times
13:08 that He would resurrect us on the last day
13:11 so, reason number one is,
13:12 "Jesus doesn't contradict
13:14 the rest of the Bible and His own teachings. "
13:15 Reason number two is that
13:17 Jesus Christ didn't go to paradise that day,
13:18 He went into the tomb... not paradise.
13:22 Reason number three
13:24 is the evidence of John chapter 20 verse 17,
13:27 on resurrection morning,
13:28 Jesus saw Mary and He said, "Don't hold on to me
13:31 because I have not yet ascended to my Father"
13:35 So, Jesus, on resurrection morning...
13:37 hadn't yet been to paradise to be with His Father... not yet
13:41 and reason number 4... is Revelation chapter 2 verse 7,
13:46 it says that "paradise" is in heaven...
13:49 paradise is in heaven and Jesus didn't go to heaven
13:53 until after the resurrection,
13:54 so Jesus could not have said to the thief,
13:58 "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise"
14:01 because Jesus Christ didn't go to paradise that day,
14:04 He went into the grave and then,
14:07 praise the Lord, on Sunday morning...
14:09 on the first day of the week, the angel said,
14:12 "He is risen from the dead"
14:13 and then He went to heaven after that
14:16 and He said in John 14 verses 1 to 3,
14:18 that He's going to come back and take us...
14:20 and take us home to be with Him
14:23 when He returns.
14:25 All right, now what about the story
14:27 of the rich man and Lazarus?
14:29 This is another question people have,
14:31 it's in Luke chapter 16,
14:33 and I'm just going to go through this briefly
14:35 because we have another meeting in the future,
14:37 we're going to spend a whole probably a Part 1 and a Part 2
14:41 I call the hot topic of hell on His Voice today
14:44 where we're going to go into detail about this subject
14:46 and look at the pros and cons... objections...
14:49 and what the Bible actually says,
14:51 but let me just tell you briefly that in Luke chapter 16
14:54 verse 19, Jesus said, there was a certain rich man,
14:57 a certain rich man... and he told the story about this man
15:00 who died and he went into Hell, into fire...
15:05 and the poor man died and was carried by the angels
15:09 up into the bosom of Abraham and this was Lazarus
15:13 and then they had a conversation...
15:14 Lazarus... or actually Abraham starts talking about Lazarus
15:20 to the rich man who's in hell
15:22 and both of them go back and forth with quite a dialogue,
15:26 now let me give you some reasons why this is actually
15:29 what the Bible called a parable...
15:31 I believe that hellfire is real
15:33 which we'll talk about in the future in a future meeting...
15:35 but let me give you reasons why this is a parable,
15:38 in Luke chapter 16 verse 19, it starts out where Jesus said,
15:42 there was a certain rich man in Luke 12:16...
15:45 the Bible says that Jesus spoke a parable
15:48 about a certain rich man,
15:49 in Luke 16:1, he told another story
15:52 a parable about a certain rich man...
15:55 and told the parable of the unjust steward.
15:58 In Luke 19:11 and 12,
16:01 Jesus spoke a parable about a certain nobleman
16:04 and in Luke 20 verse 9, Jesus told the people
16:07 this parable about a certain man who planted a vineyard,
16:11 so, reason number one is... it starts out just like a parable,
16:14 when Jesus told the story of a certain rich man,
16:17 that's the way that Luke wrote
16:19 that Jesus described His parables,
16:22 look at the context.
16:24 Reason number two...
16:25 is that the poor man was carried by the angels
16:29 and he was placed in the bosom of Abraham.
16:31 Now, we can't actually take that literally,
16:34 or if we take it literally, that means that
16:36 Lazarus was deposited in the chest of Abraham.
16:39 Obviously, this is a metaphor.
16:41 Reason number 3 is that people in heaven and in hell
16:44 can't carry on a conversation,
16:46 they can't talk back and forth like... they were talking,
16:50 and reason number four is the rich man's request,
16:53 he said, "Father Abraham, send Lazarus to take his finger
16:56 and dip my tongue with a little bit of water
16:59 because I'm being tormented in this flame... "
17:02 if we think about it, if a person was really...
17:04 really literally being tormented,
17:06 what would a little bit of water
17:07 on the tip of his tongue...
17:09 what kind of comfort would that bring?
17:10 There are other reasons why this is a parable
17:13 and I'll explain this more later
17:15 when we get to the hot topic of hell
17:17 the main reason why Jesus told this
17:19 was because He was talking to rich Pharisees...
17:20 look at the context...
17:22 who were mocking Jesus with their tongues
17:24 about His teaching about money
17:25 and then Jesus told them the parable
17:28 about the rich man going down and who wanted to be comforted
17:32 because he was in the fire and wanted some water on his tongue
17:36 and Jesus was warning those Pharisees,
17:38 "Your tongue is going to lead you into the fire... "
17:41 So there are other reasons but the main point,
17:43 I wanted make here is that Luke chapter 16
17:46 is a parable... and all the evidence points
17:49 in that direction.
17:51 There was a real man named Lazarus
17:54 that Jesus talked about in John chapter 11
17:59 and this was not a parable.
18:00 Jesus' friend Lazarus had died and in John 11:11,
18:06 Jesus said, "Our friend Lazarus is sleeping"
18:08 Jesus clarified that he's asleep and the disciples thought,
18:11 "Oh good, he's... he's going to get better then"
18:14 but that's not what Jesus meant,
18:15 in John 11 verse 14...
18:17 the Bible says that then Jesus said to them
18:20 plainly without a parable, "Lazarus is dead. "
18:23 So, Jesus used sleep to describe death,
18:28 and Lazarus...
18:29 the real Lazarus... not the "parable Lazarus" was dead
18:33 but Jesus then went to the tomb...
18:36 told the women and the men to remove the stone
18:39 and then He looked into the darkness of that tomb,
18:42 and that's in John chapter 11, verse 44
18:48 where He said, "Lazarus... "
18:50 He looked into the tomb and he said,
18:53 "Lazarus, come forth... come forth... "
18:55 He didn't look up and say, "Lazarus, come down... "
18:57 because Lazarus wasn't up there, Lazarus was in the tomb
19:00 and Jesus said, "Lazarus, come forth... "
19:02 and the Bible says that
19:04 "he who was dead came forth and he was alive. "
19:09 So, Jesus' teaching about the real Lazarus
19:11 showed that he was dead... he was asleep...
19:13 and then He resurrected him
19:15 by calling him forth out of a clammy grave.
19:18 Now, let's look at one other major point of controversy
19:24 which is in the book of
19:27 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 verse 8,
19:30 this is probably the mother text
19:32 that people struggle with if what they say...
19:35 "Steve, if everything you're saying is true,
19:37 what about Paul's statement about being absent from the body
19:41 and present with the Lord?
19:43 Let's find out...
19:47 good question... big question...
19:50 in 2nd Corinthians chapter 5
19:54 Paul is talking about his hope of heaven
19:56 about going to be with the Lord
20:00 and getting out of this sinful body
20:02 and I want to find it right here and read it from my own Bible.
20:06 Here it is, 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 verse 8,
20:10 Paul wrote, he said,
20:21 Now, Paul is definitely talking about a transition
20:24 from the body... which refers to the sinful body
20:27 and the sinful life where we...
20:30 we just can't wait to get out of this mess that we're in
20:33 and then he talked about the transition...
20:35 is to be present with the Lord, which will be wonderful.
20:39 Now, a lot of people look at this and they say,
20:42 "See, there it is... Paul said,
20:44 'as soon as you die you're absent from the body'
20:47 and then you get to be with the Lord"
20:50 but that's really not what Paul is saying
20:52 and the question is...
20:53 is... "When does the transition take place,
20:56 does it take place at death
20:58 or does it take place when Jesus comes again,
21:01 when do we get to be with the Lord,
21:03 when we die or on resurrection morning?"
21:06 That's the question and what's the answer?
21:09 I'm not going to just guess or just tell you my opinion,
21:13 I'm going to give you a Bible answer.
21:15 When you back up... to verse 4,
21:18 Paul talked about the same transition
21:20 and he said that that transition happens when
21:23 mortality is swallowed up by life
21:25 so, absent from the body and present with the Lord
21:30 happens when mortality is swallowed up by life
21:34 that's verse 8 and then verse 4,
21:37 now, then the next question is, "Well, when does that happen?"
21:40 And Paul gives a very clear answer
21:43 backing up in 1st Corinthians chapter 15.
21:46 Let's look at what Paul says, here he answers the question.
21:50 15:51...
22:08 and this mortal... " there it is...
22:11 "this mortal must put on immortality.
22:13 So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption,
22:16 and this mortal shall have put on immortality... "
22:20 Paul says... "then shall be brought to pass
22:24 the saying that is written,
22:26 Death is swallowed up in victory. "
22:30 It happens then... so in 2nd Corinthians 5:8,
22:34 Paul talks about the transition
22:36 from this body to be with the Lord,
22:39 in verse 4, Paul says that that happens
22:42 when mortality is swallowed up by life
22:45 and then in 1st Corinthians 15:51 to 54,
22:47 Paul clarifies that then death is swallowed up
22:53 in victory when the trumpet sounds
22:55 when Jesus Christ comes down
22:58 and when the dead are raised from the dead
23:00 and we are changed...
23:03 when the dead are raised out of their graves and we're changed.
23:05 So, when you put all the pieces together,
23:08 when you look at the thief on the cross
23:10 and you put the comma in the right place
23:12 and you look at the context
23:14 that Jesus didn't go to paradise the day that He died,
23:17 He just comforted the thief and said,
23:20 "Today I'm telling you, you will be with me in paradise"
23:23 just like the thief said, "Lord, remember me
23:26 when you come into your kingdom"
23:27 and you look at the rich man and Lazarus
23:29 and you look at the context and you see over and over
23:32 again in the book of Luke
23:33 that that's the way Jesus started parables.
23:36 It was a parable... and you can't take a parable
23:39 and make it contradict the rest of the Bible
23:42 and then you look at 2nd Corinthians 5 verse 8
23:46 where Paul longed to be absent
23:48 from this body and to be present with the Lord
23:51 and you compare that with 1st Corinthians 15
23:54 51 to 54... and it's very clear...
23:56 that that transition happens on the great day
24:00 when Jesus comes to give us new bodies,
24:02 to resurrect the dead, to change us
24:05 so that we can then be with Him forever.
24:07 This is what the Bible says
24:11 when you put all these pieces together
24:13 it solves the mystery of death and that's our topic,
24:19 "Solving the Mystery of Death... "
24:20 we're all going to die one of these days
24:22 unless we're alive when Jesus comes
24:24 which is what I would like to be,
24:25 my little girl, my five-year-old Abigail...
24:29 when we have our evening worships
24:32 with my wife Kristin and my son Seth who's eight
24:35 and Abby who's five...
24:36 we all pray at the end of the day... every evening
24:39 and I ask for prayer requests and almost every evening,
24:43 Abby's prayer request is that Jesus will come soon
24:48 and that's my... the desire of my heart...
24:51 and let's go back to 1st Corinthians...
24:53 I'm sorry... correction... 1st Thessalonians
24:57 chapter 4... and I'll finish with the text
25:01 that I opened with when we started
25:03 "Solving the Mystery of Death, Part 1,"
25:06 1st Thessalonians chapter 4, very, very clear...
25:10 a relative recently died in my family,
25:14 and I look to verses like this to bring comfort and hope
25:19 in time of loss.
25:21 1st Thessalonians chapter 4 and verse 16,
25:25 Paul said that the Lord Himself...
25:28 someday it's going to happen...
25:30 "the Lord Jesus Himself shall descend"
25:34 He is going to come down, He was here once,
25:37 He was born in Bethlehem, He lived a perfect life
25:39 He died on the cross for our sins,
25:40 He went to the grave
25:42 and He rose from the dead and He went to heaven
25:44 and He is going to descend from heaven with a shout
25:47 "with the voice of the archangel,
25:50 and with the trumpet of God:
25:51 and the dead in Christ shall rise first... "
25:54 resurrection... that's the hope of the Bible...
25:57 "then we who are alive and remain
26:00 shall be caught up together with them in the clouds,
26:02 to meet the Lord in the air:
26:04 and so we shall ever be with the Lord. "
26:08 I heard about a saint on his death bed...
26:11 he said, "If you miss me, don't dismay...
26:14 I may have to rest in a mound of clay...
26:16 but when I hear the trumpet sound...
26:19 I'm coming out of the cold, cold ground. "
26:22 Hallelujah...
26:24 "we will meet the Lord in the air
26:25 and so shall we ever be with the Lord... "
26:28 and then verse 18, Paul closes,
26:30 "wherefore comfort one another with these words. "
26:35 You've just heard His Voice Today.
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