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00:01 We've been tracing the history of the Jewish people
00:03 and that they are special people.
00:06 And when God works, He keeps His promises,
00:08 both the blessing and the curses, so to speak.
00:11 And we started tracing some of the difficulties
00:14 that the Jewish people have had.
00:16 And we talked about pagan Rome, and how it's been treating,
00:19 how it treated the Jewish people.
00:21 When Rome destroyed Jerusalem, they killed a million Jews,
00:26 they took 100,000 of them into captivity,
00:30 they disperse them as you please,
00:32 all over the Roman Empire.
00:33 Eventually,
00:34 they made the Jewish religion an illegal religion.
00:37 And they got so hard on this,
00:42 that they actually took away their privileges
00:44 to practice their religion.
00:46 And then, of course, you have
00:48 the rise of papal Rome.
00:51 And it seemed like the papal Rome,
00:53 the popes carry on the same crusades,
00:56 if you please against the Jewish people.
00:59 They taught Europe to hate the Jewish people.
01:02 Matter of fact, I was in Seattle,
01:04 Washington many years ago
01:05 and I heard the radio station there.
01:08 I remember it's like to this day
01:10 I was working on my camper a little bit,
01:12 a pop up camper.
01:14 And they were saying how Martin Luther
01:16 did all this diatribes against the Jewish people.
01:19 That was true.
01:21 Martin Luther, father of the Protestant
01:22 Reformation said some terrible things about Jews.
01:26 But where did he learn it from?
01:28 He learned it when he was in the monastery,
01:31 when he was subject to the propaganda,
01:35 if you please, of ancient,
01:38 or the popes during the Dark Ages.
01:40 But let me go back to that and we'll see
01:42 as papal Rome starts doing something similar.
01:44 We go to 337 AD,
01:48 the Emperor Constantine created a law
01:51 that a Christian cannot marry a Jew on the pain of death.
01:57 Can you imagine that?
01:59 Then the Emperor Justinian, who played a big role
02:02 in the beginning of the papacy and its power in 528.
02:06 He had prohibited Jews from building a synagogue,
02:09 reading the Bible in Hebrew,
02:11 assembling in public or to celebrate the Passover,
02:14 and they could not testify against Christians in court,
02:19 believe it or not.
02:21 And then in 613 AD,
02:22 a very serious persecution in Spain began.
02:26 The Jews were given the options
02:27 of either leaving Spain or converting to Christianity.
02:31 In fact, when the Muslims took over in Spain later,
02:37 they actually treated the Jews more kind
02:40 than the papacy did in Spain.
02:44 And they actually took their children away from them.
02:47 If they were six years older, they took them away
02:50 and taught them Christianity
02:51 and gave them a Catholic Christian education,
02:54 so to speak.
02:55 Well, if you come on down to the First Crusade,
02:58 the crusades were a very interesting thing.
03:01 But the crusades were launched in about 1096 AD.
03:06 And when they were, it was not only to liberate Jerusalem
03:08 from the Muslims, it was also to eliminate the Jews.
03:14 And they killed thousands of Jews
03:16 on the way to the "Holy Land."
03:21 And the Crusaders forced all the Jews of Jerusalem,
03:24 when they got there and conquered Jerusalem
03:27 the first time around.
03:28 They forced them into the central synagogue.
03:31 Now, these are supposed Christians,
03:33 but these are papal soldiers.
03:35 And they set it on fire.
03:37 And anybody who tried to escape
03:40 was pushed back into the burning building.
03:44 This kind of behavior kept on going
03:46 through most all the crusades.
03:48 And then in 1205, we have Pope Innocent III,
03:52 he wrote that the Jews by their own guilt
03:55 are consigned to perpetual servitude or slavery.
04:00 Well, you know, the Jews that were living then,
04:04 they didn't crucified Christ.
04:07 And many of the Jews, without the Jews,
04:08 there wouldn't be a Christian Church.
04:10 In fact, the Apostle Paul tells some of the Gentile churches
04:13 to take the Jewish churches, Judea as an example.
04:19 And Jesus Himself was a Jew.
04:21 But this is unusual hatred.
04:23 Satan hates the Jewish people.
04:26 He's operating through his agents,
04:28 he's operating through pagan Rome,
04:31 he's operating through, I'm sorry to say it,
04:34 the pope's papal Rome,
04:36 in order to destroy the Jewish people.
04:38 He wasn't destroyed off the earth,
04:39 because if they're gone,
04:41 they can't be that astonishment,
04:43 they can't be that byword,
04:44 they cannot be that lesson
04:46 that God is teaching the world through the Jewish people,
04:50 depending on their choice.
04:51 Either way they go,
04:52 they're going to teach that God keeps His promises.
04:56 And then if we come on down,
04:59 and I'm going to skip along here for just a little bit.
05:03 And in 1555,
05:05 there was a papal bull that required the Jews
05:08 in the Vatican controlled lands in Italy to wear badges.
05:12 That sound familiar?
05:14 To wear badges and be confined to ghettos.
05:18 Over 3,000 Jewish people
05:21 were crammed into eight acres of land.
05:24 And you can guess the horrible conditions
05:27 that they went through.
05:28 And then when you get down to 1648,
05:31 the massacres of the Jews in the Ukraine were terrible.
05:36 Hundred thousand Jews were murdered,
05:39 300 communities destroyed.
05:41 Now this is very interesting, you get down into about 1347
05:47 and you find the Black Death, depopulating a lot of Europe.
05:50 In fact, maybe a third of the population
05:53 of Europe perished in the Black Death,
05:55 as it's called today.
05:58 And these rats, of course,
05:59 as we know carried the Black Death.
06:01 But the Jews had inherited a very clean habits from God
06:07 who gave them those clean habits.
06:09 And they were not catching
06:11 the Black Death as much as the Gentiles.
06:15 The Christians were catching it,
06:16 the Catholic Christians were catching it.
06:19 And so people said, "Well,
06:20 where did this Black Death came, come from?"
06:21 And they wanted to blame it on somebody.
06:24 And as they made this, notice that the Jews
06:26 didn't get it as often as the others,
06:29 the Catholic Christians, they blamed it on the Jews.
06:33 They said the Jews are responsible,
06:35 and they killed thousands, thousands of Jews
06:39 and persecuted them terribly as a result.
06:44 We'll come down to 1806,
06:46 getting a little closer to modern times.
06:48 There was a French Jesuit priest
06:50 who wrote a paper blaming
06:54 the masons for the French Revolution.
06:57 But then he changed his mind and he wrote a another paper
07:01 and he blamed the French Revolution,
07:03 on no less than the Jews.
07:05 This started a mindset of conspiracy
07:09 that there was some kind of an international conspiracy.
07:13 In 1920, Henry Ford, you ever heard of him?
07:16 You drive Ford automobiles, of course.
07:19 Henry Ford was a good man in many ways,
07:21 but he began to study, he became fascinated
07:24 with the protocols that suggest
07:26 that there's a international conspiracy among the Jews.
07:31 This unfortunately led to a series
07:33 of anti-Jewish articles printed in The Dearborn Independent,
07:38 close, of course, to Detroit, Michigan.
07:41 But then you come down to World War I
07:43 and Germany loses World War I.
07:45 And there are many economic and great difficulties
07:48 that follow that and guess who they blamed?
07:52 And then, of course, you have Hitler publishing
07:55 his anti-diatribes against the Jewish people.
07:59 And he said this, "Today,
08:03 I believe I'm acting in accordance
08:05 with the will of Almighty Creator."
08:06 Wonder where he got that?
08:08 He was a Roman Catholic, by the way.
08:10 He was never excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church,
08:13 and the Roman Catholic popes made a treaty with him.
08:17 So this is very interesting.
08:19 And then he goes on to say,
08:21 "By defending myself against the Jews,
08:24 I am fighting for the work of the Lord."
08:27 So he saw it as a religious responsibility
08:30 to destroy the Jewish people.
08:32 But if you go to Romans Chapter 8,
08:34 and we want to focus on that for the next few minutes here.
08:38 Romans Chapter 8, I'm sorry, Romans 9:1-5,
08:42 the Apostle Paul says, He says this,
08:45 "I tell the truth in Christ.
08:47 I'm not lying."
08:48 He says,
08:49 "My conscience also bearing the witness in the Holy Spirit,
08:52 that I have great sorrow and anguish for my brethren,
08:57 my countrymen according to the flesh, " the Jews.
08:59 Then he says this,
09:01 "Are the Israelites to whom pertain the adoption,
09:04 the glory, the covenants,
09:08 and the coming of Christ in the flesh
09:12 who is overall and eternally blessed by God.
09:15 Amen."
09:16 So it says the Jews receive some wonderful things.
09:19 Then he goes on to say that
09:20 Christ is a stumbling block to the Jewish people.
09:23 And he tells us why he was a stumbling block.
09:26 He says in Romans 9:31-33, "But Israel,
09:29 pursuing the law of righteousness,
09:32 did not attain it.
09:33 Why?" He says,
09:35 "Because they did not seek it by faith."
09:37 And the Gentile Christians, the Christians,
09:40 of course, sought it by faith.
09:41 Now there are many Jewish Christians
09:43 who did seek it by faith and became Christians.
09:46 And then he says, as it is written, "I lay in Zion,
09:49 a stumbling stone, a rock of offence,
09:51 and whoever believes in Jesus will not be put to shame."
09:56 Then he asked the question,
09:57 "Are the Jews totally cast away?
09:59 Has God cast away His people?"
10:01 Meaning, has he cast away eternally.
10:03 And he said, "Certainly not."
10:05 And he pictures himself as exhibit A,
10:08 that God has not cast away His people.
10:12 And then he has an amazing verse
10:13 about the future of Israel.
10:16 "I say then, have they stumbled they should fall?
10:18 Certainly not!
10:19 But through their fall, to provoke to jealousy,
10:23 the Gentiles.
10:26 Now if their fall is for the riches of the world
10:29 and their failure for the Gentiles,
10:31 how much more will their fullness be?"
10:34 Of course, we know the Jews are the roots
10:35 of the Christian faith.
10:36 And he pictures this tree,
10:38 a tree that some branches are broken off,
10:41 Jewish branches broken off.
10:43 And then he says, "Why?"
10:45 They're broken off because of their unbelief.
10:47 But he says they can be grafted back
10:49 into that tree by faith in Christ.
10:54 So the way back home for the Jewish people
10:56 is by faith in Christ.
10:58 And the Gentiles, he says, "Don't get proud."
11:00 He says, "You can be broken out of that tree,
11:02 if you give up your faith."
11:04 I'm paraphrasing,
11:05 but you can read it in Romans Chapter 11.
11:08 But then I think he makes some prophecies,
11:10 some predictions about the Jewish people
11:12 and their role in the end of time.
11:15 He says that everybody in that tree,
11:18 in essence will be really Israel,
11:20 and everybody by faith in that tree
11:22 is going to be saved.
11:24 But then he says,
11:25 talking about the Jewish people,
11:27 he says in 11:15,
11:32 "For if their being cast away
11:34 is the reconciling of the world,
11:36 what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?"
11:41 When does the resurrection happen?
11:43 The resurrection happens when Jesus comes again.
11:46 Paul is predicting, I believe,
11:48 a great movement among Jewish people
11:51 to return to Jesus as their Messiah.
11:55 And when that happens,
11:57 I think we're going to see Jewish people
11:59 have a great role to play in the end of time.
12:03 And I'm not so sure that the mark of the beast
12:06 and the whole issue over the Sabbath
12:08 will not be an attitude once again,
12:10 a resurrection of those antisemitic,
12:14 anti-Jewish attitudes,
12:16 so that anybody that keeps the Sabbath
12:19 will be called a Jew.
12:22 I'll tell you, we're going to see strange things
12:24 that are coming.
12:25 But we're going to see many Jewish people saved,
12:28 and when they are, they're going to stand up,
12:30 and they're going to say, "This Jesus was our Jesus.
12:33 This incredible Jesus was our Messiah."
12:36 And they're going to teach and preach and be a witness
12:40 to the unchangeableness of God's law.
12:43 You can't change God's law.
12:45 They're going to shout that
12:47 if you please from the rooftops.
12:50 And I think then you're going to see Jews and Gentiles
12:52 come together in that Jewish tree,
12:56 all there by faith,
12:58 all trusting this marvelous Messiah,
13:01 all giving a witness to the world that
13:04 Jesus is coming and you've got to get ready,
13:07 repent of your sins,
13:09 be in harmony with God's Ten Commandments.
13:12 Listen, we have nothing to fear,
13:14 if we put our trust in Jesus, this incredible Jesus,
13:20 this marvelous Jesus.


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