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00:01 So how did people come to the place that they can
00:03 deny the evidence of God Himself, even though they
00:06 can see the creation, and see themselves, and see the design.
00:10 It's like one well known evolutionist said,
00:14 he said, "Well, the universe appears to be designed,
00:19 but it's not."
00:21 And I want to say, if it looks like a duck
00:24 and walks like a duck, it's because it is a duck.
00:26 It looks designed because it has a Designer behind it.
00:30 It's because people are unthankful.
00:33 And the Bible says that, "They did not glorify God,
00:37 nor were they thankful,
00:38 and they became futile in their own thoughts..."
00:41 And ultimately, even though they were professing
00:44 to become wise, or to be wise, they became fools.
00:49 And really, that kind of describes the world
00:51 that we live in today.
00:53 So God allows people to go their own way.
00:58 And we're seeing the world in a mess, chaos,
01:01 and all the garbage that humanity has
01:05 gotten itself involved in.
01:07 But we want to come back to Revelation chapter 13
01:11 and this whole issue of worship.
01:13 This image to the beast causes the world to worship
01:17 the first beast, in verse 12 of chapter 13.
01:21 So this worship is a big deal.
01:24 And then of course we have, it says it caused those
01:28 who would not worship the beast to be killed, verse 15.
01:32 That is a big issue.
01:33 It's the center issue in the final controversy
01:37 that's going on between Christ and Satan.
01:40 Some people say, "Well how can these beasts...
01:42 You know, I want to see Jesus, I want to see Jesus."
01:45 And we all want to see Jesus. I want to underline that.
01:49 But you know, "Don't talk to me about the beasts."
01:51 And yet the book of Revelation is a revelation of Jesus.
01:54 We have to understand, there is a great controversy going on
01:58 between Jesus and the great red dragon.
02:00 Between Jesus and His supporters on earth,
02:04 His agencies on earth,
02:06 and the great red dragon and his agencies on earth.
02:09 And this thing is coming to a clash in the end of time,
02:13 to a culmination, and it's going to resolve
02:16 around and revolve around the issue of worship.
02:21 The worship; God who created the heavens and the earth.
02:26 So since this worship issue is such a big thing,
02:29 we want to go back to seeing Jesus as He's moving
02:32 through the heavenly Sanctuary, as we've mentioned earlier.
02:36 The ark of the covenant now, when you get into Revelation
02:39 chapters 12, 13, 14, 15, the rest of the book of Revelation,
02:44 it's focusing now on Jesus' ministry in the
02:47 heavenly Sanctuary, in the Most Holy Place.
02:51 And that is going to take us through to the end of time.
02:54 In the Most Holy Place is the one piece of furniture
02:58 that's called, the ark of the covenant.
03:00 And the ark of the covenant contains the Ten Commandments.
03:04 Above that is the mercy seat.
03:05 And aren't we glad for the mercy seat?
03:07 So above the law of God is the mercy seat
03:10 where we can find forgiveness if we break the law of God.
03:14 But we want to take a look at these Ten Commandments.
03:16 The first four of those Ten Commandments
03:19 talk to us about the worship of God.
03:22 That becomes center and foremost.
03:24 And those first four we are going to talk about
03:25 for a few minutes here.
03:27 And worship is the theme of those first four commandments.
03:31 The first commandment tells us that there is
03:33 only one God to worship.
03:36 Only one.
03:37 And the second one tells us how not to worship Him,
03:41 because He's a jealous God.
03:44 Well people say, "Why is God jealous?"
03:46 Let me ask you, as parents aren't you jealous
03:49 for the love of your children?
03:51 Let me ask you husbands, aren't you jealous
03:53 for the love of your wife?
03:55 And women, aren't you jealous for the love of your husband?
03:59 There's a good kind of jealousy, a proper kind of jealousy.
04:02 And God says that He's jealous.
04:04 He loves His children.
04:06 And He wants their love.
04:07 And He has a right to their love.
04:08 And so the second commandment tells us
04:10 you can't worship God with images made,
04:14 and bowing down to them, and material things.
04:17 Because, "God is Spirit, and we worship Him," as Jesus said,
04:21 "in spirit and in truth."
04:24 He's a jealous God.
04:26 And the third commandment tells us that to worship Him
04:29 is serious business.
04:33 It's serious business, and that we don't take
04:35 God's name in vain.
04:37 You know, in our world, of course some people have
04:40 changed that, but in the normal sense when a woman marries
04:43 a man, she takes his last name.
04:46 Is that name important to her for the rest of her life?
04:49 Of course it's important.
04:50 When we become the Lord's, we take His name.
04:53 And His name should be reverenced and appreciated.
04:57 And then there's the fourth commandment.
05:00 But before I say anything about the fourth commandment,
05:03 let me ask a question.
05:05 Can a worshiper change any one of these four commandments
05:12 and still worship God?
05:15 Can you change God's commandments
05:18 and still worship Him?
05:22 Well let's look at that fourth commandment.
05:23 The fourth commandment sums up all four of the commandments,
05:28 the first three, declaring that God of the Ten Commandments
05:32 is indeed the Creator of the universe.
05:36 It tells us who God is. He's Jehovah.
05:39 It tells us that He's the Creator,
05:41 and that we're not to worship the creation.
05:44 It tells us that God is the Creator of the universe
05:47 and demands reverence.
05:49 And it tells us when to worship.
05:53 When to worship.
05:54 Genesis, by the way, is the origin
05:56 of that fourth commandment.
05:58 And in the book of Genesis we have this very fascinating
06:02 picture as God finished the creation.
06:06 And this is what God said,
06:08 He added another day to the creation.
06:11 The creation was done in seven days,
06:14 not six days.
06:16 Because the seventh day is the Sabbath,
06:19 and it's part of God's creation.
06:21 God created a sanctuary of time.
06:26 I'll come back to that, but let's go back to
06:28 Genesis chapter 1 here.
06:32 I'm sorry, chapter 2 the first three verses.
06:35 "Thus the heavens and the earth were finished,
06:38 and all the host of them were finished."
06:40 Now notice how many times God uses the word, "seventh day."
06:45 "And on the seventh day God ended His work
06:48 which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day...
06:52 And God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it,
06:58 because in it He rested from His work
07:01 which He had created and made."
07:03 It's mentioned three times, the seventh day.
07:06 And I haven't talked about the wonderful numbers,
07:09 the perfect numbers, but three is one of those numbers.
07:12 And three is a symbol of divinity.
07:16 So what does the word, "sanctify," mean?
07:19 What does that mean?
07:20 It means that you set something apart for holy use.
07:25 You consecrate it.
07:26 You hallow it. You dedicate it.
07:29 People dedicate things all the time.
07:31 I mean, you know, some guys, they really like their cars
07:34 or their motorcycles.
07:36 And that's kind of dedicated as far as they're concerned.
07:39 And they don't want anybody else touching that car
07:41 or that motorcycle.
07:43 Why? Because it's special to them.
07:45 It's very special to them.
07:47 And people do this kind of thing with
07:49 material objects, of course.
07:51 The seventh day, however, was made unique from other days.
07:55 Now people say, "Well, isn't it just like any other day?"
07:59 Well, yes, it's time. It's one 24 hour period.
08:04 It would look like any other day, except for one thing.
08:07 And that is that God blessed it, and hallowed it,
08:10 and sanctified it, and made it special.
08:13 Now let me tell you this.
08:15 The seventh day is, the seventh day Sabbath
08:20 is evidence of creation.
08:25 And one reason we have so much problem with worshiping God
08:28 as Creator is because people have forgotten
08:31 the seventh day.
08:33 And the fourth commandment starts
08:34 with the word, "Remember."
08:37 Because God knew how easy it would be for people to forget.
08:40 Let me explain what I mean by that, that it's evidence.
08:44 Why is it that we have months?
08:46 Well, the months are governed by the moon.
08:49 Why is it that we have years?
08:51 It's governed by the sun.
08:53 Why is it that we have days?
08:55 Because the earth turns on its axis in 24 hours.
09:00 So the day, the month, the year is all governed
09:05 by the earth, the sun, and the moon.
09:08 But what about the seventh day?
09:10 Why do we have a weekly cycle
09:14 of seven days?
09:15 Where did that come from?
09:18 There's only one explanation.
09:21 It came from God who created the earth in seven days
09:26 and took the seventh day and sanctified it
09:29 and hallowed it.
09:31 So what did God create on the seventh day?
09:33 He created a sanctuary of time.
09:36 Now you know, we dedicate and hallow things here.
09:39 If somebody builds a church, what is it built out of?
09:42 Isn't it built out of brick, and mortar, and wood, and stone?
09:46 But do we treat that church like any other old building
09:49 that we have? No.
09:52 We hallow that church.
09:55 We hallow it because we have sanctified it.
10:00 We have made it special.
10:02 It's not for common use.
10:04 And what God did with the seventh day is He made it
10:08 not for common use.
10:10 So you're not earning your living on that day.
10:12 You're not doing the common things.
10:14 Because now you have time.
10:17 God wants time with you.
10:19 Now you know this, we hear it all the time.
10:22 If you want to build a relationship with your children,
10:24 you need to spend time.
10:26 If you want to build a relationship with your husband
10:28 or your wife, you need to spend time.
10:31 If you're going to have friendship with people,
10:33 you need time.
10:35 And God loves us, and He wants to spend time.
10:39 In His great wisdom He sanctified, hallowed,
10:42 some time and said, "Remember this, because
10:46 I want to have some special time."
10:48 Now that doesn't mean we don't worship God all week long.
10:50 It doesn't mean that we don't give our hearts to Him.
10:53 But listen, if you don't take some special time
10:56 with your spouse, or take some special time with your children,
10:59 you don't have the time to build that relationship
11:02 that you want them to have.
11:04 Well, some people say, "Well, you know the Sabbath
11:06 was just given to the Jews."
11:07 Really? Adam and Eve are the father and mother of all of us.
11:11 How could anybody ever come to the conclusion
11:13 that it was just given to the Jews?
11:16 Well why is God so specific
11:19 about the Sabbath being the seventh day?
11:22 Does it really matter which day I keep?
11:25 No, not really. Unless..
11:30 Unless it matters that God sanctifies something.
11:35 If that matters, then the Sabbath matters.
11:39 No it doesn't matter, unless the Ten Commandments matter.
11:44 And if the Ten Commandments matter, the Sabbath matters.
11:50 Some people say, "Well, what about those,
11:52 aren't there some sanctuary Sabbaths?"
11:54 Yes, there were, but they were different.
11:56 They were given after sin.
11:58 They were given with the institution of the Sanctuary.
12:01 And they could fall on any day of the week.
12:05 And we don't celebrate those anymore.
12:07 Just like we don't take a lamb and offer a lamb.
12:09 Because we have the real Lamb of God.
12:11 We have the real Sanctuary in heaven.
12:14 And the Ten Commandments simply reflect the ark of the covenant
12:18 that is in heaven.
12:21 So God has an appeal to all of us about the Sabbath.
12:26 Now we might say, "Which day is the Sabbath?"
12:29 Well Jesus died on Friday,
12:34 He rested in the tomb on Sabbath,
12:36 was resurrected on Sunday.
12:38 So the Sabbath is what we call Saturday.
12:41 The seventh day of the week is what we call Saturday today.
12:44 Now that might be new to some people,
12:46 and they may say, "Well, I don't know."
12:49 But just trust the Lord.
12:51 Why don't you just trust Him?
12:53 He's the Creator.
12:54 Yes, it may mean that you may be odd,
12:56 you may be running upstream,
12:58 may be going to church on a different day.
13:00 But at the end of the day, what is it that you want?
13:02 Don't you want to walk with Jesus?
13:04 Don't you want to do what He wants you to do?
13:06 He loves you.
13:07 He's not going to tell you something or give you something
13:09 that's going to hurt you.
13:11 No, Jesus got it right when He said
13:13 the Sabbath was given to man as a gift.
13:15 It's a wonderful gift.
13:17 A gift that will bless you, and help you,
13:20 and draw you closer to a God who really loves you.


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