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00:09 Have you heard of the millennium?
00:10 It's a future period of one thousand years
00:13 described in the Book of Revelation.
00:15 What's it all about?
00:16 You are about to learn a lot on His Voice Today.
00:23 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:26 with Steve Wohlbreg.
00:31 Millennial Madness, Part 1, that's our topic.
00:34 We are gonna explore
00:35 the subject of one thousand years
00:37 described in the Book of Revelation 20.
00:41 And there certainly a lot of different views on this topic,
00:43 that's why I'm calling this Millennial Madness.
00:47 Lot of people believe that there will be
00:48 thousand years of peace on earth.
00:50 Others believe that the whole world will be converted
00:53 during this period of the millennium.
00:56 But what we want to do,
00:57 as we always do on His Voice Today
00:59 is to try to find what God has to say
01:02 instead of what man's opinion is.
01:05 So, let's start with Revelation 20.
01:08 Revelation 20 is the only chapter
01:10 in the whole Bible that specifically
01:13 mentions this one thousand year period.
01:15 So let's dig in.
01:17 Revelation 20:1, the Bible says,
01:55 Well, it's obvious just a start out
01:57 that this passage describing a time
01:59 when the devil is not going be able to deceive anyone
02:03 during this millennial period.
02:05 We might say that he's going on a long vacation.
02:10 Now, obviously, he's not on vacation yet.
02:13 In fact, when you look closely at verse 3,
02:15 it says that he will deceive the nations no more,
02:18 during the millennium.
02:20 But we're not in the millennium yet
02:21 and Satan is not his vacation.
02:23 So what's he doing?
02:25 He is deceiving the nations.
02:27 That's what's he doing right now.
02:29 And I'm positive that Satan knows,
02:30 this chapter is in the Bible.
02:32 And he would love to deceive us
02:34 about this period of the millennium.
02:37 And so we need to really take a close look
02:40 and find out what the Bible actually says.
02:43 That would make sense
02:44 that we would zero in on what happens
02:46 at the beginning of the millennium,
02:49 what happens during the millennium,
02:51 and then, what happens at the end of the millennium.
02:55 So, where do you think is the best place to start?
02:58 I think the answer is obvious, let's start at the beginning.
03:01 What happens at the beginning of the millennium
03:03 according to the Bible?
03:05 If you go down to verse 6,
03:08 verse 6 says,
03:28 So, this verse is plain that
03:30 there is going to be a resurrection.
03:33 This is the good resurrection.
03:35 Blessed in Holy are those who are part,
03:38 those who have a part in this resurrection,
03:39 this would the resurrection of God's people,
03:41 it's called the first resurrection.
03:44 So here we have the first resurrection
03:45 and then it says on this group of people
03:47 the second death has no power
03:50 and they shall be priests of Garden of Christ
03:52 and shall reign with Him, for thousand years.
03:54 So they come up in the first resurrection
03:57 and then there's a thousand year period.
03:59 Now if there's a first resurrection,
04:01 what is that imply?
04:03 It implies that there will be second resurrection.
04:06 And I will establish,
04:08 make it very clear from the Bible
04:10 that the millennium period is really a period of time
04:14 in between two book ends, two resurrections.
04:19 There is the good resurrection,
04:21 the first resurrection of the righteous,
04:23 and the holy, and the blessed
04:24 who come up and then they live with Jesus for thousand years.
04:27 And then there's a second resurrection
04:31 that happens at the end of the thousand years.
04:34 So, will explore all this as we go deeper.
04:37 Now the next obvious question is, okay,
04:41 if the first resurrection is a book end
04:44 that begins the thousand year period
04:46 then what event brings about the first resurrection?
04:51 The answer to that is in 1 Thessalonians 4.
04:57 1 Thessalonians 4, we've read this first verse
04:59 number of times in passed His Voice Today programs.
05:03 Verse 16,
05:04 Paul wrote that:
05:19 So here again, is the believers,
05:20 this is the good resurrection, their rising first.
05:23 Revelation 20:6 talks about the first resurrection,
05:26 beginning the thousand year period.
05:29 And so, then Paul continues and says,
05:32 "Then, we who are alive and remain,
05:35 shall be caught up together with him in the clouds
05:37 to meet the lord in this air
05:39 and so, we shall ever be with the Lord."
05:43 And then verse 18 says,
05:44 "Comfort one another with these words.
05:48 So God has given these words in his word,
05:52 and his word tells us that Jesus
05:54 will come down from Heaven,
05:56 the dead in Christ will rise first,
05:58 and then we are gonna be caught up.
06:00 Now, notice, Paul says, we will be caught up.
06:03 At the beginning of the millennium,
06:05 Jesus doesn't come down from heaven
06:08 and then down to the earth.
06:11 The Bible says that when Jesus comes down,
06:13 He raises the dead in the first resurrection
06:17 and then the living and the dead
06:19 who are raised are both caught up, up, up,
06:23 to meet Jesus in the air.
06:26 So, Jesus isn't coming down to the earth,
06:28 He's getting us, to take up there.
06:33 Now, when we meet Him in the air,
06:35 where are we going?
06:37 Where does He take us?
06:38 The answer to that is in John 14.
06:42 And I've read this verse before,
06:43 I love this passage,
06:45 so encouraging and comforting.
06:47 John 14:2, Jesus said,
07:10 So, here Jesus says he's up there now
07:11 in heaven preparing a special place for us,
07:14 mansions for us, beautiful houses or rooms
07:18 or whatever he's got up there, it's gonna be awesome.
07:21 And then he says, he's coming back again
07:23 to get us just like it says in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17,
07:27 and then it says,
07:28 he's going to take us to be with him, where he is.
07:32 And where's he right now.
07:35 Revelation 21 describes the beauties
07:38 of a place called the New Jerusalem.
07:40 You can read in your Bible,
07:42 its just inspiring and it's beautiful
07:44 that Jesus is preparing a gorgeous city for us.
07:47 I grew up in Studio City, Southern California,
07:50 in the Hollywood area
07:51 and I can't wait to see the New Jerusalem,
07:56 which is up there in Heaven
07:57 where Jesus says, and He's gonna come down,
08:00 He is gonna get us and take us up there
08:03 according to John 14:1-3.
08:06 So, if we go back to
08:10 1 Thessalonians 4:17 then,
08:28 His words tell us that Jesus is gonna come down,
08:30 get us and take us up to glory.
08:33 And I'm positive that Jesus wants to say
08:36 every single human being in this world
08:41 to go up when he comes down.
08:44 I know that the lord loves the whole world,
08:46 John 3:16, says,
08:47 "For God so loved the world that He gave,
08:50 His only begotten son."
08:52 Jesus loves everybody, every man, woman, and child,
08:55 and He wants us all to be up there.
08:58 But if you read your Bible, it's pretty obvious.
09:02 At least, if you look at the Bible objectively
09:05 that not everybody is going to heaven.
09:07 Remember, it's the only the dead in Christ
09:10 that are resurrected when Jesus comes.
09:12 There's a whole lot of other people that have died
09:14 that are not the dead in Christ.
09:16 And it's only the living who are prepared
09:19 for the coming of Jesus,
09:21 who are caught up to meet the dead in Christ
09:24 and then to meet Jesus in the air
09:26 and then to be taken up to the New Jerusalem.
09:28 So the next logical question is,
09:31 what about everybody else?
09:33 What about the dead who are not in Christ,
09:36 and what about those who are alive,
09:37 when Jesus comes who aren't ready?
09:40 And we have to look at these verses.
09:41 When you keep on reading in 1 Thessalonians 4,
09:45 then you go right on to Chapter 5,
09:47 Paul gives us the answer.
09:49 Verse 1, Chapter 5, Paul says,
10:19 Which means it will be very unexpected
10:22 for the majority of the world.
10:24 And then in verse 3, Paul says,
10:41 So here, Paul tells us in Chapter 4, verse 16, 17
10:45 that the dead in Christ rise
10:46 and the believers are caught up to be
10:49 taken in to the New Jerusalem.
10:51 But those who are not caught up,
10:53 those who are alive down here,
10:54 who are not ready for Jesus to come,
10:57 in Chapter 5:3, he says
10:58 they will experience sudden destruction
11:03 and they will not escape.
11:06 Now, the next question is,
11:08 how wide spread will that destruction is be?
11:12 Let's take a look at a few Bible verses.
11:16 Luke 17.
11:20 Luke 17 contains a very solemn passage
11:24 where Jesus was talking about the end times
11:27 and what would happen to those
11:28 who are not prepared for the coming of the Lord.
11:32 Luke 17:26, Jesus said,
11:53 In 1 Thessalonians 5:3, Paul said sudden destruction
11:57 and here Jesus talked about the flood,
11:59 and He said the flood destroyed them all.
12:02 And then he said, going on in verse 28,
12:21 Every one that was left in Sodom
12:23 and didn't get out was destroyed.
12:25 Every one who didn't go in to the arch with Noah
12:27 and his family they were destroyed.
12:30 And then verse 30, Jesus said,
12:39 So, if we take Jesus Christ words literally,
12:42 he said on the day when he's revealed,
12:43 on the day He comes,
12:44 it will be just like Noah's day,
12:46 and it will be just like Lot's day.
12:48 Those that are not among the group
12:50 that's resurrected and caught up,
12:54 the living caught up to be with Jesus
12:56 on that great day when He is revealed.
13:00 Jesus said that it will be just like Noah's day,
13:03 it will be just like a Lot's day
13:05 and they will be destroyed.
13:08 In Noah's day, the whole world was drowned.
13:11 And when Jesus comes, those who are not ready,
13:15 sudden destruction will be all over planet earth.
13:20 Now let's look at another passage,
13:22 if you go back to chapter to Revelation,
13:25 look at Chapter 19.
13:29 Revelation 19 describes
13:31 what happens right before the millennium.
13:34 Chapter 19:17-18,
13:43 verses 11 to 16 describe the coming of Jesus.
13:46 And then in verse 17, John wrote,
14:17 " So, here, these verses describe
14:20 in Chapter 19:11-16,
14:22 the return of Jesus, which parallels
14:24 1 Thessalonians 4:16- 17.
14:27 And then in Chapter 19:17,18, which parallels
14:33 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3
14:36 where Paul takes about sudden destruction.
14:38 These verses say that
14:39 they will be a big supper of birds,
14:41 the big supper of the birds.
14:43 The birds will come and they'll eat the flesh of all men,
14:47 whose bodies are scattered all around the world.
14:54 Another passage is in Jeremiah 4
14:59 that describes the extent of the destruction that occurs
15:02 when Jesus Christ returns again.
15:06 Jeremiah 4:23-26.
15:12 This is a very solemn passage.
15:16 In prediction, verse 23,
15:17 Jeremiah looked ahead in to the future
15:19 and he said:
15:26 The earth was being brought back
15:30 to sort of chaotic state
15:32 like it was at the very beginning,
15:34 when the bible says that there was darkness
15:36 before God said that there be light and there's light.
15:40 And at this point there is no light.
15:42 Verse 24 says:,
15:49 The mountains were shaking and all the hills were shaking.
15:52 Revelation 16, it describes
15:54 when the Lord comes there will be great earthquake
15:56 such as was not since men were upon the earth,
15:59 so mighty and so great.
16:01 And I believe these are,
16:02 this is describing like the after shocks
16:04 of the planets still convulsing and trembling.
16:09 Verse 25 says:
16:19 And this would be after the supper of the birds.
16:20 When Jesus comes, those who don't go up,
16:22 their bodies are scattered around the world
16:24 and they, the birds come and eat their flesh.
16:27 This is the supper of the birds,
16:29 which is actually in contrast
16:31 to Chapter 19:7-8,
16:33 where Jesus describes
16:34 the marriage supper of the lamb.
16:36 In Chapter 19 it describes
16:37 one group that's enjoying the marriage supper
16:40 and then in verses 17 and 18,
16:42 he describes another group
16:44 that is the supper for the birds,
16:46 which basically tells us that everybody
16:48 at the end of the world is going be in
16:51 one or two, one of two suppers.
16:54 One group is going to be eating the supper
16:57 with Jesus in heaven
16:59 and the other group is going to be
17:01 the supper down here for the birds.
17:05 So you know, if you think about it like that,
17:07 hopefully we are all impressed
17:09 that we wanna be with Jesus, eating the supper,
17:12 we don't wanna be down here as the supper.
17:16 And as Jeremiah continues, he says,
17:30 You read that also in Revelation 16,
17:32 it says that after the great earthquake,
17:33 it says the cities of the nations crumble
17:36 when the lord comes.
17:44 It's gonna be solemn day
17:45 when Jesus Christ comes down from Heaven.
17:48 Those who are caught up are going to be with him,
17:51 and to eat the delicious food
17:55 up in the New Jerusalem.
17:56 But those who are not ready will be left down here,
18:00 they will experience sudden destruction
18:02 just like Noah's day, just like Lot's day.
18:05 Jeremiah said there was no man left
18:08 and Revelation 19 says
18:10 that the birds come and eat the flesh of all men,
18:13 small and great, rich and poor, free and bond.
18:17 So, when you put the pieces together
18:18 it's pretty clear,
18:20 how widespread the destruction is.
18:23 The destruction is all around the world.
18:25 When the Jesus comes to raise the dead,
18:28 his people are being resurrected
18:29 from all around the world.
18:31 Now those who are at caught up to meet him in the air,
18:34 they are being caught up from all around the world.
18:37 And when Paul says those that are not ready
18:41 they will experience sudden destruction,
18:43 obviously this would be all around the world.
18:48 In other words,
18:49 when you put the piece together,
18:51 as Jeremiah said there was no men left.
18:54 The Biblical facts are that
18:56 there will not be any human survivors
19:00 when Jesus Christ comes again,
19:03 who are not prepared to go up to be with him
19:08 in the New Jerusalem.
19:09 Solemn thought.
19:11 And let's go back to Revelation 19,
19:13 and this leads us in to the millennial period.
19:17 Chapter 19, we read verse 17 and 18
19:20 about the supper of the birds,
19:22 and the verse 21,
19:24 at the end of the verse it says,
19:26 "All the fowls was filled with their flesh."
19:30 Here's again the supper of the birds
19:32 of all the people that are left on the earth.
19:34 Picking their bones dry
19:36 from what ever is left on them.
19:39 Gruesome thought, but it what the Bible says.
19:42 Now, look at Chapter 20:1,
19:46 Chapter 20:1 continues and then says,
20:14 Now, when you put the pieces together,
20:17 the question is,
20:18 why can Satan not deceive nations
20:24 during the millennium based on the context?
20:28 Well, the obvious answer is,
20:30 because the nations are all dead.
20:33 And so, Satan is bound,
20:35 he's stuck here on planet earth
20:38 with nobody to deceive.
20:41 Now I realize that, that is,
20:44 that may be a new idea to you
20:46 and maybe different from what you have heard.
20:48 I know that most people believe
20:50 that the devil's be gone somewhere,
20:51 that Jesus comes down,
20:53 and there's a thousand years of piece on earth
20:55 during the millennium.
20:58 Now let's explore that,
20:59 let's see that if it's really right.
21:01 If you keep on going to verse 7,
21:04 verse 7 says:
21:21 And people look at this verse
21:23 in a superficial way and they say,
21:24 Look, Steve, the nations are gonna be,
21:26 they're all around the world
21:28 at the end of the thousand years,
21:29 therefore, they must be on earth
21:30 during the thousand years.
21:34 But that's not exactly what the bible says.
21:37 The bible doesn't say that they will be on earth
21:41 during the thousand years, it says they will be there
21:44 at the end of the thousand years.
21:47 And I'm gonna prove to you in the next program
21:50 that the reason why they are there
21:52 at the end of the thousand years
21:54 and the reason why devil has a chance again to go in
21:57 and to deceive them is because all the nations
22:01 have been resurrected at the end of millennium.
22:05 All of the laws,
22:06 these are all the devil's nation.
22:08 In fact, if you look closely at verse 3
22:12 and put the piece together, notice what it says.
22:16 Verse 3 says that during the millennium,
22:18 Satan will be able to deceive the nations no more
22:23 until the thousand years should be fulfilled.
22:26 And after that he's loosed a little season.
22:28 I just analyze that text.
22:31 During the millennium
22:32 he deceives the nations no more,
22:34 which would mean prior to the millennium
22:37 he's deceiving the nations, they are his nations.
22:40 During the millennium,
22:41 he can't deceive them, his own nations.
22:44 And then, at the end of the millennium,
22:46 then he goes in to deceive them again
22:50 and the reason is because they have been resurrected.
22:55 Verse 8 says that they are their
22:57 at the end of the millennium.
22:59 It doesn't say they are their during the millennium.
23:02 And if you go back and look at verse 5.
23:06 Verse 5 says:
23:16 So, verse 6 says that
23:21 there is a first resurrection of the good
23:25 and they live with Jesus for thousand years.
23:28 And then verse 5 backs up and tells us the rest of dead,
23:33 which are those that are not followers of Jesus,
23:36 they do not live again
23:38 until the thousand years were finished.
23:40 So one group is resurrected at the beginning
23:43 and one group is resurrected at the end,
23:45 and during the time, the millennium,
23:47 it says that devil is bound with the chain.
23:50 Now, I don't believe this is literal chain
23:52 because if you put a chain on a spirit being,
23:54 Satan would just slip out.
23:56 But this is chain of circumstances.
23:58 Have you ever heard the expression,
23:59 'I'd like to help you but I can't
24:01 because my hands are tied'
24:02 When they say, my hands are tied,
24:04 they don't literally mean their hands are tied,
24:05 they mean that their circumstances prevent them
24:07 from helping you.
24:09 I have also heard it said that Satan is best pastor
24:11 who is ever lived because he visits
24:13 his church members' everyday.
24:15 But during the millennium
24:17 he has no church members to visit.
24:19 During the millennium his hands are tied.
24:21 During the millennium there is no man.
24:23 During the millennium the birds flee
24:24 after eating the flesh of all the people
24:27 just like Jesus said and just like Noah's day,
24:29 just like Lot's day, just like Paul said,
24:31 1 Thessalonians 5:3 that those who don't go up
24:34 experience sudden destruction.
24:36 So at the beginning of the millennium Jesus comes,
24:39 the dead in Christ are raised,
24:41 and the livings are caught up to go up with him
24:44 to the New Jerusalem for thousand years.
24:48 During the millennium,
24:49 Satan is stuck here with his angels,
24:53 bound by chain of circumstances with no one to deceive.
24:57 He deceives the nations no more
24:59 until the thousand years are finished.
25:01 At the end of the thousand years,
25:03 it says in verse 5,
25:04 Revelation 20:5,
25:11 All these people are resurrected.
25:13 Verse 7 says, when the thousand years are expired,
25:16 Satan shall be loosed out of his prison.
25:19 Now verse 5 says they are resurrected
25:22 and the verse 7 says that Satan is loosed,
25:25 then what is it that looses the devil?
25:29 It's obvious that it is the resurrection
25:32 of the rest of the dead.
25:34 And the question is, well,
25:37 or the obvious implication is what binds him?
25:40 What bound Satan was the destruction
25:44 of all of his nations.
25:46 And at the end of the millennium,
25:47 what looses him is the resurrection
25:50 of all of his nations.
25:52 And then he will gather them for final battle,
25:54 Revelation 20 says
25:56 there will be final great white thrown judgment
25:59 and then they will be the final fate
26:01 of the wicked in the lake of fire.
26:05 And that's what we'll study about in Part 2.
26:07 We'll look at Revelation 20:15 that says,
26:11 "Who ever was not found written in the book of life
26:13 was cast into the lake of fire."
26:17 I know where I wanna be.
26:19 I don't wanna be supper for birds,
26:22 I wanna be eating supper with Jesus
26:24 who loves me and who gave his life for me.
26:26 And he loves you and gave his life for you,
26:28 and he wants you to be with him
26:30 during the millennium and for ever.
26:32 So I hope you will stick with it for Part 2,
26:34 as we look at Millennium Madness, Part 2,
26:36 and will do it not according to man's opinion
26:38 but right from the Bible on the next edition
26:42 of His Voice Today.
26:44 We hope you've enjoyed this timely message
26:46 from Pastor Steve Wohlbreg,
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