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00:01 Why do people say that when a person dies
00:04 he doesn't die, he goes on living?
00:09 Are our eyes deceiving us?
00:35 The book of Revelation starts out with that
00:37 glorious Jesus telling us that He has the keys
00:41 to the grave and to death.
00:43 Now that's good news for those of us
00:45 who are mortal and we are dying,
00:48 and we pass graveyards all the time and we see
00:50 death and destruction all around us.
00:53 And then He tells us why.
00:54 He says, "I was dead, but now I'm alive forever more."
00:59 He's referring, of course, to His resurrection.
01:01 The resurrection of the dead is a huge issue
01:05 and a big wonderful picture, both in the Bible,
01:08 the New Testament, and in the book of Revelation.
01:11 And today we want to take a look and see what
01:13 Jesus actually teaches.
01:15 You know, we live in a world today where people...
01:18 In fact, I had it happen not long ago.
01:21 Somebody passed away and the family thinks,
01:24 "Well, you know, they're up in heaven and they're watching us,
01:29 and they can see us."
01:30 And other people who have had people that didn't live
01:33 too good of a life, they're not too sure
01:35 where they're going.
01:37 In fact, I had a friend of mine who was holding a funeral,
01:40 and somebody had passed away that maybe hadn't
01:42 lived too good of a life.
01:44 And the family came in to him and just insisted
01:47 that he make sure that everybody knows that
01:49 this person is in heaven.
01:51 Well he didn't do that.
01:53 He worked it out. He's a pretty diplomatic fellow.
01:55 But at any rate, we're living in a world today,
01:58 a world that is, what can we say,
02:02 that just believes that you don't die when you die.
02:06 So my question is, are our eyes, our eyes,
02:11 are they deceiving us?
02:14 Well let's look at the teachings of Jesus.
02:16 There's no one more authoritative than Jesus.
02:19 He's the final word.
02:22 He's got the real authority.
02:24 I mean, after all, He's paid it all on Calvary's cross.
02:28 He's the resurrection and the life.
02:30 Let's go to hear what He has to say.
02:33 And we're going to go to John chapter 5.
02:36 And the picture here is the death of somebody
02:40 that's very precious to Jesus.
02:42 One of the homes He loved to go to was the home of
02:44 Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.
02:46 They believed Him, they trusted Him.
02:48 They believed He was the Messiah.
02:50 Jesus was seemingly always surrounded with all kinds of
02:54 controversy and people trying to attack Him,
02:56 and people trying to get Him to say something that
02:58 they could condemn Him with.
03:00 Trying to trap Him because they hated Him so much.
03:04 It's hard for me to believe why people could hate
03:08 this wonderful Savior, this wonderful Savior.
03:11 He loved to go to the home of Martha, and Lazarus, and Mary;
03:15 the three of them, brother and two sisters.
03:19 And He would find peace there.
03:21 He was out teaching somewhere, and Martha and Mary
03:25 sent Him an urgent message.
03:28 And they said to Him, "The one You love is sick."
03:34 And they were hoping, they knew the power of Jesus
03:37 and how God answered His prayers.
03:39 And they were hoping that Jesus would indeed come
03:44 and touch their brother with healing power.
03:48 So here's what Jesus taught.
03:50 When Jesus got there Martha comes out to meet Him,
03:53 and He talks to Martha and He talks to Mary.
03:57 And this is the teaching that He gave them.
04:00 So we're going to John 5:24-30.
04:03 But before He gets to Mary and Martha,
04:05 He's also going to talk to His disciples.
04:08 And we'll see that interchange as well.
04:10 We'll see that interchange also.
04:13 He says, "Most assuredly, I say to you..."
04:16 I want to back up just a little bit.
04:17 I'm telling you the story of Martha and Mary.
04:19 We'll get to that in a moment a little bit more.
04:22 But I'm going to one of the teachings of Jesus
04:25 in John chapter 5, John 5:24-30.
04:29 This is not in the direct story of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus,
04:33 but it certainly will fit.
04:34 In just a moment we'll see.
04:36 "Most assuredly, I say to you, that he who hears My word..."
04:41 This is the teaching of Jesus.
04:42 "...and believes in Him who sent Me..."
04:45 Talking about His Father.
04:47 "...has everlasting life..."
04:49 Well, what a great promise that is.
04:51 "...and shall not come into judgment..."
04:53 Amen.
04:55 "...but has passed from death to life."
04:57 What a great promise that is.
04:59 Right from the lips of Jesus.
05:01 So everlasting life comes from having faith in Jesus.
05:06 Faith is how you lay hold on the Son of God.
05:09 And when you lay hold on the Son of God,
05:11 John says in another place, "He who has the Son has life."
05:16 So if you believe in Christ, then you get this
05:19 wonderful promise of everlasting life.
05:21 Now when a person believes, he possesses everlasting life.
05:26 That's a wonderful possession.
05:28 It's a possession you want, I want.
05:31 But the question is, how is it that he possesses
05:35 everlasting life when he still dies?
05:39 And we see people die who give their lives to Christ.
05:42 Many Christians are sleeping in the grave, so to speak,
05:45 that have given their life to Christ.
05:47 Well Jesus is going to explain that.
05:49 And He goes on in chapter 5 verse 25,
05:54 "Most assuredly..."
05:55 I like the old King James that says, "Verily, verily."
05:59 "Most assuredly..."
06:01 That's a good way of translating it too.
06:02 "Truly, truly."
06:04 "...I say to you, the hour is coming..."
06:08 Now notice how Jesus explains this.
06:10 "...the hour is coming, and now is,
06:14 when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God."
06:17 Now that, "now is," I think He's referring to what
06:19 He's about to get ready to do a little later in John
06:23 in resurrecting Lazarus from the dead.
06:25 And we'll see that in a few moments.
06:29 "Most assuredly, I say to you, the hour is coming, and now is,
06:32 when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God;
06:36 and those who hear will live."
06:40 So He's saying that the dead actually will hear
06:45 the voice of the Son of God.
06:46 And it's the hearing of the Son of God
06:48 that makes them live.
06:50 Let's let Jesus go ahead and explain this some more.
06:53 Because it's a very fascinating explanation that Jesus gives.
07:00 So here we go, we'll continue here.
07:02 And He says, "For as the Father has.."
07:05 Let me finish that.
07:06 "...will hear the voice of the Son of God;
07:08 and those who hear will live."
07:09 Verse 26, "For as the Father has life in Himself,
07:13 so He has granted the Son to have life in Himself..."
07:16 So I mentioned in another one of our sessions together
07:20 that Jesus' life is unborrowed and underived.
07:24 Our life is borrowed and derived.
07:28 We do not have immortal life, so to speak.
07:32 We don't just go on living.
07:33 We don't control our own life.
07:35 But God does. He has life within Himself.
07:38 And Jesus has that life.
07:40 Now let's go ahead and listen.
07:42 Verse 27, "...and has given Him," Jesus, "authority
07:46 to execute judgment also, because He is the Son of Man."
07:52 Now notice several things here.
07:54 And this will get re-emphasized when we get down to verse 28.
07:57 Notice that the dead...
07:59 And verse 28 will tell us, "...who are in the grave..."
08:02 We'll come back to that.
08:04 ...hear the voice of Jesus.
08:07 It's the hearing of the voice of Jesus that makes them live.
08:11 That means that none of the dead right now
08:15 are in heaven, or purgatory, or in hell.
08:20 We're going to talk about hell before we're done here.
08:23 And to my knowledge, there's not a line of Scripture
08:25 that supports purgatory.
08:27 It's totally an invention of the papacy.
08:31 Let me go on here.
08:34 So the dead are not alive right now, but are in the graves
08:40 waiting for the voice of Jesus.
08:43 Now when does that voice come?
08:44 According to the apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians 4,
08:49 or 1 Thessalonians 4, it comes at the voice
08:53 of the archangel, the trump of God.
08:56 It comes when Jesus comes again.
08:58 And Jesus is that voice that awakes the dead, you see.
09:04 Okay, let's go on here.
09:07 It tells us also that it's at the resurrection
09:11 that Jesus will execute judgment.
09:13 So He's not executing judgment right now.
09:15 He's not sending people to heaven, or to hell,
09:17 or to a non-existent purgatory, so to speak.
09:20 And we'll talk about what hell is too later.
09:23 A lot of people have a lot of misunderstanding
09:25 about that subject.
09:27 And I think the Bible will be clear about it.
09:29 But let's go ahead.
09:31 So notice that the judgment comes at the resurrection.
09:34 Now Jesus goes ahead and explains
09:36 even more what He means.
09:37 And so we're going to verse 28, chapter 5 of the book of John.
09:40 Jesus is speaking.
09:42 "Do not marvel at this."
09:43 He says, "Don't think this can't happen."
09:47 One author that I know says, you know, for us
09:50 the resurrection of the dead is an amazing thing.
09:53 We can hardly understand it.
09:55 In fact, in Jesus' day the Sadducees
09:58 had rejected the resurrection.
10:00 They rejected the resurrection because they couldn't figure out
10:03 scientifically how you could take a body that decomposes
10:07 and returns to the dust, how that could ever come back
10:11 into any kind of living being.
10:12 But that's because they didn't understand the power of God.
10:16 And that's exactly what Jesus told them.
10:18 He said, "You have got a problem."
10:20 In fact, they brought Him a trap question.
10:22 They brought Him a question that says,
10:23 "Here's a man..."
10:25 These are the Sadducees.
10:26 These are the political people that are not really believers,
10:29 but they like power.
10:31 And they're basically in control of Israel when Jesus is there.
10:34 The Pharisees had a lot of power, but they weren't
10:37 sitting in the high priest's seat.
10:39 So these Sadducees brought Jesus this puzzling question.
10:43 They said, "Here's a man who had a wife.
10:45 There are seven brothers.
10:47 And the first brother died."
10:48 And they went all through the whole seven.
10:50 And each one of them married her.
10:52 And finally the seventh brother died,
10:55 and the woman is still alive.
10:56 And they said, "So tell us, in heaven or in the resurrection,
11:02 whose wife will she be?"
11:08 And Jesus' response to them was,
11:10 "You don't know the power of God.
11:11 And you don't know the Scripture."
11:14 And He went ahead and inserted the fact
11:15 there is coming a resurrection.
11:18 You can find Jesus' answer there.
11:20 But I just wanted to underline that fact
11:22 that judgment comes at the resurrection.
11:24 Now let's go on, "Do not marvel at this;
11:26 for the hour is coming in which all who are in the graves..."
11:31 Now Jesus is very specific here.
11:34 Those who are in the grave.
11:36 You're not in heaven, not in hell, not in purgatory.
11:38 Not anywhere but in the grave.
11:40 The dead are in the grave, according to Jesus.
11:44 Now if you believe something else, you can argue with Jesus.
11:47 But that's clear as it can be.
11:50 "Do not marvel at this; for the hour is coming
11:52 that all who are in the graves will hear His voice..."
11:57 In other words, He wakes them up in the grave
12:00 and brings them out of the grave.
12:03 "...will hear His voice," and notice, "and come forth..."
12:07 Now that's all the dead.
12:09 Everybody that has ever died.
12:11 All the good people, all the wonderful people,
12:14 all the apostles who are in the grave,
12:17 they're going to be resurrected.
12:18 All the bad people like Mao, and Hitler,
12:22 and all those horrible people, and you might can think of
12:25 plenty more, I'm sure, they're all coming up
12:28 out of the grave too.
12:30 Now if you're in Christ, you're not going to be
12:32 subject to judgment.
12:34 Isn't that good news?
12:35 But if you're not in Christ, you're going to face
12:37 the judgment bar of God.
12:40 A judgment bar that many people would fain be
12:43 relieved from, would like to be excused from.
12:49 He goes on to say, "...will hear His voice;
12:52 those that have done good..."
12:53 Two resurrections here.
12:55 "...those who have done good, to the resurrection of life..."
12:58 So there is a resurrection of life.
13:00 And it comes first.
13:03 "...and those who have done evil,
13:06 to the resurrection of condemnation."
13:08 So the resurrection of condemnation comes second.
13:11 Two resurrections.
13:13 Resurrection of life, resurrection of condemnation.
13:16 And Jesus says, "Of Myself I can do nothing.
13:19 As I hear, I judge; and My judgment is righteous,
13:24 because I do not seek My own, but I seek the will of God
13:28 who sent Me."
13:30 We should not be amazed at the ability of Christ
13:34 to resurrect the dead.
13:35 I mean, He knows where every atom is in the universe.
13:39 He doesn't have to put all the same atoms back together,
13:41 I'm not saying that.
13:42 But Jesus has great power.
13:44 He's the incomparable Jesus.
13:46 And He can and will resurrect the dead.


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