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00:01 Someday the mark of the beast, when it comes,
00:03 will be very popular.
00:05 But why?
00:29 Well, we've been studying Revelation 12 and 13,
00:32 and these three great powers that show up;
00:35 pagan Rome, and then papal Rome inherits the power and
00:39 authority of ancient pagan Rome, and then we see this beast
00:44 from the earth with his lamb-like horns
00:47 and then speaks like a dragon.
00:49 It makes an image to this leopard beast
00:52 and forces the world.
00:54 And then we talked about 666 and the struggle
00:58 not only of Christianity, but of ancient Israel
01:01 to not compromise with the paganistic powers of the world.
01:06 We've seen how Christianity has been enveloped,
01:09 how the papal power has been enveloped
01:12 with a lot of compromise with the Babylonian systems
01:15 and the paganism, and how 666 is the number of ancient paganism,
01:21 Babylonian paganism, and became the number of all those powers
01:26 that persecute God's people, and put together church and state
01:31 and persecute God's people.
01:33 We saw it in ancient Babylon
01:34 with Daniel and his three friends.
01:36 And now we're coming down again to what is the actual mark.
01:40 So we've talked about the number of his name
01:43 and what that stands for, this persecuting power.
01:47 But what is the mark of the beast?
01:49 Now there's been all kinds of wild ideas.
01:53 But you've got to remember, context is everything.
01:55 And so we want to go right to the Scripture again
01:58 and take a look at this.
02:00 Now the Bible says in Revelation 13:16-17,
02:04 some very well known parts of Scripture,
02:08 "He causes all..."
02:10 That's this beast from the earth.
02:13 "...causes all, both small and great, rich and poor,
02:16 free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand
02:20 or in their forehead..."
02:22 So it's an economic issue that is going to play a big deal.
02:26 Persuasion is going to be a big deal.
02:29 "...that no man may buy or sell..."
02:31 Economics are going to be a huge deal.
02:35 "...except one who has the mark of the beast,
02:37 or the number of his name."
02:40 Now this takes some wisdom.
02:42 The Bible says to use wisdom.
02:44 To think about this a little bit.
02:46 But it doesn't mean that it's not knowable.
02:48 There's many counterfeits, as I've mentioned before.
02:52 But the Scripture is its own interpreter.
02:55 And I want to underline that.
02:57 The Bible will interpret itself if we allow it to.
03:00 Because its real Author is not the men who wrote it,
03:04 but the Holy Spirit who inspired them to write it
03:07 and gave them the truth.
03:09 So we want to let the Scripture interpret itself.
03:13 Now as I mentioned, there are many, many counterfeits.
03:17 But there's a connection here between Revelation 6 and 7
03:23 that pictures the end of the seven seals
03:25 and the coming of Jesus, and a countless number of people
03:29 that say, "Who will be able to stand?"
03:32 And then you find chapter 7 answering that question.
03:37 And chapter 7 answers that question
03:39 with those angels who are holding back the winds of strife
03:44 until something very special can happen.
03:47 It's called the sealing.
03:49 And this angel comes with a seal,
03:51 and he seals God's people in their foreheads.
03:55 We're going to come back to that.
03:57 So in the end of time the world is going to be brought
04:00 to a final test.
04:03 A test that is going to make people make a decision
04:08 whether they're going to trust Jesus and the Bible
04:11 with their life or whether they're going to trust
04:14 the forces of economics and the mark of the beast.
04:18 That's why the mark of the beast is going to be
04:20 pretty popular in the end of time.
04:22 It's going to look like a solution to the world's ills.
04:25 A solution to economics,
04:27 a solution to some other things I'm going to talk about.
04:30 And that's why it's going to be popular.
04:32 That's why people are going to buy into it.
04:33 It looks like it's going to be able to solve
04:35 their earthly problems.
04:37 But it doesn't solve their earthly problems
04:39 because the truth is they end up crying for the
04:42 rocks and the mountains to fall on them
04:44 and to hide them from the face of the coming Lord.
04:47 But those who have not received the mark of the beast
04:50 and are sealed with the seal of God,
04:51 they're ready for Jesus to come.
04:54 And we want to be ready for Jesus to come.
04:57 So this test of the mark of the beast will decide the destiny
05:01 of every human being who is alive when Jesus comes.
05:05 And there's going to be a lot of people alive
05:06 when He comes in the clouds of glory.
05:09 Now the three angels' messages found in Revelation 14
05:12 kind of repeat and enlarge the issues
05:15 that we find in Revelation 12 and 13.
05:18 And we want to hear this third angel, there's three angels,
05:21 but we're going to focus on the third one.
05:22 We want to hear this third one and what he says
05:25 about the mark of the beast.
05:26 Revelation 14:9-11
05:29 "Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice,
05:32 'If any man...'" And there's that word again.
05:35 Worships.
05:36 "If any man worships the beast or his image,
05:43 and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,
05:47 the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God..."
05:52 Now it doesn't mean that God is just off the rails
05:55 angry kind of thing, but God is just.
05:57 He's the judge of the universe.
05:59 And He's coming back in justice.
06:01 I mentioned this before, a lot of people have...
06:03 And I do, I'm looking forward to the coming of Jesus.
06:06 He's going to put an end to all this whole sin problem
06:08 and the misery and the mess that's here.
06:11 And I'm grateful for that.
06:12 He comes to rescue His people that are faithful,
06:14 but He also comes with justice.
06:17 Justice against those who try to destroy His people.
06:20 And as the Bible says, and to destroy the earth.
06:23 Well, let's go on here.
06:26 Worshiping is a main issue.
06:30 And the way you worship the beast is by receiving his mark
06:34 or serving him.
06:35 Remember, worship and serving go together.
06:39 You can't separate the two.
06:41 So the Revelation is a book of contrasts.
06:44 And let me give you some of those contrasts
06:46 just to refresh our memory.
06:48 There are two women in Revelation:
06:49 the woman of Revelation 12 clothed with the stars of heaven
06:53 and the sun and the moon, and the woman of Revelation 17
06:58 clothed with all of her jewels, etc.
07:01 Scarlet and purple; you can read the description there.
07:05 And then there's the great red dragon
07:07 with seven heads and ten horns contrasted by the lamb
07:11 with seven horns and seven eyes.
07:14 And then there's the New Jerusalem
07:17 that's pictured in the Bible, but it is contrast to Babylon,
07:22 that great city that the whole world embraces
07:25 and loves in the end of time.
07:27 We'll talk more about this Babylon before we're done here.
07:30 And then, of course, there's the holy Godhead:
07:33 the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.
07:35 And it's contrasted by the false trinity, if you please:
07:40 that of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet.
07:43 And in contrast to those who worship the beast
07:47 and receive his mark, in Revelation 14:12
07:52 it goes on to say this, "Here is the patience of the saints;
07:59 here are they who keep the commandments of God
08:02 and the faith of Jesus."
08:03 These saints have patience.
08:05 They wait on the Lord.
08:07 And waiting sometimes is so hard.
08:10 But they have patience.
08:12 They've trusted their lives with God, and they're waiting on Him.
08:16 And they do something.
08:18 They keep the commandments of God
08:20 and they have the faith of Jesus.
08:25 Now the key to discovering what the mark of the beast is
08:30 is found in the text itself.
08:33 The mark of the beast then is in opposition
08:37 to something found in the commandments of God.
08:39 So that third angel says, "Here are they that receive
08:42 the mark of the beast and worship the image,"
08:45 and then contrast the saints who keep the commandments of God
08:51 and the faith of Jesus.
08:53 So what that means is that there's something in the
08:58 commandments of God that's the genuine mark
09:02 or seal, if you please, that's being counterfeited
09:08 by this image to the beast.
09:11 So we need to take a look then, of course,
09:14 at the Ten Commandments.
09:15 If we find the genuine, we shouldn't have any problem
09:19 finding the counterfeit.
09:22 So this opposition to this seal of God
09:27 is like the antichrist, which means, in place of.
09:29 The mark of the beast is substituted for something
09:34 in the Ten Commandments.
09:36 It's in place of.
09:38 The name, antichrist, also indicates a substitution.
09:42 I've mentioned this before.
09:43 In English we usually think of, "anti,"
09:45 as being simply, "against."
09:47 But in the Greek it's often used as, "in place of."
09:52 Now it can be in place of hostile, because it
09:54 wants whatever its got.
09:56 But that's what it really means here.
09:58 It's a substitution for something that's good
10:01 that's not good.
10:04 Okay, it could be someone who falsely claims to be Christ,
10:09 but it can also be a false christ promoted by others
10:13 in place of the real one.
10:17 Now this is what the explanation of the Baltimore Catechism
10:20 on page 130 says.
10:23 This is a very fascinating thing.
10:24 What is says, and we've identified this leopard beast
10:28 that the other beast makes an image to, we've identified
10:34 that as the papacy and the popes during the Dark Ages.
10:39 And we're going to find here this very fascinating quote
10:41 from the Baltimore Catechism, page 130.
10:44 "Our holy father, the pope, the bishop of Rome,
10:48 is the vicar of Christ on earth, the visible head of the church."
10:54 "'Vicar;' that is, one who holds another's place
10:58 and acts in his name."
11:00 That is amazing, isn't it?
11:02 In other words, he's saying the papacy
11:05 acts in place of Christ on earth.
11:11 So this substituted power has something to do with
11:15 the worship of the Creator, and of course the Ten Commandments.
11:19 That's clear from the context.
11:21 Now some people may say, I've had some people tell me,
11:24 "Well it's just talking about the commandments of God.
11:25 And that could be, you know, 'Love your neighbor
11:27 as yourself,' or something like that."
11:29 But wait a minute. Context is everything.
11:32 You can't pull it out of the context.
11:34 If I cherry pick this, and cherry pick this,
11:36 and take them out of context, I can make people say
11:39 anything in the world.
11:40 But the context is the ark of the covenant.
11:44 And listen to Revelation 11:19 as it opens up the verse
11:49 just before we get the opening to Revelation 12 and 13
11:53 and the final events of earth's history.
11:56 And Jesus is moving through that heavenly Sanctuary.
11:58 He's moving into the time of the end,
12:01 and He moves into the Holy of Holies.
12:02 And this is where the ark of the covenant is.
12:05 This is what it says, "The temple of God
12:08 was opened in heaven, and the ark of His covenant
12:11 was seen in His temple."
12:13 The ark of the covenant contained nothing less
12:16 than the Ten Commandments.
12:18 The Ten Commandments.
12:20 And that's the context.
12:22 Those that keep the commandments of God
12:24 in chapter 12, and those that keep the commandments of God
12:27 in chapter 14, it's talking about the Ten Commandments.
12:31 Because that's the context.
12:33 Is there a mark or some equivalent
12:36 in the Ten Commandments?
12:38 If there is, then we have found the truth about
12:42 the mark of the beast,
12:43 and the Scripture has interpreted itself.
12:47 So let's see if we can find something that,
12:50 like the mark of the beast, that would go something like this:
12:54 the mark of the beast received in the forehead
12:56 verses "blank" of God received in the forehead.
13:01 If you go to Revelation 7, in the end of time
13:05 describing those people who are able to stand.
13:08 So they're going to be equivalent to those, of course,
13:09 that are going through the mark of the beast.
13:11 It's just another recaption of it.
13:13 And it says, "And after these things," in Revelation 7:1-3,
13:17 "after these things I saw four angels standing
13:21 at the four corners of the earth..."
13:24 Why are they standing at the four corners of the earth?
13:26 What is the reason here?
13:28 Well the Scripture is very clear.
13:30 They're holding back these winds of strife
13:33 in order that this mighty angel with God's seal
13:37 can come and seal His people, seal His saints,
13:43 with the seal of the living God.


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