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The 4th Man in the Burning Fiery Furnace!

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00:01 We left with the Chaldeans going to King Nebuchadnezzar
00:04 and telling him that there were certain Jews
00:07 that did not go along with his great image
00:12 that pictured that the world was going to last forever
00:16 and it would be a Babylonian world,
00:18 in contrast to Daniel's dream.
00:20 Daniel's dreams said no, there will be a succession of kingdoms
00:23 ending with God's kingdom, setting up His kingdom
00:26 that will last forever.
00:28 It's a fantastic dream; the great stone cut without hands
00:32 and fills the whole earth.
00:34 I can just image those three Hebrews there faithful to God.
00:37 We don't know where Daniel was.
00:38 He would have certainly stood with them.
00:40 But he must have been off on some journey or something.
00:43 We don't know.
00:45 But I can just image they're all standing there,
00:49 and when the music plays everybody
00:51 bows down to the image.
00:53 By the way, we're going to see that at the end of time again.
00:57 There's going to be a lot of peer pressure.
00:59 And there must have been peer pressure out there.
01:01 They may have had talks with each other before they went.
01:04 Maybe they talked to some of their other Jewish friends
01:07 and said, "We don't know, this is not going to be good,
01:10 but we're not going to stand up.
01:12 We don't know about you guys, but we're not going to bow down
01:14 to this image.
01:16 We worship the God of heaven and we serve Him."
01:21 And I can just see their friends saying,
01:24 "Well you know, that will get you in a lot of trouble.
01:26 Maybe not the kind of trouble you want."
01:29 In fact, Nebuchadnezzar wanted to make sure that everybody
01:31 went along and that they got the message
01:33 so he brought a fiery furnace out there and he declared that
01:37 anybody that didn't do it, that didn't bow down,
01:39 was going to get tossed into that fiery furnace.
01:44 So there they were, the music plays.
01:46 Everybody, all of these leaders from all over the world,
01:49 they bow down before the golden image.
01:53 Except for three.
01:56 Maybe somebody peaked. I don't know.
01:58 They must have. Somebody must have.
02:02 "Look."
02:03 Maybe they were whispering, but it wasn't long before
02:05 they had these three guys in front of Nebuchadnezzar.
02:10 Now Nebuchadnezzar wanted to be a nice guy here.
02:12 He usually sometimes could get pretty angry.
02:15 But he liked these young Jewish guys.
02:18 So he says to them in so many words,
02:22 "Look, guys, I'll give you another chance."
02:26 Now it seemed nice, but I love the response of these young men.
02:30 I'm putting this in my words.
02:32 Paraphrasing it.
02:34 Because they looked at the king and they said,
02:36 "We don't need another chance.
02:38 We don't need to go through this again.
02:40 We don't need another chance."
02:42 Because they were saying nothing is changing.
02:45 Let me tell you this. Their mind was made up.
02:50 Is your mind made up?
02:53 Is your mind changeable?
02:54 Do you blow back and forth in the wind
02:56 between your loyalty to the Lord Jesus and Scripture?
03:00 Or maybe you just haven't made up your mind.
03:01 Maybe you feel pulled by the world one way
03:04 and blown by the peer pressure another way.
03:07 And then you feel the longings of Christ,
03:09 or you say, "I know it's good.
03:10 I know I need to do this, but..."
03:16 They didn't have that. They made up their mind.
03:18 By the way, before Jesus comes, there's going to be
03:21 a whole generation of people that are going to
03:22 make up their mind.
03:25 They're going to make up their mind
03:27 that Jesus is everything to them.
03:30 And they're not going to change.
03:32 They're not going to be blown by the wind.
03:34 These young men looked at, they looked at King Nebuchadnezzar
03:37 and said, "We don't need another chance."
03:40 And then they said something that really defines faith.
03:43 They said, they looked at that fiery furnace.
03:45 It was sitting there and smoking.
03:48 And they said, "Our God can deliver us
03:50 from that fiery furnace."
03:52 That's faith.
03:53 Faith believes that God can do anything.
03:57 He can do the impossible.
04:02 But then they said something else that also defines faith.
04:05 "But if He doesn't..."
04:07 In other words, "If God doesn't deliver us,
04:10 we're still not going to worship your gods.
04:13 We know that God loves us even if He doesn't rescue us
04:18 from the burning fiery furnace."
04:22 Faith believes that God can do the impossible,
04:25 but faith also believes that God still loves me
04:29 even in the midst of difficulty and fiery furnaces.
04:33 Well in typical fashion, Nebuchadnezzar went into a rage.
04:36 Heated the thing seven times hotter.
04:39 And has these three young men tied up and thrown in.
04:44 It was so hot that even the men, the strong soldiers,
04:49 who threw them in died before they could get back fast enough.
04:54 So here they are, all looking at this fiery furnace.
05:01 And King Nebuchadnezzar and these Chaldeans
05:05 who reported to him these certain Jews,
05:10 all feeling quite self-satisfied.
05:12 They had taken care of the problem.
05:14 Sent a message to everybody.
05:18 And then they were stunned.
05:21 Shocked.
05:24 These men stood up
05:29 and were walking around in the burning fiery furnace.
05:36 They could hardly believe their eyes.
05:38 Nebuchadnezzar says, "Didn't we throw three men in there?"
05:42 And then here was the other stunning amazing thing.
05:48 "Didn't we throw three men in there?
05:52 Three?
05:54 But I see four.
05:59 And the fourth man looks like the Son of God."
06:08 When John sees Jesus, in the book of Revelation,
06:11 he says His face shines brighter than the sun.
06:15 And even though it doesn't say that in the book of Daniel,
06:17 I think that Jesus' face was shining brighter,
06:20 this fourth Man who is the incomparable Jesus,
06:25 the unchangeable Jesus,
06:28 the invincible Jesus.
06:31 He's standing there and His face is brighter
06:34 than the fiery furnace heated seven times hotter.
06:40 Listen, when you're in trouble, when you're in difficulty,
06:44 you need the fourth Man.
06:46 The fourth Man can do anything.
06:49 And those four men, those three men walked out
06:52 of that burning fiery furnace without even the smell of smoke.
06:59 But now I want to fast forward.
07:00 I want to fast forward to the time of Babylon
07:04 talked about in the book of Revelation.
07:06 In fact, John's Jesus, or Jesus through John,
07:10 uses Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon as a picture
07:15 in a symbol form of the Babylon that's coming.
07:20 There is another Babylon coming in the end of time.
07:26 In fact, it's going to have a fiery furnace.
07:29 And that fiery furnace is called, the mark of the beast.
07:34 In fact, in Revelation 13, using the picture of the
07:39 image to the beast, which is really another parallel to this
07:42 great symbolic Babylon, it says he brings
07:47 fire down from heaven.
07:49 This Babylon in Revelation, this Babylon is pictured in two ways.
07:55 It's pictured as an adulteress.
07:59 Meaning that she had not been faithful to the one that
08:03 she was suppose to be married to.
08:07 And she had made adulteries with a lot of
08:10 people she shouldn't have.
08:11 And I'm not going to get into that right now.
08:13 We'll get into that later.
08:15 And she's also pictured as a great city.
08:19 But she has something in mind.
08:21 And we're going to find that in the Scripture
08:23 in Revelation 18:7.
08:27 She says this testimony about herself.
08:30 This is her boast.
08:32 And it sounds like what Nebuchadnezzar was trying to do
08:37 with that great image of gold.
08:40 And here is what she says.
08:43 She says, "I sit as a queen.
08:47 I am no widow, and I will not see sorrow."
08:53 In other words, she's saying her Babylon,
08:56 like Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon, is going to last forever.
09:02 It's going to last forever.
09:03 She's not going to see problems.
09:05 She's not going to see sorrow.
09:06 She's not going to have any problems.
09:08 Everything is going to go great for her.
09:11 But of course, when things go great for her,
09:14 it comes at a cost to God's certain people.
09:19 Just like it came to a cost to Daniel's three friends,
09:22 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego.
09:24 They were thrown in that fiery furnace
09:26 in order to make way for the king's great vision
09:30 of a Babylon that would never end.
09:33 And this Babylon in the New Testament is no different.
09:38 If you get in her way, she has a fiery furnace for you.
09:43 It's called, the mark of the beast.
09:48 And she's not been faithful.
09:50 Now, you know, she's not been faithful to Jesus.
09:55 She's really a religious power.
09:59 But I want to come back to that point again.
10:01 The point is, it's not whose name you take.
10:05 I mean, you could take your husband's name all day
10:08 and say, "I am Mrs. So and so," all day long.
10:11 You can do that.
10:12 But if you're not faithful, if you're not faithful...
10:16 And that's what happens with this lady, this Babylon.
10:20 She is endeavoring to set up something,
10:25 but she's not doing it with Jesus.
10:27 She's not doing it with Jesus.
10:29 She's doing it on her own account.
10:33 She's got her own alliances, if you please.
10:38 And so that's why she says, "I've got this thing set up.
10:41 It's not going to end.
10:42 I'm not going to have any sorrow.
10:44 Everything is going to go."
10:45 She expects to reign forever.
10:48 But you know, there is an intervention.
10:51 An intervention by the God of heaven.
10:53 And the God of heaven sends seven terrible plagues
10:58 in the end of time that interrupts Babylon.
11:00 But that's another subject for another time.
11:03 I want to come back to this Babylon.
11:04 She's going to have great complete control,
11:07 complete information.
11:08 She's a control freak on steroids.
11:11 She wants to control the world.
11:15 Your life. Everybody's life.
11:19 She not only wants wealth, she wants power.
11:24 Power that does not belong to earthly beings.
11:27 Power that belongs only to the Lord Jesus.
11:31 But that fourth Man, that fourth Man that stood in that
11:34 fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego,
11:37 He's going to show up again at the end of the world.
11:40 And let me tell you, we're headed for trouble.
11:43 And you're going to need that fourth Man.
11:46 You're going to really need Him.
11:48 And He's going to intervene to save His faithful children.
11:52 It doesn't matter what Babylon invokes,
11:55 no matter what she enforces,
11:57 she's going to have to contend with the fourth Man
12:00 just like Nebuchadnezzar of old Babylon had to contend with.
12:05 Don't you want the fourth Man on your side?
12:07 You know, there's a lot of peer pressure in the world.
12:09 And there's going to be a lot of peer pressure
12:11 to go along with Babylon.
12:12 There's going to be a lot of Christians that say,
12:13 "Well you know, we've got to think about life.
12:15 We've got to have life." And all those kind of things.
12:18 But I want to tell you that you better put your dependence
12:20 on that fourth Man who is none other than
12:23 the incomparable Jesus.
12:25 The incomparable Jesus.
12:27 The invincible Jesus.
12:29 The invincible Jesus that is unconquerable, unstoppable,
12:33 and unbeatable.
12:35 Jesus, the incomparable Jesus that's matchless, peerless,
12:40 unequaled, unmatched, unsurpassable.
12:44 This is the fourth Man.
12:46 This is the fourth Man that you need on your side
12:49 in the end of time.
12:50 This is the fourth Man that you need beside you
12:53 every day of your life.
12:55 This is the fourth Man who really, truly loves you,
12:59 because He gave His life for you on Calvary's cross.
13:02 This fourth Man that stood in that fiery furnace
13:05 is ready to stand in the middle of your fiery furnaces,
13:08 fiery furnaces that would consume you.
13:11 But because He's matchless, He's invincible,
13:15 He's incomparable, He can bring you through.


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