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00:01 We're continuing to focus on the teachings of Jesus
00:03 about the death, the grave, and the resurrection.
00:07 And so we want to continue to focus on what He's just been
00:11 teaching us from Scripture.
00:13 So I'm going back to the Scripture again.
00:15 And we just read that text in John 5:28 that says,
00:20 "Do not marvel at this; but the hour is coming
00:23 when all who are in the grave will hear His voice."
00:25 Everybody that's in the grave.
00:26 And they will come up to the resurrection of life
00:29 or the resurrection of condemnation.
00:32 We'll talk a little bit more about that.
00:34 So we shouldn't be amazed at the ability of Christ
00:37 to resurrect the dead.
00:39 And also, when the dead hear the voice of Christ...
00:42 Because many people say, "Well, they're in heaven.
00:44 And Jesus is going to call them and He's going to
00:48 bring them back down here and put them in the body."
00:50 But that's not what Jesus says.
00:52 Jesus says, He says they hear the voice in the grave.
00:57 They're not in heaven.
00:59 They don't hear the voice in heaven.
01:02 They hear the voice in the grave.
01:05 And Jesus goes on to say, everyone, good and evil,
01:11 are going to be resurrected.
01:13 So there are two resurrections.
01:17 And you choose which one you come up in.
01:20 For sure we don't want to come up in the resurrection
01:24 of condemnation.
01:25 We want to come up in the resurrection of life.
01:30 Now the resurrection of life, as I mentioned earlier,
01:33 comes first, and the resurrection of condemnation
01:37 comes second.
01:39 Now that means that those who are in the resurrection
01:41 of life, they're not going to die again.
01:45 They're going to get everlasting life at that point.
01:49 You see, we possess...
01:50 When you give your heart to Christ,
01:52 you possess life, but you possess it in Christ.
01:56 You may die.
01:57 And we'll talk about that death and the difference between
02:00 the first death and the dreaded second death.
02:04 We'll talk about that in a few moments here.
02:06 So that means there's a resurrection of life.
02:09 You'll never die again.
02:11 But if you come up in the resurrection of condemnation,
02:15 then you're going to be condemned by the judgment
02:19 for your works which are evil.
02:22 If you come up in that resurrection,
02:24 you have no covering of Christ to protect you.
02:28 And you're going to be condemned to the dreaded
02:32 second dead.
02:33 I call it the dreaded second death.
02:36 Because there's no coming back from that death.
02:38 Well, let's go on here and look at Romans 6:23.
02:44 This is clear too.
02:46 The apostle Paul reflecting the words of Jesus,
02:48 "The wages of sin is..." What?
02:51 "...death, but the gift of God is eternal life
02:55 in Christ Jesus our Lord."
02:58 Once you give your life to Christ,
03:00 it's tied to the life of Christ.
03:03 So what is the condition of one who is dead?
03:07 Well, there's no immortal soul.
03:11 Let me explain why there's not.
03:13 Let's go to Genesis. You know the story well.
03:17 Satan's temptation to Eve.
03:20 He looks at Eve, and she makes the statement
03:23 in their conversation that they can eat of
03:26 any tree of the garden except that one.
03:29 But in the day they eat of it, they will die.
03:34 Now death is not life.
03:37 Death and life are opposite.
03:40 Now it's interesting what Lucifer comes back to her.
03:44 He comes back to her and he says to her,
03:47 "You will not die.
03:49 But you will be, if you eat this fruit," I'm paraphrasing,
03:52 "you eat this fruit that God has said you can't eat of,
03:56 God knows that if you eat of it you'll become like Him.
03:59 You'll become immortal like Him."
04:03 And Eve bought the lie.
04:06 It was a lie.
04:07 It was a direct contradiction of God Himself.
04:12 The serpent says, "You'll not surely die.
04:14 You'll be like God."
04:15 So he's just saying, "Look, God may say that you die,
04:19 But I'm telling you that you won't die."
04:22 And listen, as I said earlier, the opposite of life is death.
04:27 They're opposites.
04:29 Now I want to tell you, and I tell you with great sorrow,
04:31 that the great religions of the world, like Hinduism, Buddhism,
04:36 witchcraft, paganism, and to my sorrow, much of Christianity,
04:43 they've bought into the same lie.
04:45 They tell people, "Oh he's not dead, he's in heaven."
04:48 But that's not what the Bible says.
04:50 "Oh, they just go on living. They're not..."
04:53 You know, the paganism says, "Well..."
04:55 You go to Hinduism, "Oh no."
04:56 You know, they have the reincarnation.
04:58 That's a big thing today.
04:59 Because they believe that you don't die when you die.
05:02 Really?
05:04 Again, are our eyes deceiving us?
05:08 No, our eyes are not deceiving us.
05:10 When a person dies, they die.
05:13 Now listen to this.
05:14 Satan's solution to death is the lie about an immortal soul.
05:22 But Jesus' solution to death is the resurrection.
05:29 Big difference.
05:32 Jesus' solution is the resurrection.
05:34 1 Corinthians 15:52 says, "For the trumpet will sound,
05:38 and the dead will be raised incorruptible,
05:42 and we shall be changed."
05:44 Now we want to come to the death of Lazarus.
05:47 I've given you some background to that already.
05:49 And we'll go to John 11:3-4.
05:52 And the sisters came to Jesus, and they said,
05:56 "Lord, behold, he whom You love is sick."
06:01 Or they sent Him a message.
06:03 And when Jesus heard that, He said to His disciples,
06:08 "This sickness is not unto death,
06:12 but it's so that God will be glorified,
06:15 and the Son will be glorified in this sickness."
06:19 Now John 11:11-12, you can read it for yourself,
06:24 "Our friend Lazarus," Jesus said to His disciples, "sleeps."
06:28 This is a couple or three days later
06:31 after He got the message.
06:32 And the disciples were kind of puzzled
06:34 why Jesus didn't go right away to help out Lazarus,
06:37 and Mary, and Martha whom He loved so very much.
06:41 But Jesus knew what He was doing.
06:44 I'm sure Mary and Martha, they made it clear,
06:46 "Lord, if You had only been here our brother would not have died.
06:51 If You had only been here."
06:54 But Jesus knows what He's doing.
06:55 Sometimes we don't understand the mysteries of God.
06:59 We can't explain them.
07:01 But my dear friends, we must trust God.
07:04 Jesus is about to do something for Mary, Martha, and Lazarus
07:07 that has given hope to millenniums of Christians.
07:12 So let's go back to the text.
07:15 John 11:11-12, Jesus says, "Our friend Lazarus sleeps..."
07:20 Now that word is important.
07:22 Because Jesus already knew he was dead.
07:24 It's going to say that in just a moment.
07:26 "...but I go that I may wake Him up."
07:29 So Jesus said, "He's asleep. I'm going to wake him up."
07:33 But He's not talking about normal sleep.
07:36 He's talking about the sleep of death.
07:38 And Jesus said, "I'm going to wake him up."
07:40 The disciples took it as the other way, that Lazarus was
07:43 just taking a rest and he's doing better now.
07:46 And they said, "Lord, if he sleeps, he will get well."
07:49 But then Jesus makes it clear what He meant
07:51 by His illustration.
07:55 Verses 13-14 of John 11.
07:57 "However, Jesus spoke of his death,
08:00 but they thought He was speaking of taking rest in sleep.
08:05 Then Jesus said to them plainly, 'Lazarus is dead.'"
08:11 So Jesus speaks of Lazarus as being asleep,
08:14 the disciples think he's getting better,
08:16 Jesus frankly and plainly tells them, "Lazarus is dead."
08:22 He says nothing about Lazarus being in heaven,
08:24 or anywhere else.
08:26 Now that's why the apostle...
08:28 Not apostle, I'm sorry.
08:29 ...great King Solomon, the great wise man,
08:31 he said this in Ecclesiastes 9:5,
08:34 he says, "For the living know they will die,
08:37 but the dead know nothing.
08:39 They have no more reward,
08:41 for the memory of them is forgotten."
08:43 And then it goes on to say,
08:44 just in case we didn't get the point,
08:46 "Also their love, their hatred, and envy have now perished."
08:50 Perished.
08:52 If you go to heaven, is your love still going on?
08:55 I would think it would be.
08:57 But no, when you die, you don't go anywhere.
08:59 And your love, and your hatred, your envy, your emotions,
09:04 "never will they have a share in anything done under the sun."
09:08 I was a young pastor in Raleigh, North Carolina
09:11 many, many years ago.
09:14 And in that time we had something called, the Moonies.
09:17 And so I wanted to find out what these
09:19 people were doing, and so forth.
09:21 So I went to one of their programs.
09:24 They had invited me, found me, when I was walking
09:26 around the streets or something.
09:27 Anyway, to make a long story short, I went.
09:30 And he was explaining death.
09:32 And so, was saying, "Well, when you die,
09:34 you know, your physical part..."
09:35 Then he draws a line, but he says,
09:37 "Your love, and your hatred, and your emotions,
09:39 and everything else, they stay alive.
09:41 They don't go away."
09:43 So I raised my hand.
09:44 And I said, "I want to ask you a question.
09:47 I want to read a text to you."
09:48 And I read Ecclesiastes 9:5.
09:51 He got silent.
09:53 I said, "This says that their love, their hatred,
09:55 their emotions, the very thing you said is alive,
09:57 this says that it dies, it perishes.
10:01 What do you say?"
10:03 He said, "I want to talk to you later."
10:05 Well, I guess that's all you can do in the face
10:09 of that clear, clear biblical text.
10:13 Well let's go, because I want to talk about
10:15 the dreaded second death for just a moment.
10:18 Because a lot of times people don't understand this.
10:20 And illustrations also have limits.
10:22 So let me give you this illustration.
10:23 You remember computers, they have a hard drive.
10:28 When I first went into the ministry
10:30 I probably couldn't have used this illustration.
10:31 I can use it today.
10:33 Everything in that computer that goes through
10:35 is on that hard drive.
10:37 Now when you decide that the hard drive...
10:41 You can take that hard drive out and reproduce
10:43 everything on the computer.
10:45 Am I right?
10:46 It's kind of like that.
10:48 I can't explain it, but God preserves
10:49 the hard drive when you die.
10:51 He preserves the hard drive.
10:52 It doesn't mean you're alive.
10:54 There's no electricity, there's no nothing.
10:55 You're just dead, but somehow God preserves the hard drive.
10:59 And on the morning of the resurrection
11:01 He wraps you again with all the monitors
11:03 and puts the electricity to you.
11:05 This is kind of a crude illustration,
11:06 but it kind of gets the point.
11:07 And you wake up.
11:09 Because you can take that same hard drive
11:10 and put it into a new computer,
11:12 and that new computer will tell you and go right to work.
11:16 But in the dreaded second death, the hard drive is destroyed.
11:23 There's no coming back in that dreaded second death.
11:28 My dear friends, our only hope is to avoid the lies of Satan.
11:33 Because I'm telling you, this lie is going to be used
11:37 to deceive the world and to prepare it for the battle
11:41 of Armageddon.
11:43 This lie, that you go on living, makes it possible
11:46 for people to be open to the deception of dead relatives.
11:50 During the crusades, dead generals back in the
11:52 Dark Ages would appear.
11:54 They weren't the generals.
11:56 They were evil angels appearing as generals.
11:59 Evil angels appearing as...
12:01 They take advantage of people's grief and they deceive them.
12:05 The devil and his evil angels are awful.
12:08 They'll take advantage of your worst circumstances,
12:10 your heartaches.
12:12 But listen, Jesus doesn't.
12:15 He tells you the truth.
12:16 When you die, you go to sleep.
12:18 And there's a morning of resurrection coming.
12:21 The question is, which resurrection will you be in?
12:25 You make that choice.
12:27 You make that choice by attaching yourself to Christ.
12:30 To Christ alone.
12:32 Because He, Christ, is the resurrection.
12:36 He, Christ, is the life.


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