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The Longest Time Prophecy in the Bible, Part 2

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00:09 Approximately 2000 years ago,
00:10 Jesus Christ ascended up into the heavens
00:13 and we haven't seen Him since.
00:15 What's He doing right now?
00:17 You'll find out on this edition of His Voice Today.
00:24 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:27 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:31 This is part two of the longest time prophecy
00:34 in the Bible.
00:36 We're looking at a mysterious verse
00:38 in Daniel 8:14,
00:41 it's a verse that very few Christians
00:43 really even know it's there
00:45 and most don't even understand it
00:47 if they do know that it's there.
00:49 So let's take a look at it.
00:51 Daniel 8:14, an angel spoke to Daniel,
00:54 "And he said unto 2300 days or 2300 days,
01:00 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed."
01:04 Now what's this all about?
01:06 What sanctuaries is this talking about
01:07 and when does this prophecy apply?
01:10 As you keep reading in verse 15
01:11 and this to just a review from our last program.
01:14 In verse 15 Daniel try to understand
01:16 the meaning of this mysterious prophecy.
01:19 In verse 16 a voice spoke and said, "Gabriel,
01:22 make this man to understand the vision."
01:26 Now I want to focus your mind on the word "understand"
01:29 'cause we're gonna see this again and again,
01:31 "understand" that's number one, the first time it's used.
01:34 In verse 17, Gabriel then came over to Daniel
01:37 and he said to him "understand,"
01:40 so there's the second time, "Oh, son of man,
01:42 for at the time of the end shall be the vision."
01:46 This prophecy applies not to ancient history
01:50 but to the very end of time.
01:54 Gabriel is an extremely important angel,
01:56 as we looked at in part one,
01:58 he only appears a few times in the Bible.
02:00 He appears in Luke Chapter 1 two times,
02:03 he appeared to Zacharias in the temple,
02:06 who became the father of John the Baptist,
02:08 and then he also appeared to Mary in Nazareth
02:12 and told her that she would have the baby
02:14 who would be Jesus Christ.
02:16 So Gabriel never goes on minor missions,
02:19 and he came two times in Luke Chapter 1
02:22 announcing the birth of John the Baptist
02:24 and Jesus Christ.
02:26 And in Daniel Chapter 8,
02:28 he comes and he tells Daniel about this 2300 day vision
02:33 that applies to the time of the end.
02:36 Now there's a parallel text in the Book of Ezekiel 4:6,
02:42 Ezekiel 4:6 God told Ezekiel,
02:45 "I have appointed you each day for a year."
02:49 Ezekiel and Daniel lived at the same time,
02:51 both were Jewish captives, they were in Babylon,
02:53 Daniel was in the palace,
02:55 and Ezekiel was among the captives
02:58 outside of the palace
02:59 and the key is given in this verse in Ezekiel
03:03 that a day represents a year,
03:06 and I will prove to you as we go back to Daniel
03:08 that the prophecy of Daniel 8,
03:10 the 2300 day prophecy actually represents 2300 years.
03:17 And there will be no doubt about this as we keep on going.
03:21 And that this really is the longest time prophecy
03:25 in the Bible.
03:26 So let's go back to Daniel 8,
03:29 after Gabriel appeared to Daniel,
03:31 he begins to explain certain things in the vision,
03:33 specially the first part of the vision,
03:35 but then when you get to verse 27 it says that,
03:39 "Daniel fainted,"
03:40 and at the end of the verse it says,
03:42 "he was astonished at the vision
03:44 and none understood it."
03:47 So at the end of Daniel 8, he still didn't understand
03:50 although Gabriel had told him and the voice had told him,
03:54 had told Gabriel that he was supposed to understand
03:58 and yet he didn't.
04:00 When you get to the end of Daniel 8, you don't know
04:02 when the 2300 days/year prophecy starts,
04:06 you don't know when it ends.
04:07 Daniel just fainted because it was so overwhelming to him
04:11 and he ended the chapter saying I just didn't get it,
04:14 I didn't get it.
04:15 Well Gabriel had been commissioned
04:17 to make him understand,
04:19 so lo and behold when you turn to chapter 9,
04:22 guess who comes back?
04:24 You're right, it's Gabriel.
04:26 In Daniel 9, Daniel prays a long prayer for his people,
04:30 he's praying to God and in verse 21,
04:33 it talks about Gabriel coming back,
04:36 Gabriel is mentioned in verse 22,
04:38 Gabriel informed and talked with Daniel
04:41 and said, "O Daniel, I am now come forth to give you skill
04:46 and understanding."
04:47 Now there's the word understanding again,
04:49 this is the third time.
04:51 There's twice in Daniel 8
04:53 and here Gabriel is again telling Daniel
04:56 I have come back to give you understanding
04:59 and the word understanding and Gabriel coming back
05:01 links Daniel 8 and Daniel 9 very clearly.
05:04 Just like in Luke 1,
05:06 Gabriel appeared twice to John the Baptist father
05:10 and also to Mary, we have a double revelation,
05:13 it's a same thing in Daniel 8 and 9,
05:15 Gabriel also comes twice.
05:18 He's very consistent
05:19 and there's a purpose behind this.
05:22 So as we keep reading, in verse 23,
05:26 Gabriel continues to talk to Daniel, and he said,
05:28 "Therefore, understand the matter
05:31 and consider the vision."
05:33 So here's the fourth time
05:34 the word understand is being used.
05:36 You get the impression that heaven wants Daniel
05:40 and God's people to understand this mighty
05:43 and mysterious prophecy.
05:46 In verse 24,
05:47 right after Gabriel had said understand the vision,
05:50 and the vision that Daniel had previously seen
05:52 was the 2300 days/year vision that he didn't understand.
05:58 So it make sense when Gabriel comes back
06:00 and says understand the vision that he's talking about
06:03 that long period of time, that 2300 period.
06:08 And so in Chapter 9:24,
06:12 Gabriel then picks up right where he left off
06:15 and starts talking about time.
06:17 In verse 24, he said,
06:21 "Seventy weeks are determined upon your people
06:25 and upon you holy city."
06:28 Now here, Gabriel begins to give a 70 week prophecy,
06:31 which we don't really have time
06:33 to study all the details of that right now.
06:34 We've done that in our previous meeting,
06:37 previous program,
06:38 but we do know that Gabriel uses time
06:43 and he says the 70 week period is determined for your people
06:48 and your people applies to the Jewish people,
06:51 Daniel's people.
06:52 In other word "determined"
06:53 is actually a very important Hebrew word
06:56 which is translated or at least it's pronounced
06:58 Chathak, Chathak.
07:00 And Chathak literally means to be amputated from
07:03 or cut out of.
07:05 So a simple way to illustrate this is,
07:07 I'm gonna hold up my arm here
07:08 and imagine my arm is a 2300 day arm
07:11 and Gabriel comes back
07:13 and he says that 70 weeks of this period is amputated
07:17 or cut out specifically for the Jewish people.
07:20 In other words, the 70 week period is the first portion
07:24 of the 2300 day period.
07:27 The 70 week period is amputated or separated
07:33 specifically for the Jewish people.
07:36 And again I don't have to go,
07:37 I don't have time to go and talk details of that period
07:39 but we can put the pieces together
07:42 that if we can get the starting point of the 70 week period
07:47 which is the first portion
07:49 of the longer 2300 day year prophecy,
07:53 then we will know when it starts and when it ends
07:58 and when it applies to us today,
08:00 that's our challenge.
08:01 And we don't have to guess because Gabriel is so precise
08:06 and in the very next verse, in verse 25 Daniel 9:25
08:09 Gabriel pinpoints the starting point of the entire period
08:15 and he also again uses the word "understand".
08:20 Verse 25, Gabriel said,
08:21 "know therefore and understand,"
08:25 so there's the fifth time, it's twice in Daniel 8,
08:27 three times in Daniel 9,
08:30 all those times are connected to Gabriel.
08:32 So it's very clear that the Lord wants us
08:35 to understand this prophecy,
08:37 and he again links the word understand
08:40 with the starting point of the period,
08:42 "Know therefore" Gabriel said, "Nail it down and understand,
08:47 that from the going forth of the commandment
08:49 to restore and to build Jerusalem
08:53 unto the Messiah the prince."
08:55 There would be so much time and then so much time
08:58 and he then goes into the 70 week period
09:00 more in detail.
09:04 Now here's one way we know for sure
09:06 that this is a day for your prophecy,
09:08 and the 70 week period started during the reign of Persia,
09:12 Daniel was in Babylon
09:13 when he prayed his prayer in Daniel 9
09:15 and the next nation to conquer Babylon was Persia,
09:19 it was during the time of Persia
09:21 that the Jews went back from their captivity,
09:24 went back to Jerusalem, rebuilt their city
09:26 and their temple, and among the different options,
09:31 the most recognized historical date
09:34 for this command to restore and build Jerusalem
09:37 is the day 457 BC,
09:41 during a decree that was issued by the Persian king Artaxerxes.
09:46 Artaxerxes the Great which is recorded in the Book of Ezra 7.
09:51 I used to have a different Bible,
09:53 and in my old Bible I would turn to Ezra Chapter 7,
09:58 "When that decree went forth,
10:00 giving the Jewish state authority
10:03 to function again under the reign of Persia
10:05 and in the margin of that particular King James Bible,
10:08 it pinpoint at the date 457 BC.
10:11 So that's a, it's a very solid historical date
10:14 that was the date that the command was issued
10:16 by Artaxerxes
10:17 to restore civil authority to the Jewish state,
10:20 and it exactly fulfilled the prophecy.
10:23 And another point is that we know,
10:25 for sure that the 70 week period
10:28 is not a literal 70 weeks, it's definitely a day for year
10:31 because Gabriel said,
10:33 "know therefore and understand,
10:34 that from the going forth of this commandment,"
10:37 which was during the time of Persia in 457 BC
10:40 until the Messiah, the prince which would be Jesus Christ.
10:44 He said there would be seven weeks and 62 weeks
10:47 and there's another one week period
10:49 mentioned in verse 27 now.
10:51 Think this through, from 457 BC,
10:54 if it was just seven literal weeks,
10:57 and then 62 literal weeks, it would never reach
11:00 all the way down hundreds of years,
11:03 over 400 years to the time of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.
11:08 Gabriel pinpointed this prophecy
11:10 reaches to the Messiah, the Prince.
11:11 Therefore, we know that the 70 week prophecy
11:15 from the command to the Messiah must be a day for a year.
11:20 There's just no doubt about it.
11:23 And that being true which it is,
11:26 then we know with that not only is the 70 week period
11:29 a day for year
11:31 representing 490 literal years but the 2300 days,
11:36 which is the longer prophecy that the 70 week period
11:39 is simply the first portion of
11:42 that that also would be a day for year
11:45 and we also know that
11:46 because Gabriel said it reaches down,
11:49 not to the time of Christ, but the 2300 day year prophecy
11:53 reaches down all the way to the time of the end.
11:57 So let's just do some mathematics here
12:01 when you put the pieces together
12:04 and I'm not really a math expert,
12:06 when I was a kid in school I never really liked math
12:09 but since I've become a Bible prophecy student,
12:12 I've been forced to do some math
12:14 and this is really not that difficult.
12:16 If you go to 457 BC,
12:19 the time of the beginning of the timeline,
12:21 you apply the first 70 week period or 490 years
12:25 to the Jewish people which is what Gabriel said,
12:28 and if you count from 457 all the way down 2300 years,
12:34 it takes you to the year 1844, 1844,
12:41 and what happened in that year?
12:43 Well Gabriel said, the Bible said,
12:46 back in Daniel 8:14,
12:49 "that something was going to happen
12:50 at the end of this 2300 period."
12:55 What is it?
12:57 What's gonna start when this period comes to an end?
13:01 Back to Daniel 8:14,
13:03 the mother text that we're looking at says,
13:06 "Unto 2300 days or the 2300 day period,
13:10 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed."
13:14 In other words from 1844 onward something is gonna happen
13:21 called the cleansing of the sanctuary.
13:24 Now what in the world is this all about?
13:28 First of all what sanctuary are we talking about?
13:30 What sanctuary is going to be cleansed?
13:32 If we go over to Israel
13:33 which I talked about in part one
13:35 and if you were to go visit the temple mount
13:38 inside the city of Jerusalem, there is no temple there.
13:42 There is a building on top of the temple mount
13:45 which is the golden dome of the rock
13:47 which is a Muslim building.
13:51 Is that Muslim building going to be destroyed?
13:54 Or is there gonna be some kind of earthquake
13:56 or is something gonna happen to rebuild a Jewish temple
14:00 on the temple mount.
14:01 Is that what this prophecy is talking about?
14:04 Is the sanctuary to be cleansed
14:06 going to be over in the Middle East.
14:08 Well, if you put some pieces together
14:10 and think about this,
14:11 when Jesus Christ died on the cross,
14:13 the Bible tells us that the veil
14:16 of the earthly temple
14:18 was ripped from top to bottom,
14:20 and the fact that it was ripped from top to bottom
14:23 represents and shows us that this was,
14:25 it was a divine hand that ripped the veil.
14:28 It didn't come from the bottom up,
14:29 it came from the top down
14:31 and that was God's way of showing
14:34 that when his son died on the cross
14:37 that there were no,
14:39 there was no more use for an earthy temple anymore
14:43 and the big reason is because Jesus Christ,
14:45 the Son of God had died on the cross
14:48 in fulfilment of all the ancient sacrifices,
14:50 so the great sacrifice had been offered
14:53 which was Jesus and the earthly temple
14:56 was no longer of any use at all.
15:02 Let's just say the Jewish people
15:03 did rebuild an earthly temple,
15:05 and did restart their sacrifices.
15:08 Could God ever blessed that endeavour?
15:10 Could He bless the reinstitution
15:12 of the killing of lambs that ultimately came to an end
15:18 when His own Son died on the cross?
15:21 I don't think that's possible, I know it's not possible.
15:24 So when Daniel's prophecy in Daniel 8:14
15:29 said that in the time of the end,
15:31 the sanctuary would be cleansed from 1844 on,
15:34 what sanctuary is this talking about?
15:37 The answer to that is in the New Testament.
15:42 I'm sorry, Hebrews.
15:44 Hebrews 8, notice what Paul wrote
15:50 about the temple and about who the real priest is?
15:55 Hebrews 8:1 Paul wrote, "Now of the things
15:59 which we have spoken this is the sun,
16:01 we have such a high priest,
16:04 who is set on the right hand of the throne of the majesty
16:07 in the heavens, a minister of the sanctuary,
16:12 and of the true tabernacle,
16:13 which the Lord pitched, and not man."
16:15 Man pitched the earthly temple
16:18 but God himself pitched a sanctuary in heaven.
16:22 This verse is very clear that this is talking about
16:25 what is happening in the heavens
16:27 so it tells us that there is a sanctuary up in the heavens
16:30 and that our great high priest which is Jesus Christ,
16:33 when He went to heaven 2,000 years ago,
16:35 when He ascended to up there,
16:37 He began His ministry in the heavenly temple.
16:42 To me, it's tragic that Protestants around the world
16:46 are looking toward Jerusalem hoping
16:49 that there's gonna be some kind of an earthly temple
16:51 or believing that there will be when Revelation
16:54 which we'll see in a minute
16:55 and Hebrews points us not to the earthly temple
16:58 but to a heavenly temple.
16:59 It's also tragic to me
17:00 that millions and billions of sincere Catholics
17:04 may be not billions,
17:05 I think there's about a billion Catholics in the world,
17:07 but millions of them, at least those who are sincere,
17:10 are looking to earthly priests to forgive their sins.
17:14 Whereas the New Testament points us
17:16 to one great high priest who is Jesus Christ in heaven,
17:19 so there is a heavenly temple and there is a heavenly priest.
17:22 And that's what Hebrews
17:24 says that our minds need to be focused upon.
17:29 And again we find in Daniel 8, 9
17:33 five times in connection with Gabriel.
17:38 Daniel is told to understand to understand this prophecy.
17:43 Now let's go to the Book of Revelation
17:45 and let's nail it down.
17:47 Revelation 11:19, it's very powerful verse.
17:52 I've been deeply impressed
17:54 with the significance of this revelation.
17:57 Revelation 11:19, the Bible says,
18:00 "That the temple of God..."
18:02 So this is God's temple, not mans,
18:05 "It was opened in heaven, opened up there,
18:09 and there was seen in his temple
18:12 the ark of his testament and there were lightnings,
18:15 voices, thunderings,
18:17 and earthquake and a great hail."
18:19 So we know there's a heavenly temple
18:21 and this verse says
18:22 that at some point it would be opened,
18:25 and if it's opened it must have been closed prior to it
18:28 being opened, and it says
18:30 when it is opened there we've seen the ark.
18:32 Now, if you remember program one, you know,
18:34 that in the earthly temple, there were two rooms,
18:37 there was the holy place and the most holy place.
18:39 The most holy place was only opened once a year
18:42 on the Day of Atonement.
18:44 When the high priest went in
18:45 and the purpose of his going in was to cleanse the sanctuary
18:49 by putting his blood, by putting the blood,
18:51 not his blood but the blood of the sacrifice
18:53 representing Jesus blood on top of the golden lid,
18:57 the mercy seat underneath which was the Ten Commandments.
19:01 And this verse in Revelation 11:19
19:04 is most holy place language.
19:07 It tells us that at some point,
19:08 the heavenly temple will be opened
19:11 and there was seen,
19:13 meaning that people by faith are seeing into it
19:16 and they're seeing the ark,
19:18 which was in the most holy place,
19:20 and the only prophecy in the Old Testament
19:23 that could fit this verse perfectly is Daniel 8:14,
19:28 that at the end of the 2300 years,
19:31 the sanctuary would be cleansed,
19:33 there would be a special work of God,
19:35 to remove sin,
19:37 to cleanse sin from breaking his law
19:40 which is a work that happens in the most holy place.
19:44 And so putting these pieces together
19:47 at the end of the 2300 days, the door was opened
19:51 and we are enabled by faith
19:53 to look inside the heavenly temple
19:55 to see the ark and to realize it inside of that ark
19:58 is the Ten Commandments.
20:01 The Ten Commandments and I've got them right here,
20:04 these are very heavy
20:05 so I'm not gonna hold them up for long
20:07 and if your listening on the radio,
20:08 sorry you can't see them,
20:10 but for those of you that are watching on TV,
20:12 you can see here we have,
20:14 here I have two solid tables of stone, the big ten.
20:18 The big Ten Commandments and Gabriel instructed Daniel
20:24 that he was to understand this prophecy
20:27 that it applies to the time of the end,
20:29 the time of the cleansing of the sanctuary.
20:31 I'm thoroughly convinced
20:32 that God is trying to help Christians
20:36 and everyone around the world
20:37 to understand in the time of the end.
20:40 By understanding the temple in the sanctuary
20:42 that from 1844 on,
20:44 God is trying to direct His people to understand
20:47 the importance of the Ten Commandments,
20:50 and when Protestants are looking to an earthly temple
20:53 that isn't even there
20:55 and that's where their focus is,
20:57 than they miss, they're missing,
20:59 they're not understanding the prophecy
21:02 that is directing us to the heavenly sanctuary
21:06 where Jesus Christ is our great high priest.
21:09 Now God does not only want us
21:11 to understand the Ten Commandments.
21:13 On the Day of Atonement,
21:14 the high priest took one blood from a sacrifice,
21:18 brought it into the most holy place
21:20 and sprinkled it with his fingers seven times
21:22 on top of the golden lid,
21:24 the mercy seat underneath which was the Ten Commandments
21:27 and that represented the blood of Jesus Christ.
21:32 So what God wants us to understand right now
21:36 is that Jesus is our great high priest
21:38 and when sincere Catholics around the world
21:41 are looking to an earthly priest,
21:43 just like Protestants are looking to an earthly temple
21:45 and they're not understanding the heavenly temple
21:47 and the Ten Commandments,
21:49 so Catholics are looking to earthly priests
21:51 and they're not understanding our heavenly high priest,
21:55 and the blood that He shed
21:59 that we need to focus exclusively on His blood
22:03 as the only hope
22:04 through which we can be forgiven for our sins
22:07 of breaking the Ten Commandments.
22:09 The devil is a master diverter
22:12 and he doesn't want people to understand heavenly temple,
22:16 he doesn't want people to understand
22:18 the importance of the Ten Commandments
22:20 which is inside the most holy place, inside the ark,
22:22 and he doesn't want people to understand
22:25 the precious blood of Christ.
22:28 And that Jesus is our high priest
22:30 and that on the cross, He shed that blood,
22:32 He died on the cross,
22:34 He rose from the dead, He went to heaven
22:35 and now He is ministering that blood
22:39 to cleanse us from all of our sins
22:42 of breaking His law before the Lord
22:45 which takes us all the way back to the book.
22:50 Actually before I go there,
22:52 let me show you Revelation 14:12 again,
22:57 describes that people that understand this message.
22:59 They understand the importance of the law of God
23:02 and they also understand the importance of Jesus Christ
23:04 as our great high priest and His Gospel
23:07 and the power of His cleansing blood.
23:10 Revelation 14:12 says,
23:12 "Here is the patience of the saints:
23:14 here are they that keep the commandments of God
23:18 and the faith of Jesus."
23:22 The commandments of God inside the ark
23:25 and the faith of Jesus Christ
23:27 who shed His blood to cleanse us
23:31 from all of our sins."
23:33 And this verse tells us that God is going to have a people
23:36 that understand both
23:38 and that are doing it in these last days.
23:42 Back to Leviticus, we read in part one,
23:46 now Leviticus Chapter 16 is the great chapter
23:51 that describes the Day of Atonement,
23:53 and what happened on that day?
23:55 And this was the day that the high priest took the blood
23:58 and sprinkled it seven times
24:00 on top of the golden lid
24:01 underneath which was the Ten Commandments.
24:04 And in Leviticus 16:30 the Bible says that,
24:07 "On that day which was the day of atonement,
24:09 the day of the cleansing of the sanctuary on that day,
24:12 shall the priest make an atonement for you
24:16 to cleanse you,
24:18 that you maybe that you maybe clean
24:20 from all your sins before the Lord."
24:24 And this tells us what's God great purpose is
24:27 in the final hours of history,
24:29 not just back in ancient Old Testament days
24:31 but in the final hours, He is trying to cleanse people
24:35 from their sins of breaking His holy law.
24:39 Back to the last chapter of the Book of Revelation.
24:43 The very end of time,
24:45 Chapter 22:10 says,
24:51 "He said to me, do not seal
24:53 the sayings of the prophecy of this book,
24:56 for the time is at hand."
24:58 Verse 11 says, "He who is unjust,
25:01 let him be unjust still,
25:03 he who is filthy, let him be filthy still,
25:05 he who is righteous, let him be righteous still
25:08 and he who is holy, let him be holy still."
25:11 When Jesus work as our great high priest is over,
25:15 when those who are willing have allowed him
25:17 to cleanse their hearts and their lives from their sins
25:21 of breaking the Ten commandments
25:23 and the blood of Jesus has washed us clean,
25:26 when everyone's made their choice,
25:27 if they want to be clean or if they don't,
25:30 then Jesus will close the doors up in heaven,
25:33 the books of record
25:35 and everybody will divided into two groups,
25:37 one group will be unjust and filthy
25:39 and other group will be righteous and holy.
25:41 And then in verse 12 he says, "Behold,
25:43 I'm coming quickly and my reward is with me,
25:46 to give every man according as his work shall be."
25:49 And Jesus is done in the sanctuary,
25:51 done with the cleansing work
25:52 of removing the sins of God's people
25:54 through His blood and bringing their lives into harmony
25:57 with the Ten Commandments.
25:59 When He's done with that work, He's going to come.
26:01 He's gonna come in the clouds of glory
26:04 to take His commandment
26:05 keeping blood washed people home.
26:08 And the goal of my life is to be among that group
26:10 and I want you to be among that group.
26:13 And I hope that as the result as this Bible study
26:15 on the longest time prophecy in the Bible on Daniel 8:14,
26:19 the 2300 years that brings us down to 1844
26:22 and beyond until the close of probation
26:24 and the return of Jesus Christ that you'll be among that group
26:27 that are prepared through the blood of Jesus
26:30 and you'll become commandment keepers
26:32 in these last days before He returns.
26:36 May God help us all.
26:38 You have just heard His Voice from the Bible today.
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26:44 from Pastor Steve Wohlberg
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