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00:01 So this genuine seal of God that we've been talking about
00:04 must be found then in God's Ten Commandments.
00:08 So let's talk a look at that. Where is it found?
00:11 So finding the seal in God's Ten Commandments,
00:14 we should be looking for one of those commandments
00:17 that talks about Yahweh God, that's His name,
00:20 His title is Yahweh Creator, and the territory would be
00:25 heaven, earth, and sea.
00:28 Well there is one of those commandments,
00:30 and it's the fourth one that contains all of those elements
00:34 that tell you that the Ten Commandments are authentic.
00:37 Now the first one says don't have any other gods before you.
00:40 The other one says this is the way you worship.
00:42 And the third one says, "Don't take My name in vain."
00:47 But this one, this one gives all of this together.
00:52 So you know the text, "Remember the Sabbath day
00:55 to keep it holy."
00:57 Then we have a reference to creation.
00:59 "Six days you shall labor and do all your work,
01:01 but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God."
01:06 Yahweh Elohim.
01:08 "In it you shall do no work; you, nor your son,
01:11 your daughter, your male servant, your female servant,
01:14 or your cattle, or your strangers in your gates."
01:16 You're going to take this day off, it's a rest.
01:18 It's a recognition of the creation, and God as Creator.
01:22 "For in six days the Lord made..."
01:26 Yahweh Creator.
01:28 "...the Lord created the heavens and the earth, and the sea..."
01:33 And that's His territory, which is the universe.
01:38 The universe.
01:39 So the seal of God is found, no less, in the fourth commandment
01:45 of the Ten Commandments.
01:47 That's where we find it.
01:49 In the Old Testament, Yahweh God claims to own the Sabbath.
01:56 He claims ownership of the Sabbath.
01:58 Let's listen to what He says there.
01:59 And I'm just really kind of reading it
02:01 out of the fourth commandment.
02:03 But at the end of the fourth commandment it says,
02:05 "...but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God."
02:09 So He owns it.
02:10 In the New Testament our incomparable Jesus,
02:15 our wonderful Jesus, the genuine Jesus,
02:19 the authentic Jesus,
02:21 he claims ownership of the Sabbath.
02:24 Listen to this in Matthew 12:8.
02:28 "For the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath day."
02:32 You know, when He made that claim, they wanted to kill Him.
02:36 Do you know why they wanted to kill Him?
02:38 Because if you're the Lord of the Sabbath day,
02:40 if you claim that you own the Sabbath day,
02:43 you're the creator.
02:45 And they understood that.
02:47 And He is the Creator. He is God.
02:49 He was genuine. He wasn't the counterfeit.
02:53 So the Sabbath, the seventh day of the week,
02:56 is observed between Friday, when Jesus died, Good Friday,
02:59 and Sunday when He rose again.
03:01 That's the genuine Sabbath.
03:02 And it comes on our, what we call Saturday.
03:06 And it's really the seventh day.
03:07 Actually, the Bible only named one day of the week.
03:11 It called the others by number.
03:13 The first day, second day, third day, fourth day...
03:15 But the Sabbath day, He named it.
03:20 The seventh day of the week.
03:23 So He claims to have that authority,
03:26 and He claims the Sabbath as His own.
03:28 Who claims ownership of Sunday as the day of worship?
03:35 Who claims ownership of that?
03:37 Well, let's just listen.
03:39 This is that book again, Summary, very authoritative,
03:42 Summary on The Power of The Church,
03:44 showing its power as ecclesiastical authority
03:48 and as civil authority.
03:49 And this is what it says.
03:52 It says, "Resolved: the Sabbath day law..."
03:56 So they recognize that that's a law.
03:58 It's the law of God.
03:59 "The Sabbath day law," found in the Ten Commandments,
04:01 of course, "has been changed..."
04:03 By whom?
04:04 It says, "...has been changed by the Pope to the Lord's day..."
04:09 So authoritatively they claim, they make no bones about it,
04:12 "We changed this. We changed God's law."
04:15 Let me ask a question.
04:17 And I say this with sweet kindness.
04:20 Does anyone have the right to change the law of God?
04:25 If you change the law of God,
04:28 aren't you making yourself greater than God?
04:32 I mean, aren't you putting yourself in place of God?
04:36 If you say you can change His law that He made,
04:40 aren't you inserting yourself in place of God?
04:47 Well, the Bible would not be happy with anyone doing that.
04:52 But let's go ahead and look at some other claims
04:55 of the papal power.
04:58 This is again Cardinal Gibbons, very famous cardinal,
05:01 and he says, "Of course the Catholic church
05:04 claims the change was her act.
05:07 And the act is a mark of her ecclesiastical power."
05:13 In other words, "We have the power to do that."
05:15 They claim to actually have the religious power,
05:18 the ecclesiastical power, to change the law of God.
05:21 Again I say with sweet kindness, no you don't.
05:26 You can think to do it,
05:27 you can put civil law behind you,
05:30 you can try to force this on people,
05:32 as has been done, people have paid with their lives for this,
05:37 but you don't have the power to change God's law.
05:42 Ultimately, you lose.
05:45 You may win for a while.
05:47 You may look like you're the victor, like Babylon.
05:49 She sits and she says, you know, "I'll never be a widow.
05:52 I'm never going to suffer any sorrow."
05:54 But the next chapter tells about her terrible destruction.
05:59 You cannot fight against God.
06:02 Not the papacy, not any minister, not any church,
06:07 not any government.
06:09 Ultimately you may think to change His law,
06:11 but you will lose.
06:14 You will have an epic fail, epic failure.
06:22 Dr. Hiscox, he's the author of the Baptist manual.
06:25 Let's talk about Protestants.
06:26 Why haven't Protestants changed this?
06:28 Why do they still hang on to it?
06:30 Well Dr. Hiscox tells us what happened here.
06:34 He says this, he says, "What a pity that it," Sunday,
06:39 "comes branded with the mark of paganism..."
06:43 He got it right.
06:45 "...christened with the name of the sun god,
06:48 when adopted and sanctioned by the papal apostasy..."
06:53 And then he says this, and it's heartbreaking,
06:56 "...and bequeathed as a sacred legacy to Protestantism."
07:00 It was one of those things that the Protestants did not change.
07:03 Some tried, but they just didn't do it.
07:06 And they quit growing in Scripture
07:09 and understanding the truth of the Scripture.
07:13 Well people say, "Well you know, does that mean that everybody
07:15 that's keeping Sunday has the mark of the beast?"
07:18 No, not yet.
07:21 This thing doesn't really become the mark of the beast
07:24 until it's enforced, until this image to the beast
07:29 that's going to be made, it is not made yet, but when it's made
07:33 and when it has life, in other words when it's empowered,
07:37 this image, this unique thing that's coming
07:40 that will include all apostate Christianity,
07:44 then it's going to become the mark of the beast.
07:48 Because they're going to see in this an opportunity
07:51 to do something really great.
07:53 People are going to think it's great.
07:55 And they're not going to understand people
07:57 that don't go along with it.
07:59 They're going to be very upset.
08:00 The only way you'll make it through this
08:02 is if you have something else the saints had;
08:06 the faith of Jesus.
08:09 In fact, the words, "faith of Jesus,"
08:13 the word, "of," really isn't there.
08:14 Some translate it, "faith in Jesus," "faith of Jesus."
08:17 Either way is fine.
08:19 But the truth is that it actually says, "faith Jesus."
08:22 Unless you have this living Christ,
08:25 this Jesus living in you by faith,
08:27 unless the Holy Spirit is in you,
08:29 you won't have the power to do this.
08:31 By the way, nobody keeps any of God's commandments
08:34 without the living Christ who has paid for their sins,
08:38 who has earned their salvation.
08:39 This is the incomparable Jesus.
08:41 He does everything for us.
08:43 He not only pays for our sins,
08:47 He not only cancels out our debt,
08:50 but He empowers us so that we come in harmony
08:54 with the law of God.
08:56 And when we come in harmony with the law of God,
08:58 we may not be in harmony with the world around us,
09:00 this selfish world, but we come in harmony with the universe.
09:04 Because the universe is in harmony with God's law,
09:07 because God's law is the guarantor of life.
09:11 So this only becomes the mark when it is enforced.
09:16 But you know, I still want to do the will of God
09:18 in my personal life.
09:20 The Bible says, "To him who knows to do good
09:22 and doeth it not, to him it is sin."
09:24 So if I know something is right,
09:26 if I'm convicted by the Holy Spirit in studying Scripture
09:29 and testing it by Scripture, then I should step out
09:33 and do it and obey it.
09:36 Because there's peace in that.
09:38 I should have enough faith in Jesus, faith in Scripture,
09:41 to obey what it teaches me.
09:44 Well, we are certainly headed into
09:46 some very interesting things.
09:47 And sometimes people say to me, "So are there things on the
09:50 horizon that would make something come of this?"
09:55 Well, I can tell you I believe there certainly is.
09:58 First of all, the world is in a great deal of trouble.
10:01 It's got so many troubles, it needs solutions to it.
10:05 One of the big troubles that we hear a lot about nowadays
10:10 is a thing called natural disasters.
10:13 Now both the Bible and, I think, other careful thoughtful authors
10:18 who know the Bible predict that in the end of time
10:21 before Jesus comes there's going to be
10:23 terrible natural disasters.
10:26 And we can already see that, of course, on the horizon.
10:29 One of the things that people talk about
10:31 today is climate change.
10:32 Now I'm not here to debate climate change
10:34 one way or the other.
10:36 But I'm here to tell you that natural disasters are coming.
10:39 And the pope's Academy of Sciences and Social Sciences
10:43 put out a paper, and it was called,
10:46 Climate Change and the Common Good.
10:48 Now that, "common good," gets used over and over again.
10:51 "What we need to do," they say, "is for the common good
10:54 so that everybody can live."
10:56 Now this is what they go on to say,
10:57 "A Statement of the problem," talking about climate change,
11:00 and the demand for a solution."
11:02 Here is why it gets very interesting.
11:05 "Climate change is a global problem..."
11:08 Global. Did you catch that?
11:09 "...whose solution depends on coming together
11:15 for the common good."
11:17 A global solution to climate change.
11:22 How does that happen?
11:24 And it says, "As early as 2100," that's not that long from now,
11:28 there will be irreversible and catastrophic climate impacts,
11:33 raising the question..."
11:34 Talking about fear.
11:35 "...raising the question whether civilization as we know it
11:39 can be extended beyond this century."
11:42 So we're going to see catastrophic natural disasters.
11:47 People are going to see Sunday, taking that one day a week off,
11:51 as a quick fix for climate change.
11:53 By the way, they think it would fix it.
11:55 Everybody just take that day off would fix it,
11:58 solve the economic crisis, solve the family crisis
12:01 where people can get together with family,
12:04 relieve the burdens of the poor that are working
12:06 seven days a week, and help fix what the government can't fix
12:10 with its secular tools.
12:12 Climate change is an opportunity for the papacy,
12:16 with Protestants, and atheists, and secularists support.
12:20 That's why if the world is going to...
12:22 If they think the world is going to end,
12:24 they're going to see this as some kind of
12:25 marvelous solution that's so easy to do.
12:30 We're going to see some strange things,
12:32 and we're going to see global power being gained.
12:37 The word, "cross," in the Greek language adds up to 777.
12:44 777 is the number of faith, trust, in the Lord Jesus.
12:52 And it's in contrast to 666 that doesn't trust the Lord.
12:58 Everybody is going to be faced with a question.
13:00 You can't escape.
13:02 No one is going to escape.
13:03 The real issue is, are we going to trust this Book?
13:09 Are we going to trust our wonderful Savior?
13:12 Are we going to trust the Ten Commandments?
13:16 Are we going to trust this God who loves us?
13:19 Are we going to trust this incredible, marvelous Jesus?


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