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Crisis In Heaven’S Throne Room!

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00:01 In that marvelous scene of the crisis in heaven
00:03 where John is weeping bitterly because no one can be found
00:07 in heaven or earth to open that scroll with seven seals,
00:12 and then a strong angel is going to appear with a solution.
00:15 But before we get to the solution, we want to understand
00:18 what does that scroll really mean?
00:21 And we've been looking at Jeremiah.
00:24 In the midst of a crisis in Israel, Nebuchadnezzar's armies
00:28 beginning to surround, Jeremiah is told to go
00:31 buy a piece of property, to get the deed, and to have it sealed.
00:35 And of course, that seal means it belongs to Jeremiah.
00:38 And you can't have the property unless, of course,
00:41 Jeremiah gives you permission.
00:42 But if the Babylonians are coming in and they're about to
00:46 overthrow the whole Judean kingdom,
00:50 what good is it going to be?
00:51 And you can hear this conversation between
00:53 Jeremiah and God.
00:55 Jeremiah is very puzzled by this.
00:58 And so he says, "Ah, Lord God, behold, You made the heavens
01:03 and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm."
01:08 In fact, that's what you hear in Revelation
01:10 about God being the great Creator.
01:12 "There is nothing too hard for You."
01:15 And then he talks about how God brought the people of Israel
01:18 out of Egypt with signs and wonders.
01:21 And then he talks about how they did not obey God's voice,
01:25 and He's caused this calamity of the Babylonians to come on them.
01:30 And then he says, "Lord, look at the siege mounds.
01:35 I mean, the armies of Nebuchadnezzar
01:37 are building siege mounds."
01:41 This thing is a calamity about to happen.
01:44 It's a crisis of great proportions.
01:47 And then He says, "What You have spoken has happened;
01:50 and there You see it!"
01:52 And then he says it almost incredulous,
01:56 he says, "And You have said to me, O Lord God,
02:02 'Buy a field with money, and take witnesses.'
02:07 What's going on here?
02:09 And yet the city has been given into the hand of the Chaldeans,
02:12 just like You said it would be."
02:14 In other words, Jeremiah is saying to the Lord,
02:16 "Look, this trouble is so great and so big
02:20 that this is worthless.
02:22 This deed can never be delivered.
02:25 I've spend money for nothing,
02:27 and it's going to come to nothing.
02:29 My children," if Jeremiah had any, or his relatives
02:33 who would be his descendants, "they'll never be able to get
02:37 the benefits of this."
02:38 Why? Because the Babylonians are taking over the place.
02:42 But God answered Jeremiah.
02:45 And this is what the Lord says to Jeremiah.
02:49 He says, "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh."
02:53 And then God says, "Is there anything too hard for Me?"
02:58 And after recounting the terrible history of
03:00 Israel's failure, God goes on to say,
03:03 "I will bring them back to this place.
03:06 They will be My people, I will be their God."
03:11 And then He says, "And fields will be bought in this land
03:16 of which you say, 'It is desolate, without man or beast;
03:21 it has been given into the hand of the Chaldeans.'"
03:23 Said Jeremiah.
03:24 But God says, "Men will buy fields for money,
03:28 sign deeds, and seal them..."
03:34 Jeremiah, of course, was known as the weeping prophet.
03:37 The book of Lamentations, the book of Lamentations
03:40 Jeremiah weeps over Jerusalem.
03:43 So John is weeping.
03:46 Jeremiah wept because he thought there was hardly
03:48 any hope left for Israel.
03:50 But God says, "No, Jeremiah, the deed will be fine.
03:54 Even though you don't think it will be any good,
03:56 it will be fine."
03:58 I think this answers, at least for me, what's happening here
04:03 in Revelation chapter 5, this deed that God the Father
04:07 holds in His hand, this scroll, I think is the deed
04:11 to our heavenly kingdom.
04:13 And in that deed is written all the story of ancient Israel
04:18 and the future of the Christian church.
04:22 Was ancient Israel a success?
04:24 I think we would have to say, no, it was a failure.
04:26 And then look at the Christian church.
04:28 If you go through the information or the instructions
04:31 given to the seven churches, you'll see all kinds of
04:34 challenges that the churches had.
04:36 I mean, they had Balaam, they had the Nicolaitans,
04:39 they had Jezebel; they had all kinds of problems.
04:43 And one of the places is even where Satan's seat was.
04:46 That's where they were at.
04:47 I mean, there's all kinds of challenges.
04:49 And then you've got the Laodicean church
04:51 just before Jesus comes that thinks its wealthy,
04:54 and it can see, and it's got all these good things going on.
04:58 The Lord says, "You're miserable, poor,
04:59 blind, and naked."
05:03 When you look at Israel and you look at the church
05:05 you say, "I don't think, I don't think this is going to work."
05:12 You see, Jesus went to Calvary's cross and He paid the price.
05:19 And the devil knew that He'd paid the price.
05:21 But the war isn't over.
05:25 He's still got to deliver the Christian church.
05:28 And for whatever reasons that we can't always understand,
05:31 the devil, I think, is saying, "You can't deliver that deed.
05:35 There are conditions that have to be met,
05:37 conditions that I have insisted on and You have agreed to."
05:43 We're going to get into that.
05:44 We'll talk about the seven seals in our next program.
05:48 And so, here is this scroll.
05:51 It's got the deed.
05:52 But if you can't meet the conditions, if you can't
05:55 break the seal, the saints will never get everlasting life.
06:00 They'll never get the deed to the city.
06:03 And everything Jesus did on Calvary's cross
06:05 would have been for nothing.
06:07 No wonder John wept bitterly.
06:11 If the deed to the new earth was lost,
06:14 if the deed to the eternal inheritance
06:16 couldn't be delivered, what would that mean?
06:21 But God has an answer.
06:22 And we're going to see that beautiful answer
06:25 to John's weeping in Revelation 5:5-7.
06:29 "But one of the elders said to me, 'Do not weep.
06:34 Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David,
06:39 has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals.'
06:45 And I looked, and there in the midst of the throne,
06:50 of the four living creatures, and in the midst of the elders
06:54 stood a Lamb, a Lamb as though it had been slain,
07:01 having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the
07:07 seven Spirits of God sent out into all the earth.
07:11 Then He came and took the scroll out of the
07:15 hand of Him who sat on the throne."
07:19 Now Jesus is pictured here in two ways.
07:22 The Lion of the tribe of Judah, and the Lamb that was slain.
07:27 Jesus really is both.
07:30 The Jewish leaders wanted the Lion of the tribe of Judah
07:34 who would come and deliver them from all of their enemies.
07:37 But what they got was the sacrificial Lamb,
07:40 the Lamb that was slain.
07:42 Many today are looking for Jesus to come back
07:44 and everything is going to be just wonderful.
07:47 But they forget that He's coming back in judgment.
07:50 He comes back as the Lion of the tribe of Judah.
07:55 The lamb is the self-sacrificing one.
07:57 The lion is the king in the judicial power.
08:00 But the focus here is on that slain Lamb
08:04 with seven horns and seven eyes who takes on the
08:07 great red dragon with seven heads and ten horns
08:11 and overcomes him.
08:13 Seems like an uneven match.
08:14 But the slain Lamb has power.
08:18 And He has power to break those terrible seals
08:23 on the deed and to deliver that to all of us
08:26 when Jesus comes again.
08:29 Because of the slain Lamb's ability to take the scroll
08:33 and to open the seals, the beings in heaven
08:37 begin to sing a new song.
08:38 And this is what they sing in Revelation 5:9-10.
08:42 You can hear the song. I wish we had the music to it.
08:45 But it says, "You are worthy..."
08:47 They sing to the slain Lamb, the Lamb that had been slain.
08:51 "You are worthy..." There's that word again.
08:54 God the Father has said, "You are worthy because
08:56 You created all these things."
08:58 The Lamb has said, "You are worthy."
09:00 And here's the reason why.
09:01 "You're worthy to take the scroll and to open the seals.
09:05 You were slain and You have redeemed us
09:08 to God by Your blood
09:10 out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation,
09:14 and have made us kings and priests..."
09:16 So they're saying, "Because You've redeemed us,
09:18 because You made this great sacrifice,
09:20 You're worthy and You've got the power
09:23 to open these seals."
09:25 You know, "worthy," means that He has a lot of weight
09:29 and a lot of power.
09:30 And when John looked in heaven and earth
09:32 there was no one but the slain Lamb who had the power
09:37 to open these seals, and the right to open these seals,
09:40 the authority to open these seals.
09:43 Not even God the Father who sat on the throne
09:46 had the authority to open the seal,
09:49 because He was not the one who was slain
09:53 and redeemed planet earth from Satan and his evil angels.
09:59 So Jesus is highly qualified.
10:01 And so heaven breaks out in song
10:04 because Jesus has ransomed the earth, He's paid the price.
10:08 He took it back from Satan who had taken it from Adam.
10:12 And then heaven breaks out, "Worthy..."
10:14 I love this. There's a song about this.
10:16 We don't have the music that they had, of course.
10:19 But we do have in the hymn book, "Worthy is the Lamb
10:22 who was slain."
10:24 And then the universe breaks out into song,
10:26 singing both to the Father and to the Lamb.
10:29 And you can hear what they say as they say,
10:32 "Blessing and honor and glory and power
10:36 be to Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb,
10:40 forever and ever."
10:41 John is not weeping anymore because
10:44 there's somebody that is able.
10:46 Heaven is happy because there's somebody
10:50 that's able to break those seals and to deliver the deed
10:55 to planet earth.
10:58 Now those seals have tough conditions.
11:02 That's what those seals are about.
11:04 And I mentioned those.
11:05 We'll talk about that in our next program.
11:08 What are those conditions?
11:11 And how does the Lamb of God break those conditions.
11:16 The conditions are going to be tough.
11:18 There not going to be easy.
11:20 Those conditions are put in place over the next
11:24 2000 years, if you please, of Christian history.
11:28 It was not history yet, it was in prophecy at this point.
11:31 And there was going to be a great contest between
11:34 Christ and Satan over breaking those seals.
11:40 And breaking that final seal,
11:42 and getting the people the deed to the streets of gold,
11:46 to the New Jerusalem.
11:49 So Jesus is able, though, because He's been through
11:53 some tough conditions.
11:55 It's something to be born as a baby in Bethlehem,
11:58 to grow up in this world, and never sin.
12:02 To resist all the temptations of the devil,
12:05 to resist a selfish world, to resist all of this.
12:09 That took some stamina.
12:12 And to go through Calvary's cross and all of the conditions,
12:17 to bear the sins of the world, Jesus is tough.
12:22 And He's wise.
12:24 And He's got the power to break these seals.
12:28 And so I want to appeal to all of us.
12:33 God's church may face great difficulties,
12:36 but we have a mighty Savior.
12:38 We have the incomparable Jesus.
12:42 No one has ever been like Him.
12:44 Every time He's met Satan on the battle ground
12:47 Jesus has been invincible.
12:49 Yes, there are a lot of battles to fight through Christian
12:52 history, and yet to finish before Jesus comes.
12:56 But there's no one like Jesus in all the universe.
13:00 If He can break those seals for His church,
13:05 that means He can break the seals in your life.
13:07 You know, the devil puts seals on all of our life.
13:09 He says, "You can't have this person unless
13:12 these conditions can be broken."
13:13 But Jesus has power to break the seals
13:17 that hold us back from life everlasting.
13:21 And He can break those seals and deliver to you
13:25 and to me personally the deed to everlasting life.


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