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00:01 Why are people so afraid of the number 666?
00:05 There's a reason.
00:07 And it's not just because it's in the book of Revelation.
00:32 You, know we've been tracing in the book of Revelation,
00:35 the revelation of Jesus, this great controversy
00:39 between Him and His arch enemy, the great red dragon.
00:42 And of course, as we get toward the end of time,
00:45 this great controversy becomes more intense.
00:48 And it's fought, not in heaven where it originated,
00:51 but it's being finished right here on earth.
00:54 And you and I, our families, and the nations of the world,
00:57 and the churches of the world,
00:59 and all the religions of the world are caught up
01:02 in this great conflict between good and evil,
01:05 between righteousness and unrighteousness.
01:09 So we're going to continue this.
01:11 You know, we've been talking about the great red dragon
01:14 out of Revelation 12.
01:16 And just to review that just a little bit
01:18 and quickly before we get into this subject of 666.
01:23 But you remember that two great signs:
01:25 the woman who is the church, and she's dressed with the
01:29 beauty of the universe; the sun, the moon, the stars;
01:34 and then the great red dragon shows up.
01:37 She's expecting a child.
01:38 All this is symbolic.
01:40 This child, of course, represents Jesus.
01:43 And then she's left here, and he persecutes the woman.
01:47 And then we go to chapter 13.
01:50 And in chapter 13 we find the rise of two new beasts,
01:56 as it were.
01:57 Another one that seven heads and ten horns,
02:00 but he's dressed different.
02:02 It's another phase of the first one.
02:05 He's a leopard-like beast.
02:07 And we found that to be the great papal system
02:11 that inherited its power, its seat, and authority
02:14 from pagan Rome.
02:16 Because both Jesus and Satan work through
02:20 earthly instrumentalities to carry out their work.
02:25 Jesus works through the churches and Satan works through
02:29 these pagan and papal Rome powers.
02:33 So we're going to continue that, because in chapter 13
02:37 it also tells us about the beast from the earth.
02:39 And we identified that as the great Protestant America
02:42 that started out being lamb-like, but ends up
02:46 speaking like a dragon.
02:49 In other words, it becomes a great persecuting power
02:51 like the papacy was during the 1260 years of the Dark Ages.
02:56 Like pagan Rome was to the early Christian church
02:59 in the first four or five hundred years
03:01 of the Christian church, and how it persecuted the church.
03:04 Both tried to stamp out the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
03:11 But let's come back to this.
03:13 And I want to say again that we say this with sweet kindness.
03:16 This is not against anyone.
03:19 Because Jesus loves everyone.
03:21 We're glad for the great United States of America
03:23 where we can all love each other, whether you're Catholic,
03:25 Protestant, or pagan, or whatever you are.
03:29 We can still be kind and thoughtful.
03:31 We may not agree with each other, we may have...
03:33 But Bible prophecy is true.
03:36 It's never been wrong.
03:37 And it predicts, breaks my heart, that this great
03:41 United States of America is some day going to speak
03:45 like a dragon.
03:48 So we want to continue this, because the Bible says now
03:53 what happens when this new power comes on,
03:56 and we've just been reviewing that just a little bit,
03:59 but let's review again that two horned beast that
04:03 has horns like a lamb but speaks like a dragon.
04:08 This is Revelation 13, and we're looking at verses 12-18.
04:12 "And he," this new beast from the earth,
04:16 "exercises all the authority of the first beast,"
04:18 that's the leopard-like beast with twelve heads and ten horns,
04:22 "and he causes the earth and those who dwell on it
04:26 to worship the first beast..."
04:28 How does he do that?
04:29 Because the first beast received a deadly wound.
04:32 That happened, of course, as we've already talked about
04:34 in other sessions, in 1798 when Napoleon
04:39 took the pope captive.
04:40 That was after he had been given all of this power by Justinian,
04:45 the Roman emperor, back in 538.
04:48 And of course, all the persecution that took place.
04:50 But that brought an end...
04:52 You have, of course, the French Revolution,
04:54 the rise of Napoleon, the rise of the United States of America
04:57 around in this time period.
05:00 But now this power, this lamb-like power,
05:04 begins to do something different.
05:06 He begins to tell the world that they're going to worship,
05:10 and worship is such a big deal here,
05:13 to worship this leopard-like beast from the Dark Ages.
05:19 Bu how does he do that?
05:20 And that's the real question.
05:22 How does he do that?
05:24 How does he make that happen?
05:27 Well, let's go listen to the Scripture on how that happens.
05:31 "He performs great signs, so that he even makes
05:33 fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men."
05:37 So with great miracles, that becomes convincing.
05:40 Miracles versus the authority of Scripture.
05:44 Now as a Christian, I believe in miracles.
05:46 I love miracles.
05:47 I love to see the power of God work.
05:50 But all these kinds of experiences must be
05:53 measured by the Word of God.
05:54 Miracles cannot trump the teachings of Scripture.
05:58 Because if they do, then you're just depending on
06:01 the miracles for truth and you are not depending on Scripture.
06:03 And the Bible teaches that the devil will counterfeit
06:07 the miracles of God.
06:09 He'll counterfeit them.
06:10 So you have to be very careful with miracles.
06:12 Do we love miracles? Yes. Praise God for that.
06:14 But everything must be subject to the authority
06:17 of the Word of God.
06:20 But this power does that.
06:22 "And he deceives..." There's that word.
06:24 Jesus said, in the end of time if would be possible
06:26 to deceive the very elect.
06:28 And He said there would be false christs.
06:29 So that means that these powers that are deceiving
06:33 in the end of time are actually going to be operating
06:35 as though they belong to Him.
06:37 In other words, they're going to be invoking His name.
06:40 They're going to be saying, "We're Christian."
06:42 But the Bible says that it's by their fruits that you know them.
06:46 So you may have a papal power during the Dark Ages
06:50 that slaughtered, I say it kindly but it's the truth,
06:53 slaughtered millions of people and invented the Inquisition
06:56 and all the horrors of it.
06:59 They said they were the vicar of the Son of God, as it were,
07:03 but you know, Jesus said you know them by their fruits.
07:07 And that's certainly not the fruit of the precious Savior.
07:11 That's the fruit of pagan Rome.
07:14 But this new power, this Protestant America
07:18 that comes on the scene, the greatest most powerful nation
07:21 that the world has ever seen.
07:23 It's done so many wonderful things you cannot help but
07:25 love America.
07:26 It's a wonderful thing to have the privileges
07:28 of being a citizen of America.
07:30 But the Bible prophecy doesn't lie.
07:32 It says a change is coming.
07:35 And it says, "He deceives those that dwell on the earth
07:38 by these signs that he's granted to do
07:40 in the sight of the beast..."
07:42 And it goes on to tell us how he accomplishes this.
07:45 It says that he's "telling those on the earth,"
07:49 let me continue to read here,
07:50 "to make an image to the beast..."
07:52 I talked about that last time.
07:54 An image means it's not the same thing,
07:57 but it looks like it.
07:59 It reflects it.
08:01 It's like you see Caesar's picture on a coin,
08:04 but it's not Caesar, of course.
08:07 And it says that he was granted to make an image to the beast,
08:10 who was wounded by the sword.
08:12 It had the deadly wound.
08:13 So he helps this deadly wound, he helps the papacy,
08:16 the papal power, come back into popularity.
08:19 The Bible says the whole world wondered after this power.
08:23 And it says, "Who can make war with this power?"
08:26 And certainly you can see that happening today
08:29 with the popularity of the papacy.
08:31 "And then he was granted power to give breath to the image..."
08:34 So he not only makes this image that looks like this power,
08:38 but this image also comes to life.
08:42 And this image is the one that begins to enforce
08:45 this mark of the beast, this 666.
08:49 This image that looks like this papal power.
08:53 But it's going to be something a bit different.
08:56 Well, let's go on.
08:58 It says in verse 16, "He causes all,
09:00 both small and great, poor, and free and slave," all,
09:04 "to receive a mark on their right hand
09:07 or in their forehead..."
09:08 Right hand meaning how you earn your living.
09:11 So when force comes to play, we're going to see that
09:13 economics plays a big thing here.
09:15 So if you want to make a living, you are going to
09:18 have to receive the mark.
09:19 You may not believe us, you may not believe
09:21 what we're telling you, you may not agree with us
09:23 from a religious standpoint, but I'm telling you,
09:26 if you want to earn a living in this,
09:28 you're going to have to receive the mark of the beast.
09:29 That's going to be the pitch.
09:31 They're going to try to control the economies of the world.
09:35 It's going to sound good.
09:37 I'm telling you, it's going to sound good when it comes.
09:40 And then it says, " their forehead..."
09:41 So many people buy it intellectually.
09:44 And then it says that, "no one may buy or sell
09:47 except he who has the mark or the name of the beast,
09:52 or the number of his name."
09:55 I'm going to focus today on the number of his name,
09:58 and the next session we'll focus on what that mark is
10:01 as we talk about this very important subject.
10:05 So it says, "Here is wisdom."
10:08 The Bible is saying, listen, think about this.
10:10 We need the Holy Spirit to help us.
10:12 But this is not rocket science.
10:14 God wouldn't give this to us and make it so mysterious
10:17 that nobody can figure it out.
10:18 Now there's all kinds of things about the mark of the beast.
10:21 But let's just watch and see what Scripture has to say here.
10:25 "Let him who has understanding calculate
10:28 the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.
10:32 And his number is 666."
10:37 Now some people says 666.
10:39 But the Scripture really says six hundred and sixty-six.
10:45 That's what the Scripture says.
10:46 But it does look like 666.
10:50 I can remember going through a store once,
10:53 and when I got my ticket or the receipt,
10:57 the receipt had, I don't know if it was $6.66.
11:01 And when the clerk saw that, she looked at me and she said,
11:05 "This says 666."
11:07 And then she said, "Wouldn't you like to buy something else
11:12 so you don't have that?"
11:14 I said, "No, I'm not superstitious.
11:17 I'm not worried about it."
11:19 But you cannot but take this serious.
11:22 What is this six hundred and sixty-six?
11:25 And why is this so important?
11:27 Well first of all, it says you should have wisdom.
11:29 That means you should do a little research.
11:31 Where did this 666 come from?
11:34 It just doesn't show up in the book of Revelation.
11:37 Well interestingly enough, it has its roots
11:41 in the religion of ancient Babylon.
11:45 The Babylon of Daniel and the three Hebrew worthies.
11:49 That Babylon.
11:50 And we're going to take a look at it.
11:52 So where did it come from?
11:54 Well first of all, we want to say that the old Roman Empire,
11:58 the Babylonian religion had penetrated the Roman Empire.
12:02 I'm talking about pagan Rome now at this point.
12:05 And as it penetrated pagan Rome, it had a lot of influence.
12:12 Let's listen to Cardinal Gibbons.
12:14 He was 44 years a cardinal in Baltimore, Maryland.
12:19 He was their archbishop.
12:21 He was one of the most well known
12:24 Catholic cardinals in America.
12:26 He wrote the book, Faith of Our Fathers.
12:28 And this is what he says.
12:29 He says, "The penetration of the religion of Babylon
12:33 became so general and well known
12:36 that Rome was called, 'Babylon.'"
12:39 It's talking about pagan Rome here.
12:41 It was called, "Babylon."
12:43 Now interesting enough, remember the Bible says that
12:46 pagan Rome will give its seat, its power, and authority
12:49 to this new leopard beast, which we've identified as papal Rome.
12:54 But it's interesting that papal Rome also
12:57 has a lot of the trappings of Babylon.
13:01 And let's listen a little bit here.
13:04 If you go to the Vatican museum and you look at their paintings,
13:08 you'll find a very fascinating painting there.
13:10 It's got a picture of the pope enthroned under a canopy
13:15 displaying, believe it or not, the Babylonian
13:20 astrological figures.
13:23 So there it is under the canopy with the astrological figures
13:29 of the zodiac.
13:30 That's in the Vatican museum.
13:33 And then if you look at how paganism not only infiltrated
13:39 pagan Rome, but it also infiltrated
13:42 the Christian religion.
13:44 And we shouldn't be surprised at this.
13:45 This has been a challenge for years,
13:49 this compromise between Christ and paganism.
13:54 And we're going to talk more about it in just a moment.


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