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00:01 The world was shocked when Hubble discovered that
00:04 the universe had a beginning.
00:06 People started, many of the evolutionists started saying,
00:08 "Oh no, the creationists will take advantage of this."
00:11 Because they had heard about Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning
00:14 God created the heavens and the earth."
00:16 There's an interesting story told by Dr. Stephen Meyer.
00:19 Einstein had heard about this and he was troubled about it.
00:22 So he tried to put together a formula to show that
00:25 this really wasn't true and that the universe had
00:28 been here all along and it was eternal.
00:30 But he was invited out to look through Mr. Hubble's telescope.
00:35 There's a newsreel of actually Einstein coming out
00:39 after looking at the telescope.
00:41 And Einstein comes out and he says, "I now see the necessity
00:46 of a beginning."
00:47 And then later he said his fudge factor that he invented
00:51 to keep matter eternal was one of the greatest mistakes
00:54 of his scientific career.
00:57 So if the universe had a beginning,
01:02 then it no doubt had a Creator.
01:06 And that's exactly what the late Stephen Hawkins said
01:10 in his, Brief History of Time.
01:12 Quoting, "So long as the universe had a beginning,
01:15 we could suppose..."
01:16 And Stephen Hawkins, it seemed like he could
01:18 never make up his mind.
01:19 "...we could suppose that it had a creator."
01:22 Well I think Stephen Hawkins was on to something.
01:25 Genesis certainly said that it had a Creator.
01:27 Nothing comes from nothing.
01:31 Now we also live in a finely tuned universe.
01:33 I've referred to that several times because
01:34 God runs His universe by laws.
01:36 And He runs our life by law.
01:38 That's to preserve our freedom and to keep life.
01:41 You have to protect life with laws.
01:43 And that's how God does it.
01:45 Now our universe is finely tuned.
01:46 If you just move the moon just a little tiny bit,
01:50 then life will cease to exist on earth.
01:52 If you move the solar system just a hair,
01:56 life will cease to exist on earth.
01:57 Just change the expanse of the universe, and the same thing.
02:01 It's just really, not just a little bit finely tuned,
02:04 this thing is so finely tuned that they're saying
02:08 it's like 10 to the 37th power.
02:10 I'm going to explain what that means in just a moment.
02:12 But it's a measurement that is so fine and so careful.
02:18 But the universe, it has at least 200 of these
02:21 that they've discovered, 200 of these finely tuned things
02:25 that keep it in balance.
02:26 So what does it mean that it's finely tuned
02:30 to 10 to the 37th power?
02:32 Well if you were to cover the North American continent
02:35 in dimes all the way to the moon,
02:38 which is 239,000 miles...
02:40 By the way, in comparison, the federal deficit
02:44 or the federal debt would cover one square mile
02:47 less than two feet deep with dimes.
02:49 So that gives you kind of a comparison.
02:52 Next, after you cover the American continent with dimes
02:55 all the way to the moon, pile dimes from here to the moon
02:58 on a billion other continents...
03:05 ...the size of North America.
03:07 Paint one of those dimes red in all of those billions
03:12 or probably trillions of dimes, paint one of them red,
03:17 blindfold a person,
03:20 and ask him to pick out the red dime.
03:24 His chances of picking out that red dime
03:28 are 10 to the 37th power.
03:32 In other words, it's really impossible.
03:36 Fred Hoyle, a British astrophysicist,
03:39 said this, very fascinating what he says.
03:42 He says, "A common sense interpretation of the facts
03:47 suggests that a super intellect has monkeyed with physics,
03:51 as well as chemistry and biology,
03:56 and that there are no blind forces..."
03:59 See, evolution is based on blind forces.
04:01 "...there are no blind forces worth speaking about in nature.
04:05 The numbers one calculates from the facts
04:08 seem to me so overwhelming as to put this conclusion
04:14 beyond question."
04:16 In other words, a super intelligence
04:19 has put this together and fine-tuned the universe.
04:25 Arthur Schawlow, if I've said that correctly,
04:29 professor of physics at Stanford University,
04:33 he's a 1981 Nobel Prize winner in physics,
04:37 he said this about the universe.
04:40 He says, "It seems to me when confronted with the
04:42 marvels of life and the universe,
04:46 one must ask this question:
04:50 It's not just why, but how did all of this come about?"
04:56 He says, "The only possible answers are religious."
05:01 He said, "I find a need for God in the universe
05:04 and in my own life."
05:06 What a wonderful testimony.
05:08 There was, some time back when they discovered
05:11 the universe had a beginning, there was a picture
05:13 made by someone that here were scientists working so hard
05:17 and they were trying to find out all about the universe.
05:20 And they climbed up the final hill,
05:23 and just as they got over the hill they found a bunch of
05:26 theologians on the other side.
05:29 Well the answers are found in Scripture, because it's clear.
05:33 Here's George Greenstein, he's an astronomer,
05:37 he says, "As we survey all the evidence,
05:40 the thought insistently arises..."
05:44 In other words, it keeps coming up.
05:45 that some supernatural agency, or Agency," he said,
05:50 "must be involved."
05:51 It's impossible.
05:53 "It's impossible that suddenly, without intending to,
05:56 we have stumbled..."
05:58 Oh no, he puts it this way. I'm sorry.
06:00 "Is it possible that suddenly, without intending to,
06:04 we have stumbled upon scientific proof
06:08 of the existence of a Supreme Being?
06:12 Was it God who stepped in," he asked, "and so providentially
06:16 crafted our cosmos for our benefit?"
06:20 Well the answer is a simple, yes.
06:23 It's a big, yes.
06:24 God put this whole thing together.
06:28 So the first two discoveries is the earth had a beginning,
06:32 the universe had a beginning.
06:34 And number two, it's finely tuned beyond
06:38 human comprehension.
06:39 And the third thing is the discovery of DNA.
06:43 All of these prove the existence of God.
06:46 In fact, someone said, "Who was instructing the cell?
06:50 Who wrote the script?"
06:52 This is Dr. Antony Flew, by the way.
06:54 And he became a Christian.
06:56 He was a well known evolutionist.
06:59 And I think he authored several evolutionistic books.
07:03 He said, "It's legitimate to ask oneself regarding
07:05 the three billion letter code instructing the cell.
07:11 Who wrote the script?
07:13 Who placed this working code in the cell?"
07:17 Do you know that the trillions of cells that you have
07:20 in your body, that every one of those cells
07:23 has a transportation system,
07:25 has all kinds of manufacturing going on?
07:27 It's an incredible complex machine.
07:30 Every one of the three, or how many,
07:33 trillions of cells are in your body.
07:35 As one person said, every cell in your human body
07:38 is busier and more complex than New York City.
07:42 How about that?
07:44 But who wrote the script?
07:46 Who wrote the instructions?
07:47 That's what Antony Flew has said.
07:50 President Clinton congratulated those who had
07:53 constructed the human genome.
07:56 And that was in 2000.
07:59 He said, "Today we are learning the language
08:01 in which God created life.
08:03 "And we're gaining," he says, "ever more awe
08:06 for the complexity, the beauty, and the wonder
08:09 of God's most divine and sacred gift."
08:11 Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the project,
08:14 followed Clinton to the podium, and he stated this.
08:18 He said, "It is humbling for me and awe inspiring
08:21 to realize that we have caught the first glimpse
08:26 of our own instruction book previously known only to God."
08:33 Your DNA is marvelous.
08:35 I don't have time to tell you.
08:37 The DNA can be read forward and backward,
08:40 and there's a whole bunch of other complexities
08:42 that go with it.
08:43 Try writing a paragraph, just one small paragraph,
08:46 that you can read forward and backward
08:48 and make any sense out of it.
08:50 It's an incredible thing.
08:52 Werner Gitt, he's the professor of Information Systems.
08:55 These are people that tell us how you put information
08:59 together, like computers and all of those kinds of things.
09:03 And he put it succinctly.
09:05 He said, "The basic flaw of all evolutionary views
09:09 is the origin of the information in living things,
09:13 in living beings."
09:15 And he goes on to say, he says, "It's never been shown
09:18 that a coding system and information
09:22 could originate itself."
09:25 He said, "The information theorems predict
09:27 that this will never ever be possible."
09:29 He's saying it's impossible that this information
09:32 came from nowhere, that it just generated itself.
09:36 And that's what evolutionists would have you to believe.
09:38 That kind of crazy stuff.
09:43 He goes on to say, "A purely material origin of life..."
09:46 And that's what evolutionists are.
09:48 They believe it's all material.
09:49 " thus ruled out.
09:51 The coding system used for living beings
09:54 is optional from an engineering standpoint."
09:57 Well I've got to get to John Lennox for a little bit.
09:59 John Lennox is a pure mathematician
10:02 from the University of Oxford.
10:04 He's a fellow of mathematics, he's world known.
10:06 And he's a Christian, he's a wonderful Christian person.
10:09 I've really enjoyed him.
10:11 And he gets into these debates.
10:13 You know, there was the debate about, or the book that was
10:17 written, The God Delusion; he counters that.
10:20 He says, "No, it's the atheist delusion."
10:23 And this is why he says it's a delusion.
10:25 He says, "Well you evolutionists, don't you believe
10:28 that you mind, your brain, came because of
10:30 millions and zillions of all kinds of,
10:32 by chance, little things?
10:35 That's how your brain came into existence?"
10:37 He says, "So tell me, how can you trust your brain?"
10:42 He says, "No, the universe was created.
10:45 And your brain was created so that you can appreciate
10:48 what God has done in His universe."
10:51 He says there are a lot of things that
10:53 science can't tell you.
10:55 He says, you know, Aunt Matilda makes a cake.
10:59 And he says, your science can tell you a lot of
11:01 good things about her cake.
11:02 You know, maybe how hot it was baked,
11:04 and what's in the icing, etcetera, etcetera.
11:06 But he says, there's one thing that science cannot tell you
11:09 about Aunt Matilda's cake.
11:11 And that is, why Aunt Matilda made the cake.
11:17 And then, of course, he noted that laws have an agent.
11:20 That's one of the big things they say now.
11:22 "Oh yeah, well all these laws, the law of gravity,
11:24 that's what makes it all work."
11:26 He says, "What?"
11:28 He says laws have to have an agent.
11:32 He says, in essence, and I'm paraphrasing some of his stuff,
11:35 and my apologies to him,
11:37 but he says, the law of two plus two equals four
11:40 will not put money in your bank.
11:43 No, in order to get money in your bank account,
11:46 you have to have an agent.
11:49 You have to have somebody that put it there.
11:51 Somebody puts those laws into effect.
11:54 The law itself doesn't make anything.
11:56 The agent makes the law work.
12:00 You know, he says the evolutionists always say,
12:03 "Well, where did your God come from if He created it?"
12:05 Well, I love his answer.
12:06 He says, "Well listen, we got rid of created gods.
12:09 We got rid of created gods a long time ago.
12:12 We don't believe as Christians in created gods.
12:14 Our God didn't come from anywhere.
12:16 Because our God always has been and He always will be."
12:22 He tells the story, he said, eating dinner with an
12:26 evolutionist because of some kind of program,
12:31 and the evolutionist looked at him and said,
12:33 "Oh no, this is not going to be a very good night."
12:34 And he says, "Listen..."
12:35 They got down to the discussion, he says,
12:37 "Tell me," he says, "this menu, you can tell me
12:39 a lot about this menu, but tell me what the letters mean.
12:42 Where did that come from?"
12:44 The man said, "I've spent a lifetime in my laboratory
12:47 trying to figure out how the information got in there."
12:51 And then, of course, you've got dinosaurs today
12:53 who are said to be 70 or 80 million years,
12:56 and they've got soft tissue.
12:58 Well the list could go on, and I've run out of time,
13:00 but I want to tell you, you can trust the Bible.
13:04 You can trust the Creator of the universe.
13:07 He has a purpose for your life.
13:09 He can do wonderful and marvelous things for you.
13:11 He created you, He made you in His own image.
13:15 And He loves you.
13:16 He wants you to be His child.
13:17 Don't listen to these evolutionists.
13:19 They don't know what they're talking about.
13:20 Don't listen to the atheists.
13:21 Don't let them rob you of the beauty and the power
13:25 and the love of God, your heavenly Father,
13:29 your Creator who really loves you.


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