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Why The Lake of Fire Has An Ending But Not An End!

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00:01 A new body?
00:02 A new world?
00:04 A new beginning?
00:05 Brand new.
00:07 The opportunity of a lifetime.
00:31 You know, everybody likes a new beginning.
00:33 Particularly in a world that's been filled with such sorrow,
00:36 and difficulty, and failure.
00:38 And today we're going to talk about a beginning that's coming,
00:41 a new beginning that is just marvelous.
00:44 Actually, we're going to one of the parables of Jesus
00:46 in the book of Matthew chapter 13.
00:50 And He talks about a parable about tares.
00:53 And let me just read that text.
00:55 It says, "The enemy who sowed them is the devil."
00:59 In other words, there's a field, and somehow they end up
01:01 with tares in the field.
01:05 Tares! How in the world could that happen?
01:07 But He says how it happened.
01:09 So we live in a world that's been filled with trouble,
01:11 and sorrow, and difficulty.
01:13 And there's somebody responsible for that,
01:15 and it's not the Lord.
01:17 The devil sowed all of these tares that are in the world.
01:21 Now it says, at the end of the age these tares are going to be
01:24 gathered and burned, and the wheat is going to be gathered
01:27 in God's barn.
01:29 And Ephesians chapter 1 talks again about this
01:32 new age that is coming.
01:34 A wonderful new age.
01:36 It says, Ephesians 1:18-21, "...that you may know
01:40 the hope of His calling..."
01:42 I want to tell you, this hope we have of a new beginning
01:44 and a new age, that hope is not going to be disappointed.
01:48 It's going to be a reality.
01:51 And you don't want to miss out on that.
01:53 "...what are the riches of the glory..."
01:55 We're talking about, "...the riches of the glory
01:56 of the inheritance in the saints..."
01:58 He goes on to say, "...not only in this age..."
02:01 So there's two ages here.
02:03 "...not only in this age, but in the age to come."
02:08 Titus 2:11-12 says this, "For the grace of God
02:13 that brings salvation has appeared to all men..."
02:17 So everybody has an opportunity for a new beginning.
02:21 There's no need to be left out of this.
02:23 And then he goes on to say,
02:25 "...teaching us that denying ungodliness..."
02:27 There has to be a change in our hearts.
02:29 Because this new beginning is going to be a place
02:32 where there's none of this tares left in this world.
02:35 No problems in this new age.
02:37 We want to be part of that new age.
02:39 But I like the way Titus ends this.
02:41 He says, "...denying ungodliness and worldly lusts,
02:44 we should live soberly, righteously, and godly
02:47 in the present age..."
02:49 The age that we're living in.
02:51 In other words, in this present age
02:52 we're getting ready for the new age that is coming
02:56 that Jesus is going to bring.
02:58 And then he says this...
03:00 My mother and dad are sleeping.
03:02 I lost my mother a little over a year ago.
03:04 Wonderful parents.
03:06 And they looked forward to the coming of the Lord.
03:10 And there on their tombstone are these words,
03:13 from Titus, from Titus, and Titus says this,
03:18 "...looking for the blessed hope."
03:22 "...looking for the blessed hope."
03:27 Now I'm looking for that blessed hope.
03:28 That blessed hope is that new age that is coming.
03:32 Now Revelation describes this present age.
03:35 The present age, we've been talking about it.
03:37 It's not going to end pretty.
03:39 It's going to end with a great terrible conflict.
03:42 The culmination of these ages of conflicts
03:46 between Christ and Satan, this thing is coming to an end.
03:49 It's going to end with the mark of the beast,
03:51 with the destruction of Babylon.
03:54 And this home of the wicked is going to be passed away.
03:58 The Bible says in 2 Peter 3:10-13,
04:02 it says, "But the say of the Lord will come like a
04:05 thief in the night, in which the heavens pass away
04:08 with a great noise, the elements melt
04:11 with fervent heat; both the earth and the works
04:15 that are in it will be burned up.
04:17 In other words, this age is going to pass away.
04:21 This earth is going to be destroyed.
04:24 It's going to be replaced with a new world, a new age.
04:28 The start of a new age.
04:30 Well, let's talk about that new heavens and a new earth.
04:33 And we're going to go to the book of Revelation.
04:35 And we get some descriptions there that
04:38 just boggle the mind and the imagination.
04:42 An it's exciting when you think about it.
04:44 So we want to go to Revelation 21:1.
04:48 And this comes on the heels when the first age passes away,
04:52 this new age starts.
04:54 Then we have Revelation 21:1 saying this,
04:57 "Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth..."
05:02 There it is. Brand new.
05:04 "...for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away."
05:09 Now there's no question what's going to happen to this world.
05:11 It's going to pass away.
05:13 But there's also no question about what's going to follow it.
05:16 A new heavens and a new earth.
05:19 "Also there was no more sea."
05:21 Let's think about this for just a few minutes here together.
05:25 What does this mean?
05:26 Well first of all, there's going to be a lot of things
05:28 that will pass away.
05:29 And we'll be glad that they passed away.
05:31 Death will be done away with.
05:33 And with it, the decay that brings death,
05:36 and the sorrow that brings all of this death.
05:39 And then in order for this to happen, of course,
05:41 what causes death must also pass away.
05:45 And what causes it is the transgression of God's law.
05:48 It's sin that causes it.
05:50 No more old age. How about that?
05:53 I'll go for that. You'll go for that.
05:55 No more old age. No more disease.
05:58 Filth.
05:59 You know, I've been in places where the sewer just runs
06:02 in the gutters down the street, open gutters.
06:05 There are American cities today that are experiencing
06:09 typhus because of the filth in the inner cities sometimes
06:14 in these places where people are living and congregating.
06:18 I just heard about something like that on the west coast.
06:21 Typhus in America resulting because of filth.
06:26 There's not going to be any filth in this new earth.
06:30 And no disease that goes with it.
06:31 Hunger; there's more than enough food in the world
06:34 to feed everybody, but you can't get it to everybody.
06:36 It's a lack of access, not a lack of resources.
06:41 And then there's no more war.
06:43 Think about World War II.
06:45 Seventy million people lost their lives.
06:49 Think about what happened in China
06:51 under Mao; 70 million people.
06:53 Stalin in Russia; 20 million people.
06:55 I mean, the world has just been filled with
06:58 terrible, terrible war and destruction.
07:01 And I thank the Lord that it's all going to pass away.
07:06 Think of all the suffering animals have gone through.
07:08 I mean, I go through or by not too far from my house,
07:12 about twenty miles from my house I pass it a lot,
07:14 huge chicken farms there.
07:16 These chickens crammed four to a little cage
07:19 where they spend their whole life.
07:20 No more suffering of animals in this new age.
07:25 No, the Bible says it's new.
07:27 It's brand new.
07:31 Brand spanking new, as we used to say when I was growing up.
07:35 No, a new heavens.
07:36 And there's not going to be any sea there.
07:38 It says no more sea.
07:39 That means there's going to be plenty of land for everybody.
07:43 Plenty of land.
07:44 No more division, no more great bodies of water
07:48 that separate nations and peoples.
07:50 No, the earth is going to be united.
07:54 We're going to be one, we're going to be in great harmony.
07:57 I didn't mean there's not going to be probably large
07:58 bodies of waters, but not seas or oceans like we know today.
08:03 First of all, I want to talk about the
08:04 New Jerusalem a little bit.
08:06 Now the Bible describes the New Jerusalem in some detail.
08:12 Now we have, again, it's going to be
08:14 really beyond our imagination.
08:16 But this is just a fantastic thing.
08:18 Revelation 21:10-13 says, "And he carried me away
08:23 in the Spirit to a great and high mountain,
08:26 and showed me a great city, the holy Jerusalem..."
08:31 The New Jerusalem.
08:33 In contrast to that Babylon that falls apart at the end of time
08:36 that everybody was seduced by, everybody wanted to be part of.
08:41 But that Babylon passes away.
08:43 But this New Jerusalem, again, the book of Revelation
08:46 so filled with contrast, this New Jerusalem,
08:48 this is the home of Jesus.
08:50 Don't you want to be where Jesus is at?
08:52 The incomparable Jesus that has made all of this possible.
08:57 What a marvelous Savior we have.
09:00 So this goes on to tell us, and he said,
09:02 "...and showed me the great city, the holy Jerusalem,
09:05 descending out of heaven from God,
09:08 having the glory of God.
09:11 Her light was like a most precious stone..."
09:14 I got online on the internet and I just kind of looked up
09:18 on diamonds and this kind of thing.
09:20 And there's some beautiful, beautiful stones.
09:23 This whole city shines like a precious stone.
09:27 It says, " a jasper stone, clear as crystal."
09:30 Now we don't exactly know what all that means.
09:32 I went back and looked, the ancients usually
09:34 thought of jasper as kind of greenish,
09:36 but sometimes jasper is not as clear as other stones.
09:41 But this is going to be clear.
09:42 The Bible says it's going to be as clear as crystal.
09:44 It was the best John could do to describe
09:47 kind of what he saw there.
09:49 Now it says the city is going to be square.
09:51 It's going to be four square.
09:53 And it says that it's going to have a great high wall.
09:57 216 feet tall by my calculations.
10:01 Now that's high.
10:03 I mean, that is very high.
10:04 Now some people say, "Well, why would you need a wall?"
10:06 Well, the wall does a couple of things.
10:08 First of all, if you remember, the devil and his evil angels
10:13 have the resurrected dead at the end of the 1000 years,
10:17 we talked about that earlier, and they surround the camp.
10:20 This is the final destruction of the wicked.
10:22 And they want to take the city.
10:23 And there's a little time period in there.
10:25 So the walls, in a sense, protect the city.
10:28 But it also defines the city, and it glorifies the city,
10:31 and it makes the city beautiful.
10:34 So it defines the city.
10:37 Now it shines, the Bible says, like crystallized gold.
10:41 I don't know what that means, but I wanted to see
10:44 if I could find some golden diamonds.
10:47 Well they do have some yellow diamonds.
10:50 And they're very beautiful.
10:51 But all we know is what John described it as.
10:55 And so it shines like crystallized gold.
10:58 The whole city does.
11:00 It's going to have a lot of other mingled colors
11:03 in with it as well.
11:04 Now it has twelve foundations.
11:06 Twelve foundations.
11:08 Evidently you can see these foundations.
11:10 Because the Bible says that the foundations
11:14 had the names of the twelve apostles.
11:16 So I say this to people, I say, everybody that walks
11:20 into the New Jerusalem is going to be a true Israelite.
11:25 You know, the apostle Paul says that the true Israelite
11:28 is not one necessarily of the flesh,
11:31 but the one of the heart.
11:33 So all of us that go into that new city,
11:36 we're going to be true Israel.
11:39 Now there's also twelve gates.
11:42 Well I should say this before I leave the foundations.
11:44 The foundations are made of twelve precious stones,
11:50 beautiful gems.
11:51 Again, the colors that are going to get intermingled here,
11:57 it's just beyond imagination.
12:00 It also has twelve gates.
12:02 Now on the twelve gates are the names of the twelve apostles.
12:06 So I also say that everybody that goes into that
12:09 New Jerusalem, they're going to be a Christian.
12:13 They're going to be a New Testament Christian.
12:15 Because we go through the gates of the twelve apostles.
12:19 Each gates, and this is hard for me to imagine,
12:22 each gate is said to be one pearl.
12:26 Now pearls are beautiful.
12:28 You don't usually think of them as gates.
12:30 But think of a whole gate as a pearl.
12:33 So is this going to be round or like a tear drop?
12:36 We don't know.
12:38 But it's going to be big enough for all the saved
12:42 from all the ages to walk through into that New Jerusalem.
12:48 Now it says it's 1500 furlongs, or miles,
12:52 the circumference of it.
12:53 Now some people think that's all on one side.
12:56 I'm going to be a little bit more conservative here
12:59 and just say that it's 1500 furlongs, or miles I should say,
13:04 furlongs translated into miles, 1500 miles divided by four.
13:10 That means you've got a city that's 375 miles on each side.
13:16 Now that's big.
13:17 I mean, that's really big.
13:20 So it's going to have about 140,000 plus square miles
13:25 in the city.
13:26 And if you want an idea of how big that is,
13:31 take the state of Montana.
13:33 The state of Montana and the New Jerusalem
13:36 are going to be about the same size,
13:38 as far as the territory.
13:42 It's also going to go into space 375 miles.
13:48 Think of that.


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