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00:17 Hello, and welcome to His Words are Life.
00:20 I'm Kelly Mowrer and we're going to read today, in the book of
00:23 2nd Samuel. We've been reading the story of when Absalom tried
00:28 to seize control of the kingdom from his father, King David,
00:31 and as David fled the city and was crossing over Jordan, a man
00:36 named Shimei had come out and cursed David and mocked him.
00:40 But Absalom was defeated and David has returned to power, and
00:44 now David is coming back across the Jordan and Shimei has come
00:48 to try to make up for his great transgression in mocking and
00:54 cursing at the King earlier. We're going to pick up the story
00:57 there but let's pray together first. Dear Lord please come and
01:01 be with us. Send your Holy Spirit to teach us the lessons
01:04 that you have here for us to learn in our lives today.
01:07 We love you so much and thank you for loving us. Amen.
01:11 We're beginning in 2nd Samuel, chapter 19, verse 21.
01:17 But Abishai the son of Zeruiah answered and said,
01:22 Shall not Shimei be put to death for this because he cursed
01:26 the Lord's anointed? And David said, What have I to do with you
01:30 ye sons of Zeruiah, that ye should this day be adversaries
01:33 unto me? shall there any man be put to death this day in Israel?
01:37 for do not I know that I am this day king over Israel?
01:42 Therefore the king said unto Shimei, thou shalt not die.
01:47 And the king sware unto him. And Mephibosheth the son of Saul
01:51 came down to meet the king, and had neither dressed his feet,
01:54 nor trimmed his beard, nor washed his clothes, from the day
01:57 the king departed until the day he came again in peace.
02:01 And it came to pass, when he was come to Jerusalem
02:04 to meet the king, that the king said unto him, Wherefore wentest
02:08 not thou with me, Mephibosheth? And he answered, My Lord, O king
02:13 my servant deceived me: for thy servant said, I will saddle me
02:17 an ass, that I may ride thereon and go to the king; because
02:20 thy servant is lame. And he hath slandered thy servant
02:24 unto my lord the king; but my lord the king is as an angel
02:27 of God: do therefore what is good in thine eyes.
02:30 For all of my father's house were but dead men before my lord
02:35 the king: yet didst thou set thy servant among them
02:37 that did eat at thine own table. What right therefore have I yet
02:41 to cry any more unto the king? And the king said unto him,
02:45 Why speakest thou any more of thy matters? I have said,
02:49 Thou and Ziba divide the land. And Mephibosheth said unto
02:53 the king, Yea, let him take all, forasmuch as my lord the king
02:56 has come again in peace unto his own house. And Barzilai the
03:00 the Gileadite came down from Rogelim, and went over Jordan
03:04 with the king, to conduct him over Jordan. Now Barzilai was
03:08 a very aged man, even fourscore years old: and he had provided
03:13 the king of sustenance while he lay at Mahanaim; for he was a
03:17 very great man. And the king said unto Barzilai, Come thou
03:21 over with me, and I will feed thee with me in Jerusalem.
03:25 And Barzilai said unto the king, How long have I to live,
03:29 that I should go up with the king unto Jerusalem?
03:32 I am this day fourscore years old: and can I discern between
03:35 good and evil? can thy servant taste what I eat or what I drink
03:39 can I hear anymore the voice of singing men and singing women?
03:43 wherefore then should thy servant be yet a burden
03:46 unto my lord the king? Thy servant will go a little way
03:49 over Jordan with the king: and why should the king recompense
03:53 it me with such a reward? Let thy servant, I pray thee, turn
03:56 back again, that I may die in mine own city, and be buried
04:00 by the grave of my father and of my mother. But behold thy
04:04 servant Chimham; let him go over with my lord the king,
04:07 and do to him what shall seem good unto thee.
04:10 And the king answered, Chimham shall go over with me and I will
04:14 do to him that which shall seem good unto thee, and whatsoever
04:18 thou shalt require of me, that will I do for thee.
04:21 And all the people went over Jordan and when the king was
04:24 come over, the king kissed Barzillai, and blessed him;
04:27 and he returned unto his own place. Then the king went on
04:31 to Gilgal, and Chimham went on with him: and all the people of
04:35 Judah conducted the king, and also half the people of Israel.
04:38 And behold all the men of Israel came to the king and said unto
04:42 the king, Why have our brethren the men of Judah stolen thee
04:47 away, and have brought the king and his household, and all
04:50 David's men with him, over Jordan? And the men of Judah
04:54 answered the men of Israel, Because the king is near of kin
04:58 to us: Wherefore then be ye angry for this matter?
05:01 have we eaten at all of the king's cost, or hath he given us
05:05 any gift? And the men of Israel answered the men of Judah,
05:08 and said, We have ten parts in the king, and we have also more
05:12 right in David than ye: why then did ye despise us, that our
05:16 advice should not be first had in bringing back our king?
05:19 And the words of the men of Judah were fiercer than the
05:23 words of the men of Israel. Continuing in 2nd Samuel,
05:27 chapter 20, this is the King James Version.
05:29 And there happened to be there a man of Belial, whose name was
05:34 Sheba, the son pf Biochri, a Benjamite: and he blew a trumpet
05:38 and said we have no part in David, neither have we
05:41 inheritance in the son of Jesse: every man to his tents O Israel.
05:44 So every man of Israel went up from after David, and followed
05:49 Sheba the son of Bichri; but the men of Judah clave unto their
05:54 king, from Jordan even to Jerusalem; and David came to
05:58 his house at Jerusalem; and the king took the ten women, his
06:01 concubines, whom he had left to keep the house, and put them in
06:05 ward, and fed them, but went not in unto them. So they were shut
06:10 up unto the day of their death, living in widowhood.
06:13 Then said the king to Amasa, Assemble me the men of Judah
06:18 within three days, and be thou here present. So Amasa went to
06:23 assemble the men of Judah: but he tarried longer than the set
06:27 time which he had appointed him. And David said to Abishai,
06:30 Now shall Sheba the son of Bichri do us more harm than did
06:34 Absalom: take thou thy lord's servants, and pursue after him,
06:37 lest he get him fenced cities, and escape us.
06:41 And there went out after him Joab's men, and the Cherethites,
06:45 and the Pelethites, and all the mighty men: and they went out
06:49 of Jerusalem to pursue after Sheba the son of Bichri.
06:52 When they were at the great stone which is in Gibeon,
06:56 Amasa went before them. And Joab's garment that he had put
07:00 on was girded unto him, and upon it a girdle with a sword
07:04 fastened upon his loins in the sheath thereof; and as he went
07:08 forth it fell out. And Joab said to Amasa, Art thou in health,
07:13 my brother? And Joab took Amasa by the beard with the right hand
07:18 to kiss him. But Amasa took no heed to the sword that was in
07:23 Joab's hand: so he smote him therewith in the fifth rib,
07:27 and shed out his bowels to the ground, and struck him not again
07:30 and he died. So Joab and Abishai his brother, pursued after Sheba
07:36 the son of Bichri. And one of Joab's men stood by him,
07:40 and said, He that favoreth Joab and he that is for David,
07:44 let him go after Joab. And Amasa wallowed in the blood in the
07:49 midst of the highway. And when the man saw that all the people
07:52 stood still, he removed Amasa out of the highway into
07:55 the field, and cast a cloth upon him, when he saw that every one
07:58 that came by him stood still. When he was removed out of
08:02 the highway, all the people went on after Joab,
08:04 to pursue after Sheba the son of Bichri.
08:07 And he went through all the tribes of Israel unto Abel,
08:10 and to Bethmaachah, and all the Berites: and they were gathered
08:14 together, and went also after him. And they came and besieged
08:18 him in Abel of Bethmaachah, and they cast up a bank against
08:23 the city, and it stood in the trench: and all the people
08:26 that were with Joab battered the wall, to throw it down.
08:29 Then cried a wise woman out of the city, Hear, hear; say, I
08:36 pray you unto Joab, Come near hither, that I may speak with
08:39 thee. And when he was come near unto her, the woman said,
08:42 Art thou Joab? And he answered I am he. Then she said unto him,
08:47 Hear the words of thine handmaid and he answered, I do hear.
08:51 Then she spake, saying, They were wont to speak in old time,
08:56 saying, They shall surely ask counsel at Abel: and so they
09:00 ended the matter. I am one of them that are peaceable
09:03 and faithful in Israel: thou seekest to destroy a city and
09:07 a mother in Israel: why wilt thou swallow up the inheritance
09:10 of the Lord? And Joab answered and said, Far be it, far be it
09:16 from me that I should swallow up or destroy. The matter is not so
09:21 but a man of mount Ephraim, Sheba the son of Bichri by name,
09:25 hath lifted up his hand against the king, even against David:
09:28 deliver him only, and I will depart from the city.
09:32 And the woman said unto Joab, Behold, his head shall be thrown
09:37 to thee over the wall. Then the woman went unto all the people
09:40 in her wisdom. And they cut off the head of Sheba the son of
09:44 Bichri, and cast it out to Joab. And he blew a trumpet, and they
09:49 retired from the city, every man to his tent.
09:51 And Joab returned to Jerusalem unto the king.
09:54 Now Joab was over all the host of Israel: and Benaiah, the son
09:59 of Jehoiada was over the Cherethites and over the
10:02 Pelethites: and Adoram was over the tribute: and Jehoshaphat
10:06 the son of Ahilud was recorder: And Sheva was scribe:
10:10 and Zadok and Abiathar were the priests:
10:12 And Ira also the Jairite was a chief ruler about David.
10:16 We're continuing in 2nd Samuel, chapter 21,
10:19 and this is the King James Version.
10:21 Then there was a famine in the days of David three years,
10:26 year after year; and David inquired of the Lord.
10:30 And the Lord answered, It is for Saul, and for his bloody house,
10:35 because he slew the Gibeonites. And the king called the
10:39 Gobeonites, and said unto them; now the Gibeonites were not
10:42 of the children of Israel, but of the remnant of the Amorites.
10:45 And the children of Israel had sworn unto them and Saul sought
10:48 to slay them in his zeal to the children of Israel and Judah.
10:51 Wherefore David said unto the Gibeonites, What shall I do for
10:55 you and wherewith shall I make the atonement, that ye may bless
10:59 the inheritance of the Lord? And the Gibeonites said unto him
11:03 We shall have no silver nor gold of Saul, nor of this house:
11:07 neither for us shalt thou kill any man in Israel. And he said,
11:11 What ye shall say, that will I do for you. And they answered
11:16 the king, The man that consumed us, and that devised against us
11:21 that we should be destroyed from remaining in any of the coasts
11:24 of Israel, Let seven men of his sons be delivered unto us,
11:28 and we will hang them up unto the Lord in Gibeah of Saul,
11:32 whom the Lord did choose. And the king said, I will give them.
11:36 But the king spared Mephibosheth the son of Jonathan, the son of
11:41 Saul, because of the Lord's oath that was between them,
11:44 between David and Jonathan the son of Saul. But the king took
11:48 the two sons of Rizpah the daughter of Aiah, whom she bare
11:52 unto Saul, Armoni and Mephibosheth;
11:55 and the five sons of Michal, the daughter of Saul, whom she
11:58 brought up for Adriel, the son of Barzillai the Meholathite:
12:03 And he delivered them into the hands of the Gibeonites,
12:05 and they hanged them in the hill before the Lord: and they fell
12:09 all seven together and were put to death in the days of harvest,
12:13 in the first days, in the beginning of the barley harvest.
12:16 And Rizpah the daughter of Aiah took sackcloth, and spread it
12:21 for her upon the rock, from the beginning of harvest until water
12:24 dropped upon them out of heaven, and suffered neither the birds
12:27 of the air to rest on them by day, nor the beasts of the field
12:31 by night. And it was told David what Rizpah the daughter of Aiah
12:36 the concubine of Saul, had done. And David went and took
12:39 the bones of Saul and the bones of Jonathan his son from the men
12:43 of Jabeshgilead which had stolen them from the street of
12:46 Bethshan, where the Philistines had hanged them,
12:49 when the Philistines had slain Saul in Gilboa: And he brought
12:52 up from thence the bones of Saul and the bones of Jonathan
12:56 his son; and they gathered the bones of them that were hanged.
12:59 And the bones of Saul and Jonathan his son buried they
13:02 in the country of Benjamin in Zelah, in the sepulchre of Kish
13:06 his father: and they performed all that the king commanded.
13:10 And after that God was entreated for the land.
13:13 Moreover the Philistines had yet war again with Israel; and David
13:18 went down and his servants with him, and fought against the
13:20 Philistines: and David waxed faint. And Ishbibnob, which was
13:27 of the sons of the giant, the weight of whose spear weighed
13:30 300 shekels of brass in weight, he being girded with a new sword
13:34 thought to have slain David. But Abishai the son of Seruiah
13:39 succoured him, and smote the Philistine, and killed him.
13:42 Then the men of David sware unto him, saying, Thou shalt go
13:46 no more out with us to battle, that thou quench not the light
13:49 of Israel. And it came to pass after this, that there was again
13:53 a battle with the Philistines at Gob: then Sibbechai
13:57 the Hushathite slew Saph, which was of the sons of the giant.
14:02 And there was again a battle in Gob with the Philistines, where
14:05 Elhanan the son of Jaareoregim, a Bethlehemite, slew the brother
14:09 of Goliath the Gittite, the staff of whose spear
14:12 was like a weaver's beam. And there was yet a battle in Gath,
14:15 where was a man of great stature that had on every hand 6 fingers
14:19 and on every foot six toes, four and twenty in number;
14:21 and he also was born to the giant. And when he defied Israel
14:25 Jonathan the son of Shimeah the brother of David slew him.
14:29 Please join me again next time to read the word of God together
14:33 Until then, may He keep us in his grace and mercy.


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