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The Seven Last Plagues — Why Will God Be So Angry?

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00:01 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
00:04 The fear of the Lord, that is wisdom.
00:07 The fear of the Lord is to hate evil.
00:35 In those three angels' messages of Revelation 14,
00:38 we hear this very fascinating statement
00:41 by that first angel,
00:44 and it says there, "Saying with a loud voice..."
00:47 Let me go back, of course, to verse 6.
00:49 "Then I saw another angle flying
00:51 in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel
00:54 to preach unto those who dwell on the earth."
00:56 Now notice the next verse, this is where I started.
00:59 "Saying with a loud voice,
01:02 'Fear God and give glory to Him,
01:06 for the hour of His judgment has come."
01:09 Fear God.
01:12 Now you'll hear a lot of people tell you
01:15 that fear God means to reverence God,
01:18 and it's not talking about being afraid of God,
01:20 well, certainly, it includes reverence.
01:22 But the word there is to be afraid, afraid.
01:27 Why?
01:28 I struggle in my mind, how do you help people
01:30 understand the fear of God
01:32 when the Bible says as you noticed in my opening
01:35 that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
01:37 That sounds like something very good to me.
01:40 The fear of God, that is wisdom, says Job.
01:43 In other place, I think in Proverbs,
01:44 it says, "And the fear of God is to hate evil."
01:48 Is it a good thing to hate evil?
01:50 Of course, it is.
01:52 So here in the gospel that goes to the entire world
01:56 before Jesus comes, included in that gospel,
02:00 is this sense of fear God.
02:03 What does this mean?
02:04 Do we go around just being afraid of God all the time?
02:07 Thank the Lord we have the Lord Jesus,
02:09 who covers us.
02:10 But God is of course not only our Creator,
02:13 He's not only our Redeemer in the sense of sending
02:16 His only begotten Son.
02:18 But He's also the judge of the universe.
02:21 In fact, the Apostle Paul says
02:22 in the Book of Hebrews Chapter 10,
02:24 the fearful thing he says,
02:26 "To fall into the hands of the living God."
02:29 Fearful in the sense,
02:30 the hands of living God in judgment.
02:32 But if you're covered with Christ,
02:34 as the Apostle John would say, "Love casts out fear,
02:38 but if you're not covered with Christ."
02:40 So the fear of God is simply this,
02:44 means to take God seriously.
02:49 When you take God seriously,
02:51 you will take advantage of the Savior,
02:53 and you will hate sin,
02:55 and that's the beginning of wisdom.
02:58 What it really means is this that God means what He says.
03:03 Now we're going to talk about the destruction
03:04 of the wicked in the lake of fire
03:06 and all of those kinds of things.
03:07 And we'll talk about that more,
03:09 but I want to back to those seven last plagues.
03:12 Again, we can't get into them in detail,
03:14 but I want to give that quick overview
03:17 just as I did a little bit the last time.
03:20 You have the seven churches,
03:22 the seven trumpets, the seven...
03:23 I mean, the seven seals, and the seven trumpets,
03:25 and the seven trumpets
03:27 cover 2,000 years of Christian history,
03:30 from the time of John to Jesus, coming again.
03:33 And they are the judgments of God,
03:36 and the seven last plagues,
03:38 15:1 says, in the seven last plagues,
03:41 the judgments of God were complete.
03:44 Meaning, they're the finish.
03:47 So these seven terrible trumpets
03:51 if you please are to protect God's people.
03:54 If God had not already put judgments in history,
03:58 then the Christian church
04:00 would have been wiped out long, long ago.
04:03 So God often allows evil to correct evil.
04:08 In other words,
04:09 evil is its own worst enemy many, many times.
04:12 Now that doesn't mean
04:13 that God doesn't step in at times,
04:15 but evil will correct evil often because it's selfish.
04:20 Pagan Rome was destroyed in 66 years by the barbarians,
04:25 and I think that's represented in those first four trumpets
04:30 destroying pagan Rome, and then papal Rome,
04:33 as I mentioned last time,
04:35 was checked by the rise of the Muslims.
04:39 And then, of course, as Protestantism came
04:42 and the Reformation came,
04:44 the power of the Muslims went down.
04:47 But now as the United States, this great Protestant nation
04:50 is now turning back to the papal Dark Ages
04:54 embracing the principles of the papacy,
04:58 we've now find once again the Muslims on the rise,
05:02 and I shared some of that last time with us.
05:06 But the seven last plagues as I mentioned
05:08 are part of the seventh trumpet.
05:11 So there are seven trumpets and the seven plagues
05:14 I believe are tied to the last trumpet,
05:17 the seven trumpets.
05:19 And I think that we are living
05:20 in that seventh trumpet right now.
05:23 So we're going to take a look at this seventh trumpet
05:25 in Revelation 11:17-19.
05:29 And we're reading here, "We give You thanks,
05:32 O Lord God Almighty,
05:35 the One who is and who was and who is to come,
05:40 because You have taken Your great power and reigned."
05:43 In other words, the Dark Ages are over.
05:47 Jesus is in the last part of the heavenly sanctuary
05:50 in the holy of holies.
05:52 And the issues on the planet earth
05:54 are wrapping up,
05:56 we're headed to our one Final Crisis,
06:00 stupendous crisis.
06:02 And that's brought on by the mark of the beast,
06:05 the rise of Babylon,
06:06 which we'll get into another program.
06:09 Then he goes on to say, "Because you have taken
06:12 your great power and reigned..."
06:13 In other words,
06:15 God is taking control in His final times.
06:16 "The nations were angry."
06:19 What a description of our day.
06:21 "And Your wrath has come, and the time of the dead,
06:25 that they should be judged."
06:27 When Jesus is in that most holy place,
06:29 that's the time of judgment.
06:32 Jesus is sorting out the sheep from the goats,
06:35 the wheat from the tares.
06:37 There's lots of people
06:39 that claim to be Christian but the question is,
06:42 are we really a Christian?
06:45 Do we really trust Jesus with all our heart?
06:48 Do we really love the Lord with all our heart?
06:51 Are we willing and obedient by faith to do
06:54 what He asks us to do?
06:56 Do we keep His Ten Commandments,
06:58 not on our power but because we love Him?
07:01 And the Holy Spirit is in us enabling us
07:04 to carry of His commandments of God,
07:07 and based on the faith of Jesus.
07:11 So there is a judgment going on,
07:13 "That you should reward Your servants
07:16 the prophets and the saints."
07:19 So Jesus brings us reward with Him
07:22 because there's a judgment going on now,
07:24 an investigative judgment into the churches,
07:27 all the churches, they have my church,
07:31 your church, whoever church you have,
07:33 there's a judgment going on in heaven
07:35 on those churches and on the Christians
07:38 who sit in the pews of those churches,
07:40 and on the ministers,
07:41 and priests who lead those churches.
07:44 "And those who fear Your name, small and great,
07:48 and should destroy those who destroy the earth.
07:51 And then the temple of God was opened,
07:54 and the ark of His covenant was seen in the temple."
07:57 That's where the Ten Commandments are housed.
07:59 "And there were lightnings, noises, thunders, earthquake,
08:01 and a great hail."
08:03 So there is a reaction on earth to the picture
08:06 that we see in heaven.
08:08 That's very interesting that it says
08:09 that the nations are angry.
08:12 What a description of our world today,
08:14 seems like everybody is angry nowadays.
08:17 Politicians are angry, both sides of the aisle,
08:21 nations are angry.
08:23 The weak are saying, "I'm strong."
08:25 Nations are angry.
08:27 They're filled with selfishness.
08:29 Many of them grinding down the poor,
08:32 sacrificing babies on the altars of the lust
08:39 of this world.
08:40 I've been shocked to how far people will go with this.
08:43 I mean, abortion is bad enough
08:45 the way it was and now people are embracing.
08:48 Can you imagine?
08:49 Embracing?
08:50 Killing babies up to the time that they're getting ready
08:53 to be born just because somebody doesn't want them?
08:55 What kind of madness is that?
08:57 It reminds me of the ancient Phoenicians.
09:01 They sacrificed...
09:03 They had these priest and priestess,
09:05 and they were into immorality, and the practice of immorality
09:09 in their worship, and the babies
09:11 were then sacrificed to their heathen gods.
09:16 People are doing the same thing today.
09:17 They may not say, "Well, it's molad."
09:19 But it's the gods of their lust...
09:24 And perversion.
09:27 So we have a world that's been filled,
09:29 it's filled with murder today.
09:31 We've seen the Nazis and what they did.
09:33 Seventy million people
09:35 lost their lives in World War II.
09:36 And then you have, Miao Hai in China,
09:40 he killed 70, plus or minus,
09:43 millions of his own people starving
09:45 and kill over 20 million of his own people.
09:48 Then we have, of course, ISIS today,
09:50 and we can see the horrors of that.
09:52 And you have, of course, these religious extremists.
09:55 You hear foul mouth everywhere,
09:57 you can hardly even go anywhere
09:59 without somebody taking the Lord's name in vain,
10:02 or depreciating human intimacy
10:05 and people are just foul-mouthed.
10:10 And then you have
10:11 all the massacres that are going on.
10:13 I tell you, people, they're possessed with demons,
10:16 and then the human trafficking
10:18 where they take these young girls from poor villages
10:21 and trick them into sexual slavery.
10:25 It's horrible.
10:27 Constant wars and rumors of wars.
10:30 Evil is not going to escape.
10:32 All of these things, the inquisition,
10:35 and all these perpetrators of these kinds of things,
10:38 judgment is coming,
10:41 and God is also on the other hand
10:44 going to reward His saints, and those who fear God,
10:49 who take Him seriously.
10:53 "So the temple of God is opened in heaven,
10:55 the ark of the covenant is open."
10:57 In Revelation 15:5, it says,
10:59 "After these things I looked..."
11:02 So it tied together the seventh plagues,
11:04 as the temple of God is open
11:06 and the seven last plagues opens with this.
11:10 "And after these things, I looked, and behold,
11:12 the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony,"
11:15 that's the same thing as the Ark of the Covenant,
11:18 "is opened in heaven."
11:20 So the Ten Commandments, once again,
11:21 is a standard of right and wrong.
11:23 The seven last plagues are poured out
11:26 because people are in rebellion against God's Ten Commandments.
11:31 They're rebellion and these...
11:34 And they've made life miserable for the God's faithful people.
11:37 And so these seven last plagues are God's judgments.
11:42 "So out of that temple came seven angels
11:47 having seven plagues, clothed in bright linen,
11:51 and having their chests girded with golden bands.
11:54 Then one of the four living creatures
11:56 gave the seven angels seven golden bowls."
12:00 Now earlier in Chapter 5,
12:03 you'll find these living creatures
12:05 with golden bowls.
12:07 But those bowls were filled with incense,
12:10 which the Bible says, is the prayer of the saints.
12:14 But now...
12:16 But now these bowls are filled with the judgments of God
12:20 because God's people have prayed, they plead.
12:24 And now people have made up their mind,
12:26 just like old ancient Pharaoh, so utterly stubborn.
12:30 People have become stubborn against God.
12:32 They've made up their mind, not because God doesn't have
12:35 great forgiveness in His heart
12:37 but because people really don't want to forgive.
12:40 They want their own way, they want God,
12:42 Ten Commandments done their way.
12:46 And they are not going to obey God.
12:48 And so now, probation is closed
12:51 and these seven terrible plagues
12:53 are going to be poured out.
12:55 Plagues of God's judgment.
12:57 Bowls that once were filled with incense and prayers
13:00 of the saints, now filled with the judgments of God.
13:03 Listen, we shouldn't play around
13:06 with human probation,
13:07 all of us only have so much time in this world,
13:10 and this time that you have to live,
13:11 I don't care if you're young, or you're old,
13:14 or you're in between, you should be using
13:17 this time to get ready for Jesus to come.
13:21 Let me tell you,
13:23 you don't want to squander that away.
13:26 So the Bible says that,
13:31 "The temple of God was filled with His power."
13:35 And then these angels get ready to pour out
13:38 these terrible plagues on people who are blaming God,
13:43 blaming God for everything for their troubles.
13:47 But these seven last plagues
13:49 are going to deliver God's people.


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