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The Pope's Encyclical and the Mark of the Beast

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00:08 Have you heard of Pope Frances' Encyclical on Climate Change?
00:13 Does it have anything to do with the Mark of the Beast?
00:16 That's our topic on this edition of His Voice Today.
00:22 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:24 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:30 The release date was June 18, 2015.
00:33 It was a milestone Papal Encyclical
00:35 addressing the issue of Climate Change.
00:37 It was released worldwide, translated into many languages,
00:41 the media was all over it, and Tim Saxton and I,
00:44 my Associate, are here to discuss this issue
00:46 in the light of Biblical Prophecy.
00:49 Tim, it's great having you
00:51 as part of the White Horse Media Team,
00:52 we've known each other for a long time
00:54 and we've been working together for quite a while,
00:56 and let's go right into the topic.
00:58 You've done a lot of research on this
01:00 so why don't you just... for the Viewers
01:02 who aren't that familiar with this topic
01:04 just give us a background on the Encyclical,
01:06 Climate Change and what the issues are.
01:09 Okay, Steve, thank you very much.
01:10 For 20 years now, World Leaders have been
01:13 attempting to address the issue with Climate Change
01:15 and they've been unable to come up with any solution.
01:18 Now as you may know, Climate Change
01:20 is what's being portrayed in the Media and among Scientists
01:23 as one of the causes of evil in our world.
01:28 Things like Global Warming,
01:29 resulting in natural disasters...
01:32 extreme weather, disasters, even the California drought,
01:34 it's all attributed to Climate Change.
01:35 All of these storms, these crazy storms
01:38 and incredible hurricanes
01:40 and typhoons, it's all because of
01:41 Climate Change... is what they're saying.
01:43 Record hot weather, record cold weather,
01:45 crops failing, and polar icecaps melting,
01:48 waters rising, things like this.
01:49 Yes, now what we're also seeing is that Governments
01:53 are saying Climate Change is a threat to their security.
01:56 China... in March... the BBC carried a report
02:01 that China declared that
02:02 Climate Change was a threat to their security.
02:04 In May, NPR reported that President Barack Obama,
02:09 said that Climate Change was a threat
02:10 to the Security of the United States.
02:12 So we see Governments jumping onboard this
02:15 saying... "We've got to do something,
02:16 this is serious about Climate Change
02:18 but what can we do?
02:19 Right... let me just inject an article I just read
02:22 from Fox News showing
02:24 that it's not just Governments and Scientists
02:25 but it's the Media, as you mentioned,
02:28 June 23rd, 2015, the title of the article was:
02:32 "Climate change health risk
02:33 is a 'medical emergency'" experts warned.
02:36 "Warned: Extreme weather events such as floods and heat waves
02:39 bring rising risks of infectious diseases,
02:42 poor nutrition and stress," specialists said.
02:46 "We see Climate Change as a major health issue
02:50 that's often neglected in policy debates"
02:52 and then it says here,
02:54 "Climate Change is a medical emergency,
02:56 it demands an emergency response"
02:58 and that's a quote from Hugh Montgomery,
02:59 Director of UCL's Institute for Human Health and Performance
03:02 and he is a co-author of the report...
03:05 the report mentioned in this article...
03:07 so a lot of people are talking about this
03:09 and the Pope is talking about this as well.
03:11 Correct... on June 18 of this year
03:13 the Pope released his Encyclical that they've been working on
03:16 for months... and in the Encyclical...
03:18 I'm going to give some quotes here, he says,
03:21 that "Climate Change... " I'm quoting...
03:24 "represents one of the principal challenges
03:27 facing humanity today"
03:28 and again in his document he says,
03:31 he seeks to "bring the whole human family together
03:35 to address it. "
03:37 So, oftentimes,
03:39 Papal Encyclicals are addressed to Catholics,
03:42 for the Catholic Church,
03:43 but this Papal Encyclical is different,
03:45 it's addressed to the entire world
03:48 and it says, "We have a world problem
03:50 and we must all come together
03:52 to address this problem. "
03:53 And it's obvious that the world does have a problem.
03:55 It does... And the Pope recognizes that.
03:57 He sees that this world is a mess,
04:00 that disasters are increasing,
04:02 there's a whole host of things that are happening
04:03 and whether the Science and Climate Change,
04:07 global warming, we know there's a big debate on that,
04:09 whatever the right side is or the wrong side
04:12 concerning all of the Science,
04:14 the fact is... that this Planet is in trouble
04:16 and the Pope does recognize that
04:18 and he also recognizes significantly...
04:20 that the issue really...
04:21 has a lot to do with human beings,
04:23 what we're doing...
04:24 and Biblically there's no question
04:27 that if Adam hadn't have sinned, it would be a different world,
04:31 there wouldn't be earthquakes and fires and floods
04:34 and so, Scripturally, we do know that sin
04:37 is at the heart of the problems on this planet.
04:41 There's a friend of mine, Scott Christiansen who wrote
04:44 a masterful book called, "Planet in Distress"
04:47 published by the Review and Herald
04:49 and he looks at the systems of the world,
04:50 an how the environmental systems...
04:52 and how they've been affected by sin...
04:54 and we certainly see it prophetically
04:56 that things are going to be downhill...
04:58 going downhill... until Jesus comes.
05:00 Very true... and you know in his Encyclical the Pope says,
05:04 he laments the breakdown of Society,
05:07 that's a quote, "the breakdown of Society"
05:09 and he says that we need to... I'm going to quote again...
05:13 "we need to slow down and recover the values
05:17 and the great goals
05:18 by our unrestrained delusions of grandeur. "
05:20 Okay, so, we do have a problem,
05:22 humans are involved with this problem,
05:24 and we need to slow down...
05:26 and the solutions, so... yeah, in the Encyclical
05:28 he moves into a solution which involves slowing down
05:31 and let's move in to the Sabbath issue
05:34 that the Encyclical strongly addresses.
05:38 Yes, pointing back to Genesis,
05:41 the Pope talks about
05:42 the corruption that was in the world before the flood
05:44 and how God brought salvation to Noah
05:47 and that after the flood, there was a restart to humanity
05:51 and from there he goes on talking about the
05:53 Seventh-day Sabbath where people rested every week
05:57 and then he talked about the land... every seven years...
06:00 that in the Old Testament, the land would have rest
06:04 and at the end of seven seven-year cycles
06:07 it was considered a year of jubilee,
06:10 a year to restart.
06:11 And that's all in the Encyclical.
06:14 That's all in the Encyclical.
06:16 That's been read around the world
06:17 by Media and Governments and Scientists and Catholics
06:21 and Protestants and the list just goes on and on
06:23 and looking at the problem,
06:25 he's pointing back to the Sabbath issue
06:28 now, keep going, when he does that
06:31 is he then referring to the whole world coming together
06:34 and keeping the Seventh-day Sabbath
06:36 which is the Biblical Sabbath or a different Sabbath?
06:39 Well, towards the end of the Encyclical in Section 237
06:43 he says, and I'm going to quote here,
06:45 "Sunday, like the Jewish Sabbath,
06:46 is meant to be a day which heals our relationships with God
06:50 with ourselves, with others, and with the world. "
06:53 So, at the end, he is linking Sunday as the replacement
06:59 for the Sabbath of Scripture.
07:02 I've got the same quote there, and he continues and says,
07:05 "Sunday is the day of the Resurrection,
07:07 the first day of the new creation,
07:09 in this way...
07:11 Christian spirituality incorporates the value of
07:13 relaxation and festivity. "
07:15 So, he's definitely pointing to a Sunday solution
07:19 as part of the solution to global warming
07:23 and to me it makes sense from a certain perspective
07:26 at least as most people would look at this,
07:27 that families are in trouble, the environment is in trouble,
07:31 Governments are in trouble,
07:33 there is too many carbon emissions and pollution
07:35 that are going up into the Ozone
07:37 and affecting the environment to some extent
07:39 and we all need to come back to God... which we do,
07:43 we do need to rest which we do,
07:46 we do need to strengthen our families
07:48 which we do,
07:49 and yet, he's pointing to Sunday as the day
07:53 for this to happen,
07:54 and he certainly is promoting this very strongly.
07:57 Well yes... in the Encyclical he talks about,
07:59 I'm going to quote again,
08:01 "Rest opens our eyes to the larger picture
08:03 and gives us renewed sensitivity to the rights of others
08:07 and so the day of rest sheds its light on the whole week
08:10 and motivates us to greater concern for nature and the poor"
08:13 so you can see there he's taking the day of rest
08:16 and saying, "If we have rest,
08:18 it's going to invigorate all of us
08:20 to be more concerned about those values.
08:22 And he sees Sunday as that day, not, as he sees it,
08:26 as the ancient Jewish Sabbath,
08:27 but now, it's really Sunday, the day of the Resurrection,
08:30 that's the day that would help humanity come to a new start
08:34 to help solve the problems of Global Warming.
08:37 Exactly, exactly...
08:38 Tim, this to me, was extremely significant,
08:40 the same day the Pope's Encyclical came out,
08:42 June 18, 2015, here is a Press Release
08:46 from the Office of the...
08:47 office of the Press Secretary of the White House.
08:50 For Immediate Release: Titled: Statement by the Pope
08:52 by the President on Pope Frances' Encyclical
08:55 and this is what President Obama said the same day.
08:58 "I welcome His Holiness Pope Frances' Encyclical
09:01 and deeply admire the Pope's decision to make the case
09:04 clearly, powerfully and with the full moral authority
09:07 of his position for action on Global Climate Change"
09:10 and then he said, "I believe the United States
09:14 must be a leader in this effort which is why I am committed
09:18 to taking bold actions at home and abroad
09:21 to cut carbon pollution.
09:23 I look forward to discussing these issues with Pope Frances
09:25 when he visits the White House in September. "
09:27 To me this is very significant
09:30 and I think we just need to spend a little bit of time
09:32 talking about Bible Prophecy.
09:34 Seventh-day Adventists have a definite
09:38 understanding of the book of Revelation Chapter 13
09:42 which in many ways does agree with Protestants
09:46 for a long time concerning the identity of the
09:49 first beast of Revelation 13.
09:52 In Revelation 13, there are two beasts.
09:54 The first one is called the beast from the sea
09:57 in verses 1 to 10, and then in verse 11,
10:00 there's a second beast that comes out of the earth
10:03 so you got the sea beast and the earth beast
10:05 and then as you move down
10:06 toward the final closing moments of time,
10:09 both beasts are cooperating together
10:11 and they are working together
10:13 to enforce the "Mark of the Beast. "
10:14 Now in harmony with Protestants like Baptists, Methodists,
10:19 Presbyterians, Lutherans, Mennonites,
10:20 the list goes on and on...
10:22 at least about 100 years ago, Seventh-day Adventists believed
10:25 that the first beast of Revelation 13
10:28 is a symbol of the Roman Catholic Church.
10:30 That does not mean the Catholics are bad,
10:32 but the system of Catholicism
10:34 is pointed out right there in the Bible.
10:37 "Matthew Henry" is the most famous Commentary
10:39 in Christian history.
10:41 He interprets it exactly that same way.
10:44 And then the second beast we understand to be
10:46 the United States of America.
10:48 From a lot of Bible studying, I have a little book on this,
10:51 a little pocket book that White Horse Media has available
10:55 called: "The United States in Bible Prophecy"
10:57 and, anyway, when you look at the prophecy
11:00 it's clear in Revelation 13 verse 11 and 12,
11:03 that the second beast representing America,
11:05 is going to be cooperating with the first beast
11:08 representing the Roman Catholic Church
11:09 and they will be working together
11:11 at the end of time and especially the second beast
11:14 will promote the first beast
11:16 and eventually enforce the "Mark of the first beast,"
11:19 that's what prophecy says.
11:21 So when I read President...
11:22 here we've got an Encyclical
11:24 where the Pope is promoting a Sunday Solution
11:28 to a global crisis
11:29 and then you've got President Obama
11:31 coming out and admiring the Pope's Encyclical
11:34 and saying that the United States
11:36 must be a leader in this effort,
11:38 to help implement the Pope's suggestions...
11:42 this is Revelation chapter 13
11:46 being fulfilled right in front of our eyes.
11:48 Yes it is... yes it is...
11:49 You know the Pope is certainly going to be pushing his agenda
11:56 in fact, I've got a quote from a New York Times article,
12:00 June 13 of this year in which Michael Czerny,
12:04 a Jesuit Priest who is involved
12:05 in helping the Pope draft his Encyclical said that...
12:09 regarding the Encyclical,
12:10 "This is certainly an agenda-setting document. "
12:14 In other words,
12:15 this document sets the agenda for the world
12:18 and that's where Pope Francis is going with this.
12:22 Pope Francis is coming to the United States
12:25 to meet with the President on September 23,
12:28 the United Nations... I'm sorry...
12:30 the Joint Session of Congress on September 24
12:32 and the United Nations on September 25
12:34 and he's going to be talking about Climate Change
12:36 and what the world needs to be doing.
12:39 And surely he'll be addressing and promoting his Encyclical.
12:43 Yes, yes, he will be... in fact, I'm reminded of a quote
12:47 from Helen Clark, Administrator
12:48 of the United Nations Development Programme,
12:50 who said that Francis has an
12:52 "emerging agenda on social issues... "
12:55 and she adds, "he is a man in a hurry"
12:58 in other words,
12:59 he's not just addressing Climate Change, Steve,
13:01 he is in a hurry to address it.
13:03 Like he's got a deadline...
13:05 Right, he senses something big is about to happen
13:07 and he's right...
13:09 he's right that the planet is in trouble,
13:11 he's right that human sin is a contributing factor to this
13:15 he's wrong on looking at the signs of the world
13:18 and concluding that he can bring the world together
13:22 to help make things better
13:24 on a long-term basis when Scripture says
13:27 that these are signs of the second coming of Christ
13:30 and that God's plan is
13:31 not to put a Band-Aid on a global problem
13:34 but to get rid of sin when Jesus Christ returns
13:37 and that is not a message that the Pope is preaching.
13:39 Now, back to the Sabbath issue,
13:41 I have a quote here from a Catholic Catechism
13:48 written by Peter Geiermann
13:50 I believe it was published in 1946
13:52 and on page 50, it says here...
13:55 Question: What day is the Sabbath day?
13:57 The answer: Saturday is the Sabbath day.
13:59 Question: Why do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday?
14:02 Answer: We observe Sunday instead of Saturday
14:04 because the Catholic Church
14:06 transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday.
14:08 And there's a lot of history
14:09 behind this... we don't have time to get into
14:10 other White Horse Media books go into this history
14:13 but the Roman Catholic Church claims that they changed
14:16 the Bible Sabbath,
14:18 and here I've got the Ten Commandments
14:20 the big tables of stone, and the 4th Commandment says,
14:23 "Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy"
14:25 and it says clearly
14:27 that the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord.
14:29 That was written with the finger of God
14:31 and the Roman Catholic Church came along
14:33 historically and said that we should change that
14:36 to Sunday... which they did...
14:37 that's the reason why
14:39 the majority of Christians, today, keep Sunday
14:41 and they also claim
14:43 that it is a sign or a mark of their authority
14:45 and Revelation 13 tells us
14:47 that in the closing moments of time...
14:49 the lamb-like beast representing America
14:52 will cooperate with the
14:53 first beast... representing the Roman Church
14:55 and will lead out in the efforts
14:57 to enforce the mark of the first beast
15:01 which is... Sunday...
15:03 Sunday is purely a tradition of man
15:05 it's not in the New Testament as a holy day,
15:07 it does not replace the seventh-day sabbath,
15:09 there's no question about it,
15:11 and as we look at these events around us,
15:14 we can see prophecy being fulfilled
15:16 right in front of our eyes,
15:18 we're not fully there yet but the stage is being set
15:21 rapidly for a Sunday solution
15:23 in the midst of an escalating
15:26 global crisis... to try to come back to God,
15:29 come back to family, come back to rest,
15:31 help our bodies, help the environment,
15:34 cut down carbon emissions,
15:35 the reasoning... it makes sense from one perspective
15:40 but if we really look at our Bibles,
15:41 it will become, ultimately,
15:43 the enforcement of the "Mark of the Beast"
15:45 and just to mention something else that... to me...
15:47 is significant... what we're saying right now
15:50 is not an abhorrent Seventh-day Adventist view
15:53 I mention Scott Christiansen
15:55 who wrote the book, "Planet in Distress"
15:57 on June 26, the Review and Herald published
16:01 his article online the article is entitled:
16:05 "The Pope's Encyclical: An Adventist Perspective"
16:08 and he says right in his article
16:10 that the Pope's document is amazing
16:13 in its hints at the near-fulfillment of prophecy
16:16 and he goes right down showing
16:18 how this ties in with the Mark of the Beast,
16:21 he says, "The massive global media response
16:24 to the encyclical is proof
16:25 that the world is wondering after the Pope"
16:28 and that's a reference to Revelation 13 verse 3
16:31 that says that all the world will marvel and follow the beast
16:37 and just one more quick comment,
16:40 President Obama referred to the Pope as "His Holiness"
16:44 John Boehner, the Speaker of the House,
16:46 when he first announced that the Pope would be coming to America,
16:49 that they were extending an invitation to him,
16:51 referred to the Pope as "The Holy Father"
16:54 and as I just look at those statements,
16:56 I think to myself... that is just not true...
16:59 as nice of man as he may be,
17:02 you look at his pictures and
17:03 he's just so friendly-looking you just want to hug him,
17:05 but Scripturally, that man is not God's Holiness
17:11 and he is not "the Holy Father," Jesus prayed in John 17 verse 11
17:16 He prayed to the Holy Father in heaven
17:19 and no man deserves that title,
17:22 and Scripturally the System that he represents...
17:27 that goes away from the Bible
17:29 and brings a whole mass of traditions into Christianity
17:32 it's the beast of Bible Prophecy
17:34 and people need to understand this
17:36 and it's time for us to talk about it
17:38 because time's running out.
17:40 True Steve... it really is and, you know, it's...
17:43 when the Bible says
17:47 "the whole world will wonder after the beast... "
17:50 it reminds me of an article that I read recently
17:52 talking about the Pope's upcoming visit
17:55 to the United Nations, and the article said
17:58 this coming United Nations' Meeting in September
18:01 isn't just any United Nations' Meeting...
18:03 it's the 70th Anniversary,
18:04 and it may be the largest gathering
18:07 of World Leaders in history.
18:09 So, when the Pope comes here to address the United Nations,
18:12 it's not just any meeting,
18:14 he may be addressing the largest number of World Leaders
18:19 ever assembled together in one place... in history.
18:22 Wow! So, when the Bible says
18:24 "and all the world wondered after the beast... "
18:26 you can see the literalness of the fulfillment
18:29 coming up before us.
18:31 And something else is that the fact is
18:33 that President Obama cannot gather
18:35 as big a crowd as the Pope
18:37 neither can Mick Jagger nor Oprah Winfrey,
18:39 there is no human being on Planet Earth
18:42 that can gather a bigger crowd than the Pope
18:44 and as President Obama said in his statement
18:46 which to me was just shocking,
18:48 he referred to the full moral authority of his position,
18:52 the world is looking for moral guidance
18:54 and he is the one that has surfaced
18:57 in this generation to become...
19:00 at least to profess to be
19:02 that person and Scripture is being fulfilled.
19:04 We have a book
19:06 that you're familiar with
19:07 many of our Viewers are familiar with
19:09 called The Great Controversy
19:10 written by a little lady named Ellen G. White
19:12 in the 1880s... and this book,
19:14 written over a hundred years ago,
19:16 pinpoints what is happening right now.
19:20 Let me just read a couple of quotations here,
19:23 it says on page 578, "The Word of God teaches
19:26 that Roman Catholics and Protestants
19:29 shall unite for the exaltation of Sunday. "
19:31 That was written over a hundred years ago
19:34 and it's happening right now.
19:36 It quotes Revelation 13, it says that this prophecy
19:39 will be fulfilled when the United States shall enforce
19:42 Sunday observance which Rome claims as the special
19:45 acknowledgement of her supremacy
19:47 since the middle of the 19th century,
19:49 students of prophecy in the United States
19:51 have presented this testimony to the world.
19:54 In the events now taking place you've seen a rapid advance
19:57 toward the fulfillment of this prediction. "
20:00 So, what was written over a hundred years ago,
20:03 by this lady that many don't like...
20:05 it's just spot on... she is pointing to the Bible
20:10 telling us what prophecy says, and it's happening right now.
20:14 Now... not only that, here's another quote here...
20:16 And Steve might I say that... Sure...
20:17 When you say, "people don't like her... "
20:19 people don't like her... because she tells the truth.
20:21 That's right... They don't like her because
20:22 she tells the truth.
20:24 And people... many people love Jesus
20:26 but others hated Him, because He told the truth.
20:29 He was crucified at the instigation of Religious Leaders
20:33 who didn't want the truth
20:35 but yet Jesus loves... He loved them, He loves us all
20:40 and we want to make it clear that we have no personal issue
20:43 with Pope Francis himself or with Catholic people
20:47 or Protestants or really anyone
20:50 we're trying to be faithful to Prophecy
20:52 and to wake people up to what's happening right now.
20:55 Page 589, "In accidents and calamities by sea and by land,
20:58 and great conflagrations, in fierce tornados,
21:02 and terrific hailstorms, and tempests, floods, cyclones,
21:06 tidal waves, and earthquakes, in every place
21:08 and in a thousand forms... "
21:10 we can see the great controversy playing out in front of us.
21:13 Page 590, "These visitations are to become
21:15 more and more frequent and disastrous. "
21:18 So we see, they're going to increase.
21:20 Jesus said the same thing in Matthew chapter 24,
21:23 now look at this, page 605 says,
21:27 "As the question of enforcing Sunday Observance
21:30 is widely agitated... "
21:32 and we're not quite there yet
21:33 it's in the Encyclical but it's coming.
21:36 "... and the event so long doubted and disbelieved
21:39 is seen to be approaching...
21:40 then the third angel's message,"
21:42 which is in Revelation 14 verses 9 to 12
21:44 "will produce an effect which it could not have had before"
21:47 and we are trying to wake people up to the reality
21:49 that these things are happening in front of our eyes
21:51 and it's time to get back to the Bible,
21:53 it's time to understand the truth,
21:55 it's time for us to follow what God said
21:58 instead of what man has said in changing God's day.
22:03 Now, we also want to clarify that Seventh-day Adventists
22:06 do not believe we're saved by the Law,
22:08 we're not saved by obedience, we're saved through Jesus Christ
22:11 our Creator who became a human being
22:12 and who loved us so much
22:14 that He paid the price on the cross
22:16 for the sins of the whole world,
22:18 He died because we've broken all these Commandments,
22:20 and He can only save us in one way
22:23 and that is by grace. That's right...
22:25 And when we turn to Him, and His grace forgives us
22:29 when we repent and trust Him and His grace forgives us,
22:31 His grace transforms us,
22:33 His grace shows us His incredible love
22:35 for sinners like all of us...
22:38 then, He gives us a new heart
22:40 and because we love Him we want to keep His Commandments
22:44 in John 14:15, Jesus said,
22:46 "If you love me, keep my commandments"
22:48 and some people say,
22:49 "Well, that's just Jesus' Commandments... "
22:51 but John 14:15 is actually a quote
22:53 from the second Commandment which says that God shows mercy
22:56 to thousands, who love me and keep My Commandments.
23:00 Steve, what you're saying is so true
23:03 and it is a solemn time to be alive in earth's history.
23:06 You know, a couple of quick other news reports
23:09 I know our time is running out here...
23:10 BBC carried a news report on May 12 of this year,
23:14 that said, Scientists are predicting
23:16 a substantial El Niño event to occur... later this year...
23:22 meaning that with all the warming of the oceans,
23:25 they're saying this El Niño event
23:27 could bring extreme weather to our world
23:29 starting from September onwards and then CBS reports
23:34 It parallels the Pope's
23:35 coming here... it all fits together...
23:36 It does... and then CBS reported just recently
23:39 about all these crabs being washed ashore in California
23:43 some of our Viewers may have seen a report on that
23:46 and they say... Scientists are saying
23:48 this is an omen of extreme weather coming
23:51 and so, when the world sees all this extreme weather,
23:54 and they also see the issues in Climate Change
23:58 and the need for rest.
23:59 Steve, earlier you brought up that Fox News article
24:01 one of the things that Fox News article said is that
24:04 people don't have time,
24:06 it mentions they don't have time for things anymore,
24:09 so if we don't have time,
24:11 on May 23, the New York Daily News said...
24:14 had an article titled,
24:16 "You need and deserve a secular Sabbath"
24:19 and in that article, it goes on to say
24:22 with all the busy interruptions in our lives,
24:24 that we're living at the speed of light
24:27 more than the speed of life and it goes on to say
24:30 it says, "Perhaps it's no surprise
24:32 that more and more people,
24:33 whatever their religion or lack of religion,
24:34 are turning to the ancient idea of the Sabbath. "
24:37 The only problem is... Steve... is that...
24:40 as society is turning back
24:42 to the need of rest and the Sabbath,
24:44 they're actually turning back to Sunday...
24:47 It's the wrong day... it's the wrong day...
24:50 and everything is just coming together,
24:52 we can see it on all sides,
24:54 the climate is here, prophecy is pending,
24:57 and you mentioned that Paul Revere,
24:59 a quick little story about Paul Revere,
25:01 and how that applies to us today.
25:03 Well, with Paul Revere... as most Americans know
25:06 Paul Revere was the man who sounded the alarm
25:10 when the British were coming, the British army was coming,
25:14 so when he saw the sign that they were coming,
25:16 he went through New England, shouting at the top of his voice
25:19 "The British are coming, the British are coming... "
25:21 to awaken the Colonists, to mobilize...
25:24 so likewise, in today's world,
25:26 God's people need to be sounding the alarm saying,
25:29 "We can see the end is coming
25:31 and we need to mobilize. "
25:33 We need to share the gospel
25:34 with those who don't know it.
25:36 And that's what we're trying to do... we're not saying that
25:38 "those that keep the first day of the week are lost"
25:41 but we are saying that God has a message for this time,
25:44 I think back that God raised up Noah to give the message,
25:47 God raised up Jonah to give the message,
25:48 God raised up John the Baptist to give the message,
25:51 God raised up Martin Luther to give the message,
25:53 and God has raised up the Seventh-day Adventist
25:55 Movement... to give the message of the three angels,
25:58 the third angel to warn about the beast,
25:59 the second beast, and the Mark of the Beast,
26:02 in the times that we are living in right now.
26:05 It's amazing... just amazing to see what's happening.
26:08 In Revelation chapter 3 verse 10,
26:11 Jesus Christ refers to the hour of trial
26:14 which will come upon the whole world
26:16 to test those who dwell upon the earth.
26:19 We are all about to be tested
26:21 when these final events take place,
26:23 the test would be, will we follow the beast
26:26 or will we follow Jesus Christ,
26:27 will we follow the Bible or tradition,
26:29 will we follow God or man... the truth or error.
26:33 The very last chapter of the Bible,
26:37 Revelation chapter 22 says these words,
26:41 "He said to me, do not seal the words
26:45 of the prophecy of this book:
26:46 for the time is at hand.
26:49 He that is unjust,
26:51 let him be unjust still:
26:52 he which is filthy, let him be filthy still:
26:54 he that is righteous, let him be righteous still:
26:56 and he that is holy, let him be holy still"
26:58 and those words will be spoken by Jesus.
27:00 When the test comes, everyone makes their choice
27:03 and then the doors close, and we're either on God's side
27:06 or the side of the Devil.
27:08 In Verse 12, Jesus says,
27:09 "And, behold, I'm coming quickly;
27:11 and my reward is with me,
27:12 to give every one according to his work. "
27:15 Brothers and Sisters, the time is at hand.
27:18 Let's get ready now.
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