The Incomparable Jesus

How The Alpha and Omega Unlocks The Grave!

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00:01 Have you ever noticed that we live in a world that's afraid?
00:04 Everywhere you go, people are fearful?
00:07 And you know, it was Jesus who said, "Don't be afraid."
00:11 Why?
00:12 Because He's the Alpha and the Omega.
00:38 In the book of Revelation we're given this
00:40 stunning picture of Jesus.
00:41 In fact, the title of the book itself is,
00:44 A Revelation of Jesus Christ.
00:47 He reveals Himself in a way that we have never seen Him
00:51 in the gospels, except perhaps at the Mount of Transfiguration.
00:55 In the book of Revelation we see Him as this glorious
00:58 being sitting, standing if you please,
01:02 at the right hand of God.
01:04 So we want to take a look at Jesus today as the
01:06 Alpha and the Omega, and we want to take a look at
01:10 some of His own statements about Himself.
01:13 So we're going to the book of Revelation chapter 1,
01:16 and we're going to look at verses 8 and 11.
01:23 This is Jesus speaking, "I am the Alpha and the Omega..."
01:28 What does that mean?
01:29 It's like saying, "I am the A and the Z.
01:33 I include the entire alphabet.
01:37 I'm the total sum of the alphabet."
01:40 And Jesus is the total sum.
01:43 Alpha and omega were the Greek A and Z, if you please.
01:46 They weren't the actual Z, omega is a different letter.
01:50 But when Jesus says, "I am the Alpha and the Omega,"
01:53 He wants to instill in us assurance.
01:57 He wants us not to be afraid.
02:00 Fear is the enemy of faith.
02:03 And yet, everywhere we turn it seems like
02:05 fear drives the world.
02:09 Fear drives the stock market.
02:12 It drives people's choices, it drives what people do.
02:15 Many times all day long.
02:17 Fear.
02:18 I'm looking forward to a world where there is no more fear.
02:22 Won't you be glad for that world?
02:23 But let's go on to what Jesus has to say,
02:26 the Alpha and the Omega here, the Beginning and the End.
02:30 Let's listen to what He says.
02:32 He says, "I am the Alpha and the Omega,
02:35 the Beginning and the End..."
02:37 "I've got it all covered, everything in between.
02:40 Your whole life I've got covered.
02:42 The start of your life to the finish of your life.
02:45 I've got the whole world covered,
02:47 from the start of Genesis to the close of Revelation.
02:51 I am the Beginning and the End," He says.
02:55 And then He goes on in verse 8 and He says,
02:58 "...who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty."
03:06 Now that's quite a marvelous statement.
03:08 You know, there's some people today that
03:10 try to make Jesus as kind of a secondary God,
03:13 or something like that.
03:15 But here He declares that He is the Almighty.
03:20 He is the Creator of the universe.
03:22 And that's a big thing through the book of Revelation.
03:26 So He and the Father both are Almighty.
03:28 The Holy Spirit is Almighty.
03:30 But Jesus claims as the Alpha and the Omega.
03:33 He says, "I am the Almighty."
03:37 And He claims once again to be the Alpha and the Omega.
03:41 When you get to the end of the book of Revelation
03:44 He says again that He's the Alpha and the Omega,
03:48 the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.
03:51 So in other words, Jesus is the sum of everything.
03:55 Now Paul puts it this way.
03:57 Some people have misunderstood it.
03:59 Paul says Jesus is the end of the law.
04:02 But really the word, "end," there means the goal of the law.
04:05 He's the summation of the law.
04:07 And that's what Jesus is saying here.
04:09 "I'm the summation of the universe."
04:11 And He can say that because He created it.
04:15 He made it.
04:17 I mean, when you look at human beings and you look at the DNA
04:20 that makes us who we are, it is an amazing incredible thing.
04:23 Yet, Jesus made all of it.
04:27 He's the Beginning and the End.
04:29 Listen to the apostle Paul in the book of Colossians,
04:31 it's a very powerful statement.
04:33 One of my favorite chapters in the New Testament.
04:36 Colossians 1:15-18
04:39 He's talking about this incomparable Jesus.
04:42 He's saying there's nobody like Him.
04:43 Now just a few versus earlier than that
04:47 he tells people that he's praying that they will be
04:49 mighty Christians.
04:51 I mean, have you ever seen anybody be baptized
04:54 and get up and say, "Well, I'm baptized now.
04:58 I just want to be a weak Christian."
05:00 No.
05:01 People want to be strong Christians,
05:03 strengthened with the might of the Lord Jesus,
05:07 as the apostle Paul says.
05:08 What kind of might is that?
05:10 What kind of might is it?
05:12 Well the apostle Paul describes this might, this mighty Jesus,
05:17 this incomparable Jesus,
05:20 this matchless Jesus.
05:22 Paul says, "He is the image of the invisible God..."
05:27 What do we mean by the image of the invisible God?
05:30 You know, we have people come up and say,
05:31 "Oh, you know, why do you worship this invisible God?
05:34 Nobody has ever seen God."
05:35 No, no, no, that's not true.
05:38 The apostle Paul says, and the disciples also declare,
05:41 that Jesus is the image of the invisible God.
05:46 The world has seen God. They've seen Him in the flesh.
05:49 This Jesus who walked Palestine's dusty trails,
05:54 this Jesus who was hung on Calvary's cross
05:56 and was resurrected, this Jesus who touched the eyes
05:59 of the blind and opened them,
06:02 this Jesus who spoke words of hope and courage,
06:05 this Jesus who took on Himself the burdens of the world,
06:09 this marvelous, incomparable Jesus,
06:13 He is God.
06:15 If you have seen Jesus, you have seen God.
06:20 And you see Him in the Scriptures.
06:23 And we have the testimonies of the apostles and many others.
06:27 In fact, I think it's the apostle John who says,
06:29 "We touched Him."
06:33 He's not abstract.
06:35 It's true we cannot see God the Father,
06:38 but we have seen God the Son.
06:41 And so the apostle Paul goes on to say,
06:44 "He is the image of the invisible God,
06:47 the firstborn over all creation."
06:49 The firstborn of the dead.
06:51 He's resurrected, He's the preeminent one.
06:54 Without His resurrection, nobody's resurrection
06:58 is going to count.
06:59 Everybody's resurrection is not going to happen.
07:02 Or those that have been resurrected, the few that had,
07:05 they would probably have to go back to the grave.
07:07 But Jesus is the firstborn.
07:10 In His resurrection we all have the hope
07:14 of the resurrection.
07:16 Paul goes on to say, "For by Him all things were created..."
07:20 Well, if all things were created by Him, then He's not created.
07:25 He's the Creator.
07:27 Because all things were created by Him.
07:31 "...that were created in heaven," or the universe,
07:34 "and that are on earth, visible and invisible..."
07:38 There are many things that you cannot see.
07:40 I remember going home to my dad one time and saying,
07:44 "Dad, did you know that this desk," or wood, or whatever
07:47 we were looking at, I said,
07:49 "Dad, that's made out of atoms that move."
07:52 Now dad hadn't had the opportunity to study
07:54 a little bit of this that I had.
07:55 And he was a wonderful dad.
07:57 I'm blessed to have had two great wonderful parents.
08:02 But dad looked at me, and I said, "They're all moving,
08:04 dad, really fast around."
08:06 "Naw," he said, "that's not true."
08:09 Because dad couldn't see it.
08:12 It was invisible.
08:15 The apostle Paul, they didn't have microscopes
08:17 in that day either, but he said it under inspiration.
08:22 That Jesus is the invisible, that He made things
08:26 out of the invisible.
08:29 He made things out of the invisible that are now visible.
08:33 Let me go on.
08:35 In heaven and on earth, the universe,
08:37 and things we see on earth, "visible and invisible..."
08:40 So He made the atoms, He made the electrons,
08:43 He made the molecules.
08:46 He made everything that we see.
08:49 And then he goes on, "...whether thrones or dominions
08:51 or principalities or powers.
08:53 All things," it says it again,
08:56 "All things were created through Him and for Him."
09:00 You know, love doesn't like to be alone.
09:03 The reason Jesus created the universe is because
09:05 He loves to share.
09:07 You know, if you're an unselfish person
09:08 you take delight in sharing.
09:10 I mean, to give, the Bible teaches us,
09:13 is better than receiving.
09:15 To be able to share, to do something for somebody else
09:18 is better than being given something yourself.
09:22 And God is love.
09:24 That's why He made the universe.
09:25 And that's why He wants to share it.
09:28 That's why He's the Creator of all things.
09:30 He not only made it to share it, but because He really loves us
09:35 and He cares for us.
09:36 Well the apostle Paul goes on and says,
09:39 "And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist."
09:43 These are powerful statements.
09:45 In other words, this is a statement we cannot grasp.
09:49 In fact, Solomon the great king said, "The world, the universe,
09:54 basically cannot contain You, cannot be contained,
09:59 cannot contain You because you're bigger than all of it."
10:02 Scientists today, when they talk about origins...
10:06 And we're going to talk, by the way, about evolution
10:08 one of these times.
10:09 They are mystified, "Where did all of this come from?"
10:14 It's because this God that we serve is bigger
10:18 than the entire creation, if you please.
10:20 He's greater than the creation.
10:23 He goes on to say, "And He is before all things,
10:27 and in Him all things consist.
10:28 He is the head of the body, the church..."
10:32 I want to ask a question.
10:34 Is the church important?
10:37 Of course the church is important.
10:39 I know people say, "Well yeah, but look at all of the..."
10:42 Yes, you can find poor human beings
10:44 who have made a mess of things.
10:45 You can find poor ministers like myself.
10:49 You can find other church leaders.
10:51 You can find people who have made lots
10:53 of problems and failures.
10:56 But Jesus still loves His church.
10:59 Because ultimately it's not man that's in charge of His church,
11:03 it's Jesus that's in charge of His church.
11:06 And then the apostle John in the book of Revelation,
11:10 he gives us this other, another view of Jesus
11:13 and continues this view in Revelation chapter 1.
11:16 It's very powerful.
11:18 It's the introduction to all of the book of Revelation.
11:20 And John says, "Then I turned to see
11:23 a voice that spoke to me."
11:24 Hears a voice speaking to him.
11:26 And he turned, as we would, to see who it is.
11:29 Who is this voice?
11:31 And he saw in the midst of the seven candlesticks...
11:35 Now I want to say that there is a heavenly sanctuary.
11:39 That's the real sanctuary.
11:41 We'll talk a little bit more about that as time goes along.
11:43 Because you can't talk about the revelation of Jesus
11:45 without actually seeing Him move through the heavenly sanctuary.
11:50 So Jesus is standing here in the midst of these candlesticks
11:54 and He's dressed as a priest, if you please.
11:57 And this is what John goes on to say.
12:01 "...One like the Son of Man, clothed with a garment
12:03 down to His feet, girded about with a golden band."
12:06 He appears as a priest.
12:08 He is a priest.
12:10 He is the only real priest we have.
12:13 "His head and His hair were white like wool,
12:18 white as snow, His eyes were like a flame of fire,
12:22 His feet like fine brass, refined in a furnace...
12:28 He had in His right hand seven stars, out of His mouth
12:31 went a sharp sword, and His countenance was like the sun
12:36 shining in its strength."
12:37 Ever try to look at the sun at noonday?
12:39 That's like the face of Jesus, as it were.
12:42 "And when I saw Him," John says,
12:44 "when I saw this glorious picture,"
12:47 he says, "I fell at His feet like I was dead."
12:53 In other words, all the strength had left John.
12:56 John just felt like He was dead.
12:59 He was still alive, but he had fallen before this
13:03 glorious Jesus, this wonderful Jesus.
13:06 He had fallen before Him.
13:08 And now we hear Jesus respond to the apostle John.
13:14 "But He laid His right hand on me and said,
13:19 'Do not be afraid.
13:23 Don't be afraid.
13:26 I am the First and the Last.
13:29 I'm the strong One.
13:31 I'm the Alpha and the Omega.
13:34 No matter what you're going through,
13:36 I'm in control.
13:38 I am the One who's in charge.
13:42 Don't be afraid.'"
13:43 Listen, Jesus loves you.
13:46 And if we trust Him, there's no reason
13:50 why we should be afraid.


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