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The Hot Topic of Hell, Part 2

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00:08 Will a God of love finally take those
00:11 who don't believe in Him
00:13 and throw them into hell
00:14 where they will burn forever and ever?
00:17 Is this a biblical fact, or a myth,
00:20 we're about to find out on His Voice Today.
00:26 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:29 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:34 Welcome to the hot topic of hell part two.
00:37 Let me just quickly review some of the things
00:39 we talked about in part one.
00:40 We're discussing what the Bible says
00:42 and doesn't say about hell.
00:45 And we looked at Matthew 13:40,
00:48 where Jesus clarified that there is real fire,
00:51 but that it will burn at the end of the world.
00:53 We also looked up 2 Peter 3:7
00:56 where Peter said the same thing
00:58 that the atmosphere and the earth itself
01:00 will burn up on the Day of Judgment
01:03 at the end of the world.
01:05 And we also looked at the Book of Revelation 20,
01:08 that describes the thousand year period
01:11 and in verses 11-15,
01:13 John saw in vision the lost being resurrected
01:17 at the end of the millennium
01:19 and then they are judged
01:21 and then they are thrown into the lake of fire
01:23 for their punishment.
01:25 And all of these verses tell us that
01:27 there is a real fire, but it's not burning now,
01:30 it's coming in the future
01:32 on the Day of Judgment and at the end of the world.
01:35 Now, most people when they think about hell,
01:39 that's really not what they think.
01:40 They imagine or believe
01:43 that hell is a fiery place way down
01:46 under the ground somewhere down below our feet,
01:48 where the lost are burning right now.
01:51 And where the lost souls
01:53 of those that don't believe in God,
01:55 they go down there at the point of death to suffer.
01:58 Some believe that the devil's down there,
02:00 that his demons are down there
02:02 and that they are literally torturing people
02:04 with some kind of instruments like pitchforks.
02:07 But the fact is that there really is
02:10 no verse in the New Testament except for one
02:14 which we'll look at in a moment
02:15 that really teaches this or seems to teach this concept.
02:19 It's not in the Book of Matthew,
02:20 it's not in the Book of Mark,
02:21 it's not in the Book of John, it's not in the Book of Acts,
02:24 it's not in all the writings of Paul,
02:26 the Apostle Paul who wrote most of the New Testament
02:28 never taught anywhere that the soul of a lost person
02:32 who dies goes under the ground to place of burning.
02:35 That concept is totally foreign to the teachings of Paul.
02:39 It's not in the Book of Jude,
02:41 it's not in the Book of James,
02:43 it's not in 1 and 2 Peter,
02:45 and it's not in the Book of Revelation,
02:47 and that is something to ponder.
02:49 There is one place however which is in Luke 16,
02:53 which is the main passage that people interpret
02:57 to mean that a lost soul goes under the ground,
03:01 leaves his body and goes down
03:03 at the point of death to suffer.
03:05 So let's examine this, it's in Luke 16,
03:08 and it starts in verse 19.
03:10 Jesus said, "There was a certain rich man
03:14 who was clothed in purple and fine linen
03:17 and he fared sumptuously every day."
03:20 Verse 20, "There was a certain beggar named Lazarus,
03:22 who was laid at his gate, full of sores."
03:26 And Jesus continues and says eventually in verse 22,
03:29 "That it came to pass, that when the beggar died,
03:32 he was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom.
03:36 And the rich man also died and he was buried."
03:40 In verse 23, "In hell the rich man lifted up his eyes,
03:45 and being in torments, he saw Abraham afar off,
03:49 and Lazarus in his bosom.
03:51 And he cried and said, 'Father Abraham,
03:53 have mercy on me, and send Lazarus
03:56 that he may dip the tip of his finger in water
03:59 and cool my tongue,
04:01 for I am tormented in this flame.'
04:06 " This is the passage that is quoted
04:10 from the pulpits of the land,
04:11 it's referred to in many books,
04:13 it's talked about by radio preachers
04:17 and it's on television.
04:18 This is the main verse,
04:20 passage that is being used to support
04:24 the teaching of a hell which is under the ground
04:28 where people are suffering right now.
04:30 Now, I'm gonna give you seven reasons why,
04:34 and I think they're good reasons.
04:36 Now, obviously you can take them or leave them,
04:37 but at least think about them.
04:39 I'm gonna give you seven reasons why I believe
04:41 and a lot of other people believe
04:43 that this section in Luke 16 is actually
04:46 what the Bible refers to as a parable
04:49 and that not every detail was meant to be taken literally.
04:54 Reason number one is that it starts just like a parable.
04:58 In Luke 16:19,
05:01 Jesus said, there was a certain rich man.
05:04 Now when you read the Book of Luke,
05:06 when you read in chapter 12 verse 16,
05:09 chapter 13 verse 6,
05:10 chapter 16 verse 1,
05:12 chapter 19 verse 11 and 12,
05:15 chapter 20 verse 9,
05:16 all of these verses clearly say that
05:20 Jesus told parables and stories
05:23 that often started out with phrases like this
05:26 there was a certain rich man.
05:28 I'll just show you one of them
05:30 in Luke 19:11 and 12,
05:34 so you can actually hear it right from the Bible.
05:37 Luke 19:11 and 12,
05:40 the Bible says that...
05:47 Jesus spoke a parable in verse 11.
05:51 And in verse 12 he said,
05:52 "Therefore a certain nobleman went into a far country."
05:55 So there it's a parable in verse 11 and in verse 12,
05:58 it's a certain nobleman.
06:00 And you'll find where Jesus told parables
06:01 where he said a certain rich man did this or that.
06:04 In addition to what we find in Luke 16,
06:08 so that's reason number one, it starts like a parable.
06:11 Reason number two, back to verse 22,
06:14 there are things in this story that are obviously symbolic.
06:17 When the beggar died,
06:19 it says that he was carried by the angels
06:21 into Abraham's bosom.
06:23 Now you can't take this literally,
06:25 because if you take this literally,
06:27 that means that the angels took this poor man
06:30 and deposited him into the chest of Abraham,
06:35 they put him into Abraham's bosom.
06:37 Now obviously that can't be literal
06:40 or Abraham would have to have a huge bosom,
06:42 and why would this man want to be there anyway.
06:44 So reason number two,
06:47 symbolic language is used in verse 22.
06:49 Reason number three is that the rich man
06:53 when he goes down to hell, and he's suffering,
06:55 he is described as being not a disembodied soul,
06:59 but he is described as being in the body
07:01 with eyes and a tongue.
07:04 It says in verse 23
07:06 that in hell he lifted up his eyes,
07:07 so he had eyes.
07:09 And then in verse 24,
07:10 he pleaded with Abraham to send Lazarus
07:13 to take his finger and dip it in water
07:17 and touch his tongue,
07:18 because he was being tormented in this flame,
07:20 so he is represented as a having eyes
07:22 and having a tongue down there in the fire.
07:26 Reason number four is a person can't literally talk in fire.
07:30 And if you don't believe this,
07:31 just take your finger and put it on a hot stove
07:35 and try to carry on any kind of conversation,
07:38 it's really impossible for a person
07:40 to carry on a normal conversation
07:43 while he is burning in any kind of fire or flames.
07:46 So that's reason number four
07:49 why there is lot of symbolism in this passage.
07:52 Reason number five is his request.
07:53 He asked Abraham to send Lazarus
07:57 and to take his finger and dip it in water
08:00 and touch his tongue
08:02 because he was being tormented in this fire.
08:04 Now can you imagine if somebody is literally being burned,
08:06 if his whole body is burning in fire,
08:08 why would he request just a little bit of water
08:11 to touch his tongue?
08:13 You know, if you're really burning in fire,
08:14 you would say father Abraham said Lazarus
08:16 and have him take a bucket and put it all over me.
08:20 Dump the water all over my body,
08:21 because I'm being tormented.
08:23 Now there is a reason why Jesus pinpointed the tongue
08:25 which I'll explain to you in a minute.
08:28 So that's reason number five.
08:30 Reason number six is that
08:33 Abraham starts talking to the rich man
08:37 and the rich man talks back
08:38 and they have this conversation.
08:40 Now can we literally believe that people in heaven
08:43 and people in hell can carry on a normal conversation?
08:47 You know, that's just not something
08:48 that anybody can or hardly anybody can actually
08:51 believe can really happen.
08:54 Now reason number seven is that the rest of the Bible,
08:57 the rest of the New Testament except for Luke 16,
09:01 teaches that the fire occurs at the end of the world,
09:04 that's what Jesus taught in Matthew 13:40,
09:06 that's what Peter taught in 2 Peter 3:7,
09:10 that's what Malachi teaches in Malachi 4:1,
09:13 which we'll look at,
09:15 that's what the Book of Revelation teaches
09:16 in Revelation 20:11-15,
09:19 and there are many, many other verses that say this.
09:21 There is only one place that teaches or appears to teach
09:25 that people go to hell and burn at the moment of death
09:28 and that's the story of the rich man and Lazarus
09:30 and when you put the pieces together,
09:32 all the evidence points to it being a parable
09:34 and you shouldn't build the whole doctrine,
09:36 especially if the doctrine is different
09:38 from the rest of the Bible on one story,
09:41 it just doesn't make sense.
09:42 Now, if it is a parable then is it
09:45 a meaningless parable.
09:46 Once we say it's a parable does that mean that
09:49 it has no lessons for us today?
09:50 Not at all.
09:52 When you look at the context in Luke 16,
09:55 and you look at verse 14,
09:59 here's the context 13-14,
10:01 Jesus was talking to a group of Pharisees
10:04 about how you can't serve God and money at the same time.
10:07 You just can't do it.
10:09 And in verse 14, the Bible says,
10:11 "That the Pharisees also, who were covetous,
10:14 they loved money, they heard these things,
10:15 and they mocked Him,
10:17 they mocked Jesus with their tongues."
10:20 And then in verse 15,
10:23 the Bible says that, Jesus said to them,
10:26 He was talking to rich Pharisees
10:28 who loved money,
10:29 who were mocking him with their tongues
10:31 and who also believe that because they are rich,
10:33 they were definitely going to heaven
10:35 and because you know,
10:36 poor people didn't have any money,
10:37 they would probably go in hell.
10:39 And so Jesus told this story to them
10:41 about a certain rich man who went down,
10:44 the poor man went up,
10:45 he reversed what they previously thought,
10:48 and then the rich man who was in the fire looked up
10:50 and asked Abraham to send Lazarus
10:53 to take his finger and dip in a water
10:55 and touch his tongue,
10:56 because he was being tormented in this fire.
10:59 And Jesus was talking to the rich Pharisees
11:00 who were mocking him with their tongues
11:02 basically trying to give them a solemn warning
11:05 that their tongues were going to lead them
11:07 into the fire if they weren't careful
11:09 and didn't come to believe in Him
11:11 and in His true teachings.
11:13 So put the pieces together and I think the evidence,
11:17 I believe I'm certain,
11:19 I just take my life on it that the evidence is there
11:23 that this story is a parable
11:25 and again let's look at the rest of the Bible,
11:27 and see what the rest of the Bible teaches
11:29 about the hot topic of hell.
11:32 Let's look at some other verses,
11:34 let's go back to Revelation 20,
11:36 which we've looked at in part one.
11:39 Revelation 20 again describes the events
11:42 that occur at the end of the millennium,
11:45 the end of the thousand years
11:46 and it tells us what will happen to the lost,
11:49 how they will eventually be cast into the lake of fire.
11:53 And let's look at where the fire takes place.
11:56 In Revelation 20:7, the Bible says,
11:59 "When the thousand years are expired,
12:01 so this is the end of the millennium,
12:03 Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,
12:05 he will go out to deceive the nations
12:07 which were in the four quarters of the earth,
12:09 Gog, and Magog to gather them together to battle,
12:11 the number of whom is as the sand of the sea."
12:13 This is all the lost at the end of the millennium
12:16 who are being led by the devil to try to fight against God.
12:20 Verse 9 says, "They went up on the breadth of the earth..."
12:24 So they are on the earth and we've already...
12:26 Well, we didn't read this today
12:28 but in the precious program we did that
12:31 the end of the chapter reveals
12:33 that they've been resurrected
12:34 and it also says the same thing in verse 5,
12:36 the rest of the dead did not live again
12:38 until the thousand years were finished,
12:40 so all these people are resurrected
12:41 they are on the earth.
12:43 And verse 9 says, "They are going up,
12:45 up on the breadth of the earth
12:47 and they surround the camp of the saints about,
12:49 which is the New Jerusalem called the beloved city.
12:52 And then it says that fire came down from God
12:54 out of heaven and devoured them."
12:56 So the question is where are they
13:00 when the fire comes down upon them
13:03 and they are punished?
13:05 And the answer is they are upon the earth,
13:08 that's what verse 9 says,
13:09 they went up on the breadth of the earth,
13:11 so they are not under the earth,
13:13 they are on the earth when the fire falls.
13:16 Another point is that
13:17 the fire comes down from God out of heaven,
13:21 and verse 9 says that fire devours them.
13:26 Look up the word devoured in dictionary
13:28 and it's pretty clear that it's a complete destruction.
13:32 So this is the end of the thousand years,
13:34 they're on the earth,
13:35 the fire comes down from God out of heaven
13:38 and it devours them.
13:40 Now to be fair and I always want to be fair,
13:43 verse 10 seems to say something different.
13:46 Verse 10 says,
13:48 "And the devil that deceived them
13:49 was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone,
13:51 where the beast and the false prophet are,
13:53 and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever."
13:56 And here's one of those forever and ever
13:58 text that people look up,
13:59 they look at verse 10 they say Steve,
14:01 don't you understand the Bible says
14:03 that the lost will burn forever and ever,
14:05 that's what verse 10 says.
14:08 Now we really have dilemma here
14:11 that we need to explore
14:12 and try to unpack and understand.
14:15 In verse 9
14:17 John wrote that fire came down from God out of heaven
14:20 and devoured them.
14:21 And then verse 10 talks about them being
14:26 or at least the beast and the false prophet
14:29 being tormented day and night forever and ever.
14:32 So now let's move into the consequences
14:38 and how long this fire burns.
14:40 Does it devour them and so they're gone,
14:44 or does it burn forever and ever
14:47 and they are tormented in this fire for ever and ever.
14:50 Which one's right? Verse 9 or verse 10.
14:53 And there are some pastors that believe in verse 9
14:55 and they say no,
14:56 God's gonna just devour them and they are gonna be gone
14:58 and that's it.
14:59 And other pastors look at verse 10 and they say no,
15:02 they're gonna be tormented day and night forever and ever.
15:04 So a lot of people sometimes debate the subject
15:07 which really is what we we're doing,
15:09 we're looking at both sides trying to figure out
15:11 which view is right.
15:12 So which view is right?
15:14 Well, let me say that I believe in the whole Bible,
15:17 I don't believe one verse is wrong
15:18 and one verse is right,
15:19 I believe both verses are right.
15:22 And let me, before I give you my opinion on this
15:24 and take a close look,
15:25 let me ask you which verse do you like better?
15:28 Which concept do you like better?
15:29 Do you like the idea
15:31 that the lost will eventually be gone
15:32 that they will be devoured, burned up
15:34 and they won't suffer for ever,
15:35 or do you like the fact
15:37 that they will be tormented forever and ever.
15:40 You know, think about your relatives,
15:41 think about those, you know, that don't know Jesus,
15:43 think about the masses of humanity,
15:46 and would you rather have them
15:47 just be gone at the end of the world,
15:49 because they didn't love God
15:51 and God just pulls the plug on their existence
15:52 and it's over,
15:54 or would you rather have them suffering for all eternity.
15:57 Well, I would hope that our humanity
16:00 would say that we really would like it to be the first option
16:06 that those who don't believe in Jesus
16:07 that eventually God does what only a loving God can do,
16:10 He just finally lets the punishment fall on them
16:14 according to what they deserve and then that's it,
16:17 it's over and they are gone.
16:20 But we really can't base a doctrine
16:24 on what we like better obviously, you know,
16:27 if I like the idea that they're going to be gone,
16:31 but that's not true,
16:32 then I need to follow the Bible not just what I like.
16:35 And on the other hand if you like the fact that
16:38 or believe that people are gonna burn for ever,
16:40 but that's really not what the Bible really says
16:42 when you look at the whole Bible,
16:44 then you need to adjust your course
16:47 and stick with scripture as well.
16:49 So back to the text,
16:52 how do we interpret these verses?
16:54 Well, let me make a very important observation
16:57 which you can find in your own Bible
16:58 and that is in verse 9,
17:00 there is absolutely no symbolism in the text.
17:02 Verse 9 simply says
17:04 they surrounded the New Jerusalem,
17:05 fire came down from God out of heaven
17:07 and devoured them, no symbolism.
17:09 Verse 10 talks about the beast
17:12 which has seven heads and ten horns
17:14 and the false prophet and they are tormented
17:16 day and night for ever and ever.
17:17 So bottom-line verse 9 has no symbolism,
17:20 verse 10 clearly does.
17:22 And to me it's significant that
17:24 every passage in the Book of Revelation
17:27 that describes torment day and night for ever and ever,
17:29 they always have symbolism.
17:31 Couple of quick examples.
17:34 talks about the beast
17:37 and people being tormented day and night for ever and ever,
17:39 same thing symbolism.
17:41 Revelation 19:2 and 3 talks about the harlot
17:45 and this is a woman named mystery Babylon
17:47 described in Revelation 17.
17:48 She's riding a seven headed ten horn beast
17:52 and it says that her smoke goes up forever and ever,
17:55 which is obviously again a reference
17:57 to a symbolic woman.
17:58 So my point is that every reference
18:00 in the Book of Revelation
18:02 whether it's chapter 20, chapter 14: 11,
18:05 or chapter 19: 2 and 3,
18:08 always tormented day and night forever and ever
18:11 is connected to symbolism.
18:13 Now, let's take a look at some other verses
18:15 that have no symbolism and are very, very clear.
18:19 Malachi 4,
18:23 Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament
18:25 and notice what Malachi says about the end of the world.
18:31 Malachi 4 the Bible says,
18:33 "Behold, the day is coming,
18:36 that shall burn as an oven,
18:37 and all the proud, and all that do wickedly,
18:39 they will be stubble.
18:40 And the day that is coming will burn them up...
18:43 Saith not Steve Wohlberg but saith the Lord of hosts
18:47 "That it shall leave them neither root nor branch."
18:49 So God Himself says that on the final day
18:52 those who do wickedly will be burned up,
18:56 that's what He says and there will be
18:58 no root left or no branch left.
19:01 Now picture a tree or a plant.
19:04 If you burn up the root and the branches,
19:06 how much of it is left.
19:08 There's nothing left, nothing at all.
19:10 Verse 3 says that the wicked will become ashes
19:14 under the feet of the saints on that day when God does this.
19:18 So here it says there will be ashes,
19:19 not only that
19:21 but if you go to the Book of Ezekiel 28,
19:24 it describes the devil.
19:26 Ezekiel 28 is very clear,
19:28 this is talking about Lucifer it says in verse 15,
19:33 "That he was perfect in his ways
19:35 from the day that he was created,
19:36 until iniquity was found in him."
19:38 That's when Lucifer became a devil.
19:40 Verse 17 describes his heart being lifted up in pride
19:44 and then verses 18 and 19
19:45 describe what God is finally going to do to Satan.
19:49 Verse 18 says that
19:51 "God will bring a forth a fire and it will devour you
19:56 and I will bring you to ashes upon the earth
20:00 in the side of all those who behold you
20:04 and all those among the people shall be astonished at you,
20:07 and you will be a terror
20:08 and never shall you be any more."
20:11 Now think about this, I mean look at the text.
20:16 It's very clear, God is clearly talking about Lucifer himself.
20:19 It says the fire is going to devour him
20:21 and he's going to become ashes
20:23 and never will he be any more, he'll be gone forever.
20:27 And I feel like saying and all the people said
20:29 and I would like to hear a big amen.
20:32 One of these days the Bible says
20:34 Lucifer himself is gonna be gone.
20:36 He's gonna be consumed by fire and he'll become ashes
20:39 just like Malachi says in chapter 4:1 and 3.
20:44 There are may other verses that teach this.
20:46 Let's look at Jude 7 or actually verse 7,
20:50 there's only one chapter in the Book of Jude.
20:53 Jude 7 describes the suffering of the lost
20:59 at the end of the world
21:00 and parallels it to Sodom and Gomorrah.
21:02 Jude verse 7 says, "Even as Sodom and Gomorrah
21:06 and the cities about them in like manner,
21:08 giving themselves over to fornication
21:10 and going after strange flesh,
21:11 they are set forth for an example,
21:14 suffering the vengeance of eternal fire."
21:16 And some people say, look Steve,
21:18 it says eternal fire and my response is,
21:20 but look closer,
21:21 the context is Sodom and Gomorrah,
21:23 and the Bible says Sodom and Gomorrah
21:24 were burned in fire with eternal fire.
21:27 But there are other verses in 2 Peter 2:6
21:32 it says that Sodom and Gomorrah
21:33 were turned into ashes by that fire.
21:36 When the Bible says it was eternal fire,
21:38 it doesn't mean that it burns forever,
21:40 because Sodom and Gomorrah aren't burning today,
21:42 but it simply means there was a fire from God
21:44 that did an eternal job and it burned those cities
21:48 to ashes and they are done.
21:50 And verse 7 says that this is an example
21:53 of what is going to happen to the lost.
21:56 Let's go back to Revelation.
21:59 In Revelation 20
22:01 we already read that there is a final resurrection,
22:04 there is a day of judgment
22:06 and then the lost will be thrown into the lake of fire
22:10 for their punishment at the end of time.
22:13 Verse 15, 20:15 says,
22:16 "Whoever was not found written in the book of life
22:19 was cast into the lake of fire."
22:21 Now the very next verse says,
22:23 "I saw a new heaven and a new earth,
22:25 for the first heaven
22:27 and the first earth had passed away,
22:28 and there was no more sea."
22:30 So right after the wicked are seen
22:32 going into the lake of fire,
22:34 then there is a scene change, there is a new heaven,
22:36 there is a new earth and everything changes,
22:40 everything passes away.
22:41 Verse 4 says, "God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes,
22:45 and there will be no more death,
22:46 neither sorrow, nor crying,
22:48 neither shall there be any more pain,
22:50 for the former things have passed away."
22:53 Verse 5 says, "He that sat upon the throne said,
22:55 'Behold, I make all things new.'
22:58 And He said to me, 'Write:
22:59 for these words are true and faithful."
23:02 ' Now think about it.
23:04 If those who are thrown into the lake of fire
23:08 burn forever and ever and ever,
23:10 then chapter 21 verse 4 can never come true.
23:13 There will always be pain, sorrow,
23:16 suffering and crying somewhere in God's universe,
23:19 but the Bible says it's not gonna happen,
23:21 that after Satan,
23:23 the lost and his evil angels are all consumed
23:26 and become ashes in the lake of fire,
23:29 then there will be a new heaven, a new earth,
23:32 and all sin will be behind us forever,
23:34 then there will be no more pain in God's universe,
23:36 no more suffering in God's universe,
23:38 no more crying in God's universe,
23:41 no more sorrow at all, it will all be over.
23:44 And God himself sitting on the throne said,
23:47 "Behold I make everything new."
23:51 I was once in New Jersey,
23:53 holding a Bible seminar teaching on this topic,
23:57 and there was the young man named Corey.
24:00 A Jewish man who was coming to the meetings,
24:02 and he came to one of my talks on the hot topic of hell
24:05 and I went through these verses.
24:07 I showed clearly and I showed John 3: 6 it says,
24:10 "For God so love the world
24:11 that He gave His only begotten Son
24:13 that whoever believes in Him shall not perish,
24:16 perish but have everlasting life."
24:18 And I quoted also Romans 6:23 that says,
24:22 "The wages of sin is death,
24:24 but the gift of God is eternal life
24:25 through Jesus Christ."
24:26 And I showed him all these verses
24:28 that those that don't want Jesus,
24:30 and don't want God
24:31 and don't have their sins forgiven
24:32 that eventually they will be gone,
24:35 they will be punished appropriately
24:37 according to their sins,
24:39 and then they will become ashes
24:41 and then God will remake the heavens and the earth
24:43 and everything will be perfect in full of love
24:46 and goodness just like in the beginning of time.
24:49 And Corey sat in the audience and when that meeting was over,
24:51 he came up to me, and his face was just glowing
24:54 and he grabbed my hand, then he said,
24:56 "Steve, Steve, he said now,
24:59 now I can believe, I can believe in a loving God."
25:04 And then he went home and the next night
25:06 he came back to the meeting
25:07 and his face was again glowing and he said,
25:09 "Steve, he said last night I got on my knees
25:12 and I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior.
25:16 And I opened my heart to him."
25:17 And then he said, he said,
25:19 "Steve, praise God I'm born again.
25:21 I'm born again."
25:23 And I was so excited at the end of that meeting
25:24 he was baptized and his Jewish mother was there
25:27 and she said, I don't know what's happened to Corey,
25:30 to my son, but I can tell it's a good thing.
25:34 It's a good thing.
25:35 And the doubt and barriers were removed from Corey's mind
25:38 once he knew the truth about hell,
25:41 the truth about the fire,
25:42 the truth about what God's gonna do
25:44 at the end of the world,
25:45 and how one of these days all sin
25:47 and suffering, and sorrow
25:48 and pain will be gone forever.
25:50 And Corey became a believer in Jesus because of that.
25:54 Dear friend, I hope that you will
25:56 take a close look at your Bible
25:58 and discover the truth about our loving God,
26:00 about our Heavenly Father, about our Savior Jesus
26:03 who loved the world so much that He gave His own life
26:06 on the cross to save us from sin.
26:08 And those who don't believe in Him,
26:09 who continue to reject Him eventually they will perish,
26:14 and they'll be gone and they won't have eternal life,
26:17 but those that love Jesus and love God
26:19 because He's good and loving and kind
26:21 and just and perfect,
26:23 they will live with Him forever.
26:26 The Bible says in Revelation 20:5
26:29 that God says, "Behold,
26:30 one of these days he will say behold,
26:32 I make all things new."
26:34 And he said to me right,
26:36 "For these words are true and faithful."
26:40 You have just heard His Voice Today.
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26:46 from Pastor Steve Wohlberg
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