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00:05 Well we just got through talking about how this 70 weeks
00:07 is really some good math to help assure you that Jesus
00:10 is indeed the Messiah of the world.
00:13 So now the angel gives Daniel, the angel Gabriel,
00:17 gives Daniel a starting point.
00:20 Where does this start? How do we know?
00:23 If you don't know when it starts, the rest of it
00:25 won't make any sense.
00:27 But the angel is very clear.
00:28 In Daniel 9:25 the angels says, "Know therefore and understand
00:34 that from the going forth of the commandment
00:37 to restore and rebuild Jerusalem
00:41 until Messiah the Prince shall be..."
00:45 And then the angel, of course, divides it up
00:47 just like I talked about earlier.
00:49 7 weeks, 62 weeks, and finally 1 week.
00:55 Which added together makes 70 weeks.
00:58 70 weeks, of course, of years.
01:00 Or 490 years.
01:01 But we're talking about the 70 weeks because it's
01:03 so easy to understand it that way.
01:06 So let's go back to this.
01:08 When did that decree happen?
01:10 When was it that this decree was given?
01:14 Well as you know, Babylon passed off the scene.
01:18 And as Babylon passed off the scene
01:20 the Medo-Persia empire came into being.
01:24 And the great first king of the Medo-Persian empire
01:27 was Cyrus the Great.
01:29 The book of Isaiah actually predicted him by name
01:32 that he would let God's people go back to Jerusalem.
01:35 Because they'd been scattered after the Babylonian captivity.
01:39 So Cyrus, believe it or not, actually made a decree
01:44 in 536 BC, Before Christ, to send Israel back
01:51 or to allow them to go back and to rebuild the temple.
01:55 But he died a few years later.
01:58 And after he died, and this is where the story gets
02:01 really interesting, after Cyrus the Great died
02:05 another king, about two kings later, came on the throne
02:11 and he was called the false king or the false Smerdis.
02:14 There he was, and wouldn't you know it,
02:17 the enemies of Israel...
02:19 And oh yes, they had enemies.
02:21 In fact, the prophecy said that it would all be done
02:24 in troublous times, difficult times.
02:28 We live in a troubled world.
02:30 But thank the Lord we have a Messiah.
02:32 That's what we're going to get back to here.
02:34 To show how indeed He is the Messiah of the world.
02:37 So he comes on the scene, and Israel's enemies go to him
02:42 and they groan and moan and complain, and say all kinds of
02:44 things that aren't true to accuse the Jews of these things.
02:49 And he stops the building.
02:52 He stops the building.
02:55 Well, so everything ceased.
02:59 Things were kind of in a difficult time.
03:01 Israel decided to try to get going again.
03:04 And a new king came on and he gave them permission
03:08 to at least rebuild the temple.
03:11 But that wasn't the decree either because they had enemies,
03:14 and these enemies pushed back.
03:16 And another king came on the scene.
03:19 And these enemies went to this king and they said to him,
03:22 "Look, these Jews are very difficult.
03:26 You need to make them stop."
03:29 They did not want Jerusalem rebuilt,
03:31 they did not want the temple rebuilt.
03:33 But this king did something very interesting.
03:35 He said, "Okay, I've heard your complaint.
03:38 But I will search the records."
03:40 And believe it or not, he found in the records
03:44 the first king of Persia, the great Cyrus, Cyrus the Great,
03:49 he had actually made the declaration giving permission
03:51 for the Jews to go back.
03:53 So in contrary to these complaints of their enemies,
03:57 this king issues a decree and says they are to be allowed
04:01 to not only rebuild the temple and the wall,
04:04 but the whole city of Jerusalem.
04:05 He allows them to put their Jewish laws back into place.
04:09 He allows them a certain amount of self-autonomy.
04:12 He basically restores the nation that had not
04:15 been really done before.
04:18 And he even orders the enemies to help them.
04:21 This time that's the decree, 457 BC, that gets the job done.
04:27 And when that first 7 weeks is finished,
04:30 not only do we have the temple rebuilt,
04:32 but the wall has been rebuilt.
04:34 And of course, you know the story of Ezra and Nehemiah.
04:37 And you can find that story, wonderful Nehemiah,
04:41 who the Holy Spirit moved on his heart there with the king.
04:45 He was the king's cup bearer.
04:47 And he went to the king and he pled with the king
04:49 to allow him, after the king opened the door
04:52 and asked him why he looked so sad.
04:54 He asked the king, he said, "I want to go back
04:56 and finish the wall of Jerusalem."
04:58 I'm putting this in my words.
05:00 And the king gave him not only permission, but gave him
05:03 financial resources to get it done.
05:06 So Nehemiah goes back.
05:07 He's one of the great men of the ancient Old Testament.
05:13 He did the almost impossible.
05:15 You can read the story there.
05:17 Completing the wall in just about 50 days.
05:21 It's an amazing story.
05:23 But it was done.
05:24 The temple is rebuilt, the wall is rebuilt,
05:27 and Israel is restored as a nation.
05:29 "Know therefore and understand from the going forth
05:32 of the commandment..."
05:33 So now we have the starting date.
05:35 457 BC.
05:38 So just as the prophecy said, from 457 BC,
05:42 that first 7 weeks, it's finished.
05:44 But now it says something that must really get our attention.
05:48 It says, "...until Messiah the Prince..."
05:50 That means there's 62 more weeks until Messiah shows up.
05:55 Messiah.
05:58 Been the hope and the hearts of Israelites
06:01 all for hundreds and hundreds of years;
06:03 the hope of the world.
06:04 62 more weeks.
06:06 That would bring us to the year AD 27.
06:11 Now that's a very well established date in Scripture.
06:14 AD 27.
06:16 And AD 27 is the time when Jesus was baptized
06:21 by the prophet John the Baptist.
06:24 So He's been kind of in the background
06:27 working as a carpenter for 30 years.
06:29 But now He goes to the preaching of John the Baptist
06:32 who was to prepare the way for Jesus
06:34 to make the ministry of Jesus possible.
06:37 And He goes to John, He says, "I would like to be baptized."
06:39 John is taken back; he says, "I need to be baptized by You."
06:43 He could see that this man was a perfect man,
06:47 a godly man.
06:48 And Jesus says, "No, let Me be baptized."
06:51 So He can fulfill all righteousness.
06:53 When John sees Jesus he calls Him, he says to
06:57 everybody around him, "Look, the Lamb of God
07:01 that takes away the sin of the world."
07:02 In other words, this is indeed the Messiah.
07:05 John had been raised up to prepare the way for the Messiah
07:09 and to tell the startling news.
07:11 And this is startling news.
07:12 And this is why John's preaching was so
07:14 captivating to the nation.
07:16 He says, "The Messiah is already here."
07:20 And He was.
07:22 So AD 27, just as the prophecy said,
07:26 just as the math said, Jesus appeared on the scene
07:30 as the Messiah of the world.
07:32 He started His three and a half years of ministry.
07:37 Now we've got 1 week, 1 week left.
07:40 And AD 27 starts that last week.
07:44 One week, 7 years.
07:47 Jesus' ministry lasted for three and a half years.
07:51 And the prophecy said that in the midst of the week
07:55 the Messiah would be cut off.
07:58 In other words, He would die.
08:00 But not for Himself.
08:03 He died for you. He died for me.
08:05 He died for the whole world.
08:06 He died so that He could get the world
08:08 out of the mess that it's in.
08:10 And He died on time.
08:13 He came on time, AD 27,
08:16 and He died on time, in the midst of the week.
08:19 But there is still another half of that week left.
08:24 This is the week that changed the world.
08:28 This is the week that changed human civilization.
08:31 This is the week that's changed your life and my life.
08:35 I'm telling you, the United States of America
08:38 wouldn't exist without this week.
08:41 Christianity wouldn't exist without this week.
08:43 Without the death and the resurrection of Jesus
08:45 in the midst of this week, all the hopes and dreams
08:48 we have of a future life would have all vanished.
08:52 But it hasn't vanished.
08:54 It's a reality.
08:55 Jesus did die, and He was resurrected.
08:58 We'll talk more about that resurrection next time.
09:01 But I want to come back to the end of that week.
09:05 Because with that 70 weeks Jesus had made a covenant
09:09 with His people.
09:10 And He was keeping that covenant.
09:13 And so at the end of that 70th week, that last week
09:17 that changed the world, something very special happened.
09:23 In AD 34, at the end of that 70th week,
09:29 the Sanhedrin gathered to try a man,
09:32 a man by the name of Stephen.
09:35 One of the greatest apostles, if you please.
09:39 He was actually ordained as a deacon, but I think he
09:41 certainly had the apostolic gift.
09:46 And he was a powerful preacher.
09:47 He converted a lot of people to Christianity.
09:50 And they were very angry about it.
09:53 This is three and a half years after Jesus'
09:55 death and resurrection, in the midst of that 70th last week.
10:01 And so they brought Stephen in for the trial.
10:04 And Stephen did something very fascinating.
10:07 He began to trace the history of Israel
10:12 down from Abraham through Moses, how God has protected them,
10:17 how they had been stubborn.
10:20 You know, it's not a good thing to be stubborn with the truth.
10:24 They had been stubborn.
10:26 And how they had resisted the Holy Spirit.
10:29 And he brought them all the way down to the Messiah, Jesus.
10:34 And as he got to that part, they couldn't stand it any longer.
10:38 They were so angry.
10:39 These were the same people that put Jesus to death
10:44 on Calvary's cross.
10:45 And as Stephen said to them that they had crucified
10:49 or put to death the Son of God, they really became disturbed.
10:54 When he said that God doesn't live in a temple
10:57 made with hands, they became outraged.
11:00 And they rushed on Stephen, took him out,
11:03 and stoned him to death.
11:05 The same Sanhedrin that had put Jesus Himself to death.
11:10 The Jewish nation, as a nation at this point,
11:14 had finished its covenant.
11:16 Jesus had kept His covenant with them,
11:19 but they had not kept their covenant with Him.
11:22 And so now the gospel would go to the world,
11:25 not through the Jewish nation,
11:26 but through the Christian church.
11:29 So there's been a great change here.
11:31 It was a week, it was a week that changed the world.
11:35 It certainly has changed my life,
11:37 and the life of countless millions ever since.
11:41 And just to add to this, the reason I don't need to go back
11:47 and worship on those feast days and go through the old
11:51 tabernacle service is because Jesus fulfilled all of that.
11:55 When He was cut off in the midst of the week,
11:58 the scripture said, prophecy said, he would put an end
12:02 to the tabernacle services.
12:03 And that's what the Jewish leadership was so
12:06 concerned about and so afraid.
12:08 So the 70th week, it's finished.
12:11 Mathematical proof that Jesus is indeed the Messiah of the world.
12:16 The Messiah the world needs.
12:18 The Messiah that should not be made fun of or mocked.
12:21 The Messiah that is changing and has changed the world.
12:26 He injected new life and new power in the world.
12:30 I hate to think what the last 2000 years would have been like
12:33 if we had not had Jesus in that last week,
12:37 the week that changed the world.
12:39 So the question for all of us is, Jesus keeps His covenant.
12:44 He keeps it through thick and thin,
12:46 through difficulty and trial, through hardship to Himself.
12:50 Self-sacrificing Jesus keeps His covenant.
12:55 And He makes a covenant with everyone
12:57 that's willing to make a covenant with Him.
12:59 If you've made a covenant with Jesus to make Him your Savior
13:02 and your Messiah, the question now is,
13:05 are you keeping your covenant?
13:07 By the way, He has power.
13:08 He has power, not only to forgive your sins,
13:11 but He has power to make a new person out of you,
13:13 and to resurrect you from the dead when He comes
13:16 in the clouds of glory.
13:17 This Messiah has the power to deliver on all your hopes
13:24 and all your dreams.
13:25 This Messiah who has been proved from Scripture,
13:29 mathematically, is indeed the Messiah of the world.
13:33 He's your Messiah,
13:35 He's my Messiah,
13:36 if we want Him to be our hope and our dream.


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