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00:09 Pope Francis visits America.
00:11 Is Protestantism alive or dead?
00:14 That's our topic next on His Voice Today.
00:17 A thousand years before there was a Protestant
00:20 there were Sunday Laws that originated in Pagan Sun Worship.
00:24 For centuries the church ruled the world
00:26 until the Protestant Reformation
00:28 with men, like Martin Luther,
00:30 champion of personal and religious freedom.
00:32 Thousands fled to America to seek freedom
00:35 from religious tyranny
00:36 where Protestants and freedom-loving Americans
00:38 fight to keep freedom alive
00:40 or will we descend into a modern dark age.
00:43 The Vanishing Protestant... the Reformation is not dead!
00:47 On September 24, 2015,
00:50 Pope Francis speaks to a joint-session of U.S. Congress,
00:53 September 25, 2015,
00:55 Pope Francis speaks in New York City
00:57 to a massive gathering of world leaders for the United Nations.
01:01 Pope Francis continues to get
01:02 a large amount of media coverage around the world.
01:05 Historically, the Protestant Reformation
01:07 rose up as a protest
01:09 against the traditions and doctrines
01:11 of the Roman Catholic Church.
01:12 Should people still be protesting today?
01:14 That's our topic on His Voice Today.
01:17 Elder Coridan, thank you for joining me
01:20 Dean Coridan, you are my guest,
01:22 you are the Conference President of the Iowa-Missouri Conference
01:26 of Seventh-day Adventists. Yes.
01:27 You're also a Pastor
01:28 and I'm assuming, you're a family man as well.
01:31 I am... You are...
01:32 and you have done a lot of study
01:34 on the Protestant Reformation as I have.
01:37 I've got a number of books here
01:39 that I know you're familiar with.
01:40 "The History of the Reformation of the 16th Century"
01:43 this is a massive book by Merle D'Aubigne
01:45 another one by H. Grattan Guinness
01:48 called, "Romanism and the Reformation. "
01:49 I've read this book from cover to cover
01:51 one of England's greatest prophecy teachers.
01:54 Another book called,
01:56 "The History of the Ancient Waldenses"
01:58 "The Waldensians"
01:59 "The Vaudois" they were also called,
02:00 covering the history of persecution
02:02 in North Italy, Southern France,
02:04 and "50 years in the Church of Rome:
02:06 The Conversion of a Priest" by Charles Chiniquy.
02:09 You are familiar with these books,
02:11 I'm familiar with them, and there's just a lot
02:14 that we need to know and understand
02:17 and comprehend concerning history
02:20 in order to really grasp what the issues are today
02:23 so, take us back... just to help people
02:25 who may not be familiar with this
02:27 to just get some of the history behind this,
02:31 let's just rewind about 500 years ago
02:33 what was going on in Catholic Europe... in the 1500s?
02:37 Well if you study this topic of Western Civilization
02:41 in High School,
02:43 that period of time would be termed the "Dark Ages. "
02:46 The Dark Ages...
02:48 The Ruling Power in Europe at that time
02:51 was the Roman Church
02:52 and the State yielded to the Church
02:56 and the Church demanded things of the State.
02:59 People did not have the Word of God.
03:02 They were not allowed to have the Word of God
03:05 and even after the Gutenberg Press came
03:08 and the first book published was the Bible...
03:10 That was in 1450...
03:12 Even then... if you were found with a copy of the Word of God,
03:16 your life would be forfeited.
03:18 The church controlled...
03:20 Salvation was only through the church,
03:23 truth was defined by the church,
03:27 the priest was everything to the family,
03:31 it truly was the "Dark Ages. "
03:33 And the Inquisition was also in full force.
03:37 Many, many people... history tells us
03:40 millions of people forfeited their lives
03:42 because of the Freedom of Conscience Principle
03:46 of having the Word of God, many people sacrificed their lives.
03:48 They were arrested secretly often,
03:50 they were taken to secret Tribunals underneath Monasteries
03:54 they were often tortured, they were put to death,
03:56 because their conscience told them
03:58 that they shouldn't go along or couldn't go along
04:00 with some of the teachings of the Roman Church,
04:02 and so, liberty of conscience, was just really not available
04:07 to the average person in Europe in the 1500s.
04:10 Now, Martin Luther comes along and Luther was a Catholic
04:14 he was a Catholic Priest and eventually from my study...
04:17 he found a copy of a Latin Bible
04:19 and he began to read it.
04:21 He eventually became a Professor
04:23 at the University of Wittenberg in Germany
04:25 and I've visited Wittenberg, I've seen the statue of Luther
04:28 I've seen the Castle Door
04:30 where he nailed the Ninety-Five Theses to the church,
04:34 and this helped spark the reformation
04:36 so when Luther started reading the Bible,
04:39 for the first time in his life, what did he find?
04:41 Luther was not the first of the Reformers
04:45 but probably the best, well-known,
04:47 greatest of the Reformers.
04:49 I think it's hard for us to imagine today
04:52 that when a man like Martin Luther
04:55 who has dedicated his life to the church,
04:59 has dedicated his life to God,
05:02 and then begin to feel the weight of sin,
05:05 and not have a sense of salvation
05:08 or a peace or a forgiveness of what that would do
05:12 and if you would read his life story,
05:14 there are many biographies, he is the most written-about man
05:17 in Western Society.
05:18 Outside of Jesus, I think he's number two.
05:20 That's right, that's right, of how he would fast
05:24 and abuse his body, go on long pilgrimages,
05:28 doing everything he could by "works" to find forgiveness
05:33 and to find peace with God.
05:34 For him to find a Bible and to begin to read it,
05:38 and the words having an effect on his heart,
05:41 it was a powerful influence that would bring a day of light
05:46 to the whole world.
05:47 I think it was Luther who said,
05:49 "If any monk could get to heaven by his monkish works,
05:51 it would be me" that... he just...
05:54 he never found that peace
05:55 and then eventually he...
05:56 as you said... he studied the Bible,
05:58 I think there was one particular text
05:59 and I think you've got it there in Romans chapter 1 verse 17,
06:02 this became really a... just a driving force
06:06 behind Luther's... the rest of his life...
06:08 Well this verse becomes connected to a great story
06:11 with Martin Luther and he was reading in Romans 1,
06:14 and he came to verse 17 and it says,
06:20 and then it struck him
06:27 and of course it didn't have the impact on him then...
06:31 but it was in his heart and mind,
06:33 and the story is told that he went to Rome,
06:35 he went on a pilgrimage, he went to the staircase
06:38 where he would crawl up on his knees
06:41 seeking peace, seeking for forgiveness,
06:44 seeking through the traditions of the church,
06:46 when halfway up that staircase, it was as if... a loud voice...
06:52 it came to him... "the just shall live by faith"
06:55 that was a turning point in Martin Luther's life.
06:58 The story is... he got up, walked down those stairs,
07:01 went back to Wittenberg and there's where he began
07:04 to really develop the Protestant Reformation
07:06 that would ultimately be of benefit to all of us.
07:09 It would alter the course of history...
07:11 Forever... And so, he began to protest...
07:12 at first, I understand, with all the study I've done
07:14 that he really tried to reform the church,
07:16 he thought that maybe the Pope would be agreeable
07:18 and the church would want to know
07:20 what was in the Bible and find out
07:21 that we don't have to do all these rites and ceremonies
07:24 we don't have to confess to priests
07:25 and go through Mary,
07:27 and we don't have to do all these monkish works
07:29 but we can come directly to Jesus
07:32 and he tried to send this information out
07:35 but word came back from Headquarters
07:37 from the Vatican that if he didn't give up
07:39 his strange heretical doctrines, that he would be put to death
07:44 and wasn't that what really motivated him
07:47 to really take a stand
07:49 that I'm going to stand up for God no matter what...
07:53 Yes, in fact, the goal of his life at that point then
07:55 when he started... as you said...
07:57 he wasn't trying to make the break
07:59 with the church... but when things began to develop
08:02 and the principles of Scripture and faith alone
08:06 and grace alone, were being rejected
08:08 the goal of his life became to translate the Bible
08:12 and to give the Bible in a "readable form"
08:15 to the common man.
08:17 That's right... and these he mentioned,
08:18 "Sola Scriptura"
08:20 these were the famous phrases of the Reformation,
08:24 Sola Scriptura meaning "by Scripture alone"
08:26 "Sola fida" meaning, by faith alone,
08:29 "Sola gratia" meaning, by grace alone,
08:31 through Jesus Christ alone,
08:33 and Luther discovered that Jesus was his Savior,
08:37 not all of his works, following the traditions of men
08:41 and so he began to protest, and this is where the
08:44 "Protestant Reformation" came where he was protesting
08:49 against the corruptions and the traditions
08:51 that had come into Christianity
08:53 and were especially being promoted by the Roman Church.
08:56 Now, something that's very significant
08:59 is... eventually... Luther turned to the prophecies
09:01 and he began studying prophecies
09:03 as the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation
09:05 as other Protestants began to do
09:09 and I read a book called, "Christ and the Antichrist"
09:12 dealing with the Reformation and one of the classic lines
09:15 is that Luther...
09:17 not only discovered Jesus Christ by studying the Bible,
09:21 but he also discovered Antichrist
09:24 and eventually the Protestant Reformers
09:27 as a class... and that includes John Calvin... later on...
09:31 Zwingli... Zwingli...
09:33 John Wesley who founded the Methodist Church,
09:36 Knox... Spurgeon...
09:38 that great Baptist Pastor,
09:39 it was pretty unanimous that when they studied Revelation
09:43 and read about the beast in Revelation 13
09:45 who had a mouth speaking great things,
09:48 and who made war on the saints, and he was given authority
09:51 over peoples and tongues and nations,
09:54 that they, pretty much, unanimously,
09:56 looked at the beast,
09:58 looked at the prophecy about the beast,
10:01 looked at the Roman Church,
10:02 looked at the prophecy, looked at the Roman church,
10:04 and they came to the conclusion
10:07 that the Roman Power was the beast
10:09 of prophecy and they began to preach this
10:11 and this is what really shook Europe,
10:13 it wasn't just that salvation was through Jesus Christ alone,
10:16 but it was that the beast of prophecy
10:19 was ruling on the throne and it was doing exactly
10:22 what the Scriptures predicted.
10:24 Well, can you imagine the concept
10:26 that you could go to Jesus alone... yourself...
10:31 the Bible says, "For we have a High Priest
10:34 that we can go to Him. " Hebrews chapter 4,
10:38 we can go to Him... when all you've been taught
10:41 your whole life for hundreds of years
10:44 is that your salvation is dependent
10:46 upon your connection to the church.
10:48 If the church would excommunicate you
10:51 it would be impossible for you to be saved.
10:53 If you didn't have a priest involved in your life
10:56 for the forgiveness of sin,
10:58 if you weren't doing penance, then... there was no forgiveness
11:02 can you imagine, news comes...
11:05 a man would stand up and say, "No, that System is wrong,
11:09 in fact that System is Antichrist...
11:12 because you can go to Christ... alone"
11:15 and Luther said that anything...
11:17 he taught that anything...
11:19 that would become between the individual
11:22 and the relationship with Jesus would be an Antichrist.
11:26 Wow! here's a statement from D'Aubigne...
11:28 D'Aubigne's classic book it says,
11:30 "Luther proved by the revelations of Daniel,
11:32 Saint John and by the Epistles of Saint Paul,
11:34 Saint Peter and Saint Jude, that the reign of Antichrist
11:37 predicted and described in the Bible was the Papacy,
11:39 a holy terror seized upon their souls,
11:42 it was Antichrist whom they beheld
11:44 seated on the Pontifical throne.
11:46 This new idea which dealt.. derived greater strength
11:49 from the prophetic descriptions launched forth by Luther
11:52 into the midst of his contemporaries,
11:54 inflicted the most terrible blow on Rome. "
11:56 So, this is history, these are facts of history,
11:59 now, take us down from the...
12:02 from Luther's protest
12:03 to the development of Protestantism as a Movement...
12:06 and then how that affected the rise of America
12:08 on the shores of the New World.
12:11 Well, America is found in Revelation chapter 12
12:15 and Revelation chapter 13.
12:17 History tells us that because persecution became so great
12:21 that people begin to have to flee to other countries
12:24 and it would go from place to place,
12:27 to place, people were hiding in Europe,
12:30 they were hiding in the mountains, but ultimately,
12:33 American History would come on stage in world history
12:37 because people fled for religious persecution,
12:41 to escape religious persecution,
12:43 people fled to the shores of America.
12:45 And eventually when... as America continued to grow
12:48 went through a lot of development
12:50 finally we have the time of the Constitution
12:52 and the First Amendment of the Constitution says that
12:54 Congress shall make no law
12:57 respecting an establishment of Religion,
12:59 or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. "
13:02 That's the "Establishment clause"
13:03 and the "Free Exercise Clause"
13:05 and so, America's fundamental principle of freedom
13:08 was that the church did not have the right
13:12 to take control of the State... and the State...
13:16 didn't have the right to enforce
13:17 the teachings of the church,
13:19 which was totally contrary to Catholic history in Europe
13:22 so we've got America, we've got Catholicism
13:25 and they are diametrically opposed
13:28 when it comes to their fundamental principles.
13:30 When it came to the founding of America,
13:32 it was a new experiment,
13:34 it had never been seen in the world before,
13:37 to think that Paganism...
13:39 was the State controlling the Church
13:42 Catholicism... Romanism was the Church controlling the State
13:46 and then for our Founding Fathers
13:49 to come to the concept of...
13:50 "that there should be a separation of Church and State"
13:53 that there should be a freedom of worship,
13:56 the individual conscience should be free to worship God
14:01 through the Scriptures without persecution.
14:04 That was a new concept the world had not seen.
14:08 Wow! and we've lost sight of a lot of that
14:10 history... haven't we?
14:12 We were talking about the "Vanishing Protestant"
14:16 today... most people have no idea the history behind
14:19 the freedoms that we enjoy in America today.
14:23 You know, I get to talk with a lot of people
14:26 and through the years of my ministry, Steve,
14:29 I've seen, so much of the concept being lost
14:32 of what does the Bible say, more and more, everywhere,
14:38 it is, "What does Society say or what does the Church say... "
14:41 or what... I mean... the whole point
14:44 of the Protestant Reformation was built on the concept
14:48 that Jesus laid out in Matthew
14:50 that man shall not live by bread alone
14:52 but by every word of God.
14:55 That the whole concept that we can go to the Bible ourselves
15:00 we can read it,
15:01 our conscience can be guided by the Word of God,
15:04 and we can go to Jesus ourselves for the forgiveness of sin.
15:08 The Church should only be organized
15:11 to carry that message to the world.
15:13 Well, here's an article, July 3rd, 2014,
15:17 I've used this in many of my Seminars.
15:20 The tide that came up from christiannews. net
15:22 and the title of the article is:
15:25 "TV Preachers Glowingly Describe Meeting with Pope
15:27 to Tear Down 'Walls of Division'
15:30 between Catholics and Protestants"
15:32 the article came out of Rome, it says,
15:35 "Two Controversial TV Preachers recently met Pope Francis
15:39 in an effort to work toward tearing down
15:40 the walls of division between Catholics and Protestants"
15:43 Kenneth Copeland and James Robison
15:47 very well-known Evangelical Preachers,
15:51 it says in it... they had a meeting
15:55 with the Roman Catholic Pontiff
15:57 late last month, and then... going on
15:59 the article refers to... it says,
16:02 "This meeting was a miracle" Robison told Fort Worth's
16:06 "Star-Telegram" after returning from Rome.
16:08 "This is something that God has done.
16:10 God wants His arms around the world.
16:12 He wants Christians to put His arms
16:14 around the world by working together
16:17 we need to stop fighting one another... "
16:19 Robison said that he enjoyed every moment
16:21 with the leader of the Roman Catholic Church
16:23 saying that he even gave
16:25 Pope Francis a friendly "high five"
16:27 and then the end of the article says that Joel Osteen
16:31 who is also a very well-known Christian Minister in Texas
16:35 that he similarly met with Pope Francis
16:38 at the Vatican in early June.
16:40 Osteen praised the Pope's
16:43 attempts to make the church more inclusive
16:44 and this is just the tip of the iceberg
16:46 there are all kinds of articles that we can report on
16:48 that's showing that the trend today
16:50 is to break down the walls
16:52 between Protestants and Catholics
16:54 they're basically saying that the Reformation is over,
16:56 Protestantism is dead,
16:58 now it's time for us to come together
16:59 to work together to help improve the world,
17:03 and my question is, has Rome really changed
17:07 or is it still the same Rome that... we go back
17:12 to the 1500s, what do you say?
17:14 Well the same abuses of Power and Authority
17:18 that Luther protested against
17:20 and which the Princes of Europe protested against
17:24 still exist today.
17:26 The Roman Church has not given up
17:28 the teachings on doctrines,
17:30 the teachings on forgiveness of sin,
17:32 the teachings on works and faith together for salvation,
17:36 those teachings... all still exist.
17:38 Is Protestantism alive?
17:41 Protestantism will always be alive
17:44 as long as one person says, "The Bible and the Bible alone"
17:47 That's right, I was in Europe...
17:51 in 1983 and I had a chance to visit the Vatican
17:53 and a number of amazing things happened
17:55 when I was inside St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome,
17:58 I tagged along to a tour group
18:01 and there was a Catholic Tour Guide
18:02 that was taking a group of people
18:04 and she showed them different sites
18:05 and she was a very nice woman
18:07 and right in the middle of St. Peter's Cathedral,
18:09 this big church... there was a big statue
18:11 of, what they say, is Peter...
18:14 and the toes of that statue were not there
18:17 and I was told that they had been kissed off
18:20 by different people three different times
18:23 and the Guide told me, privately, she said,
18:26 "That statue really isn't Peter... it's Jupiter,
18:29 we brought it over from the Greek Pantheon
18:33 and it's kind of an inside...
18:35 'insider information' that that's really not Peter at all"
18:39 and during that same trip I went over to the same church
18:42 where Luther went up Pilot's Staircase
18:45 and I was there, and I went up to the top
18:48 and I looked down at the stairs
18:50 and honestly I still remember it as clear as day
18:52 there were these old ladies that were climbing up those stairs
18:57 on their knees, and I looked at their faces
19:00 and they were just... they were grimacing
19:02 as they put knee... in front of knee
19:04 and I looked at them from the top of the stairs
19:07 and I thought, "You don't need to be doing this
19:09 you don't need to try to earn the favor of God
19:12 by climbing upstairs on your knees
19:14 that Jesus loves you, you can come right to Him"
19:17 but that is not taught in the Roman Church.
19:21 Such things like confession to Priests,
19:24 praying to Mary and the Saints, purgatory, penance, indulgences,
19:31 calling a man, "The Holy Father"
19:35 which is the phrase that is used for the Pope,
19:39 Jesus prayed to the Holy Father in John chapter 17 verse 11,
19:44 He said, "Holy Father" and it was God
19:46 no man deserves that title.
19:49 Those are the things that the Protestant Reformers
19:53 were all protesting against, and as you're saying,
19:56 they're still here today.
19:57 That's right... they're still here today
19:59 so the idea that the reformation really is over
20:02 and that the old issues are behind us
20:05 Brother Coridan... Dean...
20:09 I am convinced that Protestantism
20:12 that Christianity as a whole...
20:15 when comes to this issue... is blind.
20:17 They've lost sight of history,
20:20 they don't understand what the Bible says,
20:23 they don't know what they're dealing with,
20:25 and there's just no question in my mind
20:27 that the issues are the same no matter what we hear,
20:31 no matter what people say,
20:33 just look at the facts,
20:34 the facts are: Rome is still Rome
20:36 Rome hasn't changed,
20:38 what has changed is...
20:40 Protestantism... That's right...
20:41 Protestantism has strayed from the Word of God,
20:44 they no longer know history
20:45 and they've re-interpreted the prophecies
20:48 so they're expecting a "beast" being a man
20:51 to come in the future after the "Rapture. "
20:53 I've done a whole lot of study on this,
20:55 this is probably our best-selling book
20:57 for White Horse Media, it's called "End Time Delusions"
21:00 that deals with the whole history of the Reformation
21:02 and it deals with the switch for what needs to be called...
21:05 or is still called, "Historicism"
21:07 that understands prophecy in the light of history
21:10 going down through the dark ages,
21:11 coming down to today,
21:13 which applied the "beast prophecy"
21:14 to the Papal Power, that has been replaced
21:16 by an entirely new System which you can actually trace...
21:20 back to the Jesuits in the Counter-Reformation
21:24 that has really taken the eyes of humanity
21:27 and of Christians off of the Papal Power
21:30 so they're looking in the future
21:32 to a future Antichrist who is supposed to come
21:34 after the Rapture and so they don't see
21:37 what's happening right now right in front of their eyes.
21:41 Well one of the serious shifts that has taken place is
21:44 the belief and the teaching that America
21:49 or the political system of America
21:52 granted religious freedom,
21:54 when in reality... it was the Protestant Reformation
21:58 that gave America the idea of Religious Freedom
22:02 and if the Protestant Reformation dies,
22:05 freedom in America will die too,
22:07 freedom is based on the concept that we can go to God alone,
22:12 that the conscience is free to say, "Yes" and "no"
22:15 to God without interference from State or Church,
22:19 if we lose that... we will lose freedom in America.
22:22 That's right... that's right... humanity has basic human rights
22:25 given by the Creator.
22:26 That's exactly right and our Constitution says that.
22:29 That's right... in Revelation 13 it talks about
22:32 the second beast forming an image of the first beast
22:35 that what happened in Europe
22:37 is going to be duplicated in America
22:38 and I thought a lot about
22:40 what happened after the Twin Towers came down
22:42 and the Bush Administration,
22:44 in their efforts to try to fight terrorism,
22:48 there were things that have developed where...
22:51 people can now... as potential suspects of terrorism
22:56 they can be whisked away to secret tribunals
22:58 they can be tried without the benefit of the Jury
23:02 they can be...
23:04 there are certain torture techniques
23:06 that can be used to extract information from terrorists,
23:09 in the name of protecting the American people,
23:11 and I'm all for protecting the American people,
23:13 but when you look at the developments
23:15 of how we're dealing with suspected terrorism,
23:17 and the surveillances that are going on,
23:19 that are denying basic rights,
23:21 what we're seeing is a development
23:23 toward the Inquisition
23:25 and we're seeing the development of an image
23:28 in America of what happened in Europe...
23:32 it just fits perfectly.
23:33 Well, you only have a couple of choices,
23:36 Jesus said, "You shall know the truth
23:38 and the truth shall make you free. "
23:41 The further we separate ourselves from the truth
23:45 of the Word of God,
23:46 the less freedoms we're going to enjoy
23:49 and the more Society turns from the Word of God,
23:53 not holding on to what God has given us
23:56 as a heritage, the more we're going to
23:58 lose the freedoms that the Word of God produces.
24:00 That's right, and the Seventh-day Adventists,
24:03 we still consider ourselves Protestants
24:06 now that doesn't mean that we hate anybody,
24:09 I've got a good friend of mine
24:13 who is a Catholic Talk Show Host on the East Coast
24:15 and I've been on the air with him many, many times,
24:18 and it's time for me to communicate with him
24:21 about these issues
24:23 because these issues are right in front of us,
24:25 and I believe that God loves Protestants, Catholics, Jews,
24:29 Muslims, Wiccans, Republicans, Democrats,
24:32 all of us, Jesus died for us all,
24:34 but the Scripture is the Scripture,
24:36 the Bible is the Bible the truth is the truth,
24:38 and prophecy... the sure word of prophecy
24:40 is the sure word of prophecy,
24:41 and we're living in the final days of earth's history
24:44 and we need to know what's going on
24:45 and what the prophecy says, and what the future holds
24:48 for America and for the world.
24:49 Historically, Protestantism has always stood
24:53 faith alone, grace alone, Scripture alone,
24:57 if we move away from any of those three,
25:01 we cease to be a Protestant.
25:04 That's right and it's... it's becoming obvious
25:08 to those of us that are studying
25:10 that Revelation 13 is being fulfilled
25:14 right in front of our eyes,
25:16 I want to... just as we're...
25:17 we only have a couple of minutes left,
25:18 in Revelation chapter 13, the Bible talks about the beast,
25:23 Revelation 13 verse 7 says, "Authority was given him
25:27 over every tribe, tongue, and nation"
25:29 verse 8 says, "all who dwell upon the earth
25:32 shall worship him
25:34 whose names have not been written in the book of life,
25:37 of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. "
25:41 So, really the issue in prophecy is the lamb versus the beast.
25:45 That's right...
25:47 And the beast claims to be a follower of God,
25:50 but all of its massive traditions lead away
25:53 from simple faith in Jesus Christ alone,
25:55 and from the Bible, as the Word of God,
25:58 as our only guide, I want to close with a statement
26:02 from Martin Luther
26:03 at the height of the Protestant Reformation
26:06 he was called in April 1521 before a vast assembly
26:10 Charles the Fifth was the Emperor,
26:12 there was a vast assembly of Catholic Theologians
26:15 and people and Princes of Germany
26:18 and Luther was then called to answer for his faith
26:21 and to recant... and to give up his teachings
26:25 and he said this, he said...
26:26 "My conscience is captive to the Word of God
26:28 I cannot and I will not recant...
26:31 because it is neither safe
26:33 nor wise to act against conscience,
26:37 here I stand... I can do no other...
26:40 so help me God. "
26:43 Amen... And our conviction is...
26:45 that it is time to continue the Reformation
26:47 it's time to stand up for Jesus,
26:49 for the Bible and for the truth.
26:51 It's time to uphold the great Protestant truths
26:54 that moved the world in the time of the 1500s
26:58 and as we near the closing of time
27:00 the last prophecies are about to be fulfilled
27:02 God wants His people to stand for Jesus,
27:05 to stand for the Bible, to stand for the truth,
27:08 no matter what the cost, we may be brought before kings,
27:12 and we'll have to say, "By the grace of God,
27:14 I stand by the Bible, here I stand,
27:17 so help me God. Amen. "
27:19 Amen... Let's do it...
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