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00:01 Lo, the day of judgment has come,
00:04 reflecting that great symbolic Day of Atonement
00:07 the Jewish people use to practice.
00:09 It was prophetic in that it looked down to the end of time,
00:13 the end of time.
00:15 And we're in that great Day of Atonement.
00:18 That's why the angels said that the day of
00:21 His judgment has come.
00:22 Fear God, because the day of His judgment has come.
00:25 In other words, it's time to get ready.
00:27 It's time to get your heart purified,
00:29 because there's going to come a close of human probation.
00:33 This also, when this happened in the symbolic Jewish Sanctuary,
00:38 that now we're living in a reality,
00:41 the high priest went into the Most Holy Place.
00:44 It was the only time of year he went into the Most Holy Place.
00:48 And when he went into the Most Holy Place,
00:50 they would actually tie a rope in case he was not right himself
00:55 in the glory of God and he would have sin on his heart.
01:00 You know, God is a consuming fire.
01:02 He hates sin, and there's a reason He hates sin.
01:06 There's a real reason.
01:08 You have to understand why God hates sin.
01:10 You know, when I was a little boy...
01:13 I've told this story a few times,
01:14 so if you've heard it, I apologize,
01:17 but I can't get a better one.
01:20 When I was a little boy, my little brother and I were
01:23 playing out in our grandmother's big sandy driveway.
01:26 She lived out in the country. My aunts lived there.
01:29 I have wonderful aunts.
01:31 I'm so grateful for them. I love them.
01:32 They're watching this.
01:34 And my aunts were around,
01:37 and we were out playing with our little cars.
01:39 And all of a sudden I saw my grandmother,
01:42 my sweet grandmother, she came running toward us screaming
01:46 with a hoe in her hand.
01:48 Now I wasn't afraid, I was just stunned.
01:52 I'd never seen grandma this way before.
01:55 And she comes running up to us and she starts
01:58 beating the ground with that hoe.
02:00 Well there happened to be a little copperhead snake there.
02:02 And I think one of my aunts must have seen it
02:04 and went and told her.
02:06 And grandma chopped that little snake into a thousand pieces.
02:12 Of course, that's hyperbole.
02:14 But why was my grandmother so angry at the snake?
02:21 Well, because it was a threat to her little grandboys.
02:25 You can measure God's anger towards sin
02:30 in relationship to His love for us.
02:33 Sin, like a snake, has crawled into His universe.
02:37 And God has a reaction that's predictable.
02:41 It's as predictable as my grandmother's.
02:43 And that is, He's going to destroy it.
02:45 But He's made a way so that we, as poor sinners,
02:49 that we can be cleansed by the blood of Christ.
02:52 And we don't have to come into judgment.
02:55 That's what Jesus teaches.
02:56 And that's so wonderful, because our heavenly Father loves us.
03:00 He hates sin because He loves us.
03:03 And He doesn't want us to become identified with sin.
03:06 So this last Day of Atonement, the priest
03:11 goes into the Holy of Holies.
03:13 And as he goes into the Holy of Holies,
03:15 he offers a sacrifice.
03:17 Now there's two goats that were brought for that day,
03:21 two special goats.
03:22 Now one was sacrificed as a sin offering.
03:25 His blood was shed, that represents Jesus,
03:28 his blood was shed for us.
03:29 He's the one who cleanses us from all our sins.
03:31 And there was another that was called a scapegoat.
03:34 I really don't like the word, scapegoat, here, but
03:36 it's the best we'll use for the moment.
03:38 And his blood wasn't shed.
03:41 He was just taken off in the wilderness.
03:43 And he was left out there to die, as it were.
03:47 Well this scapegoat does not represent Jesus.
03:50 It represents Satan.
03:52 And the reason it represents Satan...
03:55 And the priest, by the way, confessed the sins of Israel
03:57 over both of these goats.
03:58 The reason it does not represent Jesus
04:00 is because his blood was not shed.
04:03 And it represents Satan.
04:04 Now Satan cannot pay for our sins.
04:06 Let me make that really clear.
04:08 But he has a part in all of our sins.
04:11 And he's going to suffer for his own sins
04:13 and all the part he's had in all of our sins.
04:17 Suffers for his own sins, so to speak.
04:20 So when God comes to the end of the world,
04:24 the big question is, who done it?
04:27 Who's responsible for this mess?
04:29 And in this symbolic service, the whole universe
04:33 will say to God the Father...
04:36 And He's the Creator, so He's been a prime suspect.
04:39 People blame God today everywhere for all the trouble,
04:42 the sorrow, the heartache, and all the misery.
04:44 They blame God.
04:45 There's the tendency in every human heart to do it.
04:48 But God didn't do it.
04:50 The prime mover of evil was none other than Lucifer.
04:54 Satan himself, he's the prime mover.
04:57 And the justice of heaven, the courts of heaven,
05:00 the host of heaven, and all the earth
05:03 is going to recognize that this is the one.
05:08 This is the one who did it.
05:11 And so he's going to be condemned.
05:14 And the blame for the sin problem and our suffering
05:18 is going to be put right where it belongs.
05:20 Not on God, not on the God of love,
05:23 but on Satan who was the prime mover of this whole thing.
05:28 So his suffers that awful fate.
05:30 But we are cleansed by the blood of Christ alone.
05:35 Now this solemn day in which we are living,
05:38 this solemn time period, as I mentioned,
05:41 we often call it sometimes the day of Yom Kippur,
05:45 people are familiar with that,
05:47 but it's a reality now, as we're talking about here
05:50 in the time of the end.
05:52 This reality is a time to fear God.
05:55 It's a time to take God serious.
05:58 People say, "How can the everlasting gospel
06:01 start out by saying, 'Fear God, and give glory to Him.'"
06:05 I want to talk about this fear of God just a little bit.
06:08 The fear of God means that we should take God serious.
06:11 And let me tell you, the day and age in which we're living in,
06:13 we need to take God serious.
06:15 All through history when people didn't take God serious,
06:17 they got into lots of trouble.
06:19 You know, I got into lots of trouble as a boy
06:21 when I didn't take mom and dad serious.
06:22 I needed to take... I should take them serious.
06:25 They knew a lot more than I knew.
06:27 They had a lot more experience.
06:28 Listen, God is infinitely more wise than any of us.
06:31 And He loves us, He cares about us.
06:33 Let's just listen to this just a little bit.
06:36 Psalm 111:10 says, "The fear of God
06:41 is the beginning of wisdom;
06:44 and a good understanding have all of those
06:46 who do His commandments."
06:48 So the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
06:52 When you take God serious, that's a start
06:53 of when you're starting to get wise.
06:55 Now the book of Job 28:28 says, "Behold, the fear of God,
07:00 that is wisdom..."
07:02 So when you finally get wisdom,
07:04 it's because you've got the fear of God in your heart.
07:08 And Proverbs 8:13 says, "The fear of God is to hate evil."
07:18 Like my grandmother hated that little copperhead
07:20 that was a threat to her grandboys.
07:23 So God hates evil.
07:25 And when we have the love of God in our heart,
07:27 we're also going to have the fear of God in our heart.
07:29 It means that we're going to take God serious,
07:31 and we're going to hate evil like He hates evil.
07:33 Because evil is a destroyer.
07:35 It destroys people.
07:38 And look what it's done to our world.
07:41 The New Testament doesn't let up on this, by the way.
07:43 Acts 9:31 says this after the story of Ananias and Sapphira,
07:49 and some other events there, Acts 9:31 says,
07:52 "Then the churches through all Judea,
07:55 Galilee, and Samaria had peace..."
07:57 The apostle Paul had been converted.
07:59 Saul to Paul.
08:00 "...had peace and were edified."
08:02 Listen to this, New Testament, "Walking in the fear
08:07 of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit,
08:11 they were multiplied."
08:12 Walking in the seriousness.
08:14 Taking the Lord serious, they had the comfort
08:18 of the Holy Spirit.
08:19 Now 2 Corinthians 7:1 says,
08:23 "Therefore, having these promises, beloved,
08:26 let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh..."
08:31 In other words, "We need to get ready.
08:33 Get our hearts purified."
08:34 Listen to this, "...perfecting holiness in the fear of God. "
08:39 When you take God serious, it begins to change your heart.
08:43 What He says becomes important to you.
08:46 Ephesians 5:18-21 says, "And do not be drunk with wine,
08:53 which is dissipation, but be filled with the Spirit;
08:57 speaking to one another in psalms and hymns
09:00 and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart..."
09:03 We should be the happiest people in the world.
09:05 If you have the fear of God in your heart,
09:07 you take God serious, you have the sweet
09:09 comfort of the Holy Spirit, and you have the
09:11 blood of Christ covering you, you should be the
09:13 happiest person in the world.
09:14 And he goes on to say, " thanks always
09:17 for all things to God the Father
09:19 in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ..."
09:21 Then he says this, "...submitting to one another
09:25 in the fear of God."
09:27 We don't just submit to one another blindly,
09:30 but we are humble with one another
09:33 because we take God serious.
09:35 So what He says guides our submitting.
09:39 "...submit to one another in the fear of God."
09:44 Now if we're going to get ready for Jesus to come,
09:48 we have to take sin so serious that we repent of it.
09:52 The story of Nebuchadnezzar with Daniel in chapter,
09:57 I think it's chapter 4, Nebuchadnezzar has this dream
10:02 that I don't have time to get into, but he sees this dream
10:05 of this great tree, and it's so big, and everything.
10:08 It's wonderful. And it's cut down.
10:10 And Daniel is called to interpret it for the king.
10:13 And Daniel is, you know, he says, "Well, this ought to be to
10:17 the king and to his enemies."
10:19 But the king says, "No, you better tell it to me."
10:22 And Daniel says, "This is you, king.
10:24 This is you." I'm paraphrasing.
10:26 And then Daniel says this to him, "Therefore, O king,
10:29 let my advice be acceptable to you.
10:32 Break off your sins by being righteous..."
10:35 In other words, "Repent of your sins by being righteous."
10:38 "...and your iniquities by showing mercy to the poor."
10:41 In other words, "King, turn from your selfishness.
10:44 Repent of your sins."
10:46 John the Baptist, in Matthew 3:1-2, said,
10:50 "In those days came John the Baptist preaching
10:53 in the wilderness of Judea, saying,
10:55 'Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!'"
11:00 "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!"
11:03 In Matthew 3:5 it says that all of Jerusalem and Judea
11:07 went out and were baptized by John, "confessing their sins."
11:11 And they came to John and asked him questions.
11:14 In Luke 3:8-14 John says, "Bear fruit worthy of repentance."
11:20 So if you've repented, you're going to be changed.
11:23 And he says, "Don't put stock in the
11:26 fact that you're Abraham's seed."
11:27 A lot of people say "I'm a Christian, I'm okay.
11:29 I've accepted Jesus. I believe.
11:30 I'm okay, everything is okay.
11:32 I can just keep on doing what I want."
11:33 No, no. Be careful.
11:34 No, you bear fruit of repentance.
11:37 Your life is changed.
11:40 You don't just say, "I'm sorry."
11:43 You behave differently.
11:46 And John says that, "Therefore, every tree
11:48 which does not bear good fruit is cut down..."
11:52 So people are saying, "What should we do then?"
11:55 And he said, "If you have two cloaks,
11:58 give one to somebody else.
11:59 If you've got food, then share your food."
12:01 In other words, don't be selfish.
12:03 Tax collectors said, "What should we do?"
12:06 And he says, "Don't collect more than you're supposed to collect.
12:10 Don't rob people. Be honest with people."
12:12 Solders came to him and said, "What should we do?"
12:15 And he said, "Quit being so violent.
12:17 Be content with your wages."
12:19 The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!"
12:21 There was a little girl in the special Olympics.
12:24 And they were running the race, and she had a little friend.
12:28 And they were getting close to the goal line,
12:30 and suddenly her little friend got confused.
12:32 And he ran off to the center of the field
12:35 as they were running this race.
12:37 And she was concerned about her friend.
12:39 She had down syndrome.
12:41 She was concerned about her little friend.
12:44 And she stopped in her race, not far from the finish line.
12:49 And she said, "Come over here, come over here."
12:53 But he was confused, so she went over.
12:56 She put his arm in hers and brought him out to the track.
13:00 And together they went across the finish line last.
13:05 But they finished.
13:07 There wasn't a dry eye in the whole place.
13:09 And I can still hear her words, "Come over here."
13:13 The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!
13:17 Come over here."
13:19 Oh, how Jesus loves you.
13:21 Don't turn down that invitation.
13:23 The invitation of a lifetime.


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