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How Babylon Seduces The World!

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00:01 Being in an illicit affair may seem very exciting
00:04 until you wake up and find you've been seduced.
00:30 If there's anything that Jesus values
00:33 more than anything else,
00:34 its loyalty, and trust, and faith.
00:37 He's such a wonderful Savior.
00:38 We're talking about this incomparable Jesus.
00:40 And He's really right in the middle
00:42 of the Book of Revelation.
00:44 And we are talking about His church,
00:46 and He wants to see from His church loyalty.
00:49 But we're also seeing seduction and unfaithfulness.
00:53 So we want to go down
00:54 to the Book of Revelation Chapter 17.
00:57 And we're going to see this other woman
00:59 now come into focus, she's called Babylon.
01:03 Revelation Chapter 17, I'm reading from verses 1-2.
01:06 "Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls
01:10 came and talked to me, saying,
01:12 'Come, and I will show you the judgment
01:15 of the great harlot who sits on many waters,
01:19 with whom the kings of the earth
01:21 have committed fornication,
01:23 and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk
01:26 by the wine of her fornication.'"
01:28 There's this great principle in Scripture called repeat
01:30 and enlarge particularly
01:32 in the great prophetic prophecies.
01:34 And, of course, in our last session,
01:36 we talked about the seven last plagues,
01:38 and particularly the six plague.
01:40 And so the tie to the plagues here is very clear
01:43 because one of the angels who had one of the bowls
01:46 of the plagues, comes and talks to John,
01:49 and now begins to show him,
01:51 I repeat and enlarge in a picture
01:55 of this woman called Babylon.
01:58 Now, it's going to show her judgment
02:00 because she's committed fornication
02:02 with the kings and the rulers of the earth
02:05 and the inhabitants of the earth
02:07 are charmed with her,
02:09 and they've been made drunk by the wine of her fornication
02:14 with these rulers and elders,
02:16 not elders, but rulers and kings of the earth.
02:19 Why are they drunk? Why do they get drunk?
02:22 Because they say, this look great.
02:24 That we're going to get a lot of benefits.
02:26 I mean, this relationship between Babylon
02:29 and the leadership of the world.
02:31 I mean, we're all going to be, this is gonna be great,
02:34 and they're gonna be pretty upset
02:36 with anybody that gets in their way
02:38 or doesn't go along with them.
02:39 And this is, of course, the mark of the beast
02:41 is gonna come into all of this.
02:42 People are going to see a grand,
02:44 marvelous opportunity,
02:46 and it's gonna be very attractive,
02:48 and very seductive.
02:52 But God is going to judge her.
02:53 It looks like she's gonna have it totally,
02:55 she says in another place, I'll sit as a queen.
02:58 I'll never see sorrow, I'm not going to be a widow.
03:01 But the Bible says that God judges her.
03:03 This isn't a fight that God's people have to do,
03:06 they just have to trust the Lord.
03:08 It is the Lord that brings down this powerful, evil,
03:13 seductive Babylon.
03:16 Now we want to ask the question,
03:18 who is this Babylon?
03:20 Caroline J.
03:22 Simon in her article in Psychology Today,
03:27 and the article is entitled, "Don't be Seduced."
03:31 And she says this, and it's very interesting
03:33 how it really describes what the Bible talks about,
03:36 and this symbolic Babylon, who is going to be a reality,
03:41 is becoming a reality.
03:43 She says, "Don't be seduced,
03:45 seductions, meaning it is no accident
03:47 that the route of seduce is to separate
03:51 or lead away."
03:53 And she goes on to say,
03:55 "Those who are seduced are led away
03:58 from the value central
04:00 to their own sense of integrity."
04:01 And that's exactly what happens to the world.
04:03 Babylon seduces the world
04:06 not to trust God's Ten Commandments,
04:10 but to trust her own version of it.
04:13 So God's Church, the integrity and the safety of God's Church
04:18 is to trust God's law, and Babylon seduces the world
04:23 and leads them away from their own integrity.
04:28 It's an amazing.
04:29 She goes on to say, "Seduction may look romantic,
04:32 but it's all about self-centered power."
04:37 Telling you if you look down
04:38 through the apostasy of Christianity,
04:41 wherever you turn, it's going to be about power.
04:44 You know, the Church of God is to be humble,
04:47 the Church of God is to be peaceable,
04:49 the Church of God is to minister,
04:51 the Church of God is not here for worldly power
04:54 and wealth and to show,
04:56 "Hey, we can just change things through the political."
04:58 No, the church is here to change people's hearts.
05:02 That's what Jesus did.
05:04 He didn't try to take over the political reigns
05:06 of government either in the Jews or the Romans.
05:08 He could have, He had the power to do it,
05:10 but He didn't.
05:11 But what He did do was He changed people's hearts,
05:15 He's changed my heart.
05:16 I hope He's changed your heart.
05:18 Hope you've let Him change your heart.
05:20 He will if you let Him.
05:22 And let's go on, it says, "But the insidious..."
05:24 She goes on to say,
05:26 "The insidious, corrosiveness of seduction is heightened
05:31 by the seductress' defense."
05:34 And the defense was, after all, it was consensual.
05:38 The Bible says that Babylon actually
05:41 deceives the kings of the earth.
05:46 In other words, she gets them involved
05:50 and then she can back off and say,
05:52 "Well, it was consensual."
05:53 Well, it was.
05:55 It is, and it will be,
05:57 but God holds the false church,
06:01 the apostate church responsible for the seduction.
06:06 Well, let's go on to Revelation 17:2
06:10 so he carried me away
06:12 in the spirit in the wilderness.
06:15 Now we've been there before.
06:16 I mean, in the wilderness,
06:18 if you go back to Revelation 12:13,
06:20 you'll find that God's Church is in the wilderness,
06:24 she's being chased by the great red dragon.
06:28 And so this wilderness is a place
06:30 that's been a protection.
06:31 We've also talked about the United States of America
06:34 being that great wilderness where the earth open herself
06:39 and swallowed up the flood
06:41 and gave the woman a protection or the church protection.
06:45 The Christian church, of course,
06:46 has been persecuted first by pagan Rome
06:50 and then of course, by papal Rome.
06:53 It was great...
06:54 The great red dragon was pagan Rome
06:57 that was persecuting the church.
06:59 And after the church has been given these wings
07:02 and flies into the wilderness,
07:04 there is at least some portion of that church,
07:08 that faithful church that goes astray.
07:11 It goes into apostasy
07:14 and this is where this Babylon shows up.
07:17 Now the kings of the earth, notice her beauty,
07:19 but she doesn't belong to them.
07:22 The church belongs to Jesus.
07:27 But, you know, part of the church,
07:30 part of this woman, if you please,
07:32 in a symbolic sense,
07:33 she gets tired of being persecuted.
07:36 She gets tired of living in the wilderness,
07:38 and the kings of the earth, those great men
07:41 who rule the world, they have civilization,
07:45 they have wealth, they have pleasure,
07:49 and they have comfort.
07:51 So the attraction between the two become mutual.
07:55 She commits adultery on Jesus.
07:58 That in the process of coming adultery,
08:00 she becomes very, very popular with the world
08:05 and with the leadership of the world.
08:07 But the faithful church continues to run,
08:10 the faithful church continues to be persecuted by her sister,
08:13 her unfaithful sister if you please.
08:17 In the end of time, this unfaithful church
08:21 becomes once again the ruler of the world,
08:24 but in a different form, in a different form.
08:28 And that's what the Bible keeps showing us
08:30 in the Book of Revelation.
08:32 It's a same thing, but it keeps changing form.
08:36 So we're gonna go now to Revelation 17:3,
08:40 "And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast
08:44 which was full of names of blasphemy,
08:47 having seven heads and ten horns."
08:51 So she's sitting now, we see the seven headed,
08:55 ten horn beast again for the third time.
08:59 This seven headed ten horned beast,
09:02 first of all shows up as the great red dragon,
09:06 that's pagan Rome.
09:08 It shows up again, as the leopard beast,
09:12 that's papal Rome, and now it shows up
09:16 as the scarlet colored beast,
09:18 that's Babylon.
09:20 Now, Babylon is going to be kind of the same,
09:24 but yet different.
09:26 Remember, Revelation Chapter 13 said that this leopard,
09:30 when this leopard beast came on,
09:32 that there's beasts from the earth came up,
09:34 and he formed an image and gave life to this image
09:37 of the beast,
09:38 that image to the beast
09:40 is the same as Babylon,
09:45 as the same as this scarlet colored beast
09:48 that you find in Revelation Chapter 17.
09:51 So what you really have is that even though
09:56 you have the changes, the colors change,
09:59 this last beast, this image to the beast
10:01 is made up of papal Rome, and Protestantism,
10:05 they come together, and they form an image
10:09 to the old Dark Age beast, they form a new look.
10:14 So Babylon, the image to the beast,
10:17 the scarlet colored beast, it's all the same thing.
10:19 It's the final phase,
10:23 the final phase of apostasy.
10:26 And unfortunately, this great Protestant nation
10:28 that I love and you love.
10:30 This nation right now is in the process,
10:34 Protestant America
10:35 in the process of forming this alliance,
10:39 that's going to be Babylon.
10:42 So both pagan Rome and papal Rome
10:48 were known as Babylon.
10:50 And this last phase is also known as Babylon.
10:55 So this new phase, this new image,
10:57 this new woman, she's dressed.
11:00 I mean, she's attractive, and she's powerfully seductive,
11:05 and the world just seemed to be mesmerized by her
11:09 and her influence on the kings
11:12 and the leadership of the world.
11:15 Notice though, the contrast between her
11:17 and the woman of Revelation 12.
11:19 Revelation 17:4 says,
11:22 "The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet,
11:25 and adorned with gold
11:26 and precious stones and pearls."
11:29 She's going to get your attention.
11:31 She's going to have that Snapple crack and pop,
11:33 so to speak.
11:35 And the world looks at her and said, "Whoa!
11:37 Wow! Isn't she something?"
11:40 Now remember, this, of course, is in symbolic form.
11:44 But it goes on to say, "Yes, she's beautiful.
11:47 She's seductive.
11:49 You may feel attracted to her,
11:51 but she has in her hand a golden cup."
11:53 Well, gold is a wonderful thing.
11:55 But it's what it's filled with is the problem.
11:57 It's filled with abominations
11:59 and the filthiness of her fornication,
12:01 her fornication with the kings of the earth.
12:03 And it brings about great trouble
12:05 for the planet, great trouble.
12:07 Revelation 12:1 shows her sister,
12:10 her faithful sister is being clothed
12:13 with the stars of heaven,
12:15 the moon and the sun on her head.
12:17 So she's a beautiful, pure woman.
12:22 So this pure woman dressed in the garments of heaven
12:25 is in a pure relationship with the Lord Jesus.
12:28 And she, of course, brings on the Messiah
12:32 that's comes through her symbolically, of course.
12:36 But this fornicating woman, this Babylon,
12:40 this fornicating woman, adulterous woman,
12:43 she gives birth also, but she gives birth
12:45 to harlot daughters, who bring great trouble
12:49 and sorrow for planet earth.
12:54 So one brings hope, and healing, and blessing,
12:58 and salvation, and the other brings
13:01 a false hope that ends in chaos
13:04 and destruction for the planet.
13:07 So Revelation 17:5 says,
13:10 "And on her forehead was a name
13:22 Mysterious.
13:23 She has daughters. This is an alliance.
13:26 Mysterious, because it's amazing
13:28 that people fall for this.
13:30 It's amazing that people are so blind,
13:33 but that's what seduction does.
13:36 Seduction blinds people to the real reason
13:39 why they're being seduced.
13:41 They think they're being loved.
13:43 But in reality,
13:45 they're being led to the slaughter.
13:48 Seduction is a terrible thing.


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