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Seven Seals Opened and Opening!

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00:01 Jesus is in the business of breaking the unbreakable,
00:05 fixing the unfixable, and preparing His church
00:09 for whatever lies ahead.
00:35 Today we're going to be talking about
00:37 breaking the unbreakable seals.
00:40 The last time, just for a quick review,
00:42 we were in chapter 4 and 5 of the book of Revelation.
00:45 And there we saw Jesus on the throne,
00:48 and He takes this scroll with seven seals,
00:53 He takes that scroll after John has just wept bitterly
00:56 because no one could be found in heaven and earth
00:59 to break those seals.
01:01 And we discovered that that scroll was perhaps
01:06 the deed to all the righteous that would get eternal life
01:11 and get the city and the new earth,
01:13 and all of those wonderful things.
01:15 So why is this thing sealed?
01:19 Well, we have to remember that Satan and Jesus
01:22 are in a great controversy.
01:24 And when Jesus went through Calvary's cross
01:25 and was resurrected, He was accepted by the Father
01:28 and said that sacrifice was complete.
01:31 It was good.
01:33 It was just what heaven had ordered.
01:36 And there's no argument, the judgment had been passed
01:40 on this and Jesus' sacrifice was accepted
01:43 by the Judge of the universe and by the heavenly courts.
01:46 So where does Satan have to go?
01:47 He can't argue anymore that Jesus hasn't paid it all
01:51 on Calvary's cross.
01:52 He can't argue anymore that the blood has been paid
01:57 and the sinners can be freed from their sins.
02:00 But you know, we still have a long way to go
02:02 to get to the second coming.
02:04 So I'm imagining a little bit here, in a sense,
02:07 that the devil looks at Jesus and he says,
02:10 "Okay, okay.
02:12 So You paid the price.
02:15 But let me tell You this.
02:16 You can't bring Your church through.
02:19 There's going to be many years, ages, yet before Your coming,
02:23 and You can't bring Your church through."
02:26 And I think Satan insisted, insisted perhaps with the
02:31 Judge of the universe like he did with Job.
02:34 If you go to the book of Job in the first chapter
02:36 you'll find that Satan shows up there in heaven.
02:40 And he snarls at God about Job,
02:43 insists that he be given the right to test Job.
02:47 And so now he's insisting, as it were, the right to test
02:52 the church that's being raised up because of what
02:55 Jesus did on Calvary's cross.
02:57 And so he insists on certain conditions,
03:00 seals, if you please,
03:03 that he doesn't believe that Jesus can overcome
03:07 and bring His church through.
03:08 By the way, if you can't bring your church through,
03:12 then what good is Calvary's cross?
03:15 No, the church has got to go through.
03:17 And so here are the conditions, as it were.
03:20 And Jesus, the slain Lamb, comes to the rescue.
03:25 And He's going to break these seven seals
03:29 and deliver the deed.
03:32 Deliver the deed to you, and to me, and to all of us.
03:36 So John's tears are dried up as he watches the mighty Savior,
03:40 the incomparable Jesus, take that seal, that scroll,
03:45 and start to break those seals.
03:48 Now Jesus is pictured as this Lamb having seven eyes
03:52 and seven horns.
03:55 The dragon who represents Satan has seven heads
03:58 and ten horns.
04:00 It looks like an unequal match, but I'm telling you
04:04 that Jesus is able to take on this great red dragon
04:08 with His seven horns and seven eyes.
04:12 Those horns represent powers and kingdoms.
04:16 Now both Jesus and Satan work through
04:18 their agents on the earth.
04:20 Satan is going to fight Jesus, but He's going to fight him
04:23 using earthly powers.
04:25 And we'll see that as we see the beast from the sea,
04:28 and the beast from the earth, and the great red dragon
04:31 and these powers on earth that oppose God's church.
04:37 But Jesus is going to fight Satan with His seven churches
04:42 pictured in Revelation, symbolic,
04:45 His church through time.
04:47 And I want to emphasize something here.
04:49 There's some people, you know, that think
04:51 every one of these seals is some kind of instantaneous thing.
04:55 But we're not looking at that.
04:57 We're looking at ages.
04:58 We're looking from the start of John's day
05:01 to the coming of Jesus.
05:02 We're going to see what God's church is up against
05:05 and how God brings His church through.
05:10 So this is going to take time.
05:13 And the testing is going to take time.
05:16 And so we have to be patient and watch.
05:18 That's why we've titled this,
05:20 The Seven Seals: Opened and Opening.
05:24 Because they're still opening, as it were,
05:27 before Jesus comes.
05:30 So Jesus has these seven eyes.
05:32 And these seven eyes, the Bible tells us,
05:35 are the seven Spirits of God.
05:37 So here's the Holy Spirit again.
05:38 He's represented not only in the candlesticks
05:41 with the seven churches, but He's also represented
05:44 as these eyes, these seven eyes, that Jesus has.
05:48 Because the Holy Spirit is the one who sees His church.
05:51 He reads your heart, He knows everything about you.
05:54 He knows what's going on in every church.
05:56 There's not anything that escapes His attention.
05:59 And He is penetrating His church and He's empowering His church
06:04 to resist the devil and His evil angels
06:06 in this great controversy between Christ and Satan.
06:10 The Holy Spirit also sends seven mighty angels
06:13 to watch over His church.
06:15 And each church is told to hear what the Spirit says
06:20 to the churches.
06:22 That is most important.
06:23 Because I think nowadays we don't listen
06:26 enough to the Holy Spirit.
06:27 And I'm not talking about impressions
06:29 and I'm not talking about feelings.
06:31 But the Holy Spirit speaks through His Word.
06:33 He speaks through the prophetic gift.
06:36 And that prophetic gift is what guides the church
06:40 and will guide the church through the end of time.
06:42 I mean, we can hear from Revelation chapter 12
06:45 where the saints overcame the great red dragon
06:49 by the word of their testimony.
06:51 And the woman there that represents the church,
06:53 she had the testimony of Jesus, which the Bible says
06:57 is the spirit of prophecy.
06:58 So the Lord guides His church through time
07:03 using His Word, and the Holy Spirit
07:05 being the teacher of truth teaching His Word.
07:09 So we have these seven seals now that come up,
07:13 and they are going to present a big problem
07:18 for the Christian church.
07:20 And remember, I think at least that it's Satan
07:23 who has insisted on these, so he's thought this through.
07:28 He's going to do everything he can to keep the blood of Christ
07:33 that paid for our sins from being effective
07:36 and delivering to us the deed to the new earth
07:41 and the kingdom of heaven.
07:43 Well we come to that first seal, and we go to Revelation 6:1-2,
07:52 the first seal, and it says, "Now I saw the Lamb
07:56 open one of the seals."
07:58 I'm going to stop right here and just say something
08:00 about the book of Revelation and about symbolic prophecy
08:04 that Jesus gives.
08:05 Again, this is a revelation of Jesus,
08:07 but He's giving it in symbols, according to the first three
08:10 verses of the book of Revelation.
08:13 And these revelations about Jesus and His church
08:16 in this great controversy between Christ and Satan,
08:19 as I mentioned earlier, take over time.
08:21 But there's a principle here called, repeat and enlarge.
08:25 You can find it in the book of Daniel, of course.
08:27 And you can find it here as well.
08:30 So the seven churches are symbolic of Christ's church
08:34 through time to the coming of Jesus.
08:37 And then you have the seven seals, symbolic of what the
08:40 church is going to face from the time of John
08:45 to the coming of Jesus.
08:48 And then, of course, the seven trumpets,
08:50 which we're not going to have time to get into so much,
08:53 they represent the judgments of God
08:57 that keeps His church alive against its enemies
09:02 from the time of John to the coming of Jesus.
09:06 So this is repeat and enlarge with a different
09:09 picture each time.
09:12 So these seals, we want to go back to them.
09:14 So it says that Jesus has opened, the Lamb has opened
09:17 one of the seals.
09:20 And it goes on to say in verses 1 and 2 of chapter 6,
09:23 "And I heard one of the four living creatures
09:27 saying with a voice like thunder, 'Come and see.'"
09:36 Come and see what's going on.
09:39 It's like this mighty creature, there are four of these
09:42 marvelous beings with these unique faces.
09:46 In Ezekiel they're pictured holding up the throne of God.
09:49 He says, "Come and see."
09:51 It's like he's saying, "Come and watch the Lamb
09:55 as He breaks these seals.
09:59 "'Come and See.'
10:01 And I looked, and behold, a white horse.
10:04 And He who sat on it had a bow, and a crown was given to him,
10:08 and he went out conquering to conquer."
10:14 What does this represent?
10:15 Obviously this is in the beginning
10:17 of the Christian church.
10:19 These first four seals are all tied together by a
10:25 common denominator called, the horses.
10:28 And these horses change color as we go through.
10:34 And the riders of these horses become increasingly
10:38 violent and difficult.
10:42 So we see this first horse that comes in, and he is white.
10:48 The church is pure in the beginning.
10:52 But something is already going on.
10:54 The seeds of something that the devil is already
10:59 sewing in the church is coming in the early church.
11:03 And you can hear it in 1 John 4:3.
11:08 This sometimes surprises a lot of people.
11:10 But listen, John is telling us that the spirit of Antichrist...
11:14 Antichrist. That's a big deal.
11:17 ...the spirit of Antichrist had already started in John's day.
11:23 John, we think, died somewhere about 100 AD.
11:27 So this is very, very early.
11:28 The apostles are still alive.
11:30 Listen to John in 1 John 4:3.
11:33 "And this is the spirit of Antichrist,
11:36 which you heard was coming, and now already is in the world."
11:41 What is Antichrist anyway?
11:44 What does that mean?
11:47 Well, the word in the Greek not only can mean, against,
11:51 but it can also mean something that puts itself in place of.
11:55 So in order to be against, as it were,
12:00 substitutes itself for the real thing.
12:05 And if you remember, one of the seven churches,
12:07 I think it was the second one, God says,
12:09 "I'm really proud of you," my words of course,
12:12 "that you understand that those people
12:16 who claim to be Jews but are of the synagogue of Satan
12:20 and are blaspheming Me."
12:22 So one of the blasphemies is inserting yourself
12:26 to take the place of God or of the Lord Jesus
12:30 when you have no right to do that.
12:32 That spirit, that attitude, was already at work
12:37 in the early church.
12:39 And we're going to see that through time
12:44 change and become worse.
12:46 This is going to take centuries for the Antichrist spirit
12:50 in the church to almost take over the church.
12:53 Now I want to say this.
12:55 That even though the spirit of Antichrist
12:57 will come into the church and take over the church,
13:00 it doesn't take over the whole church.
13:03 It doesn't take over all the church.
13:04 God always has His faithful people down through the ages.
13:08 But the Antichrist spirit is going to assume
13:11 the name of Jesus, it's going to claim to be God's church,
13:15 when in essence it goes into terrible apostasy.
13:20 So the spirit of Antichrist started in John's day.
13:22 It's going to take centuries to mature.
13:25 Now the second seal in Revelation 6:4
13:30 tells us about another horse.
13:33 Another horse that changes color.
13:36 Another horse that takes peace from the earth.
13:42 Is Jesus going to be able to open that seal and break it?
13:46 I believe He will.


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