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The Seven Last Plagues — Why Will God Be So Angry?

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00:01 So now we go to these seven last plagues
00:03 that will deliver God's people and demonstrate
00:06 His justice against those who have pushed
00:10 the mark of the beast.
00:11 Very fascinating, these seven last plagues.
00:13 So the first one says in Revelation 16:2,
00:16 "So the first went and poured out his bowl
00:18 upon the earth, and a foul and loathsome sore
00:22 came upon men who had the mark of the beast,
00:25 and who had worshiped his image."
00:27 So those who have received the mark of the beast,
00:29 or accepted it are going to get this,
00:32 then this is not just people,
00:33 religious people, this is going to include the atheists,
00:36 they're not going to escape, they've accepted the mark
00:38 of the beast, because it was convenient.
00:41 There's many other people who've accepted it,
00:43 maybe not because they believed it,
00:45 but because they needed to work,
00:48 or they needed the economic advantages.
00:51 Many Christians have accepted it
00:52 because they didn't check out the Bible.
00:54 They didn't test...
00:56 They're clergy, by the scripture.
00:59 And so they just took what the clergy told them,
01:02 and they receive it.
01:04 Pagans believe it, and they receive it,
01:07 because of the great many miracles
01:10 that's been performed by this image
01:12 to the beast that's been given breath to live.
01:15 And so the second plague comes, Revelation 16:3,
01:19 "Then the second angel poured out his bowl on the sea,
01:22 and it became blood as of a dead man,
01:26 and every living creature in the sea died."
01:29 So this is against the sea.
01:31 Not long ago, I was in Panama.
01:34 And someone very kindly took me to the Panama Canal,
01:37 I've never been.
01:38 And it is an amazing thing to see these huge ships.
01:42 They've constructed not too long ago,
01:44 another canal now to handle these larger ships,
01:48 they're so large, they had to have
01:50 a new canal for them.
01:51 It's amazing the tonnage that's coming through there,
01:55 coming from Asia,
01:56 sweeping into North America, into Europe,
02:00 unbelievable amounts of cargo going through there.
02:04 So the world is tied together globally,
02:09 through trade, people hope to get rich.
02:10 If you read the 18th Chapter, Revelation talks about Babylon,
02:14 and it talks about how the merchants
02:17 and the sea merchants weep because of the fallen Babylon
02:21 because nobody buys their goods any longer.
02:24 So let me go down to this.
02:26 So this shuts down trade is what it does.
02:29 And everything that people depend on for luxury,
02:32 or for wants, it's put a stop to.
02:35 You know, some people worry about
02:37 "What am I gonna do
02:38 if I receive the mark of the beast
02:39 and, you know, economically I get destroyed?"
02:42 Well, let me tell you this, in the end of time,
02:45 everybody's going to get destroyed economically.
02:48 Those who receive the mark of the beast certainly will,
02:50 now, they may not do it at first,
02:52 God's people may suffer all of that economic hardship,
02:55 may be losing their lives and persecution,
02:57 they may receive it first.
02:59 But before it's all done, and said,
03:01 the whole world is going to be destroyed.
03:04 Its economics on which the mark of the beast promised
03:08 the world great plenty,
03:10 and great hope and great wealth,
03:13 all that's going to be destroyed.
03:15 So this plague is against that.
03:19 So let's go to the next one, the third plague,
03:22 Revelation 16:4-6,
03:24 "Then the third angel poured out his bowl
03:26 on the rivers and the springs of water,
03:28 and they became blood.`
03:29 And then the angel goes on to say,
03:32 'Oh Lord God, they deserve it,'
03:34 because they shed the blood of prophets,
03:38 and of Your people.'
03:40 " So God, He's not been asleep.
03:45 When He's seen all the blood of the martyrs,
03:47 He's seen the Inquisition,
03:49 He's seen the millions of people
03:50 who've given up their lives for God's truth.
03:54 And in the end of time, the people that refuse
03:56 to receive the mark of the beast,
03:57 many of them are going to lose their lives.
04:00 God understands everyone and that blood cries out to God
04:03 from the ground.
04:04 And God is going to say to the world,
04:07 "You shed the blood of My people,
04:11 you treated them terrible, and awful,
04:14 and now you are going to drink this blood,"
04:18 not their blood, but this blood.
04:20 You know, Moses made Israel after the golden calf,
04:23 he ground up that golden calf and made them drink it.
04:27 Why?
04:28 Because it's the cup of justice, as it were.
04:33 So in the fourth plague, Revelation 16:8-9,
04:36 "Then the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun,
04:39 given to him to scorch men with fire.
04:43 And men were scorched with a great heat,
04:45 and they blasphemed the name of God
04:48 who has power over these plagues,
04:50 and they did not repent or give Him glory."
04:54 As we learned earlier, we talked about 666.
04:59 We know that Sunday is the chief god of the pagans,
05:04 and his special number is 666.
05:07 We know how the Christian church
05:09 in its embracing of paganism
05:11 changed the Sabbath of the Ten Commandments
05:15 from Saturday, the seventh day of the week,
05:18 to Sunday, the first day of the week.
05:20 Sunday is the day that the great pagan gods
05:24 were honored on.
05:26 You can find it in the Roman Empire.
05:27 You can find it in ancient history.
05:30 But it's also a symbol of the pagans,
05:33 who rejected God as creator.
05:37 And that's what Babylon
05:38 and the ancient pagans were all about,
05:40 it's the reason they didn't embrace
05:41 the Ten Commandments.
05:42 That's the reason they hated the Jewish people,
05:44 is because they did not want God being in charge.
05:48 Like the evolutionists,
05:49 they don't want a divine foot in the door,
05:51 but there will be a divine foot in the door, for sure.
05:56 And so now the sun...
05:58 remember those charms,
06:00 those charms from ancient Babylon
06:02 with the 666 on one side, and then the sun god
06:06 on the other side, that it would protect them
06:08 from these evil powers,
06:10 but there's no protecting now.
06:13 This sun is a terrible plague, and men blasphemed God
06:19 because of it.
06:21 And then the fifth plague, very interesting one,
06:24 Revelation 16:10-11,
06:26 "Then the fifth angel poured out his bowl
06:28 on the throne of the beast,
06:30 and his kingdom became full of darkness."
06:33 Now, this is a plague poured out
06:35 on the religious leaders,
06:37 these religious leaders.
06:39 So when this darkness comes, these people that are bent
06:43 on destroying God's people are suddenly going to wake up,
06:48 they're going to wake up and say, "What?
06:50 We've been on the wrong side of this,
06:53 the clergy, he and the priest, and everybody have told us
06:56 that we were okay, we were doing God's will,
06:58 but now we can see this plague of darkness,"
07:02 and they're going to wake up.
07:06 It's poured on the kingdom of the beast.
07:10 "And they gnawed their tongues because of the pain.
07:12 They blasphemed the God of heaven
07:14 because of their pains,
07:15 and their sores, and they did not repent
07:18 of their deeds."
07:19 Now that fifth plague is tied into the sixth plague,
07:22 which is a very fascinating one as well.
07:25 Revelation 16:12-14,
07:27 "Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl
07:29 on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up,
07:34 so that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared."
07:38 Now, I want to go back and say we'll talk about
07:40 that river Euphrates in just a moment
07:42 and what that means.
07:43 "And I saw three unclean frogs..."
07:46 This one has a lot of symbolic language in it,
07:48 it's very interesting.
07:49 "Three unclean spirits like frogs,
07:52 coming out of the mouth of the dragon,
07:54 out of the mouth of the beast,
07:55 out of the mouth of the false prophet,"
07:58 that's that trilogy, the false trilogy again,
08:02 "for they are spirits of demons, performing signs."
08:06 Jesus said, "In the end of time,
08:07 they would perform miracles, and deceive many people.
08:11 "Performing signs, which go out to the kings
08:13 of the whole world and gather them to the battle
08:18 of great God almighty," the battle of Armageddon.
08:21 So some of this takes place before that,
08:24 because all this deception before you ever get
08:26 into the seven last plagues,
08:28 has been going on with these demons.
08:30 And they are performing all these wonderful signs,
08:33 making fire come down from God out of heaven,
08:36 and the kings of the earth are deceived, Babylon,
08:39 that woman, also another picture of the same thing,
08:44 and she deceives them by her charms.
08:47 So the great deception all over the world,
08:50 and they're being gathered to that final battle,
08:53 but the ways of the kings
08:55 of the east are being prepared.
08:56 Now, let me just...
08:57 I'll talk more about this on another subject
08:59 but let me just give you a little bit right now.
09:01 Ancient Babylon set on a river, the Euphrates.
09:06 In the Book of Revelation, this new Babylon,
09:08 Chapter 17, sits on a river, but it's not a literal river,
09:12 it's a river of people,
09:14 you can read it in Chapter 17 for yourself.
09:17 And so they deceived,
09:19 these demons and this false trinity
09:22 through the religious leaders deceived the world.
09:26 And so it collapses,
09:28 the support for Babylon collapses,
09:32 you can read that in Chapter 17.
09:35 And so people are very upset and angry.
09:38 And now these plagues prepare the way
09:42 for the final approach of the kings of the east,
09:46 like Cyrus who came to overthrow ancient Babylon,
09:49 and he dried up the river
09:51 and was able to overthrow Babylon.
09:52 So this plague dries up the support for the clergy,
09:58 all kinds of clergy that have deceived people.
10:01 Listen, it's a very responsible thing
10:03 to be a minister, to be a priest,
10:06 it's very responsible thing.
10:07 And so this is dried up and people,
10:11 they totally lose support, and then Jesus is coming
10:15 with the final seventh plague,
10:18 but there's some special instructions here,
10:21 special instructions for the righteous,
10:24 for those who are going through this.
10:26 And He says here, "Behold, I am coming as a thief,"
10:31 unexpectedly but I'm coming.
10:34 "Blessed is he who watches," that's the words of Jesus.
10:37 He said, watch and pray, stay on the alert.
10:42 "Blessed is He who watches."
10:44 Are you watching?
10:45 Are we praying, reading our Bibles every day?
10:48 Are we in constant communion with God like Daniel was?
10:52 Are we endeavoring in our life by the grace of the Lord Jesus
10:54 and by the indwelling of spirit, to be obedient
10:57 to the precious Savior, to follow His instructions?
11:00 Are we watching?
11:02 Are we praying?
11:03 And then He goes on, "Blessed is he who watches
11:05 and keeps his garments."
11:07 Where did those garments come from?
11:09 Those garments are the garments that Jesus has given us.
11:11 It's His righteousness, it's not our righteousness.
11:15 But are we keeping those garments?
11:17 Are we getting sin out of our life?
11:19 Are we getting disobedience out of our life?
11:21 We don't want to spoil these garments
11:24 with more rebellion in our hearts, our life.
11:27 Jesus blesses this person who keeps His garments.
11:29 Then when the clothes of probation comes,
11:31 my dear friends, we have got to be
11:34 so settled in our mind, and we got to be so filled
11:36 with the Spirit of God,
11:38 and so filled with the living Christ,
11:40 that we are not going to choose,
11:42 by the grace of God, won't choose to sin
11:45 between then and the coming of Jesus.
11:46 So it says,
11:48 "Blessed is the person who keeps his garments."
11:50 In the end of time sin is a spoiler,
11:53 it's always been a spoiler, it's a horrible thing.
11:55 Look at what it's done to the world,
11:57 look what it's done to all of us.
11:59 So He says, "Lest he walk naked,
12:02 and I see shame..."
12:03 unless somehow, we don't keep our garments,
12:06 we're not ready for the clothes of probation,
12:07 we're not ready for Jesus to come,
12:10 and then we will be put to shame.
12:13 We lose our garment that Jesus has given to us.
12:18 And the seventh plague simply says,
12:21 "The seventh angel poured out his bowl in the air,
12:24 and there was a loud voice
12:25 from heaven saying 'It is done.'
12:27 " And it pictures Babylon as a city
12:29 that falls into three parts.
12:32 It pictures a terrible plague of hail and appalling,
12:35 I think this is what we're seeing when Jesus comes,
12:38 this hail precedes the coming of Jesus.
12:41 Held the weight of a talent, 50, 60, 70 pounds,
12:44 I don't know exactly.
12:46 But there's nothing
12:47 that can stand in the way of that.
12:49 It's just destroying the armies of the earth
12:52 who are now no longer listening to their clergy,
12:55 they're just mad, they're mad at God,
12:57 and they hate His people.
12:59 But these plagues are going to save God's people,
13:03 they're going to deliver God's people,
13:04 they're going to destroy Babylon,
13:07 who's persecuted God's people.
13:09 But we must never forget the admonition.
13:12 We must stay awake.
13:15 We must stay on the alert.
13:17 We must keep our garments white.
13:20 We must get sin out of our life and put our trust every moment,
13:25 every hour in our precious incredible,
13:29 marvelous Savior.


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