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00:01 Ever read an article about Christ or Christians
00:04 in the secular press, and then read the blogs?
00:08 People mock Jesus, they make fun of Him.
00:11 But you know, they might be a lot more sober
00:15 if they would just do a little math.
00:43 Yes, we do live in a world today unfortunately that
00:46 does make fun of Jesus and the Lord
00:50 and the God of heaven.
00:52 But people don't realize how much proof there is
00:55 behind the Messiahship of Jesus.
00:58 And we're going to talk today about mathematical proof
01:02 that Jesus is the Messiah of the world.
01:05 But first of all we're going to ask the question,
01:07 why does the world need a Messiah anyway?
01:11 Well the problem is a thing called sin.
01:14 And people hear that word and they don't
01:17 really know what it really means.
01:18 But let me tell you what's behind it
01:20 and why it's a big problem.
01:23 The basics are simply this.
01:25 That God created the universe, a God of love,
01:29 and He created it for life.
01:30 Don't you enjoy life?
01:32 And yet look all around us.
01:34 Everybody is dying. People are dying.
01:37 People are in trouble. The world is full of misery.
01:41 So how is it that this wonderful God of love
01:45 created a universe filled with love, but this world
01:49 turns into being such a mess?
01:51 But we need deliverance out of this mess.
01:54 And that is because God runs His universe by law.
01:59 And the way He keeps life is because He keeps unselfishness.
02:04 Life cannot exist unless it exists in an atmosphere,
02:09 environment, of unselfish love.
02:13 It's the unselfish love that makes life possible.
02:15 Now we're not going to talk much about it this time,
02:17 but at some point,
02:19 that was the whole issue over the great controversy.
02:21 Satan believed he could be selfish and still live.
02:25 But you can't.
02:26 So God gave ten commandments, ten commandments to guarantee
02:29 unselfishness in our world.
02:32 And unfortunately, of course, we know what happened.
02:35 That got broke.
02:37 When God made the universe, He made it to be filled with love.
02:41 Let's take a look at those ten commandments for just a second.
02:44 In fact, Jesus was asked the question,
02:46 "What is the greatest commandment?"
02:49 And somebody answered and He commended them for it.
02:52 It says, "To Love the Lord your God with all your heart,
02:54 your soul, your mind, your strength."
02:56 Now he got that, of course, from Moses.
02:58 And Moses got it right. That is the greatest.
03:00 And Jesus gave and affirmed the fact that the second one
03:04 is like unto it.
03:06 It's to love your neighbor as yourself.
03:10 So the law of God is based on unselfish love.
03:15 And the ten commandments are there to guarantee that.
03:18 To keep unselfish love as the basis of our existence.
03:22 And we know that.
03:24 If you go to the ten commandments,
03:25 we're not going to go through all the ten commandments,
03:26 but I do want to look at the tenth one.
03:28 All the commandments tell you, "Do not do this."
03:31 "Do not do that." It's very specific.
03:33 But the last one says, "You shall not covet..."
03:37 Now, "covet," is an issue of heart.
03:41 So it says, "You shall not covet your neighbor's wife."
03:43 Or his house, or his ox, or anything else that he has.
03:47 Don't covet.
03:48 So the heart has to be changed.
03:50 It has to be unselfish in order for life to exist
03:55 and for happiness to exist.
03:57 And that's why we have so much misery in the world.
03:59 That's why there is so much unhappiness.
04:01 It's because people have become so selfish.
04:05 And they become selfish because they have broken
04:09 God's law.
04:10 So we go to the apostle John.
04:13 The apostle John says, he defines what sin is
04:16 so that we can know it, and it's not a hard definition.
04:19 He says, "Sin is the transgression of the law."
04:23 Or sin is lawlessness.
04:26 So if you break the law of God, that's the definition of sin.
04:30 And that's what brings misery, and sorrow, and suffering.
04:33 In fact, in Romans, Paul in the book of Romans says,
04:35 "The wages of sin is death."
04:37 Isn't that awful? Sin pays wages.
04:39 You have to earn this misery, so to speak.
04:42 So we need a Savior.
04:44 We've got to have a Messiah.
04:45 We cannot get ourselves out of this.
04:48 Most of the religions of the world teaches you that you can
04:50 pull yourself up by just being good.
04:53 But the truth is that you can't be good enough
04:57 to get yourself out of the mess.
04:58 For two reasons: one, all of us have broken God's law,
05:01 and all the goodness in the future will not undo that
05:06 if it's been broken.
05:08 And number two, we've got a problem with a carnal heart.
05:11 We'll talk a lot more about that in this series.
05:13 So we need a Savior who can do three things for us.
05:16 First of all, He pays the penalty.
05:19 A broken law means there's a penalty.
05:22 And He's paid it. Isn't that good news?
05:24 And the second one, we need a Messiah
05:26 that can change our hearts and make us new people.
05:32 Change us from being selfish into being unselfish.
05:37 And number three, we need a Messiah that can
05:40 resurrect us from the dead.
05:42 Because the whole human race is dying.
05:46 So when man first sinned to Satan's temptations
05:53 in the Garden of Eden,
05:54 Jesus made a promise to Adam and Eve.
05:56 They're full of tears and sorrow,
05:58 they've broken God's law, they've lost the garden,
06:01 and now Jesus makes a wonderful promise to them.
06:04 And here's the promise that Jesus makes to them.
06:07 It's a promise that just should fill
06:09 all of our hearts with hope.
06:11 In Genesis 3:15 Jesus says to Eve,
06:14 "I will put enmity between you, Satan, and the woman, Eve,
06:21 and between your seed and her Seed."
06:24 Jesus not only comes as the second Adam,
06:26 He comes as the Seed of the woman.
06:28 And He comes to do something.
06:31 Satan would bruise the heel of Jesus,
06:33 but that's not a deadly wound.
06:35 But Jesus would bruise the head of Satan
06:37 and his selfish principles.
06:39 And that's a deadly wound.
06:41 And that's good news for the human race.
06:43 That there is a way out of the mess that we have
06:46 gotten ourselves into.
06:48 Isaiah 53:5-6, talking about the Messiah,
06:51 captures this in such a beautiful way
06:54 that I'm going to read some of the most sublime words
06:57 I think in all of Scripture, where he says,
07:00 talking about the Messiah that would come,
07:03 he said, " He was wounded for our transgressions,
07:06 He was bruised for our iniquities;
07:10 the chastisement of our peace was upon Him,
07:14 and by His stripes we are healed."
07:17 Isn't that beautiful?
07:18 You have trouble in your life, you have difficult in your life?
07:20 You feel the strifes and the difficulties of sin
07:23 and living in a miserable world?
07:25 In Jesus and in His stripes and in what He did for us,
07:30 we find healing and peace.
07:33 It says, "All we like sheep have gone astray;
07:35 every one to his own way;
07:37 but the LORD has laid on Him the iniquity of us all."
07:43 So Jesus is that Messiah that takes away our sin
07:48 and our selfishness, and returns us to a state of
07:51 joy, and happiness, and liberty, and peace, and life.
07:54 It's a wonderful thing.
07:56 So this hope was given to Adam and Eve,
07:58 it was given to Abraham and Sarah,
07:59 it was given to David, it was given to all the prophets.
08:02 All of them looked forward to the Messiah.
08:05 Thank the Lord for the Jewish prophets.
08:08 But the Messiah was to be given not just to the Jewish people,
08:11 as wonderful as they are.
08:14 The Messiah was to be given to the whole world.
08:18 The Jewish people were the conduit.
08:21 They were the deliverers, if you please, of this Messiah
08:24 that God would send through the Jewish people.
08:27 So we have this wonderful promise of a Messiah.
08:30 And we need Him.
08:32 I'm telling you, the Messiah is the only hope the world has.
08:37 I almost named this, The One Week That Changed The World.
08:41 But you'll see what I mean by that
08:43 when we get down to the prophecy.
08:44 Because we're going to come to that prophecy.
08:47 Daniel, of course, now is a captive.
08:49 He's an old man, he's in his 90's.
08:51 He's captive still in Babylon.
08:54 Jerusalem lays in ruins, the temple is in ruins.
08:57 And Daniel's heart wants to see it rebuilt.
09:00 And he begins a beautiful prayer asking God's forgiveness.
09:03 And he gets down to the end of that prayer,
09:06 and that's where we pick it up.
09:07 Some of the most beautiful words, most appealing words
09:12 to Jesus, to the heavenly Father.
09:13 Listen to him as he prays in Daniel 9:19.
09:19 "O Lord God, hear!
09:22 O Lord God, forgive!
09:24 O Lord, listen and act, and do not delay
09:30 for Your own sake, my God,
09:34 for Your city and Your people who are called by Your name."
09:39 Now God was listening.
09:41 God hears and answers sincere earnest prayer.
09:45 And God was listening.
09:47 And Gabriel was sent to answer that prayer.
09:51 Now many times God does something extraordinary.
09:56 In fact, the Bible teaches that He will do exceedingly
09:59 abundantly more than we can ask or think.
10:03 And He does that for Daniel.
10:05 Gabriel is sent to answer Daniel's prayers to when
10:09 the temple would be rebuilt, when Jerusalem would be rebuilt.
10:13 But the angel Gabriel gives another message in addition.
10:18 And that is, when this long hoped Messiah
10:23 that's the hope of the world, when would He show up?
10:29 And that's where the math comes in.
10:31 This wonderful pure math, if you please.
10:35 So he gives Daniel a time prophecy.
10:39 Now you don't have to be, again, you don't have to be a
10:40 rocket scientist to get this.
10:43 This math is not that difficult.
10:46 If you can do a little basic math, you can do this.
10:49 I have confidence that you can.
10:51 And the angel gives it in the terms of 70 weeks.
10:55 He said, "Seventy weeks are determined for your people."
10:59 But these are not 70 literal weeks.
11:02 These are 70 weeks of years.
11:05 So when we say 70 weeks, we're talking about 70 weeks times 7.
11:12 And that's 490 years, not days.
11:17 But we'll just talk about the 70 weeks of years
11:21 because it's easy for the math, very easy to do the math
11:25 with just focusing on the 70 weeks.
11:27 But you know before we start, it's really 70 weeks of years.
11:32 So we want to go back to the 70 weeks.
11:35 And each day, as I've already mentioned, represents a year.
11:39 But first of all, I want to talk about
11:41 the division of those 70 weeks.
11:44 And the reason I want to do that is because I want you to
11:46 hear this carefully.
11:48 The 70 weeks are divided up into three pieces.
11:55 Kind of like dividing the pie.
11:57 Kind of like, you know, mother bakes an apple pie
12:01 and junior gets the smaller piece, maybe mother gets the
12:04 next largest piece.
12:05 I'm just using this for an illustration.
12:07 Maybe dad gets the biggest piece.
12:10 So this pie is divided up, this 70 weeks is
12:13 divided up into three parts.
12:16 It's divided up into 7 weeks, 62 weeks, and 1 week.
12:23 That's easy, isn't it?
12:25 7 weeks, 62 weeks, and 1 week.
12:31 You can remember that as we go through that.
12:33 Because we're going to take each one and show
12:35 what happens, of course, with each one.
12:37 Now at the end of each one of these
12:40 something important would happen.
12:41 At the end of the 7 weeks, for instance,
12:44 something important would happen.
12:47 At the end of the 62 weeks, that's going to
12:50 bring us to the Messiah.
12:52 And at the end of the last week, we're going to find the 70 weeks
12:58 are finished and what that means,
13:00 what that last week means to the world.
13:03 Because it means something pretty wonderful.
13:06 This is astounding prophecy.
13:09 It's a prophecy that will reaffirm your faith,
13:12 give you courage, and I hope that you'll
13:14 share it with your friends.
13:16 Because people need to have their faith strengthened.
13:19 And it's hard to argue with this math.
13:21 Math that proves that Jesus is indeed the Messiah of the world.
13:27 The Messiah that the world has hoped for.
13:30 The Messiah the world has longed for.
13:32 The Messiah that the world needs.
13:35 Because the whole world, the whole human race,
13:37 it's just facing all the misery and the sorrow of sin.
13:42 Death is everywhere.
13:44 We need this Messiah,
13:46 this Messiah who can deliver us from the
13:49 terrible penalty of sin.


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