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Why The Resurrection of Jesus Is A Fact!

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00:04 We're talking about why the resurrection of Jesus
00:06 was not a myth.
00:07 And we've just talked about the 5280
00:10 some documentation or early documentation that we have.
00:14 But in addition to that, we have another 17,000 plus
00:18 from early church fathers.
00:19 In fact, we have so many quotes on the New Testament
00:22 from early church fathers that we could actually
00:24 reconstruct the whole New Testament
00:26 just from their sayings alone.
00:29 So when you put all of this together,
00:31 you come to a powerful conclusion.
00:34 And the conclusion is this.
00:36 That is we reject the authenticity of the testimony
00:40 of the New Testament based on the textual grounds,
00:44 we'll have to reject all that history you learned in school.
00:48 We'd have to reject every work of antiquity prior to AD 1000
00:53 since there's less manuscript evidence for their authenticity
00:58 than there is for the New Testament.
01:00 So we have powerful, powerful evidence
01:03 that the New Testament is a legitimate testimony
01:08 of what happened in the life of Jesus.
01:11 Now let's turn to that accurate testimony
01:13 and talk about the resurrection just from that standpoint.
01:17 Now some of our friends, as I mentioned earlier,
01:19 said, "Oh, well, Jesus didn't really die.
01:22 He just swooned."
01:25 And you want to say, "Really?"
01:27 "Just swooned. Yeah, He just swooned.
01:28 He didn't really die.
01:30 So He wasn't resurrected."
01:32 Well, you know, the Roman soldiers
01:34 were good at killing people.
01:35 In fact, as far as we know, there's no one
01:37 that's every survived the death of crucifixion.
01:41 We have no known records of it.
01:43 The Roman soldiers did not break the legs of the two thieves,
01:47 did not break Jesus' legs because He was already dead.
01:51 But they did break the legs of the two thieves.
01:53 Why did they do that?
01:55 Because of Jewish law.
01:56 Jewish law demanded that you could not leave the bodies
02:00 on the cross over the Sabbath hours.
02:03 They had to complete the execution
02:05 and they had to bury them before Sabbath began.
02:09 So we know that even according to Jewish law
02:12 they couldn't leave Jesus on the cross
02:15 over the Sabbath if He was still alive.
02:17 No, He didn't swoon.
02:18 He was dead.
02:21 And John, who was an eyewitness, said he saw blood and water
02:24 coming out of the wound from the soldier.
02:27 If the nails hadn't killed Jesus,
02:28 the soldier's spear certainly would have done it.
02:31 And the water coming out, blood and water, was a sure sign
02:35 that Jesus was dead.
02:37 The other thing is that Pilate, the Roman governor,
02:40 had to have certification.
02:42 He not only had to have certification
02:43 from the centurion, but he had to have several other
02:46 of his company certify with him that the prisoners were dead.
02:52 And they brought that certification to Pilate
02:55 or Pilate would have never, ever released the body
02:58 of Jesus to Joseph of Arimathea.
03:03 There was one person who wrote in to somebody
03:07 by the name of Eutychus I think who gives answers to people,
03:11 and so forth.
03:12 He was complaining about his preacher,
03:14 which he probably should have, because his preacher said,
03:17 this is a Christian preacher, so called,
03:20 said, "Well Jesus didn't really die."
03:22 Well Eutychus wrote back and said this,
03:24 and I'm going to read it because it's very good.
03:27 It says, "Dear Bewildered..."
03:29 He was bewildered because of his preacher's statement.
03:32 It says, "Dear Bewildered, beat your pastor
03:36 with a cat of nine tails 39 times,
03:40 nail him to a cross, hang him in the sun for six hours,
03:45 run a spear through his side, embalm him,
03:48 put him in an airless tomb for 36 hours,
03:51 and see what happens."
03:53 Yes, Jesus died.
03:55 There's no question that His death was true.
03:57 And then we have the burial, of course.
03:59 Joseph of Arimathea was well known.
04:02 He was part of the Jewish Sanhedrin.
04:04 And so was Nicodemus.
04:06 These guys were not somebody who just came up
04:08 out of the woodwork somewhere.
04:10 They were known all over Jerusalem.
04:13 And it was Joseph of Arimathea who brought Jesus
04:16 and actually buried Him in his own tomb and embalmed Jesus.
04:20 If this had not been true, when the disciples preached this,
04:24 not in some faraway place, they preached it right in
04:27 Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified.
04:29 They preached it right in Jerusalem where there was
04:31 the Sanhedrin that had actually ordered the death of Jesus
04:36 and had Him crucified.
04:38 They preached it right under the nose of Pontius Pilate,
04:41 the governor who had Jesus crucified.
04:45 No, Jesus was buried by Joseph of Arimathea.
04:49 If that were not true, then they would have quickly
04:52 called the apostles liars and probably
04:56 had arrested them for misleading the people.
04:59 But they didn't have any evidence on which
05:01 to do that, of course.
05:03 And then as we continue to look at the record,
05:06 we understand that the disciples are not going to
05:08 make up the names of Joseph of Arimathea,
05:11 they're not going to make up the names of Nicodemus.
05:14 The hostility was so bad between the apostles and between the
05:18 Sanhedrin that if the Sanhedrin had just had any kind of
05:21 evidence, they would have been glad to have called
05:23 the disciples, not only liars, but they would have
05:26 probably put them to death.
05:29 Well, let's go to the empty tomb itself.
05:32 The tomb is empty.
05:34 Now the Jews came up with this crazy idea that
05:36 the disciples stole the body.
05:39 Really?
05:40 Twelve frightened disciples in the upper room,
05:45 scared of their own shadow, behind locked doors
05:50 on the Sabbath, the Saturday, before the morning
05:53 of the resurrection?
05:55 And they got themselves together and went out
05:58 and took on a hundred Roman soldiers, with a two ton rock,
06:04 and with a Roman seal?
06:06 And if you broke that seal,
06:07 you were going to find yourself crucified.
06:12 Nah.
06:13 They weren't going to take on a hundred Roman soldiers.
06:16 And I doubt that they even had the strength to
06:18 push that two ton rock back.
06:21 They were frightened.
06:23 And they suddenly had the courage to do this?
06:26 No.
06:28 The Sanhedrin, nor the Romans, by the way, had the body.
06:31 If they had the body of Jesus, they would have produced it.
06:36 And they had every interest in wanting to
06:39 find the body of Christ.
06:40 Believe me.
06:42 And if they had produced it, either the Romans
06:44 or the Sanhedrin, Christianity would have been finished.
06:50 It would have been done.
06:51 It would have been over with.
06:53 Because the resurrection of Jesus is central
06:56 to everything that we hold dear and believe.
07:02 Now another thing that's very interesting is this.
07:05 You know, the soldiers came back and they were,
07:09 they were just overwhelmed that Jesus was resurrected.
07:13 They saw Him resurrected.
07:14 They were telling this to the Sanhedrin,
07:16 or at least the leaders of the Sanhedrin.
07:18 And you know the story of how they bought them off with money.
07:22 You know, I remember old H.M.S Richards.
07:25 He once said, "You know, money buys a lot of things."
07:28 And he was referring to how these soldiers
07:32 were bought off with money.
07:33 They went in with the truth and came out with the lie,
07:36 "The disciples stole the body while we slept."
07:39 Really?
07:41 This is a big deal.
07:43 The penalty for sleeping on the job
07:46 for Roman soldiers was death.
07:51 Think about that.
07:53 And there's something else to think about.
07:56 If the disciples stole the body of Jesus
07:59 while they were asleep, how did they know that
08:03 it was the disciples that stole the body of Jesus?
08:07 Of course not.
08:10 The disciples didn't steal the body of Jesus.
08:12 Jesus was resurrected on the first day of the week
08:15 on Sunday morning, to the glory of God.
08:19 And of course, there's the testimonies that we have.
08:21 We have a lot of testimonies.
08:24 We have first, of course, the hundred soldier's testimonies.
08:26 They went into the leaders of the Sanhedrin
08:28 that we just talked about.
08:30 And then we have the testimony of the women.
08:33 And the women were the first to see the resurrected Christ.
08:37 They're the ones that ran to the disciples and said,
08:39 "We've seen the resurrected Jesus.
08:41 We've seen Him."
08:43 In those days people wouldn't include the testimony
08:46 of the women, but they included the testimony of the women here.
08:50 And then you have the testimony of Mary,
08:53 that she saw Jesus and that she talked with Him.
08:56 It's one of the most beautiful pictures in the New Testament.
09:00 There is Mary, she's weeping.
09:03 Her brother has been resurrected by Jesus; Lazarus.
09:08 And now the tomb is empty.
09:09 She thinks somebody has taken the body of Jesus.
09:12 She thought, well, if Joseph's tomb was too good for Jesus,
09:15 she had an empty tomb.
09:17 A tomb that Jesus had made empty by His own power
09:20 when He resurrected Lazarus from the dead.
09:23 And then suddenly she heard that voice,
09:25 that wonderful voice of Jesus, "Mary."
09:30 She turned, and she thought maybe through her tears
09:35 it was the gardener.
09:37 And she says, you know, "Tell me where you've taken Him.
09:40 I'll take Him."
09:42 And Jesus says, "Mary."
09:46 And Mary recognizes Jesus.
09:50 She falls at His feet to worship Him.
09:53 Her heart is thrilled.
09:55 All their dreams that had been dashed,
09:59 all the hopes that had been dashed,
10:01 all that mournful Sabbath that they had spent together.
10:05 All of that time.
10:08 Now, now that flies away because there's great hope.
10:14 She's seen the resurrected Jesus.
10:18 And then of course, there's the testimony of two disciples
10:22 on the road to Emmaus.
10:23 They weren't part of the twelve.
10:25 And that is a fascinating story.
10:28 Here they are on the road to Damascus.
10:31 Not to Damascus, but to a small village of about
10:34 seven or eight miles away from Jerusalem.
10:36 The road to Emmaus.
10:37 And they're talking about all the events:
10:40 the death of Jesus, the Sanhedrin, and the crucifixion.
10:45 And then they're joined by a stranger.
10:48 And this is a point I want to make.
10:51 This stranger explained to them why the Messiah had to die
10:55 and be resurrected.
10:56 And He explained it to them from the Scriptures
10:59 starting from the Old Testament all the way through.
11:02 And their hearts were thrilled.
11:04 Who was this stranger?
11:06 They didn't seem to recognize Him.
11:08 They insisted that He come in for supper.
11:11 You know, you should always insist on the presence of Jesus.
11:15 And when He came in and started to have the blessing,
11:17 they suddenly recognized Him.
11:19 They couldn't contain themselves.
11:22 They ran all the way back to Jerusalem
11:24 over that seven or eight miles in the darkness
11:27 and knocked on the door of the upper room.
11:30 They were still up there, still scared.
11:33 They said, "We've seen Him. He's alive!
11:36 Jesus is alive!"
11:40 What great news!
11:43 Jesus is alive.
11:45 And then, of course, you've got the testimony of Peter and John.
11:47 They ran and found that the tomb was empty.
11:50 They talked to the two angels who told them that Jesus
11:54 was alive.
11:56 He was alive and He would meet them in Galilee.
11:59 And then you have the testimony of the ten disciples
12:02 that He appeared to.
12:03 You have the testimony of doubting Thomas.
12:06 Doubting Thomas.
12:07 So many people today doubt.
12:09 And that's why I want to do this.
12:11 You know, give up your doubts.
12:12 You can die with your doubts.
12:14 You can always find coat hangers to hang your doubts on.
12:16 But let me tell you, the evidence is overwhelming
12:20 that Jesus is the Messiah of the world.
12:22 That His death and His resurrection are reality.
12:26 The Christians do not serve a dead God.
12:30 We do not serve a dead Jesus.
12:32 We serve a living Christ.
12:35 Thomas said, "I wouldn't believe it unless I could just
12:37 touch where the spear went and the nails in His hands."
12:41 When he appeared to Jesus, he cried out,
12:44 "My Lord and my God."
12:46 Jesus said, "Blessed are those who don't see
12:48 what you see, Thomas, and yet believe."
12:50 And I hope that you will be one of those.
12:52 And of course, the resurrection changed the lives
12:55 of the disciples from despair to confidence,
12:58 from cowardice to boldness.
13:00 They were not afraid to die.
13:02 If you were going to lie about something,
13:04 lies are only for selfishness.
13:05 Why would you lie and get yourself crucified,
13:09 and killed, and murdered, and tortured,
13:11 as just about all of the disciples did except one.
13:16 Listen, you wouldn't lie about that kind of thing.
13:19 The power of Christianity has changed the world.
13:22 The resurrection of Jesus has changed the world.
13:25 Because it's a reality.
13:26 It's real.
13:28 Many people are still seeing visions of Jesus.
13:30 Many Muslims are seeing visions of Jesus,
13:32 just like the apostle Paul said.
13:34 It's changed our modern world.
13:37 It's made possible the rise of the United States of America.
13:41 Today it's still changing countless lives of people.
13:46 Listen, if you want your life changed,
13:49 put your faith in this resurrected Jesus.
13:53 A Jesus who is filled with power.
13:56 A Jesus who is no myth.
13:59 The resurrection is true.
14:02 It's real.


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