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00:01 So who received the power, and throne, and authority
00:06 from the old pagan Roman Empire?
00:08 Who did he give that to?
00:10 How did that get transferred?
00:12 Stanley's history, renowned historian, English historian
00:16 from the 1600's, makes this powerful statement.
00:20 And we're going to let history now give the answer.
00:24 This is what he says, he says, "The popes filled the place
00:27 of the vacant emperors of Rome, inheriting their power, prestige
00:34 and titles from paganism.
00:37 Constantine left all to the bishop of Rome...
00:40 The Papacy is but the ghost of the deceased Roman Empire
00:45 sitting crowned upon its grave."
00:48 So he said here that it's the popes, the papacy,
00:52 that has really received all of that from pagan Rome.
00:55 And here's another outstanding historian.
00:59 His name is Abbott's Roman History.
01:03 Or that's the work that he did.
01:04 He's an American historian who taught at Princeton University.
01:08 And he wrote several works on the Roman Empire
01:11 and its civilization.
01:13 And this is what he says.
01:15 He says, "The transfer of the emperor's residence
01:18 to Constantine..."
01:19 It's talking about the Roman emperors.
01:21 " Constantinople was a sad blow to the prestige of Rome,
01:26 and at the time one might have predicted her speedy decline.
01:30 But the development of the church, and the growing
01:33 authority of the Bishop of Rome, or the pope,
01:37 gave her," Rome, "and new lease on life
01:40 and made her," Rome, "again the capital,
01:44 this time the religious capital, of the civilized world."
01:49 So a different phase, but it's going to turn out
01:54 not so good for God's people in the end of time
01:59 and all down through Christian history.
02:02 So let's look at the data so far.
02:05 The great red dragon was pagan Rome led by the serpent, Satan.
02:08 Pagan Rome gives the leopard beast from the sea
02:11 its seat, and power, and authority.
02:14 And now the papacy, symbolized by the leopard beast,
02:17 receives its seat and power and authority from pagan Rome.
02:21 Papa Rome, signified by the leopard beast
02:25 with seven heads and ten horns, is the new phase
02:29 of the old Roman Empire, signified by the red dragon
02:33 with seven heads and ten horns.
02:35 And actually, one of the great titles of the pope
02:38 is Pontifex Maximus, which was a title of the
02:41 emperors of the Roman Empire, and now is also taken on
02:46 by the papal sea.
02:50 So we want to go back to the text again.
02:53 And the text says that this power would rule for 42 months
02:58 or 1260 days, or years.
03:02 Days of years again.
03:04 In 538 AD we have something very interesting happen.
03:10 Justinian, who now was in Constantinople,
03:13 the pope is in Rome, Justinian makes some laws
03:18 in which he gives the pope supremacy over all the ministers
03:23 Byzantine and western, gives him the authority
03:28 to be over them all.
03:29 He did that in 533 AD.
03:31 It's a very interesting story what happens here.
03:35 But Rome and Italy is under the thumb of the Ostrogoths.
03:40 And they are not letting the pope have very much power.
03:44 And so Justinian sends his general,
03:48 and his general invades Rome.
03:52 And when he takes the city of Rome,
03:55 he overthrows the Ostrogoths in 538.
03:59 Now Justinian's law can go into effect.
04:02 Because the popes are now free to exercise authority
04:07 over the Christian church all over the world,
04:10 according to Justinian.
04:14 Now the Bible says that would last for 1260 days of years.
04:21 For 1260 years that would last.
04:24 So if you look 1260 years later, you come to the time of 1798.
04:28 That gets it down closer to our time, those 1260 years.
04:32 There had been the American Revolution,
04:34 the United States of America is coming on the scene.
04:36 You have the French Revolution, the rise of Napoleon.
04:39 Napoleon crowns himself, refuses to be crowned by the popes.
04:43 And actually he goes into Rome, captures the pope,
04:46 takes him prisoner, and he dies in exile.
04:50 And that is the deadly wound that happened to the papacy
04:54 at the end of those 1260 years in 1798.
05:02 We'll come back to more of that in a moment,
05:04 but we want to go to something else that this power does.
05:06 The Bible says that he would speak great words
05:08 against the Most High.
05:10 And it even uses the word, "blasphemies."
05:12 The first time that, "blasphemy," shows up
05:14 in the book of Revelation is in chapter 2 verse 9
05:17 where Jesus says, "I know the blasphemy
05:19 of those who say they are Jews..."
05:22 Talking, using them as a symbol of Christians
05:24 in the early church.
05:25 "...and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan."
05:29 In this context, blasphemy is calling yourself something
05:33 that you're not, inserting yourself into something
05:36 that you're not.
05:38 Now this is painful for me to have to share this,
05:40 but it has to be shared because it's the truth.
05:44 Cardinal Bellarmine, he was the Jesuit rector
05:48 of the Gregorian University in Italy
05:50 and was considered to be one of the most outstanding
05:53 instructors there, and this is what he said
05:56 about the papacy.
05:58 He said all the names that apply to Christ,
06:00 all the names that apply to Christ, "by virtue of
06:04 which has been established that He is over the church,
06:07 all the same names apply to the pope."
06:13 Well it gets worse.
06:15 And this is Pope Pius XI being quoted, and it was in 1922.
06:22 On April 29 he had a group of people with him.
06:25 And as he had them with him and he was kind of
06:27 introducing himself at the start of his papacy,
06:31 he said this, he said, "You know that I am the holy father,
06:36 the representative of God on earth, vicar of Christ.
06:41 Which means, I am God on earth."
06:46 Well that's very sobering to say something like that.
06:49 Pope Leo XIII in an encyclical letter said this,
06:55 he said, "We hold upon this earth
06:58 the place of Almighty God."
07:00 And according to the holy Scriptures,
07:02 Jesus said the Holy Spirit was His representative on earth.
07:06 Now we appreciate ministers, and we appreciate the many
07:09 wonderful priests that are very sincere,
07:12 and many wonderful Christians are sincere
07:15 in all kinds of faiths.
07:17 But no Christian minister has the right to say that he
07:20 takes the place of Almighty God on the earth.
07:25 This power would also, during those 1260 years,
07:28 would wear out the saints of the Most High.
07:31 It's very interesting what the Catholic encyclopedia says.
07:34 No one, including the Roman Catholic papacy,
07:37 denies that the church did persecute horribly.
07:40 Everybody knows about the Inquisition.
07:42 In fact, the United States Constitution has actually,
07:45 some of it, is a reaction to the Dark Ages and the persecution.
07:48 Because many people came to this land to escape the persecution
07:53 of the Roman Catholic Church and the papacy.
07:56 So they came here, and this is the reason Protestantism
07:58 has been established here.
08:00 But they admit, in the Catholic encyclopedia online,
08:04 that the Christian teachers of the first three centuries,
08:07 including the apostles, insisted on complete religious freedom.
08:12 That's interesting.
08:14 And they urged that religion could not be forced.
08:18 Now that sounds like the American Constitution.
08:20 And that's the way it should be.
08:22 But a change took place as the popes came into power.
08:27 This same encyclopedia defends the behavior of the popes
08:32 and their persecution.
08:34 It says, "The churches legislation on heresy
08:37 and heretics is often reproached with charges of
08:41 cruelty and intolerance."
08:44 And they go on to say, "Well, if this cruelty, if it exceeds
08:52 the requirements of the case, then it becomes cruelty."
08:55 And they use the comparison of a father punishing his son.
08:58 Well, that's a whole different ball game.
09:00 The church, popes, have no right to punish other Christians.
09:04 A father who disciplines his son is helping him to grow.
09:07 But even that discipline cannot be cruel.
09:09 And that's what they're saying here.
09:12 And the opponents, Protestant opponents
09:14 of the papacy say, "Precisely, precisely,
09:18 the rigors of the Inquisition violated all human feelings."
09:25 I can't tell you, if you've ever read, Foxes Book of Martyrs,
09:28 the tortures were worse than pagan Rome.
09:33 And millions of people lost their lives
09:38 under the hand of the popes.
09:41 Now I say that not unkindly.
09:45 But it's the truth.
09:47 And love, love will tell the truth.
09:51 It rejoices in the truth.
09:52 Even though that truth is painful.
09:55 And it is painful to say that in the name of Christ
09:59 these popes did this kind of thing.
10:03 And it goes on, the opponents say,
10:05 "We answer, they offend the feelings..."
10:07 I'm sorry, the Catholic encyclopedia responds to
10:12 the Protestant opponents by saying,
10:14 "They offend the feelings of later ages in which there is
10:19 less regard for the purity of faith."
10:21 What!
10:23 Do you mean that in the age of the Inquisition
10:27 when people were being tortured with all kinds of horrible
10:30 tortures in the name of Christ, that the Catholic faith
10:34 was more pure then than it is now where we insist that
10:39 people not be treated that way
10:41 and that religion has no right to punish somebody else
10:43 for their different beliefs?
10:45 So what does that mean?
10:47 Does that mean if the church gets more pure
10:50 and has power, it return again to persecution?
10:55 I find this incredible.
10:57 And they go on to say that the Medieval people
11:00 found no fault with the system.
11:01 What!
11:04 The United States Constitution, again, a reflection of those
11:07 terrible persecutions of the Dark Ages,
11:09 the United States Constitution says you cannot invoke
11:12 on people cruel and unusual punishment.
11:18 The Medieval people hated it.
11:20 That's why there's a reaction.
11:21 That's why there was the Protestant Reformation.
11:23 That's why the United States of America rose up and
11:25 declared religious freedom.
11:30 This is a terrible thing, but it's reflection
11:34 of that old Roman Empire that persecuted God's people
11:39 in those times.
11:41 It says it would speak against the Most High,
11:43 against the tabernacle.
11:45 But let me just finish up by saying this.
11:49 That deadly wound that was healed in 1798,
11:53 it said it would be healed.
11:55 And then it said all the world would wonder
11:58 after this power again.
12:01 And you've actually seen that fulfillment in your day.
12:03 But let me flash back to when this thing was healed.
12:07 The papacy made a special treaty with none other than Mussolini.
12:12 Because they had lost all their temporal power
12:15 over the states of Italy.
12:17 But now Mussolini, in a treaty, and with Hitler,
12:23 they had a treaty, and that power was restored.
12:26 What does the church of Christ have making treaties
12:31 with the people like Mussolini and Hitler?
12:34 Why would they do that?
12:36 But now we see the effects.
12:38 As time has gone on, people have forgotten
12:40 the Reformation, they've forgotten the Dark Ages.
12:43 They've forgotten what happened during those 1260 years.
12:47 I say this with sweet kindness, but as Christians we need to
12:52 rest on the Scripture.
12:54 We need to focus on Christ as our High Priest.
12:57 He's the only High Priest.
12:59 And our heavenly Father is the only Holy Father
13:02 that there is.
13:04 Jesus is the incomparable Jesus.
13:07 Beware of false christs who insert themselves
13:11 in the place that only Jesus should hold.
13:15 Jesus is the real Christ, and He's the one
13:21 who really, really loves you.


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