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00:01 We left you thinking about this New Jerusalem
00:03 going 375 miles up into, not just the stratosphere,
00:09 but the thermosphere.
00:11 I mean this is up where you can put a satellite, so to speak.
00:14 I mean, this is amazing.
00:16 I flew into a place not long ago where they had
00:19 the world's tallest building.
00:20 You could see it sticking up there.
00:21 But this is beyond imagination, as I've said before.
00:26 375 miles.
00:29 Now if you've got a 30,000 foot mountain,
00:32 about like Mount Everest,
00:33 a little taller than Mount Everest,
00:35 and you had just flat plains so there was no obstructions,
00:40 the information I have is that you could see that mountain
00:44 from 800 miles away.
00:47 That's quite a bit.
00:49 Now I don't know, I haven't done the calculations,
00:51 but my guess is that you can see the new Jerusalem
00:54 at least from half the earth.
00:56 I guess if you get around on the other side
00:57 it might be tough to see it, but just think,
01:00 you're not going to miss the New Jerusalem
01:03 in all of its glory as it begins to build, build
01:07 up toward space.
01:10 So the streets of this New Jerusalem is something else.
01:14 I mean, we think of streets, we put tar
01:16 on our streets, of course.
01:17 We're glad to have cement and tar because
01:19 we're glad to be out of the mud.
01:21 I've been in places in the states here where,
01:24 you know, they didn't have paved roads.
01:26 And it can get really muddy and dusty, all that kind of thing.
01:29 Not the New Jerusalem.
01:31 They're not paving it with cement; no, no, no, no.
01:33 The Bible says that it's paved with something that looks like
01:36 crystallized gold.
01:38 Again, I don't know what that looks like,
01:40 but can you imagine walking down those streets
01:42 and they're just reflecting the beauty and the glory
01:46 of everything that's all around us?
01:48 I mean, it's just hard to grasp what that's going to be.
01:52 You just don't want to miss it. That is for sure.
01:55 Now the Bible says that it doesn't need the sun,
01:58 it doesn't need the moon, this New Jerusalem.
02:01 Because this is going to become God's throne.
02:03 This is going to become the place of the headquarters
02:06 of the universe.
02:09 Think of that for a moment.
02:10 The headquarters of the universe,
02:12 the residents of the Lord God Himself
02:16 and the Lord Jesus are going to be there.
02:17 And the Bible says they're going to be the light of it.
02:20 They're going to make it so glorious,
02:23 and we won't need the sun.
02:25 And from that throne of God, and maybe that throne
02:28 sets at that pinnacle, 375 miles above the earth,
02:34 and above this beautiful New Jerusalem.
02:36 But we do know that as the glory of God shines,
02:40 that people are going to rejoice in that glory.
02:42 And it's going to be peace and joy.
02:44 And from the throne of God flows life.
02:48 Now the Bible talks about a tree of life
02:51 and a river of life.
02:53 And here's Revelation 22:1-2.
02:56 It says, "And he showed me a pure river of water of life,
03:02 clear as crystal."
03:04 John uses this word, "crystal," quite a bit
03:06 because it demonstrates a reflection.
03:09 It demonstrates a clarity.
03:10 It demonstrates the purity.
03:12 So there's not going to be any pollution.
03:15 No pollution in this river.
03:18 You can drink it, you can swim in it, you can enjoy it.
03:21 And it's got a life-giving quality to it.
03:25 And it says, "...proceeding from the throne
03:27 of God and from the Lamb."
03:29 And he goes on to say, "In the middle of its street,
03:32 and on either side of the river, was the tree of life..."
03:35 Now we don't know exactly how that works, but
03:39 I was talking to somebody not too long ago,
03:40 and they talked about cutting down a tree,
03:42 two trees that had grown together
03:44 and actually not just intertwined, but had actually
03:46 grown together, two trunks.
03:48 So maybe it's going to be something like that.
03:50 Two big trunks on each side crosses the river,
03:55 spreads out on each side of the river,
03:58 this tree of life.
03:59 You know, Adam and Eve had a tree of life
04:01 in the Garden of Eden.
04:03 And when sin came in, God cut them off from it.
04:06 Because God is responsible.
04:08 God is not going to be responsible for sin
04:14 and giving people life while they can sin.
04:17 Because it's destructive to the universe.
04:19 And so, they didn't have access any longer to the tree of life.
04:23 But thankfully, we're going to have access
04:25 to the tree of life again.
04:27 And it goes on to say,
04:29 "... which bore twelve different fruits..."
04:30 Now that's an amazing agricultural feat in itself.
04:34 And it does this every month.
04:37 And then it says this, the fruits of the tree was
04:39 for the healing of the nations.
04:41 And I think that's why we'll never see any decay.
04:43 Everybody will be able to go there and partake
04:46 of the tree of life.
04:48 We're going to look forward every month to getting
04:51 our fruit, that life-giving fruit from the tree of life
04:57 as we gather together.
04:58 We're going to talk about that.
05:00 So there flows that river, glimmering and shimmering,
05:03 from the throne of God.
05:05 And then that tree of life and its leaves, the Bible says,
05:09 for the healing of the nations.
05:11 Again, this tree has qualities about it
05:13 that keep life eternal for us.
05:16 It never runs down.
05:17 No curse, no decay, like we see all around us everywhere.
05:23 Now it's not just the new city that's there.
05:26 The Bible says that there's a new earth.
05:28 And we want to talk about this new earth just a little bit.
05:31 In fact, Isaiah 65 is a prediction of what Israel
05:35 would have become had they been faithful.
05:38 But it gives us some glimpses into what the new earth will be
05:42 and what it will be like.
05:44 And so Isaiah 65:21-22 says, "And they will build houses
05:50 and inhabit them.
05:52 They shall plant vineyards and eat their fruit.
05:56 They shall not build and another inhabit;
06:00 they shall not plant and another eat."
06:04 So we are going to be able to own property in the new earth.
06:08 Isn't that going to be nice?
06:09 Everybody is going to be the owner of property.
06:13 And you'll also be able to build homes.
06:15 Now I don't know what kind of homes we'll build there.
06:19 It might be far different than anything we're use to here.
06:22 After all, the weather and all that
06:25 is not going to be the problem.
06:26 We may not have to build sealed houses.
06:29 Maybe we're going to build homes out of vegetation.
06:33 I don't know.
06:34 You can kind of let your imagination...
06:36 Just think about the architectural
06:37 opportunities involved here.
06:39 It's just amazing.
06:42 And there's going to, of course, be no selling of real estate.
06:46 No selling. Think of that.
06:47 When you get the deed to your inheritance when Jesus
06:51 breaks those seven seals and delivers the deed,
06:54 when He gives you the deed to your inheritance,
06:57 it's a forever deed.
06:59 It's a deed that no one will ever take from you.
07:02 And you'll never be willing to sell it.
07:04 There's not going to be buying and selling of real estate.
07:06 That home is yours.
07:08 It's going to be home sweet home.
07:12 Home sweet home forever.
07:15 Even if you travel, uninhibited by the limits of lifetime,
07:21 if you travel out the universe and you visit other worlds,
07:24 when you come home it will be your home.
07:27 Your home sweet home.
07:30 And of course, there's going to be agriculture there.
07:32 They're going to plant vineyards and eat the fruit of them.
07:35 That's going to be exciting.
07:36 Think what it's going to be like to be a gardener in heaven.
07:38 It's going to be far different than here.
07:40 Here, you know, I like to garden.
07:41 But gardening can have some back breaking work to it sometimes.
07:45 But it's not going to be that. It's going to be so pleasant.
07:48 It's going to be so wonderful.
07:49 What a place that's going to be.
07:52 So it's going to be a lot of agriculture there.
07:55 Now we're also going to get together.
07:56 There's going to be fellowship in heaven.
07:59 We're going to get together with friends.
08:01 We're not just going to be isolated on our
08:03 little plot of land.
08:05 Not little plot of land.
08:07 On our estate out there with our gardens,
08:09 and all that kind of thing.
08:10 No, we're not just going to be loners in heaven.
08:12 We're going to get together with people.
08:14 It's going to be so pleasant.
08:16 We're just going to enjoy so much each other's company.
08:20 And God has provided for us to be able to not only
08:22 get together with each other, but we're going to get together
08:27 with Him and the Lord Jesus.
08:29 Listen to what the Bible says here in Isaiah 66:23.
08:35 "And it shall come to pass that from one New Moon
08:38 to another, and from one Sabbath to another,
08:42 all flesh shall come and worship before Me."
08:45 So we're going to meet every Sabbath
08:47 with our heavenly Father, with the precious Savior,
08:51 and the Holy Spirit will be there, unseen of course.
08:54 But He's going to be there doing all kinds of marvelous things.
08:57 But we're going to see our precious Savior.
08:59 The only thing that will remind us of this old world
09:02 will be the nail prints in His hand;
09:05 the scars from what He went through
09:09 to give us all of that.
09:11 And there will be our heavenly Father,
09:12 who loves His Son so very much, but He gave Him to us.
09:17 You know, Jesus is a gift to the human race.
09:21 A gift.
09:22 I had a professor one time, and I loved what he said.
09:24 He said, "You know, we're going to be walking
09:26 down the streets of the New Jerusalem."
09:28 And he said, "We'll be walking beside one of the angels.
09:30 And Jesus will be up ahead of us."
09:32 And of course, he's using some imagination here.
09:35 "We'll kind of nudge the angel and say,
09:38 'You see Him?
09:39 Do you see Him?
09:41 He is one of us.'"
09:44 Jesus; the Father's gift to the human race.
09:50 It will be wonderful to have Him as our pastor
09:52 and preacher every Sabbath, won't it?
09:55 Just think about that.
09:56 Think of what it means to sit at the feet of Jesus.
09:58 One of my mother's favorite songs is,
10:00 in the old Adventist hymnal, it says,
10:02 "Sitting at the feet of Jesus."
10:06 Sitting there listening to Him.
10:08 So it's going to be a wonderful place.
10:11 Now the animal world is also going to be in harmony.
10:14 Now this is an incredible statement from Isaiah 65:25.
10:19 "The wolf and the lamb shall feed together,
10:22 the lion shall eat straw like the ox..."
10:24 How about that?
10:25 "...the dust shall be the serpent's food."
10:27 No more poisonous snakes.
10:29 "They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain."
10:32 The lions are going to get a new diet.
10:34 They're not going to be killing stuff.
10:36 They're going to eat straw like an ox.
10:40 So that means, I think, that all these animals
10:43 that are so vicious nowadays that we see
10:45 in preying on one another, it's all going to go away.
10:49 There's going to be great harmony among the animals.
10:52 And they're all going to become vegetarian, by the way.
10:55 Nobody is going to be eating each other.
10:58 I love what the Lord says, "There shall be no,"
11:03 I'm putting my own words, "no fighting."
11:06 They're not going to hurt one another in the new earth.
11:10 Isn't that going to be wonderful?
11:11 You can walk out in the woods, you can walk anywhere.
11:13 You're not going to be afraid of animals.
11:15 No, they're going to be your friends.
11:17 And it's going to be a different world because,
11:19 as people manage the animals in the kingdom of heaven,
11:21 it's not going to be like they do here.
11:23 It's going to be a sweet relationship
11:25 between the animal kingdom and the human beings
11:28 who oversee them.
11:30 In fact, we probably can't even imagine what that's
11:32 going to be like to be there.
11:34 Will we know each other?
11:36 Well the Bible says this in 1 Corinthians 13:12...
11:40 Even though we're going to get new bodies,
11:42 we're going to be wonderfully made new.
11:44 But the Bible says, "For now we see in a mirror," Paul says,
11:47 "dimly, but then face to face."
11:50 And he says, "Now I know in part, but then I shall know
11:55 even as I am also known."
11:57 So we'll know each other in the kingdom of heaven.
12:01 Matthew 17:3 says, when the glory of Jesus was revealed
12:06 on the mount of transfiguration
12:07 that Moses and Elijah appeared to Him.
12:09 So they knew each other.
12:11 They knew each other.
12:13 So Jesus is the architect and the builder of this.
12:16 I mean, He says, "I'm gone.
12:18 I'm up there right now getting ready for you.
12:21 I'm preparing you."
12:23 Paul says it has not even entered your mind
12:25 what God has prepared for those who love Him.
12:29 And it's going to be a place where righteousness dwells.
12:32 Think of that.
12:33 What is righteousness?
12:35 The Bible says that God is love.
12:37 It says that the Ten Commandments,
12:39 that they are righteous.
12:42 So there's never going to be any end to the horizons.
12:48 People say, "Will I get bored in heaven?"
12:49 You'll never get bored.
12:51 You're never going to get...
12:52 You're going to be surrounded with people who are filled with
12:54 unselfish love who aren't thinking about themselves,
12:58 but they're just thinking about what they can do to be a
13:00 blessing and to minister to other people.
13:04 And Jesus is the way, He's the truth,
13:07 and He's the life.
13:09 I want to end with this beautiful statement
13:12 from the book, Great Controversy.
13:15 It's a beautiful statement that just describes this.
13:18 It says, "The great controversy is ended.
13:21 Sin and sinners are no more.
13:24 The entire universe is clean.
13:26 One pulse of harmony beats through the vast creation.
13:32 From Him who created all flow life and light and gladness
13:38 and life throughout the realms of illimitable space.
13:42 From the minutest atom to the greatest world,
13:46 all things, animate and inanimate, in their
13:49 unshadowed beauty and perfect joy,
13:53 declare this; that God is love."


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