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00:01 We live in a world that professes to be wise,
00:03 but is it possible that our scientific culture
00:06 has become fools because they refuse to allow
00:10 a Divine foot in the door?
00:37 Worship is the big-time end-time issue.
00:41 And of course, it was the very first issue
00:43 in the Garden of Eden.
00:44 But it's surprising in the book of Revelation
00:46 how many times the word, "worship," is mentioned.
00:49 Not just mentioned, but it's the centerpiece of this
00:52 great controversy between Christ and Satan.
00:55 And those three angels' messages in Revelation chapter 14,
01:00 that first angel says something that's very commanding.
01:04 In verse 7 it says, "...and worship Him..."
01:08 And then it says, "...and worship Him who made
01:11 heaven and earth, and the sea, and the springs of water."
01:17 "...and worship Him..." So it's like a command.
01:20 I want to talk a little bit more today about our culture
01:23 that seems to have robbed so many people
01:27 of a relationship with their heavenly Father
01:30 who created them.
01:32 The last time we talked about evolution,
01:34 I kind of ran out of time.
01:36 So I want to bring a few other points in here
01:38 showing that once again we're living in a world
01:41 that has really plenty of evidence that God
01:45 is the Divine Creator.
01:48 One of the things that is very fascinating is, you know,
01:51 the evolutionists believe they have to have time.
01:54 If you give them enough time, they can make anything happen.
01:57 Well, one of the things that they've said is that dinosaurs
02:01 are like 70 some million years old.
02:04 70 some million years old?
02:08 Well there's plenty of evidence that the world is a young earth,
02:11 in one sense of the word.
02:13 Maybe about 6000 years old. Something like that.
02:16 But coming back to these 70 million year old dinosaurs.
02:21 By the way, there's a circular reasoning
02:23 that goes on with these folks.
02:25 They say, "Well, how do you know that the dinosaurs
02:26 are 70 something millions years old?"
02:28 "Well, because we know the rocks are 70 something millions year."
02:30 "Oh, okay.
02:31 Well, how do you know that the rocks are
02:33 70 something millions years old?"
02:34 "Well, because we know the dinosaurs are 70 million..."
02:36 Okay, okay.
02:38 That is what we call, circular reasoning.
02:40 It doesn't prove anything.
02:42 But they have just been for a shock in the last few years.
02:46 A lady in North Carolina State University
02:50 actually discovered that these bones that they've been
02:55 digging up of dinosaurs actually has soft tissue in it.
03:00 Well that is impossible over 70 something million years.
03:05 It was amazing how people reacted to this.
03:10 One person wrote her, one scientist wrote her and said,
03:13 "I don't believe it. That data is not correct."
03:17 Of course, it's been substantiated
03:20 by many others today.
03:23 They're finding soft tissue in dinosaur bones
03:25 all over the place.
03:27 But this individual said, "I'm just not going to believe this."
03:30 She writes back and she says, "Well tell me,
03:33 what data would you believe that would convince you?"
03:38 And he writes back and says, "Nothing."
03:41 In other words, he's not willing to acknowledge
03:44 that the evolutionary model is really
03:47 terribly, terribly flawed.
03:49 Well it even gets worse.
03:51 They found these, they say 500 million year old,
03:56 worm fossils in the ocean.
03:58 And they found soft tissue in that.
04:02 Some of them are so foolish as to come up and say,
04:04 "Well, it must be able to last for 70 some million years."
04:06 Well, you know, we're not...
04:08 The average man can add and subtract.
04:10 We can still read.
04:12 You don't have to be a scientist to get this.
04:14 That's just absolutely foolish and impossible.
04:17 No, the earth is a young earth.
04:20 John Sanford, who is part of the invention of the gene gun,
04:25 I think he was a co-inventor of it,
04:28 and he understands genetics and all of those kinds of things,
04:32 at Cornell University, and he discovered something.
04:36 He was an evolutionist, by the way.
04:37 He's become a Christian.
04:39 And he's written a book about all of this, Genetic Entropy.
04:43 Which means this, simply this:
04:46 That your genes, our genes, are not getting better.
04:51 In fact, the mutations are always, just about always, bad.
04:56 And so he's saying that every generation
04:59 is losing genetic information in a negative way.
05:04 Maybe one to two percent, somewhere in that neighborhood.
05:08 And it's bad news.
05:10 It means the whole human race is going down.
05:13 It's not getting better. It's getting worse.
05:16 Just what we should expect with the whole story of Genesis.
05:21 Because God created it, and then sin has come in.
05:25 And sin has really messed up the whole human race.
05:31 So John Sanford says the time is going to come
05:34 when the whole human race is going to collapse.
05:37 It cannot hold off disease any longer,
05:39 it cannot hold off the genetic defects.
05:42 He says it kind of goes down like this,
05:44 and then it levels out, and then it crashes.
05:47 So the whole human race is destined for destruction
05:51 But I believe, John Sanford believes,
05:54 that Jesus will come, and Jesus will rescue the human race
05:58 before it collapses from its own descending,
06:03 deteriorating genetics.
06:07 Now there's another thing that some people have raised,
06:10 and I think it's really a good one.
06:12 You remember that thing about time, how evolutionists
06:14 have to have all this time?
06:17 "Just give us enough time."
06:19 Well, they say that the universe is like, I don't know,
06:23 15 million years old, billion years old.
06:26 The earth is five billion years, or four.
06:29 Something like that. These big numbers.
06:31 But using their math.
06:34 Maybe it's twelve; I've got it here a little bit better.
06:37 They say the universe is like 12.7 billion years,
06:41 and the earth is about 4.5.
06:43 Irregardless, they say, "Then we have, this gives us enough time
06:50 for all this evolutionary stuff to take place."
06:52 But it's interesting to note,
06:54 and I want to share this with you,
06:56 think about this, think about that big universe
06:58 and all the suns and worlds.
07:00 It's a huge universe.
07:02 Our minds can't even comprehend how big it is.
07:06 But think about this.
07:08 The scientists have calculated that the atoms,
07:13 the number of atoms in the universe is somewhere around
07:18 10 to the 70th, or 10 to the 80th power.
07:23 In other words, it's a billion, trillion, billions of trillions.
07:28 It's a number so big that you just can't comprehend it.
07:34 Well somebody did a little calculation about how much
07:36 time, using probability, it would take just to get
07:42 a few proteins put into place.
07:45 And listen, there's not enough time in the universe.
07:48 There's not enough time for them to get all of this stuff done.
07:53 So evolution really has got a lot of major problems.
07:58 The tragedy of evolution is that it has robbed so many
08:02 young people, and adults, of their relationship with God.
08:07 So there's this attitude here of no open mindedness.
08:12 I mentioned in my opening here this fact that
08:18 they just don't want to let God's foot in the door.
08:21 In fact, one person said that, one scientist said that.
08:24 He's a Marxist on top of that.
08:28 But he also says, well known geneticist, he says,
08:32 "Materialism is absolute.
08:34 We just cannot allow a Divine foot in the door."
08:38 So professing to become wise, as the Scripture says,
08:42 they have become fools.
08:44 Worship is a big-time end-time issue.
08:48 What is worship?
08:50 Worship is something where we give glory and honor
08:54 to someone who is greater than us.
08:57 Someone who is good and worthy to be worshiped.
09:03 And worthy of our respect and our reverence.
09:07 And this wonderful God who created the universe,
09:10 who created us because He's a God of love
09:13 and He wants to share.
09:15 Love is like that.
09:17 Love just can't just stay to itself.
09:19 Love wants to share.
09:21 And so God wanted to bring us into existence,
09:24 make us His children, fill our lives with happiness.
09:28 And that brings Him great joy as well.
09:32 God is worthy to be worshiped.
09:35 And according to the Scripture, He's worthy of worship because
09:40 He is the Creator.
09:42 Revelation 4:11 says this.
09:46 "You are worthy, O Lord..."
09:48 There's that word, "worthy."
09:50 "...worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power;
09:55 for You created all things,
09:58 and by Your will they exist and were created."
10:01 You know, you can give glory to God all day long,
10:06 and He can receive the glory of all of His creation,
10:10 but it will not change Him.
10:11 The problem with man is, if you give them much glory,
10:14 it changes them and they get the big head.
10:16 But God is always humble.
10:18 He's always full of self-sacrificing love.
10:22 And so we can praise Him and give Him glory and honor,
10:27 but it never will change who He is.
10:29 Because He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
10:35 Jesus is also worthy of our worship.
10:38 And the Bible says why He is worthy of our worship.
10:41 Revelation 5:12 says, "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain
10:47 to receive power and riches and wisdom,
10:51 and strength and honor and glory and blessing!"
10:55 Jesus gave Himself to us.
10:58 He voluntarily came here.
11:01 And the Father let Him come.
11:02 The Father didn't force Jesus to come here and save us.
11:07 No, Jesus came of His own free will.
11:11 He came because He has divine love, He is Divine.
11:15 And He has that same love for us.
11:17 He has that same care for the human race.
11:21 So the Father, I think with great reluctance,
11:25 let Jesus come.
11:27 And Jesus volunteered to come.
11:29 There's no one forcing anyone here.
11:32 But Jesus is worthy.
11:34 Worthy because He took the huge risk of coming here to save us.
11:39 And it was a risk.
11:42 Jesus and the Father deserve our worship.
11:46 But there is someone who also wants our worship.
11:50 Someone who doesn't deserve that worship.
11:53 Someone who's not worthy.
11:56 Someone who wants to insert themselves
12:00 and get that worship, and take that worship
12:03 that belongs to God legitimately, to take it away
12:08 and give it to himself.
12:11 That person is none other than Lucifer.
12:14 We find in the book of Revelation in chapter 13,
12:20 and we're going to talk about that in our next session more,
12:23 the Bible says the world becomes perverted.
12:27 The world becomes confused, as it were.
12:30 And the Bible says, "And they worshiped the best..."
12:35 The beast from the sea?
12:38 And they worshiped the image to the beast.
12:42 The beast from the earth.
12:45 Why do they transfer their worship?
12:48 Why do they give worship to something that
12:51 doesn't deserve worship?
12:53 Something that's backed up by the great red dragon.
12:59 It was Jesus who made it clear that worship
13:02 and serve go together.
13:04 You know, in the book of Romans it says,
13:06 "For since the creation of the world," Romans 1:20-25,
13:12 "For since the creation of the world His," God's, "invisible
13:16 attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things
13:21 that He had made, even His eternal power and Godhead,
13:26 so that they are without excuse..."
13:29 The apostle Paul is saying, "You really don't have any excuse
13:32 not to believe God."
13:34 Because the entire creation, your own creation,
13:39 the complexity of it, the beauty of it,
13:42 the design of it, all of that tells us
13:46 that God is the one who created the heavens and the earth.


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