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00:01 The big questions of life...
00:02 Where did we come from?
00:04 Why are we here?
00:05 And where are we going?
00:32 Well in this session we're going to talk about
00:34 why I think that evolution has one foot in the grave
00:38 and another on a banana peeling.
00:40 It's not able to answer the big questions of life:
00:43 Where did we come from?
00:45 Why are we here?
00:46 And where are we going?
00:48 I'm telling you that the evidence today that points
00:52 back to the Creator is more powerful
00:55 than ever before.
00:57 Evolutionists today are being confronted
00:59 with their own science.
01:00 And many of them don't know what to do.
01:03 It's almost like there's a religion of evolution out there
01:07 that they're going to defend it no matter what.
01:11 But I believe that the Bible
01:13 is really the source of those answers.
01:15 There's no conflict between science and Christianity.
01:20 It actually was Christianity, the New Testament,
01:22 that gave rise to investigation.
01:24 Some of the greatest early scientists, like Isaac Newton
01:28 and others, were great men of God.
01:30 They loved the Lord.
01:32 And they believed that science was simply
01:34 finding out about God's creation.
01:38 So today we want to talk about that.
01:40 Because the Bible itself makes some pretty strong
01:42 powerful declarations about our origins,
01:46 and about where we came from, and how we got here.
01:50 Genesis 1:1 is a very powerful, a very powerful statement.
01:55 It says, "In the beginning God created..."
01:58 So it says there's a beginning.
02:00 "In the beginning God created..."
02:03 So obviously God had to be before the beginning
02:05 because He created and started it.
02:08 "In the beginning God created the heavens," the universe,
02:12 "and the earth."
02:14 God created time in the beginning.
02:17 He created space, the heavens.
02:20 He created matter, the earth.
02:23 Science today will tell you that they believe the universe
02:25 is made up of those three things:
02:27 time, space, and matter.
02:30 But Jesus is also declared to be the great Creator.
02:35 The apostle John makes an astounding statement
02:38 about Jesus in John 1:1-5.
02:44 He says, "In the beginning was the Word..."
02:46 The Word, meaning, Jesus.
02:48 "In the beginning was the Word..."
02:49 So He was there in the beginning.
02:51 He wasn't created.
02:53 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God..."
02:59 So God and the Word are with each other in the beginning
03:05 as they create the heavens and the earth.
03:08 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
03:12 and the Word was God."
03:16 Now that's a very powerful statement.
03:18 Can we understand this great wonderful heavenly trio
03:22 that expresses itself as one God?
03:25 We worship one God made up of three unique beings
03:30 who are united together.
03:33 We sometimes call them the Godhead.
03:36 You know, God said in the beginning when He made man,
03:39 He made them male and female.
03:43 Man expressed as two.
03:46 The God of heaven expressed as three.
03:50 You can't explain how three can be one and one can be three,
03:54 but then there's a lot of things I can't understand.
03:56 My mind is just not big enough.
03:58 I can't understand how Jesus could come and be a man.
04:02 I can't grasp that.
04:03 But I praise God for the results of it.
04:06 Some things we just have to accept by faith
04:08 because the human mind isn't able to explain everything.
04:12 In fact, a lot of people get into trouble
04:14 with Scripture because they try to explain things
04:18 that cannot be explained instead of just accepting it by faith.
04:23 So in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
04:25 And John says that, "In the beginning was the Word,
04:29 and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
04:33 He was in the beginning with God.
04:36 "All things are made through Him..."
04:38 So God the Father and Christ working together
04:41 for the creation, and the Holy Spirit.
04:44 In the book of Genesis we have the Holy Spirit
04:46 hovering over the face of the earth.
04:49 And it says, "All things were made through Him,
04:53 and without Him..."
04:55 These are very powerful, totally inclusive
04:59 statements, so to speak.
05:00 "...without Him nothing was made that was made."
05:03 So first, all things were made by Him.
05:05 And then just to double down, he says, "And there's nothing
05:08 that's been made that didn't have His hand making it."
05:12 And then it says this:
05:14 "In Him was life,
05:17 and the life was the light of men."
05:19 The reason I have light right now and I can talk to you
05:23 is because that life is not original with me.
05:27 It was borrowed, it was given to me from Christ.
05:31 But in Christ, God the Father, the Holy Spirit,
05:35 our God is life original and unborrowed.
05:42 So as we think about these great claims,
05:44 we just are astounded by these mighty claims.
05:48 So I'd like to say, first of all, that this means that
05:52 there was a beginning to the universe.
05:55 And we can hear that in the Scripture in Psalm 8:1-4.
05:58 Listen to the Lord say, "O Lord, our Lord,
06:01 how excellent is Your name in all the earth,
06:05 who have set Your glory above the heavens!"
06:08 God is above space.
06:11 He's above time.
06:13 He can interject Himself in a time or out of time.
06:16 Can we understand that? No.
06:18 We sometimes use a big word called, transcendent.
06:20 In other words, God can be above the heavens,
06:24 above the earth, above the universe, above space,
06:28 but He can also transition Himself into it.
06:32 He said, "...who have set Your glory above the heavens!"
06:35 "When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers,
06:40 the moon and the stars, which You have ordained..."
06:43 Then he asked that question, "...what is man
06:46 that You are mindful of him?
06:48 And the son of man that You visit him?"
06:51 Why is it that we are so important to God?
06:55 Why are we so precious to God?
06:57 When we look at the heavens and the earth
06:58 and we seem so small and so tiny,
07:00 how is it that we are important?
07:04 And yet, I want to tell you that we are important.
07:08 Our heavenly Father loves us.
07:11 The Bible says that God stretched out the universe.
07:14 So that's kind of an interesting statement.
07:17 And I'll just read that.
07:19 Isaiah 42:5 says, "Thus says the Lord God,
07:23 who created the heavens and stretched them out..."
07:28 So He stretched out the universe.
07:31 "...who spread forth the earth and that which comes from it,
07:34 who gives breath to the people on it,
07:37 and spirit to those who walk in it."
07:42 So God, how He did it, we don't know.
07:46 And I'm not here to defend the Big Bang or not the Big Bang.
07:48 I can only tell you what the Scripture says.
07:51 And it says that God took the heavens and started it
07:54 like a, kind of like a curtain, if you please.
07:57 And of course, you know when you spread a curtain
07:59 out across your window.
08:00 And He says, "I did that to the universe.
08:02 I spread out the heavens."
08:06 Now God created everything for a purpose.
08:09 There's nothing God does. Love has always got a purpose.
08:12 And we need to understand that purpose.
08:13 We need to understand why we're here.
08:15 A lot of people lose purpose in life.
08:17 You know, some people commit suicide because
08:20 they lose purpose.
08:21 They don't think there's any reason for their existence.
08:24 And that's what the evolutionists
08:25 and the atheists will give you.
08:26 If fact, we've got a bunch of new atheists today.
08:30 They really don't have any new information,
08:32 they're just more militant than ever before,
08:34 and they hate Christianity and they hate the Bible.
08:37 And they cherry pick stuff out of the Bible
08:40 and they don't let the context work
08:42 and they don't see the whole thing.
08:43 They make all kinds of crazy claims about the God of heaven
08:47 that are not true.
08:49 And they have, unfortunately, along with evolution
08:52 destroyed the faith of so many people,
08:56 so many young people today.
08:58 They just say, "Well, you know, science tells me..."
09:01 But let me tell you, science is giving them false science.
09:05 It's making claims about things they don't know anything about,
09:08 like the origins of the universe.
09:10 They weren't there, by the way.
09:13 Well, let's go back to the Scripture for just a moment.
09:16 We're created in God's image.
09:18 We have a purpose.
09:20 We have a purpose like Him.
09:22 You know, God wants children.
09:23 That's why He created us; He wants a family.
09:26 Isn't that beautiful?
09:27 That's what love is. Love doesn't want to be alone.
09:30 Love wants to share.
09:32 So God says in Genesis 1, "Let us make man in Our image,
09:37 according to Our likeness."
09:39 He says it twice.
09:41 We're made in the image of God.
09:42 "Let them have dominion..."
09:44 Now dominion means power.
09:46 So God gives us as human beings power to do things,
09:51 to go places, to create things.
09:54 To do all kinds of wonderful things.
09:56 "Let them have dominion..."
09:59 Dominion over what?
10:01 Well let's listen to it.
10:03 It says dominion over the birds of the air.
10:07 God meant for there to be a special relationship
10:09 between us and the creation.
10:11 "...over the birds of the air, and over the cattle,
10:14 over all the earth,
10:16 and over all the creeping things that creep on the earth."
10:18 Do you think that dominion was ever meant to be a
10:21 selfish dominion, to be a hard dominion, to take advantage?
10:24 No. It was meant to be a kind dominion.
10:28 It was to be an unselfish dominion.
10:30 A dominion that brought happiness and joy
10:32 to those under the leadership of human beings.
10:36 But sin has disrupted all of that.
10:39 It's brought misery to the animal kingdom.
10:41 The apostle Paul says in another place that the whole creation
10:44 groans waiting for its redemption.
10:47 And that includes the animals.
10:49 I think about what the animals go through,
10:50 and all the difficulty everywhere.
10:53 And everything today, the whole system has been changed
10:57 because of sin.
11:00 Everything has to die in order to make room for the
11:03 next part that's coming along.
11:04 But some day when Jesus comes that's all going to change.
11:08 It's all going to change.
11:10 So God created man in His own image.
11:12 God is our Father, He wants a family,
11:15 and He created us for His own enjoyment and for our pleasure.
11:20 He wants us to be happy.
11:22 And it says that God formed it. He created it.
11:26 Well the claims of the book of Revelation
11:28 are very much the same.
11:30 The claims of the book of Revelation says,
11:32 and we've talked about this earlier just a little bit,
11:35 Revelation 4:8 is a song we don't have the music to,
11:38 but we have the words, "Holy, holy, holy
11:42 Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!"
11:48 And verse 11, "You are worthy, O Lord, To receive glory
11:53 and honor and power."
11:56 And here's the reason.
11:57 "For You have created all things,
12:00 and by Your will they exist and were created."
12:05 There's three discoveries of modern science, I believe,
12:09 and many other people are saying the same thing,
12:11 that prove the existence of God.
12:15 So let's start talking about those three things.
12:18 First of all, there was a beginning to the universe.
12:21 Now the reason I'm telling you this is because
12:25 there used to be that people would say,
12:26 the evolutionists would say, "Oh no, the universe has
12:30 been here forever.
12:32 The material things, you know, matter and energy
12:35 can be interchanged, so it's eternal.
12:38 It's been here since eternity.
12:40 It will be here for eternity."
12:44 But then there came a discovery.
12:47 A discover by a man by the name of Hubble.
12:49 Have you ever heard of the Hubble telescope?
12:52 Well it's brought marvelous pictures of the universe.
12:55 And it was named after this man.
12:56 He was an astronomer.
12:59 And he discovered something as he observed the universe.
13:04 He observed that the universe was actually expanding.
13:10 That's right.
13:11 It wasn't still.
13:13 It wasn't just static.
13:15 It was expanding.
13:19 Now that means, if it is expanding
13:23 then you could also go backwards
13:27 and figure out that it had a beginning.
13:30 This was an astounding discovery by Mr. Hubble.
13:35 But it fit right in, of course, with Genesis.
13:40 Genesis, "In the beginning God created
13:45 the heavens and the earth."
13:48 Everybody knows the universe had a beginning.


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