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Who Will Be Able to Stand?

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00:01 This incomparable Jesus, He keeps His promises.
00:04 He came on time the first time,
00:06 He's coming back the second time.
00:09 The real crucial question that must be answered for each of us
00:13 is, who will be ready to stand?
00:41 Our last time, we talked about the seven unbreakable seals
00:44 that Jesus breaks.
00:46 And of course, He can break the stuff in our life too
00:48 that needs to be broken and surrendered to Him.
00:52 But there was an almost haunting question
00:55 in that picture of the sixth seal.
00:58 And it said, as the people ran from the coming of Jesus
01:02 and the glory of the coming of the Son of Man,
01:05 the cry went up from the earth, "Who will be able to stand?"
01:11 That's a sobering question.
01:14 It's a question we don't talk much about.
01:16 We talk many times almost glibly about the coming of Jesus,
01:20 but we don't answer that question.
01:22 But Revelation answers that question.
01:24 Revelation takes the whole next chapter
01:27 to answer the question, "Who will be able to stand?"
01:34 And so we're going to spend some time on that.
01:36 If you have your Bible and have been following with me
01:39 on the broadcast here, Revelation 6:15-16
01:44 gives that picture that we want to set the setting with.
01:48 "And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men,
01:51 the commanders, the mighty men,
01:53 every slave and every free man..."
01:55 That's pretty comprehensive.
01:57 I really don't want to be among that group.
02:01 "...they hid themselves in the caves and in the
02:03 rocks of the mountains, and said to the mountains and rocks,
02:06 'Fall on us.
02:07 We'd rather die than face this coming King.'"
02:13 This incredible Jesus.
02:15 Because He comes as King of kings and Lord of lords.
02:19 He comes with judgment the second time.
02:21 I know we don't like to talk about judgment.
02:22 Yes, He comes to rescue His people,
02:24 and I want to be among those that are rescued,
02:27 but He also comes to judge those who are trying
02:29 to destroy His people.
02:31 He comes, as God says in the book of Hebrews chapter 10,
02:35 "Vengeance is Mine."
02:37 And He comes with vengeance this time
02:39 because He's here to rescue His people,
02:41 just like He rescued His people from Egypt the first time.
02:46 So they ask that question, "Who will be able to Stand?"
02:49 Who is ready for this Jesus?
02:53 The Bible makes a case, in fact Jesus Himself
02:56 makes a case about getting ready for Jesus to come.
03:00 That's something else we don't talk as much about as we should.
03:03 What do we mean when we say, "Get ready for Jesus to come"?
03:06 Well first of all I want to make the case that we
03:09 should get ready for Jesus to come.
03:11 And I want to go to the Scripture again
03:13 and let's just listen to Jesus Himself.
03:15 He's the one that put so much emphasis on this.
03:19 Emphasis about getting ready.
03:23 In Matthew chapter 24, which is talking about
03:25 His second coming, in verses 37-39, He says this,
03:32 "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming
03:39 of the Son of Man be."
03:41 And then He describes what was happening with Noah.
03:43 Now you've got to remember, Noah preached for 120 years.
03:46 Maybe people got icy fingers of delay about that too and said,
03:49 "Oh, well, it's never going to happen.
03:51 The old man is just building a big boat."
03:53 And then when they saw the animals, you know,
03:55 they just so hardened their heart little by little
03:58 that even the great signs that this was going to happen
04:02 just didn't make the needed impression for them to change.
04:07 Now I don't want you to forget that.
04:09 In fact, Jesus goes on to describe, He says, you know,
04:12 there will be two men working in the field.
04:13 One will be taken, the other left.
04:15 Two women grinding, doing their work.
04:18 One will be taken, the other left.
04:19 One will be ready, one won't be ready.
04:24 Jesus is saying, He's telling us, He says, "Look,
04:29 this thing is coming.
04:30 And if you don't get ready for it,
04:33 it'll take you by surprise."
04:35 He's not coming in secret.
04:38 But He is coming as a great overwhelming surprise
04:40 to many of the people on planet earth.
04:44 He goes on in Matthew 24:40-44 where He talks about the two
04:51 will be grinding, two women will be grinding.
04:53 One will be taken, the other left.
04:54 Then He says this:
04:56 He says, "Watch..."
04:58 Now what does the word, "watch," mean?
04:59 It means to be on the alert.
05:01 Be on the look-out.
05:02 Nowadays we live in a modern society where
05:04 everybody has cameras everywhere,
05:06 everybody is watching.
05:07 In fact, it's hard to go anywhere anymore without
05:09 getting on a camera, somebody's camera.
05:12 "Watch," Jesus says.
05:14 It means, to be on the alert.
05:17 " do not know what hour your Lord will come."
05:21 You're not really sure.
05:23 You know the signs of His coming.
05:25 Jesus said you can know even when it's at the door.
05:27 But you don't know right when He's coming.
05:29 So you need to be on the alert.
05:31 And then He gives another illustration
05:33 in case that weren't enough.
05:34 He gives the illustration about the master of the house.
05:38 If he had only known what hour the thief was coming,
05:41 He would have been ready.
05:43 But he didn't know, and he wasn't on the alert,
05:45 and he wasn't watching, and he wasn't ready.
05:48 But Jesus adds again, "Therefore, be ready.
05:53 For the Son of Man is coming at an hour you don't expect."
05:57 Jesus emphasizing to get ready.
05:59 Now He's not done yet.
06:01 He really zeroes in on this business of getting ready
06:06 for His coming.
06:09 Now only is the house owner surprised by the thief,
06:12 but we are also given a parable of two servant leaders.
06:16 They're in charge of different households.
06:19 One is faithful, the other is unfaithful.
06:22 One says, "The lord delays his coming."
06:23 The other one has his house ready.
06:26 And one is given a great commendation,
06:30 and the other is destroyed because they weren't ready.
06:35 And then we all know the story of the ten virgins.
06:38 It's a great story, a great parable of Jesus.
06:42 Ten of them.
06:43 Five were ready and five were not.
06:47 Five had prepared, and five had not.
06:51 So there is something for us to do to get ready
06:54 for Jesus to come.
06:55 Now I may say this several times just so I'm not
06:57 misunderstood, you can't earn your salvation.
07:00 Jesus already earned your salvation on Calvary's cross.
07:03 We're talking about cooperating with the Lord Jesus
07:07 so He gets us ready for this huge event of His coming.
07:13 Now again, after the ten virgins you have the three stewards.
07:18 They were all given different amounts of talents.
07:20 Two of them got ready by investing.
07:23 One didn't get ready.
07:25 And he was thrown out where there was gnashing and weeping.
07:31 And then of course, we have the fourth angel
07:33 in Revelation chapter 18.
07:35 We'll talk more about that later.
07:36 But that angel says, "Come out of her, My people."
07:39 Why does He say that?
07:41 Because He's saying, "You've got to get ready."
07:45 And then you've got the bride that
07:47 gets herself ready in Revelation.
07:49 This is a very fascinating picture.
07:51 There are three hallelujah's in Revelation 19.
07:54 And the third hallelujah is an hallelujah because of
07:58 something that happens on earth.
08:00 And you can just listen to this.
08:03 Revelation 19:6-8, "And I heard, as it were,
08:07 the voice of a great multitude..."
08:09 This is happening in heaven.
08:11 " the sound of many waters
08:13 and as the sound of mighty thunderings,
08:14 saying, 'Alleluia! The Lord God Omnipotent reigns!'
08:20 Let us be glad and rejoice...'"
08:24 Why are they glad?
08:25 Why are they rejoicing?
08:27 Well there's a wonderful reason why they're rejoicing.
08:31 And they're rejoicing because the bride of Christ
08:35 has made herself ready.
08:38 He goes on to say, "For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns!
08:41 Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory,
08:43 for the marriage of the Lamb has come,
08:45 and His wife has made herself ready."
08:48 Now I'm not as young as I use to be,
08:50 but I can certainly remember our wedding day.
08:52 And you know, my wife, when I proposed to her,
08:57 she took me serious.
08:59 She believed my promise.
09:01 She believed that I meant what I said.
09:04 That I wanted her to be my wife.
09:06 And you know what she did?
09:07 She started getting ready.
09:08 Started getting ready for that marriage.
09:11 Jesus uses the same illustration in the book of Revelation.
09:14 And He tells His people, "Look, I am coming.
09:17 You can trust Me.
09:18 And this is going to be an awesome event.
09:21 And you've got to get ready.
09:24 You can't just not be ready for My coming
09:28 and for the marriage supper of the Lamb."
09:30 So the bride does get herself ready.
09:33 And the angels in heaven and the crowd in heaven,
09:36 they are so excited when they see the bride
09:39 finally gets herself ready.
09:41 She's getting ready.
09:43 She's going to be ready for the marriage supper of the Lamb.
09:45 All of heaven rejoices.
09:47 So this getting ready is a big thing in Scripture.
09:50 It's a big thing with Jesus.
09:52 It's a big thing, of course, with the book of Revelation.
09:56 So Jesus reveals Himself as that incomparable Jesus.
10:00 He's coming back to get His bride.
10:04 He uses that symbol, He's coming back to get His church.
10:08 He's coming back to get those who put their faith
10:10 and trust in Him.
10:13 Now we're going to be faced with something
10:14 that a lot of people don't understand
10:16 and we don't talk much about it,
10:18 but we should because it's all here.
10:22 And I'm going to give it a name.
10:24 I'm going to call it, the close of human probation.
10:28 Now the close of human probation is going to happen
10:32 in the book of Revelation.
10:34 And we'll talk more about that later.
10:36 But it's going to happen because everybody on earth,
10:40 because of the mark of the beast,
10:42 because of the great deceptions of the end time,
10:45 because of the rise of the beast from the sea
10:47 and the rise of the beast from the earth,
10:50 everybody is going to come to a place
10:53 that they're going to make up their mind
10:55 and they won't change.
10:57 The close of probation comes, not because God has run out
11:03 of the willingness to forgive, but because nobody else
11:07 wants forgiveness.
11:09 The people who are on His side, they made up their minds too.
11:13 We're going to talk about that.
11:15 Because that's the focus of getting ready for Jesus to come.
11:20 Revelation 22:7 says...
11:23 At the end of the book of Revelation
11:25 God begins to wind it up.
11:27 He says, "Behold, I am coming quickly.
11:30 Blessed is he who keeps the prophecies of this book."
11:33 In other words, if you keep the prophecies of this book
11:36 and the instructions of this book,
11:37 you'll be ready for Jesus to come.
11:40 And then in the same chapter, verses 11-12,
11:43 He gives these words, sober words,
11:47 "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still;
11:51 he that is holy, let him be holy still;"
11:56 In other words, there comes a time in human probation
11:59 and human life on planet earth, in the context of the
12:03 mark of the beast, when probation ceases
12:07 because people have made up their mind.
12:11 So the crucial question is, who will be able to stand?
12:16 Who will be able to stand?
12:18 Jesus, when He comes again, He comes with His reward.
12:21 And that's why there's an investigative judgment
12:23 that the Bible talks about in the book of Revelation
12:25 which we haven't had much time to talk about.
12:27 Because it separates the sheep from the goat,
12:30 the wheat from the tares.
12:31 Because there's a lot of impostors.
12:33 There's a lot of people who claim to be Christian,
12:35 but they're not Christian.
12:37 And they're not going to be ready for Jesus to come.
12:40 You want to make sure that you're a real Christian.
12:43 You want to make sure that you're getting
12:44 ready for Jesus to come.
12:45 And there's no reason why you can't
12:47 be ready for Jesus to come.
12:49 I want us to be of good courage.
12:50 So let's come back to that crucial question,
12:53 who will be able to stand?
12:55 Now the book of Revelation in chapter 7
12:58 answers that question.
13:00 And we hear this wonderful picture
13:04 from the book of Revelation 7:1-3.
13:07 At least we'll start that just before the break here.
13:10 It says, "After these things I saw four angels
13:14 standing at the four corners of the earth,
13:17 holding the four winds of the earth, that they should not
13:20 blow on the earth, or on the sea, or on any tree."
13:24 Winds of strife, winds of chaos, winds of difficulty.
13:29 Winds of strife.
13:32 And the angels are holding those winds back.
13:35 They're holding them back even now.
13:37 Why are they holding them back?
13:40 They have a great reason for that.
13:44 They're waiting for people, God's people, to get ready
13:49 for Jesus to come.


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