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How Babylon Seduces The World!

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00:01 Let me say kindly
00:02 but clearly what Babylon really is.
00:05 It's really the papacy joined by the Protestants
00:09 who have abandoned Sola Scriptura
00:12 or the authority of Scripture.
00:14 How does it become so popular though?
00:17 Well, it's the temptation of the centuries.
00:20 If you look down through the centuries,
00:22 you'll find that the devil has had one successful strategy
00:26 to try to woo the church away from the Savior,
00:29 and that strategy is to love the world.
00:33 You can hear the warning by the apostles on this,
00:37 and it's been Satan's most successful strategy
00:40 down through the centuries.
00:42 It worked with ancient Israel,
00:44 it worked with the early church,
00:46 and now it's working in the end of time.
00:49 You know nothing really changes,
00:50 history keeps repeating itself, doesn't it?
00:52 So what pagan Rome did to the early church
00:55 through compromise, the devil using it,
00:58 now pagan Rome does to the Protestant churches.
01:01 So how has pagan Rome done this?
01:03 Well, let's let the Bible answer,
01:05 how did pagan Rome do it?
01:06 Let's let the Bible answer.
01:08 Here's James 4:4-5,
01:12 "Adulterers and adulteresses,
01:15 do you not know that friendship with the world
01:17 is enmity with God?
01:20 Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world
01:23 makes himself an enemy to God?
01:26 Or do you think that the scripture says
01:28 in vain the spirit who dwells in us
01:31 yearns, jealousy."
01:32 In other words, God is a jealous God.
01:34 I explained that earlier.
01:36 There's a good jealousy,
01:37 a husband should be jealous for his wife appropriately.
01:41 We should be jealous for the love of our children
01:44 in a good way.
01:45 So God is jealous for His church,
01:48 He's not going to share her.
01:51 And when she shares herself, she apostatize,
01:55 then it brings great trouble to the world.
01:58 Now, the thing that
02:00 has happened down through the centuries
02:02 is that the church was attracted to the world
02:05 and wanted worldly power,
02:07 power and wealth.
02:10 But in the United States of America,
02:12 we've separated the church and the state.
02:16 So the church has freedom
02:17 not to be controlled by the state
02:19 and the state has freedom
02:21 not to be controlled by the church.
02:23 If the church does its duty,
02:26 and converts and works in the hearts of men and women,
02:29 America will continue to be a great nation.
02:32 In fact, there was a Frenchman, many, many years ago
02:35 that said this and he was right.
02:37 He said, "America is great, because America is good."
02:42 And let me add that America has been good,
02:45 because America has had a population
02:47 that trusted this book and allowed the Bible
02:50 to direct its ways,
02:52 but now with the evolutionists and the atheists,
02:55 and all of these other things,
02:56 they're overthrowing this
02:58 and even the Church of Rome now
03:00 basically has councils
03:03 and its own authority and its own opinions,
03:06 has authority greater than the Bible.
03:08 So the philosophies of the world now
03:12 superintend or supersede,
03:15 I should say, the Bible.
03:16 Protestantism is becoming the same way.
03:20 As people are abandoning,
03:21 yes, they give lip service to Scripture,
03:23 but do they really go by Scripture?
03:26 Do they let Scripture test thing?
03:29 Now, of course,
03:30 when you have this kind of amalgamation
03:32 between the church and state,
03:33 then you get the persecution of the Dark Ages.
03:36 And that's exactly what's going to happen again.
03:39 The United States of America was given to overthrow that,
03:42 but now religious freedom,
03:45 I believe is under a sincere threat,
03:47 most people don't see it,
03:48 they don't understand where it's going,
03:50 they don't see how this power
03:52 that's developing such a great power
03:54 to control the state,
03:55 they don't understand where that's going,
03:57 but it's going.
03:59 Now let's just look at Rome's attitude
04:00 towards religious liberty.
04:02 I know some people are going to say,
04:03 "What about Vatican II?"
04:05 I'm going to address that in just a moment.
04:07 Josiah Strong in Our Country, he said,
04:09 "The pacific tone of Rome in the United States
04:12 does not imply a change of heart."
04:14 She's tolerant, where she is helpless,
04:17 says Bishop O'Connor,
04:19 "Religious liberty is merely endured
04:22 until the opposite can be carried into effect
04:25 without peril to the Catholic world."
04:29 But what about Vatican II?
04:31 People have just been mesmerized
04:33 of the Vatican, do they?
04:34 Everybody thinks that Vatican II changed everything.
04:36 The Roman Catholic Church actually changed its position
04:39 on religious liberty
04:40 and that now it believes in religious liberty.
04:43 But let me tell you, it's a sly as a fox.
04:46 You got to read a little bit between the lines
04:48 and I'm going to share something with you
04:50 that it's just really amazing.
04:52 So although Vatican II's council decree,
04:57 the dignity of humanity and emphasized
05:01 that people should not be coerced
05:03 in matters of religion.
05:06 He goes on to say, "It leaves untouched,
05:09 untouched,
05:11 the traditional Catholic doctrine
05:13 on the moral duty of men and societies
05:18 to the true religion
05:20 and toward the one true church,
05:23 i.e that in an ideal society,
05:26 the Catholic Church would be recognized
05:28 as the official religion of the state."
05:34 It's just a recent quote,
05:36 some Catholic scholars now are saying this.
05:41 They began analyzing this and they said,
05:42 "Well, now wait a minute, wait a minute.
05:44 We got Vatican II, does that mean that Vatican II,
05:47 actually the Catholic Church actually changed its doctrine,
05:52 its teaching,
05:55 and they come to a very interesting conclusion,
05:59 very interesting.
06:00 These are Catholic theologians now.
06:03 Vatican II's teaching on religious freedom
06:06 changed policy,
06:09 not doctrine.
06:11 What?
06:13 Changed policy.
06:14 In other words, the way you implement something,
06:18 but it didn't change the doctrine.
06:21 There's another source that I know of that
06:22 was right on that said Rome,
06:24 talking about the papacy, never changes,
06:28 never changes.
06:31 Here's another, another Catholic scholar,
06:33 he says, "We can see how this dignity of humanity
06:36 does not change the doctrine after all,
06:40 religious coercion..."
06:42 Now listen carefully, you've to catch this.
06:44 The scholar goes on to say, Catholic scholar,
06:47 "Religious coercion by the state is now,"
06:52 underline the word,
06:54 "now, morally wrong
06:58 and a violation of people's rights."
07:01 And then he goes on to add,
07:03 "Not because religious coercion
07:08 by any authority is wrong.
07:11 But because the church,"
07:13 Roman Catholic Church, the popes,
07:15 "no longer authorize it."
07:19 So that is pretty slick.
07:22 They tell everybody,
07:23 "Okay, we believe in the dignity of humanity."
07:26 They didn't change the doctrine.
07:28 They just said,
07:30 "We don't authorize the state to do it anymore."
07:33 But you have to listen, it goes on.
07:36 "The church is now refusing to license the state
07:40 to act as her coercive,"
07:43 or persecuting agent you might say,
07:46 "and it is from that policy change,
07:49 and not from any change an underlying doctrine
07:53 that the wrongfulness,
07:55 a religious coercion by the state follows."
07:59 Now they go on, these scholars go on to say,
08:01 talking about religious liberty from Vatican II.
08:04 "We believe..."
08:05 this is fascinating,
08:07 "We believe that this one true religion,"
08:09 talking about the papacy, of course,
08:12 "continues to exist in the Catholic Church."
08:16 Now listen carefully.
08:18 So while the religious freedom
08:24 which men demand,"
08:27 underline it,
08:28 "which men demand has to do with freedom
08:32 from coercion in civil society.
08:38 It leaves intact,
08:40 the traditional Catholic teaching
08:43 on the moral duty of individuals and society
08:47 toward the true religion
08:49 and the one Church of Christ."
08:51 They didn't change a thing.
08:54 All they did is say,
08:56 "Well, we're not going to authorize
08:58 the state to enforce."
09:00 Because the truth is they couldn't,
09:03 not with the Constitution of the United States,
09:06 but they are forming alliances.
09:09 And you're seeing a great move.
09:12 I've been shocked to hear and I understand that
09:16 the separation of church and state
09:18 sometimes can take on a different context.
09:21 And I don't have time to get into that.
09:23 But I'm talking about
09:24 going back into the traditional stand,
09:27 where the state is neutral in the Constitution,
09:31 where it does not empower religion,
09:33 nor does it prevent the practice of religion.
09:37 And that's a wonderful place
09:38 and it's brought so much happiness
09:40 and peace to all of us,
09:41 I mean, look, go back to the Dark Ages,
09:43 go back to the terrible persecution.
09:45 You can see all of Europe just drenched in blood
09:49 because of this.
09:50 What does Catholic Church mean?
09:52 What does Vatican II really mean?
09:53 It means the religious freedom
09:55 which men demand versus religious freedom as a right.
10:01 In other words,
10:02 when popular opinion no longer demands
10:05 religious freedom, it will be taken away.
10:08 Now that's different than the American Constitution.
10:10 The genius of the American thinking
10:13 is that liberty of conscience is guaranteed
10:15 as a minority right.
10:18 In other words, the majority can't take it away
10:20 because it's protected by the Constitution.
10:25 The Vatican II still demands that individuals and societies
10:29 give them allegiance,
10:33 and they owe the Catholic Church
10:35 a moral duty.
10:37 This means that when the Catholic Church
10:38 and her allies become popular enough,
10:43 they can and will take religious freedom
10:47 away from the minority.
10:50 In other words, the only reason the minority have it
10:53 is because the majority is willing,
10:55 but when you change the opinion of the majority,
10:59 the Roman Church is ready to change the freedoms
11:03 that the minority should have.
11:06 Well, this alliance, of course, is now forming,
11:09 and we can see it happening.
11:12 Dr. Falwell, late Dr. Falwell some years ago passed away.
11:16 He told a whole group not even to consider
11:19 trying to affect public policy
11:21 with only the narrow evangelical
11:24 Protestant coalition.
11:26 He said, "Such an effort must include the Catholics
11:29 and in counsel with a great Cardinal Law and O'Connor."
11:33 And then he says,
11:35 "Accepting their help
11:36 is the step towards unity."
11:42 We must be aware, of course,
11:44 that Pope Francis is really headed down this road
11:49 just as fast as he can go.
11:52 This is another quote from Pastor I think, Robinson,
11:55 if I'm not mistaken,
11:57 "Aware that a meeting with Pope Francis
11:58 will be troublesome among staunch Protestants."
12:01 Mr. Robinson said,
12:03 "He and other visiting evangelical Christian leaders
12:06 talked about diversity
12:07 and their belief that the Roman Catholics
12:10 and Protestants could work together
12:12 without compromising their beliefs."
12:14 So this is an alliance, not a merger.
12:17 "So if Protestant America
12:19 abroad began seeing Pope Francis
12:21 as the trusted leader and voice,
12:24 it could revolutionize."
12:25 He goes on to say,
12:27 "Relations between the two spiritual entities
12:30 that have been estranged
12:31 for nearly a half a millennium."
12:34 So Rome's principles are simply this,
12:37 Rome's principles is that worldly power...
12:41 They want worldly power
12:43 and the church controls the state,
12:45 and that miracles are proof of truth,
12:50 not scripture.
12:52 And that's how it seduces the world,
12:56 seduces the world and it's going to look like
12:58 they're going to solve so many problems
13:00 with this new alliance,
13:02 Catholics and Protestants together,
13:04 everybody getting along,
13:05 having powerful influence on the state to do its will.
13:10 But with that will come an abandonment
13:13 of religious liberty,
13:14 the freedom to worship God
13:16 according to the dictates of your conscience,
13:19 with it will come the imposition
13:21 of the mark of the beast
13:24 and the adulterous betrayal of the Lord Jesus.


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