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00:03 It depends on that willingness, doesn't it?
00:06 Are we really willing to have the Holy Spirit?
00:08 Do we want Him controlling our life?
00:10 We have to give up control if we want the
00:11 Spirit of God controlling us.
00:13 Our author goes on here in her book from,
00:16 Acts of the Apostles, page 50.
00:18 And this is a fascinating quote.
00:21 It says, "Wherever the need of the Holy Spirit
00:25 is a matter little thought of..."
00:26 Now it doesn't say wasn't thought of.
00:28 But it says it was a matter little thought of.
00:30 And it goes on to say, "...there is seen spiritual drought,
00:35 spiritual darkness, spiritual declension and death."
00:41 The Holy Spirit is like oil to the lamp,
00:44 it's like water to a plant.
00:46 "Whenever minor matters occupy the attention..."
00:51 How many church boards have you been to
00:52 where all they talked about was the finances?
00:54 Nobody talked about winning souls.
00:56 Nobody talked about building up the spiritual
00:59 fortunes of the church.
01:01 No, they talked about minor...
01:03 Oh, finance is important. Don't get me wrong.
01:06 We have to pay the bills, we understand that.
01:08 But that's not why the church exists.
01:10 It exists because we want to win souls,
01:16 and we want to be ready for Jesus to come.
01:19 It says, "Whenever minor matters occupy the attention,
01:22 the divine power which is necessary for the growth
01:26 and the prosperity of the church..."
01:28 So if you really want to grow the church...
01:30 I mean, you can grow in numbers.
01:31 That doesn't mean you've grown anything.
01:34 You've got to grow the church spiritually.
01:38 The members must grow spiritually.
01:41 Yes, we want growth in numbers, of course.
01:44 But not growth without spiritual growth.
01:47 Not growth without power.
01:52 It goes on to say, "...the divine power
01:54 which is necessary for the growth and prosperity
01:56 of the church, which would bring," I love this one,
02:00 "all other blessings in its train, is lacking,
02:05 though offered in great plenitude."
02:09 Infinite plenitude.
02:10 So the Holy Spirit is offered.
02:13 Jesus wants to give the Spirit of God.
02:16 The devil doesn't want us to have the Spirit of God,
02:18 because he knows that if the Spirit of God
02:19 takes hold of the church, it will grow with power
02:23 and its members will be a light to the world.
02:26 Jesus reveals Himself from the heavenly sanctuary.
02:30 And this is very important because in the book of
02:32 Revelation we're going to see Jesus
02:33 moving through the heavenly sanctuary.
02:35 And He's very busy there.
02:38 He's busy because He's taking care of His churches.
02:41 So in the midst of these candlesticks, we see Jesus
02:44 walking and looking and tending to His churches.
02:48 The apostles said again and again that Jesus
02:52 sits at the right hand of God.
02:55 And the apostle Paul also sees Him not only at the
02:58 right hand of God, but also sees Him
03:01 as the heavenly High Priest.
03:04 Jesus is busy.
03:06 Some time ago I heard somebody say,
03:09 "Oh, what's Jesus doing now?
03:10 It's not very important whatever Jesus..."
03:13 I said to myself, "What!"
03:15 I didn't think that person had read the book of Revelation,
03:19 the book of Daniel.
03:21 It says that God is there with ten-thousand times ten-thousand.
03:25 That's a million personal attendants.
03:28 A million.
03:30 We don't know how many, maybe billions,
03:32 of heavenly angels that attend.
03:35 But they're all focused, they're all focused
03:39 on the whole picture of what's going on
03:43 here in planet earth in this great controversy.
03:47 Now listen to the apostle Paul in Hebrews 8:1.
03:51 He says, "Now the main point..."
03:53 Now I want to say this.
03:55 The main point is always the main point.
03:59 "The main point," he says, "of these things we are saying is
04:05 that we have a High Priest who is seated
04:09 at the right hand of God."
04:11 So Jesus is not merely at the right hand of God,
04:14 He's also the High Priest.
04:16 He intercedes for us.
04:19 And that interceding means that heaven is like a war room.
04:24 And the object of this war that's going on between
04:27 Christ and Satan that's being acted out on planet earth,
04:30 the object is you...
04:34 ...and me.
04:37 It's a busy place.
04:38 Angels are constantly reporting.
04:40 Maybe they say to Jesus, "You know, that Jay,
04:45 he needs some help right now.
04:46 The temptations of the devil are coming in.
04:48 Can you send..."
04:50 And so Jesus orders this and He orders that.
04:53 If you go and watch an American war...
04:56 And that's a horrible thing.
04:58 I hate to use that kind of illustration.
04:59 But the generals are sitting in a room
05:02 where they are watching the war in real time.
05:06 Why? So they can give orders back and forth,
05:09 "Send those tanks this way.
05:11 Send the Air Force this way.
05:12 Send the infantry that way."
05:14 Jesus is doing the same thing, except this
05:17 is a spiritual battle.
05:19 And it's being waged over you and over me,
05:22 and over every person on planet earth.
05:24 Seven billion plus people the war is being waged over.
05:30 Jesus is sending His forces to counteract
05:32 the devil and his evil angels.
05:34 He's holding back the winds of strife.
05:35 We'll talk about that at a later time.
05:38 Why? So He can save people.
05:41 That's His passion.
05:43 That's why He went to Calvary's cross,
05:44 was to save people.
05:47 And He's busy in the war room of heaven
05:50 in the heavenly sanctuary as the heavenly High Priest
05:54 directing that war to save you and me.
05:57 What a wonderful Savior that we have.
05:59 Now the whole book of Revelation is built around
06:02 the heavenly sanctuary.
06:03 It's built around Jesus as the High Priest
06:05 moving through that heavenly sanctuary.
06:09 And I want to say this, and I say it kindly,
06:11 there are no more earthly temples.
06:14 I remember on a visit many years ago
06:17 to the nation of Israel.
06:20 And we had a guide there and we went up to
06:22 what is known was the temple mount,
06:24 and today has a Muslim mosque on it.
06:27 Our guide was sitting there and he said,
06:30 he's sitting there on something as he was talking to us,
06:34 and I never will forget him, he said,
06:35 "You know, this mountain has caused us a lot of trouble."
06:40 Well that's because people are so camped around holy hills.
06:43 And I say this kindly.
06:44 There are no more holy hills, no more temples.
06:48 Yes, we have places we worship God.
06:50 We understand that.
06:51 But the real temple, the real temple,
06:55 is in heaven.
06:57 And the real Priest is Jesus.
06:59 Now the devil doesn't want people to know that.
07:01 Because if they connect to Jesus as the real Priest,
07:03 they're going to connect to power,
07:05 real true power.
07:08 So the sanctuary itself is prophetic.
07:13 And I want to take just a moment to explain that sanctuary.
07:18 And I just want to do that in a way so that you can grasp that.
07:23 Use your imagination, it's not complicated.
07:25 The sanctuary is laid out in three parts.
07:28 There's the courtyard.
07:30 It has the altar of sacrifice and the laver.
07:33 That represents Christ's earthly ministry.
07:36 Anything in that courtyard could be seen.
07:39 The second part is the Holy Place.
07:42 Now every time the priest when in there,
07:44 he disappeared from sight.
07:47 Same with Jesus.
07:48 When He went to the heavenly sanctuary in heaven
07:51 that contains the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place,
07:54 He went out of our sight and we have to follow Him by faith
07:57 just like they followed them in the earthly sanctuary,
08:01 just like they followed the earthly priests.
08:03 In that first compartment is the start of Jesus' heavenly
08:07 ministry that He's in right now.
08:10 And He goes from the candlesticks, in the book of
08:12 Revelation, to the table of showbread.
08:14 We'll talk about that later.
08:16 And He also goes to the altar of incense.
08:19 And then in the end of time, or the time of the end,
08:23 as Daniel talks about, there is the final ministry of Jesus.
08:28 And that's in the Most Holy Place.
08:31 And it has only one piece of furniture there.
08:34 It's the ark of the covenant with the mercy seat
08:36 and the Ten Commandments inside.
08:40 The sanctuary is prophetic of the ministry of Jesus
08:43 and Jesus is moving in the heavenly sanctuary
08:46 through time headed for the coming, His coming
08:50 back to this earth and preparing a people
08:53 to be ready for that time.
08:55 This is why this is so important to understand.
08:59 The heavenly sanctuary is the context
09:03 of the book of Revelation.
09:05 It is the context.
09:06 And the context means everything.
09:08 Listen, if you take something out of context,
09:10 you can make something say anything.
09:11 You can give the Bible a wax nose,
09:14 you can make people say...
09:15 If you just take it out of context, they say,
09:16 you know, you see politicians do that all the time.
09:18 They all hate each other, it seems like.
09:20 I wish they'd be nice to each other.
09:21 They may have difference of opinions,
09:23 but people ought to be nice and polite.
09:26 At any rate...
09:27 And that's true for both sides of the aisle, by the way.
09:30 And some are, some are nice.
09:32 But my point is simply this:
09:34 If you take something out of context, you can make
09:37 somebody say awful things.
09:39 But it you put it back into context,
09:40 "Oh, that's what they meant."
09:42 Well the sanctuary is the context
09:46 of the book of Revelation.
09:48 And the reason there's so many wild opinions
09:51 and crazy things that you read and hear about
09:55 is because people pay no attention to the context.
10:01 The context is everything.
10:04 And the context is the heavenly sanctuary.
10:07 So when Jesus finishes His work there in the heavenly sanctuary,
10:11 He's coming back.
10:12 And that's going to be a wonderful day when He does.
10:15 But He's busy right now getting the world ready
10:19 for the final conflict.
10:20 And we'll talk about that final conflict.
10:22 It's serious business. The mark of the beast.
10:24 But before I do that, I want to talk about these
10:27 seven churches just a little bit,
10:29 because Jesus gave them some wonderful instructions.
10:33 First of all, He says to His churches,
10:35 "You know, you're going to be suffering.
10:37 But don't be afraid.
10:39 I'm the resurrection and the life.
10:41 You're going to have powerful temptations,
10:43 but you can be an overcomer."
10:45 In fact, every church is told to be an overcomer.
10:48 We don't hear much talk about that nowadays. No.
10:51 Yes, you get the blood of Jesus, covers your sins,
10:54 gives you a new birth, but Jesus now empowers you
10:56 through the Holy Spirit to be an overcomer.
10:59 I don't have time to get into the depth,
11:01 I'll just give a quick view of at least some of these churches.
11:04 We'll talk about Ephesus.
11:06 Ephesus, Jesus says in essence, "I love your works.
11:09 And I love your patience."
11:11 And there's something else that Jesus loved about Ephesus.
11:14 He says, "You're not naive.
11:16 You're not foolish.
11:18 Your test, you test these people who say they're apostles.
11:23 You test them by the Word of God."
11:24 By the way, you must test.
11:27 There's all kinds of people that say all kinds of things.
11:30 But you need to test your ministers,
11:32 you need to test speakers.
11:33 You need to test them by the Word of God.
11:36 And then He said they hate the false doctrine
11:39 of the Nicolaitans.
11:41 Well I don't have time to get into the Nicolaitans,
11:42 except the Nicolaitans said,
11:43 "Hey, everything is going to be alright.
11:45 You don't have to worry about those Ten Commandments.
11:46 At least not too much."
11:48 Sounds like our world today.
11:49 And Jesus says, "I hate the doctrine and the teachings
11:53 of the Nicolaitans."
11:56 And then there was the church of Smyrna, the suffering church.
11:59 Jesus said it would suffer for ten days, or ten years
12:02 as it were.
12:04 And He says, "You're growing in your works of love."
12:06 But He says, "There's one thing you've got going on there
12:08 that I don't like."
12:11 And He says, "You have some people claiming
12:13 to belong to Me, but they are not.
12:17 They don't belong to Me."
12:19 In other words, they're impostors.
12:21 That's another form of blasphemy.
12:23 They're putting themselves in the place of Christ.
12:26 For the sake of time, I want to go to the Laodicean church.
12:30 The Laodicean church, as we all know, is called
12:32 that lukewarm church.
12:34 It needs eye salve, it needs a lot of things.
12:37 And Jesus comes and He makes an appeal to it.
12:40 He says, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock."
12:43 Time is running out for the Laodicean church.
12:46 Earlier in the sermon on the mount, Jesus would say,
12:49 "Ask, and it shall be given to you;
12:50 knock, knock, and it will be opened to you."
12:54 But now instead of us knocking, Jesus is now knocking
12:58 on our door.
12:59 Why is He knocking on our door?
13:02 It's because time is running out.
13:04 And He makes the most grand promise of all the promises
13:08 to the seven churches.
13:09 He says, "If you'll just open the door, I'll come in."
13:13 Let me tell you, turn off all this stuff that's going on
13:15 in your life, all this busyness.
13:17 Open the door to the Savior, invite Him in.
13:22 It's the most precious of all promises.
13:25 There's nothing so wonderful like having Jesus in your heart.


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