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00:01 So now Revelation 12 and Revelation 13
00:04 picture three beasts; the great red dragon,
00:07 and then the leopard beast, also has seven heads and ten horns
00:11 like the great red dragon,
00:13 and then also now the beast from the earth.
00:16 So who is this beast from the earth?
00:18 He comes into prominence, the Scripture teaches us,
00:20 after or in and around the end of this 1260 year prophecy.
00:27 So that means that we should see this power come into being
00:30 somewhere in and around 1798.
00:34 Well that's exactly when we have the rise of Protestant America.
00:40 Of course, the Declaration of Independence was 1776.
00:44 And I think the Constitution and its Bill of Rights
00:46 was put together in 1787.
00:49 So just this great nation is just getting its start
00:54 with 13 colonies as the papacy receives the deadly wound,
00:58 loses its power, temporal power, and the world thinks that
01:03 its been dealt a blow.
01:05 Well, it's a pretty powerful blow because you've got
01:07 not only Napoleon taking the pope captive,
01:10 you've got the rise of the Protestant Reformation
01:12 that has come up with such power that it's now unstoppable.
01:16 And now you've got the rise of the United States of America,
01:20 the greatest reservoir of Protestants in all the world,
01:23 and its Constitution is Protestant.
01:26 In fact, it's very interesting that as the Americans were
01:29 putting together their Constitution, and also
01:33 during the time of Abraham Lincoln,
01:35 there were a couple of popes that just ranted against
01:40 democracy, and the United States and its democracy.
01:44 Because they're built on a king system, if you please.
01:49 An emperor system.
01:51 But we won't get into that.
01:52 Let's go back to this beast from the sea.
01:55 So we have the rise of Protestant America,
01:58 you have the U.S. Constitution.
02:00 And it comes from the earth in contrast to the sea.
02:04 And as I said earlier, the leopard beast came up
02:07 among populated Europe.
02:08 Waters: peoples, nations, tongues and people,
02:12 according to Revelation 17.
02:14 But this comes up from the earth.
02:17 Which means it's going to come up in an unpopulated
02:19 wilderness kind of an area.
02:21 And that's exactly what North America was.
02:23 Now I know some people will say there were the
02:26 native populations of America.
02:29 The best we know and the most reasonable estimates
02:31 is that maybe there was 2 to 20 million.
02:34 And it's very difficult to find a really accurate...
02:37 And probably a lot of that includes the Aztecs
02:40 in South America, and so forth.
02:43 By 1630 most of the population, native population in America,
02:49 had been decimated by disease and difficulties.
02:53 And so for the most part, America was and is recognized
02:57 today as a place of a great wilderness,
03:00 a vast wilderness in contrast to Europe.
03:05 And so since the earth is opposite of water,
03:08 then the symbol would mean a wilderness place.
03:11 So this power would arise around somewhere in and around 1798
03:16 in a wilderness place.
03:18 The only nation, the only power that fits that
03:22 is the United States of America, that great Protestant power.
03:27 Now the signers of the Constitution...
03:29 In fact, I hear some chatter sometimes on the internet
03:32 that would make you think that the papacy invented
03:35 the United States.
03:37 Or the atheists claim that they invented the United States.
03:40 That's not true. I'm sorry, and say it kindly.
03:43 They don't know what they're talking about
03:44 when people say that kind of thing.
03:46 The signers of the Constitution, most of them were
03:50 Episcopalian Anglican, Congregationalists,
03:53 Presbyterian, Quaker, Unitarians,
03:56 and there was one dear Roman Catholic from the state of
03:59 Maryland that had been giving refuge to people
04:02 who were persecuted by the Catholic faith.
04:04 That's the wonderful thing about America.
04:05 You know, we all love each other.
04:07 Catholics should love Protestants,
04:09 Protestants should love Catholics.
04:11 And vice versa. We should love the atheist.
04:14 We may not agree with each other but we should love each other,
04:17 because this is a great nation and it has protected all of us.
04:21 And we've all benefited from this marvelous wonderful nation.
04:25 Nothing in the Scriptures should ever be taken
04:28 as a reason to hate or persecute somebody.
04:31 That's just not right.
04:33 But how does this power go...
04:35 How does this wonderful nation...
04:37 And I love America.
04:39 It's just the most, it's a wonderful place.
04:43 I know people criticize it, but there's been no nation like it
04:46 on the face of the earth where it turns around,
04:49 defeats its enemies, and then rebuilds them.
04:52 It's the greatest thing that's ever happened.
04:56 There's been no comparison to it in all of human history.
05:01 And it came because people here had the Bible.
05:04 They could read it. They could read about Jesus.
05:07 And they formed a republican kind of government.
05:10 I'm not talking about the Republican party
05:12 or the Democratic party.
05:13 They formed a democracy built on a republic.
05:16 And this nation is the greatest nation
05:20 that has ever graced the face of the earth.
05:22 It's the most powerful nation
05:24 that's ever graced the face of the earth.
05:28 But how does this go from speaking like a lamb...
05:31 And truly this nation has been lamb-like.
05:34 It's been Christ-like.
05:36 I didn't say it was perfect. Nothing is ever perfect.
05:38 People say, "Well, don't you remember slavery?"
05:39 Yes, but I also remember that nearly 600,000 Americans
05:43 lost their lives in an endeavor to overthrow that terrible
05:46 institution of slavery.
05:48 No, America is not perfect.
05:50 I wouldn't say that ever.
05:52 But it has certainly had a compassion for people
05:57 that has never been seen on the face of the earth.
06:00 And its power comes from two horns.
06:04 By the way, horns represent powers or sometimes nations.
06:07 But comes from the power of two things:
06:10 civil freedom, Americans have the right to elect their
06:14 own government and their own representatives;
06:16 and it also comes from religious freedom.
06:19 And we have power to share, to convince, to persuade,
06:24 and to share our convictions,
06:26 but not the right to force anybody.
06:31 And the government takes a neutral stand.
06:34 It doesn't promote religion, and it doesn't restrict religion.
06:38 At least according to the Constitution
06:41 of the United States, for which we are all very grateful.
06:44 So somehow this nation, in order to speak like a dragon now,
06:48 would have to change its constitutional principles
06:53 of religious freedom so that it begins to force,
06:57 like the old Roman Empire, like the leopard beast
07:01 and the papacy during the Dark Ages,
07:03 would have to force people and make them worship
07:09 in a certain way.
07:10 That's, of course, very un-American.
07:14 And I love this nation.
07:15 I wish I didn't have to even tell you this.
07:17 But the prophecy says that this nation is going to change.
07:22 It's going to change.
07:24 And America has helped the healing of this deadly wound.
07:28 The papacy today is very popular because
07:31 America has made it popular.
07:33 And I'll give you some of those reasons in a few moments.
07:36 But let's just look at some of the facts here.
07:39 Before I say that, there was one power
07:42 or one commentator who said, and I think rightly so,
07:46 that America has become the new Catholic nation.
07:49 Now it's still Protestant, of course,
07:51 but it's saying that America now reveres the papacy.
07:55 In fact, I think the last president of the United States,
07:58 when the pope came, actually went to the airport to meet him.
08:00 That's unprecedented.
08:02 The president of the United States doesn't do that
08:04 for any other foreign power.
08:06 What's going on here?
08:07 This huge, enormous popularity.
08:11 Well, you have Vatican II.
08:13 And Vatican II told everybody,
08:15 "Hey listen, we believe in religious freedom.
08:17 Protestants are our departed brethren."
08:18 Well that's nice. I'm happy for that.
08:21 And so they've said, "We've really changed."
08:24 But Catholic scholars that I have read,
08:26 and I'll talk more about that later,
08:27 said that really nothing really changed.
08:29 But many people think it's changed.
08:31 And I would be happy if it would.
08:33 But after Vatican II, after Vatican II,
08:37 we have the first visit by Pope Paul VI in 1965.
08:42 Now this is very interesting.
08:44 Becoming the first pope to leave the confines
08:47 of the Italian border since Napoleon, Paul VI made a
08:51 one day trip to the United States in 1965,
08:56 becoming the first pontiff to set foot on the New World.
09:00 That's just 1965. That's not that long ago.
09:03 In his 14 hour adventure he visited
09:08 Saint Patrick's Cathedral.
09:09 Now this is what he said on his arrival at the airport,
09:13 he said, "Greetings to you, America.
09:15 The first pope to set foot on your land blesses you
09:18 with all his heart.
09:19 He renews, as it were, the gesture of your discoverer,
09:22 Christopher Columbus, when he planted the
09:24 cross of Christ on blessed soil."
09:26 Now Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492,
09:29 as Americans know, but he was no Protestant.
09:31 He came from Spain, and they were in the throes
09:34 of using the Inquisition and all of its tortures
09:38 to force people to believe like they believed.
09:41 And so to invoke Christopher Columbus,
09:43 no reference to the great Protestants that came here
09:46 and gave us religious freedom, that was, I think,
09:50 something that's telling us something.
09:52 And then, of course, you have John Paul II.
09:54 He became very, very popular.
09:57 He's a Polish person.
09:59 He made seven visits to the United States in 1979 to 1999.
10:04 And then you have Pope Benedict XVI.
10:07 Now he said something very interesting in 2008.
10:11 After meeting with George Bush in the White House,
10:14 Pope Benedict said mass at the national park,
10:17 and also in Yankee Stadium.
10:20 And he was greatly hailed.
10:22 People by the thousands, tens of thousands,
10:24 went and listened to him give a blessing to America
10:29 at the World Trade Center,
10:31 the former site of the World Trade Center.
10:33 Because America had suffered that terrible blow.
10:38 And then we have Pope Francis.
10:41 Now this is unprecedented.
10:43 In 2015, Pope Francis visited and spoke
10:47 to the joint house of Congress.
10:50 I don't believe a Protestant has ever done that.
10:54 He speaks to the joint house of Congress in 2015.
10:58 On top of that he makes a speech in Liberty Hall in Philadelphia
11:01 just a few feet from where Abraham Lincoln lay in state.
11:06 The great Liberty Hall where there is the Liberty Bell.
11:09 Protestant America has changed.
11:12 And one of the big changes was March 29, 1949
11:15 when evangelicals and Catholics came together
11:18 for political purposes and made a unity to be able to
11:22 get political agenda accomplished.
11:25 Billy Graham said, "I have found that my beliefs are
11:28 essentially the same as the pope's."
11:29 Really?
11:31 That's an amazing statement.
11:33 He also said he was one of the great missionaries,
11:36 and calls him one of the world's greatest evangelists.
11:40 The pope has met three hours in 2014 with several
11:45 evangelical and charismatic leaders.
11:48 And they went to the Vatican, they had lunch together.
11:52 They were declaring that the Protestant Reformation
11:54 is over, that we don't really need it any more.
11:58 Pope Benedict says there's an urgent need
12:00 of true world political authority.
12:06 And he's saying that we need some power to
12:08 manage the global economy.
12:10 If you're listening to Pope Francis' encyclicals,
12:13 he's saying similar kinds of things.
12:17 Well, the book of Revelation, I think, is being fulfilled
12:20 in our very eyes.
12:21 It's saying that some day this great wonderful nation
12:26 is going to make an image to the beast.
12:30 It's going to change its principles.
12:33 There's a great...
12:35 It could be a national anthem.
12:37 It's not the national anthem.
12:39 But it's a song, America the Beautiful.
12:42 I love America, and this song captures
12:46 what America is all about.
12:48 O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain.
12:51 But listen to this.
12:53 O beautiful for pilgrim feet, whose stern impassioned stress;
12:58 a thoroughfare for freedom beat across the wilderness.
13:03 America, America, God mend thine every flaw;
13:08 confirm thy soul in self control, thy liberty in law.
13:14 America!
13:15 I hope that it doesn't ever speaks as a dragon,
13:18 but the prophecy says that it will.
13:22 May God help us to be faithful to the Lord Jesus always.


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