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00:01 In the book of Revelation 19 there are two suppers;
00:04 one is the marriage supper of the Lamb.
00:07 That's the one we want to be in,
00:08 and that's going to be in heaven.
00:10 But there's another supper, and it's not a pretty sight.
00:12 We just read it just before the break.
00:14 And that is when all those who oppose Jesus,
00:18 they're slain with the brightness of His coming.
00:21 And this mighty angel calls the birds to a supper.
00:25 The birds to eat the flesh of people.
00:29 Why are the birds called to eat the dead people,
00:33 all of them on the face of the earth?
00:35 For one reason.
00:37 There's no one alive.
00:38 There's no one here to bury them.
00:42 And so, the wicked living when Jesus comes are dead.
00:48 And of course, we know what happens to the righteous.
00:51 They're caught up to meet Jesus in the air,
00:53 those who are alive.
00:55 And those who are sleeping are resurrected.
00:58 And they don't go ahead, of course.
00:59 They all go up together, those who are righteous alive
01:04 and the resurrected dead go together with Jesus.
01:09 So we want to see what's happening here, of course.
01:11 Jesus is pictured in symbolic form coming
01:16 in the clouds of heaven as a mighty warrior.
01:19 And this is the prelude to the 1000 years.
01:22 It introduces us to the 1000 years.
01:25 Now let's go to Revelation 20:1-3.
01:30 "Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven,
01:34 having a key to the bottomless pit
01:36 and a great chain in his hand."
01:40 Now what is this bottomless pit?
01:42 It's a place that's unbounded, it's a place of darkness.
01:46 Another little picture of that we get is found in Luke 8:31.
01:51 If you remember the story of the demons who were cast out
01:56 of the two demon possessed men on the other side
01:59 of the Sea of Galilee.
02:01 Now as Jesus was casting those demons out,
02:05 those demons asked Jesus, they said there was a legion of them,
02:09 they asked Jesus, they pled with Jesus
02:12 not to throw them into the place of darkness.
02:16 "Don't throw us into the abyss," as it were.
02:20 Now I don't know what that means, but I think,
02:23 if I understand it right, and I think 2 Peter says
02:27 something similar about evil angels being reserved
02:30 in chains, it seems to be that there's even limits
02:34 to what God will allow evil angels.
02:37 And if they step over those limits, they get chained.
02:40 Or they get locked up somehow.
02:42 I don't know how that's happened.
02:44 But God has His ways of doing that.
02:46 They're certainly restricted.
02:48 Because these evil angels begged Jesus
02:50 not to throw them into the abyss.
02:53 Not to lock them up, so to speak,
02:56 but to let them go into the pigs.
02:58 And of course, Jesus did. The pigs ran down and drowned.
03:01 You know the story; I don't have time to get into the story.
03:04 So something is going on here where
03:06 Satan is getting locked up.
03:08 He's going to be put out of business.
03:11 And that's a wonderful day for planet earth.
03:13 It's a sad day that everybody is dead that were wicked.
03:18 And the righteous are all in heaven.
03:21 And so the devil is going to get locked up here.
03:23 Well, let's go ahead and see what goes on here.
03:27 "He laid hold of the dragon, that old serpent,
03:30 who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him a thousand years..."
03:34 I told you, Jesus is mad about him messing with His church,
03:38 with His bride.
03:39 And so He's locking him up now.
03:42 "...and cast him into the bottomless pit,
03:44 and shut him up, and set a seal on him,
03:47 so that he should deceive the nations no more
03:50 till the thousand years were finished.
03:52 But after these things he must be released for a little while."
03:57 So how is it that the devil is chained up here?
04:02 Well, the key to that is the word, "deceived."
04:06 I mean, there's nobody here for him to deceive.
04:09 Now the earth is going to be broken.
04:10 It's going to have horrible earthquakes.
04:12 You can read all about it. Hail stones.
04:14 The whole earth is just broken up.
04:16 In fact, it's going to be a dark awful place to be.
04:20 Maybe the sun will still be shining somewhat, I don't know.
04:23 But it's going to be a wreck.
04:26 All the people are dead.
04:29 Satan has spent his whole time here
04:32 deceiving, deceiving, deceiving, and destroying people
04:35 with his deceptions.
04:36 Now he has nobody to destroy.
04:38 So he's locked up.
04:40 He certainly can't leave the earth.
04:42 He's locked up from that standpoint.
04:44 But he also has no one to deceive in a vast broken world
04:50 where the bones of dead people are lying on the ground.
04:54 He can spend a thousand years thinking about his choice
04:58 to go down a selfish road,
05:02 to reject the principle of unselfish love.
05:05 And he can look at this world for during that thousand years
05:08 and see what he has accomplished.
05:11 It's a terrible thing to think about.
05:13 But he deserves it.
05:15 Maybe being on death row, maybe being on there is almost
05:19 worse than finally meeting your fate,
05:22 which he certainly will meet one of these days.
05:25 So let's continue to go on in the Scripture here.
05:28 It says, "...that he should deceive the nations no more
05:33 until the thousand years were finished."
05:37 So what makes him able now to deceive,
05:40 whereas before he was unable to deceive?
05:44 Well, let's go ahead and take a look at that.
05:46 Because in order for that to happen
05:50 there would have to be a resurrection,
05:52 not of the righteous because they've already been
05:55 resurrected, but a resurrection of the wicked.
05:59 Remember we talked about the last time,
06:01 Jesus said there are two resurrections.
06:03 There's the resurrection of the righteous,
06:05 and the resurrection of the condemnation.
06:08 So everybody that's dead on the earth
06:12 is going to be resurrected to meet judgment.
06:17 And of course, judgment comes at the end of chapter 20.
06:21 We'll get into that as we talk about the lake of fire.
06:24 So they're going to be resurrected to face judgment.
06:27 They won't have any covering.
06:28 But when they are resurrected,
06:30 now Satan is going to be able to deceive them again.
06:33 So what is he going to deceive them about?
06:36 We'll talk more about that next time.
06:38 But the camp of the saints comes down.
06:40 So the saints who have been in heaven for a thousand years,
06:44 they're going to come back down, but they're safe
06:47 in that New Jerusalem that John said,
06:49 I saw it coming down from heaven.
06:52 We'll come back to that at a later point.
06:55 But all these wicked are resurrected.
06:57 And Satan goes out to deceive them.
06:59 No doubt telling them that, "Hey, look,
07:01 we can conquer this thing.
07:04 More about that later.
07:06 But now he's able to deceive because he's got people
07:09 who are alive.
07:11 The wicked dead are resurrected to meet judgment.
07:16 These were slain at the brightness of Christ's coming.
07:20 And of course, we know that those who were slain at the
07:22 brightness of Christ's coming, they were not the good ones.
07:25 They were the bad ones.
07:26 So Satan is bound to this earth, described as a pit,
07:30 a bottomless pit, just in symbolic language here,
07:34 with no one to deceive for a thousand years.
07:38 Now the next scene is found in Revelation 20:4.
07:43 And it says, "And I saw thrones, and they sat on them,
07:47 and judgment was committed to them."
07:49 Judgment? I thought the judgment had already come.
07:52 Well, it was the judgment for those who
07:55 claimed to belong to Christ.
07:57 It separated the tares from the wheat.
08:00 But this is a different kind of a judgment, I think.
08:04 And he says, "I saw the souls..."
08:05 Or the lives, another way of saying that.
08:07 "...of those who had been beheaded..."
08:09 These are people that are martyred.
08:11 So the martyrs are there.
08:12 The people who went through the final time of trouble,
08:15 they are there.
08:16 The righteous from all generations, they're all there.
08:23 And it says, it goes on to say, "...who had not worshiped
08:26 the beast, his image, or received his mark
08:29 on their foreheads or their hands.
08:30 And they lived and reigned," or ruled,
08:33 "with Christ for a thousand years."
08:35 What is this judgment about?
08:37 You know, God is going to answer every question.
08:40 God has been blamed for everything.
08:42 There's always questions.
08:44 But God wants to produce a universe,
08:47 a universe that is both free and sinless.
08:51 And the only way that He can do that
08:54 is for everybody to be satisfied
08:57 that He was just and true and good.
09:00 Those in heaven who are saying, at the first of chapter 19,
09:04 they know that God is just and true.
09:07 They have all the information.
09:10 They've seen it all.
09:11 But the people who are saved, they don't have it.
09:15 They've trusted the Lord, they believe He's just and true,
09:18 they believe that He is love and that He is good,
09:21 but they don't have all the information.
09:25 And I think during those 1000 years the books are going to be
09:29 opened and the righteous are going to have
09:33 all their questions answered.
09:37 There's also a sense of judgment...
09:38 There's usually two phases of judgment.
09:40 There's a judgment that decides whether a person
09:43 is guilty or not guilty.
09:45 And if they're guilty, there's another judgment
09:47 that decides what their punishment will be.
09:51 And so it's only fair that the ones who suffered so much
09:56 persecution and heartache are going to be in charge
09:59 to make sure that righteous judgment
10:03 is given, and the execution of sinners.
10:09 It will be good that sinners are gone.
10:11 Not that anybody wanted them gone.
10:14 Jesus gave His life for them.
10:15 He paid the price for them.
10:17 He never wanted them to come to this place.
10:21 But once they made up their mind and they're not changing,
10:25 then the universe cannot survive if they live.
10:28 They have become identified with the very sins
10:33 that they have acted.
10:35 Sins that Jesus paid for, would have wiped out of their life,
10:39 but now they've become identified with it.
10:43 And so this judgment will answer all the questions
10:46 of the righteous.
10:48 Throughout eternity no one will ever have any questions
10:51 about the goodness of God, or the justice of God,
10:54 or the fairness of God.
10:56 Sin is not going to raise its ugly head again.
11:00 And we can be glad for that.
11:02 So we go now, of course, to the last part
11:06 at the end of this thing, and we find that in contrast
11:11 to the rest of the dead who do not live again,
11:14 that those who were in the first resurrection
11:17 are called blessed and holy.
11:19 Now that's the resurrection you want to be in.
11:22 You want to be in that first resurrection.
11:24 Because if you're in that one, you're going to be blessed
11:26 and you're going to be holy.
11:27 That, "holy," means that you won't sin.
11:30 You're going to have a perfect heart.
11:32 A heart of unselfish love.
11:34 You're going to blend right in with the rest
11:35 of the unselfish universe.
11:37 Isn't that going to be wonderful?
11:38 So at the end of the 1000 years, the wicked are resurrected,
11:43 Satan is released, and he then goes out
11:48 "to deceive all the nations in the four corners of the earth,
11:52 Gog and Magog, and to gather them to battle
11:56 whose number is as the sand of the sea."
12:00 They do not come up with everlasting life.
12:03 You know, the book of Romans in chapter 6 says that
12:06 if we are buried with Christ...
12:08 What does it mean to be buried with Christ?
12:10 It means to repent in front of all the Ten Commandments.
12:13 If you're buried with Christ, then you will certainly
12:18 be resurrected with Christ.
12:21 So if we want to be resurrected, we must repent.
12:26 Repent in front of all of God's Ten Commandments.
12:29 We must have those written in our hearts,
12:31 and the love of God written in our hearts.
12:35 And the promise is that if we go through that experience,
12:40 then the resurrection of Jesus will be ours.
12:42 And I want to say this again, our hope depends on our
12:46 union with Christ.
12:47 It is that union with Christ that makes it possible
12:51 for us to come up in the resurrection
12:54 of the blessed and the holy.
12:56 For sure, you do not want to come up
12:59 in the resurrection of condemnation.
13:03 Condemnation that Jesus would have saved them all from
13:06 if they had only trusted Him.
13:09 He would have saved them.
13:11 But if you put your trust in God,
13:13 you will not come up at the end of the 1000 years.
13:17 You'll come up at the beginning of the 1000 years.
13:21 And when you come up in the beginning,
13:22 you live forever.


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