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00:01 Two horns like a lamb, but speaks like a dragon?
00:05 What's this?
00:29 The Christian life is a battle and a march,
00:32 as some people say.
00:33 And Jesus made it very clear that the Christian life
00:37 would be difficult, it wouldn't be easy.
00:40 In fact, His life was not easy.
00:42 His time on earth and His ministry here
00:44 was one of great conflict.
00:46 He was opposed by the authorities of His religion,
00:50 and He was opposed by Herod and the secular powers.
00:54 But the people loved Him because He loved them
00:58 and He did so many wonderful things for them.
01:00 Sometimes Jesus spoke wonderful soothing words
01:04 like the beatitudes, "Blessed are the meek,
01:07 for they shall inherit the earth."
01:08 Other times He spoke very strong difficult words.
01:11 And I want to share some of that with you
01:13 because we need to make sure that we have both pictures
01:16 of this incomparable Jesus, this wonderful Jesus
01:20 who loves the truth.
01:22 In Matthew 23 Jesus said this, He said the scribes
01:26 and the Pharisees have seated themselves in Moses' chair.
01:30 In other words, the scribes and Pharisees,
01:32 they were an authority; they had the authority,
01:34 religious authority of that day.
01:36 And then He goes on to say this, He says,
01:39 "They tie heavy burdens and lay them on men's shoulders."
01:42 In other words, in the name of religion they invented
01:45 a lot of stuff that God never invented
01:48 for people to have to bear.
01:50 And then He goes on to say, "They love places of honor
01:52 at the banquets."
01:54 But then He says, "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees,
01:58 hypocrites; you shut off the kingdom of heaven from people."
02:03 Oh, that's quite a charge.
02:05 "For you do not enter yourself, and you don't allow those
02:10 who are entering to go in."
02:12 He says, "In the name of religion
02:14 you've done all these things.
02:16 But when it comes to actually going into the kingdom of heaven
02:20 you don't even go in yourselves,
02:22 and you don't let other people go in.
02:24 Because they're using man's laws to restrict people.
02:28 And then He goes on to say,
02:29 "For you're like white washed tombs..."
02:31 Ouch!
02:32 "...white washed tombs which on the outside appear beautiful,
02:36 inside they're full of dead men's bones."
02:41 And then He says...
02:42 And I think He said all this with tears in His eyes.
02:46 Because Jesus really cared about people.
02:49 But He also spoke the truth.
02:52 "You serpents, you brood of vipers,
02:56 how will you escape the sentence of hell?"
03:00 "How often I wanted to gather your children together
03:04 as a mother hen gathers her chicks under her wings,
03:08 but you were unwilling."
03:13 This struggle, this struggle between good and evil,
03:17 between right and wrong, carries on not just in the world
03:23 but also under the umbrella, big umbrella,
03:27 of Christianity.
03:30 Now that term that I just used earlier at the introduction,
03:35 that he has horns like a lamb and speaks like a dragon,
03:40 that shows the conflict that's going on here.
03:45 And the Bible is going to lay that out for us.
03:48 Now I want to say this,
03:50 that even though Jesus spoke straight things to people
03:54 and called their sins, John the Baptist did,
03:57 doesn't mean He didn't love them.
03:59 And I want to share, anybody that's listening to this,
04:02 it doesn't matter to me whether you're a Protestant,
04:04 or a Catholic, or whoever, it doesn't matter to me.
04:08 What matters to me is that Jesus loves you.
04:11 And I want you to know that I love you too and care about you.
04:16 And by the way, the book of Revelation
04:19 doesn't show partiality.
04:21 It gets on to everybody.
04:23 It gets on to the papacy, it gets on to Protestants,
04:28 it gets on to the atheists and the secular people.
04:32 It gets on to all of us.
04:33 All of us will be reproved, in love, if we listen to this Book.
04:39 So never use this as an excuse to hate anybody.
04:45 Jesus loves everyone.
04:48 And I just want to remind us of that
04:50 as we get into this next part.
04:53 We're looking at the two beasts of Revelation 13,
04:57 and we've already talked about the leopard beast.
04:59 We've identified the leopard beast in our last session,
05:02 but I want to review that just for a few moments here.
05:06 Here's how we identified this leopard beast,
05:08 or this beast from the sea.
05:11 Because the leopard best gets his seat,
05:13 according to the Scripture, he gets his seat, his power,
05:16 and authority from the great red dragon.
05:18 Which means he's going to appear in connection with it,
05:21 but he's going to come up after it, so to speak.
05:24 The great red dragon was clearly identified in Scripture
05:27 as Satan.
05:29 But Satan also uses human agents,
05:32 just like Jesus uses human agents.
05:33 He uses the church.
05:35 And the church is in contest, of course, with the devil's agents.
05:39 And the devil used pagan Rome to try to destroy
05:43 the early Christian church, or the Christian church.
05:46 But pagan Rome was unable to destroy the church.
05:50 Unable to destroy the woman, even though he
05:52 persecuted her terribly.
05:55 And that church, once again, is Christ's earthly agent.
05:58 So this contest, this struggle between right and wrong,
06:02 this great controversy that was going on in heaven
06:06 between Christ and Satan is now continuing to be carried on
06:09 in this world.
06:11 And pagan Rome then gave the leopard beast
06:15 its seat, its power, and its authority
06:19 when it abandoned the city of Rome and established a new
06:23 capital in Constantinople.
06:25 And papal Rome then is the successor of pagan Rome.
06:31 And papal Rome is the leopard beast of Revelation 13.
06:38 So as we look at this, we see now these two beasts coming up.
06:42 In chapter 12 we have the great red dragon
06:46 who is Satan, who is opposing the woman
06:49 who is operated by Christ.
06:51 And the great red dragon is operating pagan Rome.
06:54 Now pagan Rome gives its seat and power to this leopard beast,
06:58 which is papal Rome.
07:00 And the historians tell us that. That's not a secret.
07:04 You can read that in history very easily.
07:08 And so we want to go now to who this other beast is.
07:11 Because there's two beasts now in Revelation 13.
07:15 Two beasts show up.
07:17 First of all is the leopard beast,
07:19 which we've already talked about.
07:21 It's papal Rome.
07:22 But now there is a beast from the earth.
07:25 Now let me say this, that this leopard beast come up
07:28 out of the sea.
07:30 It comes up out of the water.
07:32 Now the book of Revelation tells us that water also is a symbol.
07:37 And in Revelation 17 you'll find that it's a symbol of
07:40 multitudes, nations, tongues, and people.
07:44 So it's a populated area.
07:46 Water represents a populated area.
07:49 And that's where this leopard beast comes up out of.
07:52 The papal Rome was established in Europe,
07:55 in western Europe.
07:56 And out of the populated areas of western Europe.
07:59 But now this next beast is interesting because
08:03 it comes up out of the earth.
08:07 And so we want to ask ourselves, who is this beast
08:11 that comes up from the earth with two horns,
08:16 but it also has a mouth?
08:19 Two horns like a lamb, but it has a mouth that
08:24 speaks words like a dragon.
08:27 That is just very fascinating.
08:30 It's a picture of contrast.
08:33 Convoluted, we might say.
08:34 Well let's go to the Scripture in chapter 13 verses 11-12.
08:40 "Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth,
08:44 and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon.
08:50 And he exercises all the authority of the first beast..."
08:54 Now that first beast is the leopard beast.
08:57 "He exercises all the authority of the first beast
09:00 in his presence, and he causes the earth
09:04 and those who dwell in it..."
09:06 And there's that word.
09:07 " worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed."
09:13 So this beast that comes up from the earth, this new symbol,
09:18 brings a great deal of power to the earth.
09:22 And in the process, he causes the earth
09:25 to worship the leopard-like beast, or the papacy.
09:30 Papal Rome, if you please.
09:33 So in contrast, coming back to those contrasts again,
09:37 this beast comes up from the earth.
09:41 And as I said before, it's convoluted
09:44 or unique, we might say.
09:46 It has the horns of a lamb, but it speaks like a dragon.
09:53 Speaks like the great red dragon.
09:55 But it has the horns of the slain Lamb
09:59 that's in the midst of the throne of God.
10:03 It's a very interesting one.
10:07 Not only does it cause papal Rome,
10:11 the world to worship papal Rome, but it also aids in the healing
10:17 of this deadly wound that papal Rome received
10:22 in 1798 when Napoleon took the pope captive
10:25 at the end of the 1260 year/day prophecy.
10:31 So the question is, how does the beast from the earth do this?
10:36 How does he bring this about?
10:38 Now in our next subject we're going to talk about
10:40 the mark of the beast.
10:41 And the next time we're going to talk about 777.
10:44 As I sometimes call it, the antidote for 666.
10:48 But before we can get into 666 and the mark of the beast,
10:52 we need to understand who the powers are on the earth.
10:57 So how does he do this?
10:58 Revelation 13:13-15 tells us this.
11:01 "He performs great signs so that he even makes fire come down
11:07 from heaven on the earth in the sight of men."
11:12 Now making fire come down is a reflection on Elijah
11:17 on Mount Carmel when fire came down
11:20 and lit the sacrifice and showed who the true God is.
11:23 So this power has great powers of deception.
11:26 Even Jesus said that in the end of time
11:30 if it were possible would deceive the very elect.
11:32 These signs have a great power to deceive.
11:37 "And he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those
11:41 signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast,"
11:45 that's the first beast, the leopard beast,
11:47 or papal Rome, "telling those who dwell on the earth..."
11:51 Now this gets interesting.
11:53 " make an image to the beast who was wounded
11:56 by the sword and lived.
11:58 He was granted power to give breath to the image
12:02 of the beast, that it should both speak and cause
12:06 as many as would not," there's that word again,
12:08 "worship the image of the beast should be killed."
12:13 It sounds like the dark ages all over again.
12:16 It sounds like a resurrection of the Inquisition.
12:19 "If you don't worship us, if you don't worship what we say
12:23 and the way we say, then your life is on the line."
12:26 What happened to religious freedom here?
12:28 So this is predicting a day when religious freedom
12:31 is going to go away.
12:34 It breaks my heart to even think about it.
12:36 We've enjoyed such wonderful privileges
12:39 in this great nation.
12:42 But let's go on.
12:43 Performs great signs and wonders.
12:46 And it leads the world, it leads the world
12:50 to make an image.
12:52 What is this image?
12:54 An image is a resemblance to the beast.
12:57 It's not the beast, but it's a resemblance.
13:00 An image means it's a likeness, a profile,
13:04 a representation.
13:06 For instance, Caesar on the coin was an image of Caesar,
13:11 but it wasn't Caesar.
13:13 Christians are transformed into the moral likeness of Christ
13:18 by the Holy Spirit's power, but they are not Christ.
13:23 The image is something new.
13:25 And it reflects something that is very much
13:29 like the papal power.
13:31 And to worship this image in principle is the same
13:36 as worshiping the beast from the sea.
13:39 So this beast from the earth has power
13:43 to make an image of the beast,
13:46 and he has power to make that image come alive
13:50 and force people to worship it.


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