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00:16 Hi and welcome back to His Words Are Life.
00:19 I'm Kelly Mowrer, and thank you
00:21 for being with me today.
00:23 This morning when I was reading in my own devotional time,
00:26 I was reading in Philippians where it says:
00:28 "Don't be anxious for anything;
00:30 but everything with prayer and supplication
00:32 let your request be made known to God. "
00:34 So for anybody here who's joining me right now
00:36 who has something on your heart that you'd like to bring to God,
00:40 let's do that together now
00:41 and also ask Him to be with us as we read His Word.
00:44 Dear God, I know that myself and a lot of others who are
00:49 listening right now... we have things that
00:52 we don't have the answers for.
00:54 But we want to bring them to You yet again
00:57 and ask You to send the answers
00:59 at the time that You know is right.
01:02 And in the meantime, please strengthen our faith
01:05 as we read and hear Your Word right now.
01:07 May we rest in the peace of God that passes all understanding
01:12 and may it keep our hearts and minds during this time together
01:15 with You. Thank you for loving us; we love You. Amen.
01:19 When we were last reading, we were reading the story of
01:23 the birthright that Esau sold to Jacob.
01:26 And when it came time that... that...
01:32 Isaac was going to bless Esau,
01:35 Rebekah overheard the conversation, and she told Jacob
01:38 that he needed to trick his father
01:40 so that he would get the birthright.
01:42 And so Jacob took and put some, at his mother's bidding,
01:48 put on Esau's clothes and some hair on his hands
01:52 and went in, and he lied to his father
01:54 and said: "Yes, I'm your son Esau. "
01:56 And so Isaac, who was blind,
01:59 began to bless Jacob believing he was Esau his son.
02:03 And we are in the middle of that blessing right now.
02:05 We're picking it up in Genesis chapter 27
02:08 beginning with verse 28.
02:11 And this is the King James version.
02:13 "Therefore God give thee of the dew of heaven,
02:17 and the fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine:
02:20 let people serve thee, and nations bow down to thee:
02:24 be lord over thy brethren, and let thy mother's sons
02:27 bow down to thee:
02:28 cursed be every one that curseth thee,
02:30 and blessed be he that blesseth thee. "
02:33 And it came to pass, as soon as Isaac had made an end
02:38 of blessing Jacob, and Jacob was yet scarce gone out from
02:42 the presence of Isaac his father, that Esau his brother
02:45 came in from his hunting.
02:47 And he also had made savory meat, and brought it unto his
02:50 father, and said unto his father,
02:52 "Let my father arise, and eat of his son's venison,
02:55 that thy soul may bless me. "
02:58 And Isaac his father said unto him,
03:00 "Who art thou? " And he said,
03:02 "I am thy son, thy first-born, Esau. "
03:04 And Isaac trembled very exceedingly, and said,
03:09 "Who? where is he that hath taken venison,
03:13 and brought it me, and I have eaten of all
03:16 before thou camest, and have blessed him?
03:17 yea, and he shall be blessed. "
03:20 And when Esau heard the words of his father,
03:23 he cried with a great and exceeding bitter cry,
03:27 and said unto his father, "Bless me, even me also,
03:31 O my father. "
03:33 And he said, "Thy brother came with subtilty,
03:37 and hath taken away thy blessing. "
03:39 And he said, "Is not he rightly named Jacob?
03:43 for he hath supplanted me these two times:
03:46 he took away my birthright; and, behold,
03:49 now he hath taken away my blessing. "
03:51 And he said, "Hast thou not reserved a blessing for me? "
03:54 And Isaac answered and said unto Esau,
03:58 "Behold, I have made him thy lord,
04:00 and all his brethren have I given to him for servants;
04:03 and with corn and wine have I sustained him:
04:06 and what shall I do now unto thee, my son? "
04:09 And Esau said unto his father,
04:12 "Hast thou but one blessing, my father?
04:15 bless me, even me also, O my father, "
04:18 And Esau lifted up his voice, and wept.
04:22 And Isaac his father answered and said unto him,
04:26 "Behold thy dwelling shall be the fatness of the earth,
04:30 and of the dew of heaven from above;
04:32 and by the sword shalt thou live,
04:35 and shalt serve thy brother:
04:36 and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion,
04:40 that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck. "
04:43 And Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing wherewith
04:47 his father blessed him: and Esau said in his heart,
04:51 "The days of mourning for my father are at hand;
04:54 then will I slay my brother Jacob. "
04:56 And these words of Esau her elder son were told to Rebekah:
05:01 and she sent and called Jacob her younger son,
05:05 and said unto him, "Behold, thy brother Esau,
05:09 as touching thee, doth comfort himself,
05:11 purposing to kill thee. Now therefore, my son,
05:14 obey my voice; and arise,
05:17 flee thou to Laban my brother to Haran;
05:21 And tarry with him a few days,
05:22 until thy brother's fury turn away;
05:25 Until thy brother's anger turn away from thee,
05:28 and he forget that which thou has done to him:
05:31 then I will send, and fetch thee from thence:
05:35 why should I be deprived also of you both in one day? "
05:38 And Rebekah said to Isaac, "I am weary of my life
05:42 because of the daughters of Heth:
05:44 if Jacob take a wife of the daughters of Heth,
05:47 such as these which are of the daughters of the land,
05:49 what good shall my life do me? "
05:52 We are continuing to read in the
05:54 book of Genesis chapter 28.
05:56 This is the King James version.
05:58 And Isaac called Jacob, and blessed him, and charged him,
06:03 and said unto him, "Thou shalt not take a wife
06:06 of the daughters of Canaan.
06:07 Arise, go to Padanaram, to the house of Bethuel
06:11 thy mother's father; and take thee a wife from thence
06:14 of the daughters of Laban thy mother's brother.
06:17 And God Almighty bless thee, and make thee fruitful,
06:20 and multiply thee, that thou mayest be a multitude of people;
06:24 And give thee the blessing of Abraham, to thee,
06:27 and to thy seed with thee; that thou mayest inherit
06:30 the land wherein thou art a stranger,
06:33 which God gave unto Abraham. "
06:34 And Isaac sent away Jacob: and he went to Padanaram
06:38 unto Laban, son of Bethuel the Syrian,
06:41 the brother of Rebekah, Jacob's and Esau's mother.
06:44 When Esau saw that Isaac had blessed Jacob,
06:48 and sent him away to Padanaram,
06:50 to take him a wife from thence; and that as he blessed him
06:54 he gave him a charge, saying, "Thou shalt not take a wife
06:57 of the daughters of Canaan; "
06:58 And that Jacob obeyed his father and his mother,
07:01 and was gone to Padanaram;
07:03 And Esau seeing that the daughters of Canaan pleased not
07:07 Isaac his father; Then went Esau unto Ishmael,
07:11 and took unto the wives which he had Mahalath
07:15 the daughter of Ishmael, Abraham's son,
07:17 the sister of Nebajoth, to be his wife.
07:20 And Jacob went out from Beersheba,
07:23 and went toward Haran.
07:24 And he lighted upon a certain place, and tarried there
07:27 all night, because the sun was set;
07:30 and he took of the stones of that place,
07:32 and put them for his pillows,
07:34 and lay down in that place to sleep.
07:36 And he dreamed, and beheld a ladder set up on the earth,
07:40 and the top of it reached to heaven:
07:42 and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.
07:47 And, behold, the Lord stood above it, and said,
07:49 "I am the Lord God of Abraham thy father,
07:52 and the God of Isaac:
07:54 the land whereon thou liest, to thee will I give it,
07:58 and to thy seed; And thy seed shall be as the dust
08:02 of the earth, and thou shalt spread abroad to the west,
08:04 and to the east, and to the north, and to the south:
08:08 and in thee and in thy seed shall all the families
08:12 of the earth be blessed. And, behold, I am with thee,
08:16 and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest,
08:18 and will bring thee again unto this land;
08:21 for I will not leave thee, until I have done that
08:24 which I have spoken to thee of. "
08:26 And Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and he said,
08:29 "Surely the Lord is in this place, and I knew it not. "
08:34 And he was afraid, and said,
08:36 "How dreadful is this place!
08:37 This is none other but the house of God,
08:39 and this is the gate of heaven. "
08:42 And Jacob rose up early in the morning,
08:45 and took the stone that he had put for his pillows,
08:48 and set it up for a pillar,
08:50 and poured oil upon the top of it.
08:52 And he called the name of that place Bethel:
08:55 but the name of that city was called Luz at the first.
08:58 And Jacob vowed a vow, saying,
09:00 "If God will be with me, and will keep me in this way
09:05 that I go, and will give me bread to eat,
09:07 and raiment to put on, So that I come again
09:10 to my father's house in peace;
09:12 then shall the Lord be my God.
09:16 And this stone, which I have set for a pillar,
09:18 shall be God's house: and of all that Thou shalt give me
09:22 I will surely give the tenth unto Thee. "
09:26 Continuing with chapter 29.
09:30 Then Jacob went on his journey,
09:31 and came into the land of the people of the east.
09:34 And he looked, and behold a well in the field,
09:37 and, lo, there were three flocks of sheep lying by it;
09:42 for out of that well they watered the flocks:
09:44 and a great stone was upon the well's mouth.
09:46 And thither were all the flocks gathered:
09:49 and they rolled the stone from the well's mouth,
09:51 and watered the sheep, and put the stone again
09:54 upon the well's mouth in his place.
09:56 And Jacob said unto them,
09:58 "My brethren, whence be ye? "
10:01 And they said, "Of Haran are we. "
10:05 And he said unto them, "Know ye Laban the son of Nahor? "
10:09 And they said, "We know him. "
10:11 And he said unto them, "Is he well? "
10:14 And they said, "He is well: and, behold,
10:17 Rachel his daughter cometh with the sheep. "
10:19 And he said, "Lo, it is yet high day,
10:23 neither is it time that the cattle should be gathered
10:25 together, water ye the sheep, and go and feed them. "
10:29 And they said, "We cannot, until all the flocks be gathered
10:33 together, and till they roll the stone from the well's mouth;
10:36 then we water the sheep. "
10:37 And while he yet spake with them, Rachel came with her
10:40 father's sheep, for she kept them.
10:42 And it came to pass, when Jacob saw Rachel
10:45 the daughter of Laban his mother's brother,
10:47 and the sheep of Laban his mother's brother,
10:50 that Jacob went near, and rolled the stone
10:53 from the well's mouth, and watered the flock of Laban
10:56 his mother's brother. And Jacob kissed Rachel,
11:00 and lifted up his voice, and wept:
11:02 And Jacob told Rachel that he was her father's brother,
11:06 and that he was Rebekah's son: and she ran and told her father.
11:09 And it came to pass, when Laban heard the tidings
11:12 of Jacob his sister's son, that he ran to meet him,
11:15 and embraced him, and kissed him,
11:17 and brought him to his house.
11:18 And he told Laban all these things.
11:21 And Laban said to him, "Surely thou art my bone
11:25 and my flesh. " And he abode with him the space of a month.
11:29 And Laban said unto Jacob, "Because thou art my brother,
11:33 shouldest thou therefore serve me for nought?
11:36 tell me, what shalt thy wages be? "
11:38 And Laban had two daughters: the name of the elder was Leah,
11:43 and the name of the younger was Rachel.
11:45 Leah was tender-eyed;
11:47 but Rachel was beautiful and well-favored.
11:50 And Jacob loved Rachel, and said,
11:53 "I will serve thee seven years
11:55 for Rachel thy younger daughter. "
11:57 And Laban said, "It is better that I give her to thee,
12:01 than that I should give her to another man: abide with me. "
12:04 And Jacob served seven years
12:06 for Rachel; and they seemed
12:08 unto him but a few days,
12:10 for the love he had to her.
12:12 And Jacob said unto Laban,
12:15 "Give me my wife, for my days are fulfilled,
12:17 that I may go in unto her. "
12:19 And Laban gathered together all the men of the place,
12:23 and made a feast.
12:24 And it came to pass in the evening,
12:26 that he took Leah his daughter,
12:29 and brought her to him; and he went in unto her.
12:32 And Laban gave unto his daughter Leah Zilpah his maid
12:37 for a handmaid. And it came to pass,
12:40 that in the morning, behold, it was Leah:
12:44 and he said to Laban, "What is this thou hast done
12:47 unto me? did not I serve with thee for Rachel?
12:50 wherefore then hast thou beguiled me? "
12:53 And Laban said, "It must not be so done in our country,
12:58 to give the younger before the first-born.
13:00 Fulfill her week, and we will give thee this also
13:03 for the service which thou shalt serve with me
13:06 yet seven other years. "
13:09 And Jacob did so, and fulfilled her week:
13:12 and he gave him Rachel his daughter to wife also.
13:15 And Laban gave to Rachel his daughter Bilhah his handmaid
13:19 to be her maid. And he went in also unto Rachel,
13:23 and he loved also Rachel more than Leah,
13:27 and served with him yet seven other years.
13:31 And when the Lord saw that Leah was hated,
13:35 he opened her womb: but Rachel was barren.
13:39 And Leah conceived, and bare a son,
13:41 and she called his name Reuben:
13:43 for she said, "Surely the Lord hath looked
13:46 upon my affliction;
13:47 now therefore my husband will love me. "
13:50 And she conceived again, and bare a son:
13:53 and said, "Because the Lord hath heard that I was hated,
13:55 He hath therefore given me this son also: "
13:58 and she called his name Simeon.
14:01 And she conceived again, and bare a son; and said,
14:04 "Now this time will my husband be joined unto me,
14:07 because I have born him three sons: "
14:09 therefore was his name called Levi.
14:13 And she conceived again, and bare a son:
14:15 and she said, "Now will I praise the Lord:
14:18 therefore she called his name Judah; " and left bearing.
14:24 Thank you again for joining with me to read the Word of God
14:27 today. And until next time, may He keep you in His peace,
14:31 His care, and His love. Goodbye.


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