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00:01 Why are we so comfortable with evil and sin
00:06 when it hurts us so much?
00:31 Well, we've been studying this wonderful Book of Revelation
00:34 because it reveals to us the incomparable Jesus.
00:40 He has no comparison in the whole universe.
00:44 And we've been to some pretty serious subjects
00:47 and I can't give all of that.
00:48 I hope you'll be able to get the whole series
00:49 to get the context.
00:51 But today, we want to talk about
00:54 The Song of Moses and the Lamb.
00:57 But before I go to Revelation, I want to go to 1 Corinthians.
01:01 1 Corinthians Chapter 10, Paul tells us something,
01:04 gives us a marvelous insight
01:07 into what happened to ancient Israel
01:09 with the Song of Moses and the Lamb
01:12 will make more sense here.
01:14 Okay, Chapter 10, looking at this,
01:15 "Moreover, brethren," the Apostle Paul is saying,
01:18 "I do not want you to be unaware,"
01:20 he says, "I want you to be understanding something
01:22 that all of our fathers were under the cloud,"
01:26 that's the cloud that led them, the cloud of fire by night,
01:30 the cloud that shaded them in the daytime,
01:33 "were under the cloud, all passed through the sea,"
01:36 we'll talk about that,
01:38 "all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea,
01:42 and ate the same spiritual food," the manna,
01:47 "and all drink from that spiritual drink.
01:49 For they drink of that spiritual Rock
01:51 that followed them,
01:53 and that Rock is Christ."
01:57 So Jesus Himself was actually leading,
02:01 leading the children of Israel.
02:05 Now He wasn't in human flesh,
02:06 He'd not come as a baby in Bethlehem,
02:08 but it was Christ.
02:10 It was His ministry on earth.
02:11 And while they couldn't actually see Him,
02:14 Moses saw Him, His back, he couldn't see His face,
02:19 not in that sinful condition and live.
02:21 But this is Jesus that is leading Israel.
02:26 And Paul makes that very clear.
02:28 So now going back to the Book of Revelation,
02:32 we don't have time in this series
02:33 to get deep into the seven trumpets.
02:36 I'll talk a little bit about them today
02:38 and a little bit about them next time.
02:40 But I want to give a little bit of some context here.
02:43 But I want to go to Chapter 15 in the Book of Revelation,
02:47 and it's going to talk to us
02:50 about this very fascinating picture.
02:53 In Chapter 14, you have the three angels' messages
02:56 that get people ready for two reapings,
02:59 the reaping of the righteous
03:02 and the reaping of the wicked
03:03 that get thrown into the winepress
03:06 of the justice of God.
03:08 And then Chapter 15 opens up this way, it says,
03:13 "And I saw something like the sea of glass
03:16 mingled with fire,
03:18 and those who had gotten victory,"
03:20 now listen carefully,
03:21 "over the beast, over his image,
03:24 over his mark, and over the number of his name."
03:28 This again, there's going to be a whole host of saved.
03:31 But this is particularly talking
03:33 once again about those people
03:34 that go through this great tribulation,
03:37 that number 144,000,
03:39 that I think personally symbolic
03:41 of a great innumerable that cannot be numbered,
03:45 multitude that will be saved in the end of time.
03:47 I've said it before, say it again.
03:49 The Gospel of the Lord Jesus
03:50 is not going to end in a whimper,
03:52 it's going to end in a mighty victory,
03:55 a wonderful victory.
03:57 And so their picture there after this great reaping,
04:01 their picture,
04:02 "They're standing on the sea of glass,
04:04 and they have the harps of God, and they sing," the Bible says,
04:09 "The Song of Moses and the Lamb."
04:12 That's an interesting combination.
04:14 So it's a flashback to the Old Testament
04:17 as well it's a flash forward to the New Testament.
04:20 But I want to make something really clear,
04:22 when they sing The Song of Moses and the Lamb,
04:25 they're not singing it, this side of heaven.
04:28 This is the song they sing,
04:31 after Jesus has redeemed them from the earth,
04:33 after He's redeemed them from the power,
04:36 the mark of the beast,
04:37 and the Babylon and all of those terrors,
04:40 in the great time of trouble,
04:42 this is after Jesus has delivered them.
04:47 This song is sung in heaven, on the sea of glass.
04:52 Now I'd like to be part of that crowd.
04:54 Wouldn't you like to be part of that crowd
04:56 singing the Song of Moses and the Lamb?
04:59 Well, in order to understand this better
05:00 we need to understand the Song of Moses,
05:03 and then we'll come back to the Song of the Lamb,
05:06 because it's a double song,
05:07 Song of Moses and the Lamb put together.
05:12 So I want to go back to the story of the Exodus.
05:15 Now most people know the story of the Exodus.
05:17 But I want to recap some of the great highlights
05:20 of that story
05:22 and then we want to focus
05:23 on that crossing of the Red Sea.
05:26 You know, Israel was God's firstborn
05:29 and He told Pharaoh right from the get go,
05:32 "This is my firstborn, and you better let them go."
05:36 And God was merciful.
05:37 I mean, those 10 plagues building up to that last plague
05:41 was God was doing everything on His side
05:44 to get Pharaoh's attention to overcome his stubbornness.
05:47 You know, stubbornness is not a nice thing.
05:50 Stubbornness can get you in a lot of trouble
05:52 if you're stubborn against the Word of God,
05:54 and you ought to be stubborn against sin,
05:56 unfortunately, it seems like it works the other way.
05:59 People embrace sin and are stubborn against God.
06:03 But you shouldn't be stubborn with the Lord
06:05 because He loves you.
06:06 He's got your best interest in mind.
06:08 And God is trying to get Pharaoh's attention.
06:10 But Pharaoh was one of the most stubborn men,
06:13 I think on the face of the earth.
06:15 In fact, if we understand ancient history correctly,
06:19 he actually was not maybe supposed to be on that throne,
06:22 kind of got on that throne
06:23 through some unique circumstances.
06:26 The Apostle Paul kind of hints at that in the sense
06:28 that he says that God basically raised him up,
06:31 not because God predestined him to be what he was,
06:37 but because God knew his heart,
06:39 and God knew that when he reached out to him,
06:42 he would only be met with stubbornness,
06:44 stubbornness like Lucifer.
06:47 And so those 10 terrible plagues
06:49 finally ended up taking the lives
06:51 of the firstborn of Egypt.
06:52 Because God said,
06:53 "I'm not going to let you kill my firstborn.
06:55 I'm not gonna let you enslave them any longer.
06:57 You're going to let them go
06:59 and if it takes me taking away your firstborn
07:01 that's what's going to happen."
07:03 And that's what did happen.
07:05 And now Israel is free.
07:06 They're moving towards Palestine,
07:09 right up the coast.
07:11 And then something very interesting happens.
07:15 They actually turn back,
07:19 kind of, if I remember correctly, south.
07:22 Now I'm going to just say this as little side note,
07:24 but the Mount Sinai
07:25 that most people think about today,
07:27 that's not the real Mount Sinai.
07:28 The real Mount Sinai is actually in Saudi Arabia,
07:31 and I don't have time to go in that.
07:33 And the Gulf of Aquila is where they actually really crossed.
07:36 There's a great, huge sandy part there.
07:39 But anyway, they're being led by the cloud,
07:41 and they're being led by Jesus, and He leads them through that,
07:45 and it's a wilderness, that wilderness,
07:49 and they finally come to the Red Sea,
07:52 that extension there.
07:54 And they're standing there on the Red Sea
07:58 and they can't go north and they can't go south,
08:01 say as it were, and they can't cross the sea.
08:03 And then Pharaoh, he gets back in Egypt
08:07 and his stubbornness comes back.
08:08 And it's hard to believe.
08:11 You know, people can make excuses for everything.
08:13 They're making excuses.
08:14 Well, all this was just, you know, just natural habit,
08:17 this sound like the evolutionists today.
08:18 All this is just natural stuff, you know, that just happens so.
08:22 Yeah, right.
08:23 Selectively, all the firstborn destroyed.
08:27 Selectively, is it calls on natural causes?
08:30 I don't think so.
08:33 So he decides, he's going to go after them,
08:35 decides he's not gonna let them go,
08:37 after what all he's been through.
08:38 He's angry now.
08:40 He wants vengeance.
08:41 He takes what's left of his army,
08:43 takes the army of the Egyptians
08:45 and he heads out and suddenly Israel sees him coming.
08:51 And they are petrified.
08:52 You can hear their cry, in Exodus 14:11-12.
08:57 And then they said to Moses, they're afraid.
09:02 There they are trapped.
09:05 "They said to Moses,
09:06 'Because there were no graves in Egypt,
09:10 have you taken us to die in this wilderness?'"
09:14 It would have been better, they said,
09:15 if we could have just served the Egyptians
09:17 and died in Egypt.
09:18 You know, it's amazing how quickly people forget.
09:21 They forgot the awfulness of slavery.
09:24 They forgot what it was to be beaten by the taskmasters,
09:27 to have no time for their families,
09:29 to see their little boys
09:31 thrown to the crocodiles in the Nile River.
09:34 They'd forgotten all the horrors,
09:37 and they had forgotten God's great mighty power.
09:40 You know, we need to remember God's power,
09:43 we need to be thankful and give Him glory
09:45 for all the goodness He's done in our lives.
09:48 And then we wouldn't be so quick
09:51 to make statements like this.
09:54 But Moses responds,
09:56 and he says to them, "Do not be afraid."
09:58 Sounds like Jesus, doesn't?
09:59 All through the New Testament you hear Jesus say,
10:01 "Don't be afraid."
10:02 Sometimes we talk about the things
10:04 are going to happen in the end of time,
10:06 and, but we need to be telling people,
10:08 "Don't be afraid."
10:09 Want to talk about the close of probation, I say,
10:11 "Don't be afraid.
10:12 Jesus is still going to be in your heart.
10:15 He still got you covered."
10:18 No, you're not going to sin during that time,
10:20 because Jesus is going to seal you.
10:22 You're just not going to do it, by His grace, and by His power.
10:26 It's all by His grace and power.
10:27 The Heavenly Father who loves you and sent His Son,
10:29 He's still on the throne.
10:31 And the Holy Spirit, who's transformed us
10:34 is still with us and helping us.
10:38 So we shouldn't be afraid.
10:39 So Moses says in the midst of this crisis,
10:41 "Don't be afraid.
10:43 Don't be afraid."
10:44 And then he goes on to say this,
10:48 he says, "Stand still."
10:50 Sometimes we have to wait on the Lord.
10:53 "Stand still
10:54 and see the salvation of the Lord,
10:56 what He will accomplish for you today,
10:59 for the Egyptians that you see today."
11:03 Now, the Egyptians had long knives,
11:06 and what they were going to ready to do
11:08 to Israel was not nice.
11:09 In fact, that's an understatement.
11:11 They were going to cut those men to pieces.
11:13 They were going to enslave their women and their children.
11:17 It was going to be a very horrible,
11:20 unbelievable scene.
11:22 These guys were evil, like the Nazis, they were evil.
11:31 "For the Egyptians, you see today,
11:33 you shall see them again no more forever."
11:38 And that is an implied promise that someday sin and evil
11:41 are going to be thrown away.
11:44 The lake of fire,
11:45 we'll talk about the lake of fire at some point,
11:46 it swallows up death and the grave.
11:50 And that's a good thing.
11:52 He says, "The Lord will fight for you."
11:54 You just don't think about Jesus being a fighter,
11:57 but Jesus is not only gracious, He not only forgives our sins,
12:01 He not only comforts our hearts,
12:02 He not only gives us the beatitudes,
12:04 but Jesus is a great warrior.
12:07 And here, Moses is saying, this Jesus,
12:11 this incredible Jesus, He is going to fight for you.
12:15 The Book of Revelation pictures Jesus
12:17 as a great warrior who overcomes
12:20 and overthrows Babylon,
12:21 so to send you the picture here to the Book of Revelation.
12:25 And so we have this fascinating moment
12:30 that I've got to describe for you.
12:32 So Moses...
12:33 God tells Moses to stretch out your rod.
12:36 It must have been in the evening
12:41 with that happened.
12:43 Now to keep Pharaoh's army from destroying Israel,
12:47 that cloud, that Jesus is in,
12:52 the wonderful or the incredible Jesus,
12:55 the wonderful Jesus, He's in that cloud.
12:57 And He moves between that cloud,
13:02 between Pharaoh and between Israel.
13:07 And when Israel woke up the next morning, as it were,
13:10 they saw before them the Red Sea wide open,
13:16 wall of water on each side, it's not a narrow.
13:18 The wind had blown all night, dried out the land,
13:21 and they went forward across that Red Sea.
13:26 And while they were going across there,
13:28 I can just imagine
13:30 what was going through their head.
13:31 I think they must have been awestruck.
13:32 At the same time, that cloud of darkness
13:35 is holding back Pharaoh.
13:37 Now, that's a huge crowd to move through.
13:39 So it takes all day
13:41 and just about all the next night
13:44 to get them through that Red Sea,
13:47 but in the morning Moses is told,
13:51 "Look, stretch out your rod."


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