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00:01 When a hurricane, a terrible hurricane approaches the coast,
00:05 there's a time to leave.
00:07 A time before it's too late.
00:32 One of the more recent terrible hurricanes
00:34 that hit the United States, I was reading the testimonies
00:38 of people who decided not to leave, some lost their lives.
00:42 Some lost everything.
00:43 And they said, "If I had to do this over again,
00:44 I wouldn't hesitate to leave."
00:47 They thought they could stay, but there's a time to leave.
00:52 And we need to leave while there's time to get out.
00:56 And there's a time that talks about that in the Bible.
01:00 Before I go there, I want to remind us of another time
01:03 in earth's history.
01:04 Germany was a great democracy.
01:07 And yet, it ended up buying into Hitler's formula
01:12 for prosperity and everything else.
01:15 And pretty soon it became clear where Hitler was going
01:17 as far as his attitude towards the Jewish people.
01:21 And some of the Jews decided to get out.
01:24 But there were a lot that decided to stay.
01:26 They said, "Well maybe it won't get so bad.
01:27 Maybe it will be okay.
01:29 I mean, we've got our home here."
01:30 There was all kinds of reasons.
01:32 But there was one man by the name of Oppenheimer
01:35 who decided to leave and take his family.
01:37 So they sold everything.
01:39 They were very quiet about what they did.
01:40 And they finally left and crossed the border.
01:44 And this is his daughter's statement
01:46 about what her father had to say.
01:48 This is Hanna Oppenheimer.
01:51 "The minute we crossed the German border
01:53 my father sat me down on his knee," she says.
01:57 "He explained why we were going to Jerusalem.
02:01 He said that Germany was no longer safe
02:04 and the Jews would no longer be able to lead a normal life.
02:09 Despite the fact that we had lived in Germany
02:12 for generations, he said we had to leave
02:15 while we could."
02:19 And they did.
02:22 The book of Revelation gives a call,
02:24 a call to come out of Babylon.
02:26 A lot of people say, "Well how can the mark of the beast
02:28 and all these things you're talking about,
02:30 how can that all take place?"
02:31 But many people would have said, "How could Nazism
02:33 ever risen in Germany either?"
02:36 But we go to the book of Revelation,
02:38 and the book of Revelation is warning us.
02:40 Revelation 18:1-5, "And after these things I saw another angel
02:47 coming down from heaven, having great authority..."
02:50 He's coming from Jesus, the incomparable Jesus
02:53 that we've been talking about.
02:54 Jesus is sending a mighty message, one last mighty
02:58 message to the world.
03:01 "...and the earth was illuminated with his glory."
03:03 So this is going to be a worldwide appeal.
03:05 It's going to be an appeal that says to everybody,
03:08 "You better listen."
03:11 "And he cried mightily with a loud voice, saying,
03:14 'Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become
03:19 the dwelling place of demons...'"
03:22 That's so sad.
03:24 Because Babylon really calls itself a Christian church,
03:29 or churches.
03:30 It's an alliance of churches, a denomination at the end of time,
03:35 according to Scripture.
03:37 "...has become the dwelling place of demons,
03:39 a prison for every foul spirit,
03:41 and a cage for every unclean and hated bird!"
03:44 It shows how terrible the deceptions will be
03:48 in the end of time.
03:49 Terrible deceptions.
03:53 Then he goes on to say, "For all the nations have drunk of
03:57 the wine of her fornication..."
04:00 In other words, they've become drunk.
04:02 They don't have good sense.
04:04 "'...the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her,
04:06 and the merchants of the earth have become rich
04:10 with her luxury.'
04:12 And I heard another voice from heaven saying..."
04:15 And here it is.
04:16 "Come out of her, my people..."
04:19 In other words, in the end of time everybody is saying,
04:20 "Hey, we got rich. This is great.
04:22 This is wonderful, this is going to be a good thing."
04:24 And yet Jesus says, the incomparable Jesus
04:27 who loves us, says, "Come out.
04:29 Come out."
04:30 Come out. Why?
04:32 "...lest you share in her sins and you receive her plagues."
04:36 In other words, time is going to run out for Babylon.
04:40 It will no longer be safe to stay in Babylon.
04:43 We're not talking about a life on this earth,
04:47 like leaving Nazi Germany.
04:48 We're talking about eternal life.
04:51 It's not going to be safe.
04:54 Just like it wasn't safe in Nazi Germany to stay there. Why?
04:58 It goes on, "For her sins have reached to heaven..."
05:01 Another way of saying that is, she's filled up her cup.
05:06 Even Jesus, the great incomparable Jesus
05:09 who loves us so much, He can't do anything else.
05:13 He can't do anything else.
05:14 She's filled up her cup. She's not going to change.
05:20 "For her sins have reached to heaven,
05:23 and God has remembered her iniquities."
05:26 Now God remembers, God acts.
05:29 Not that He ever forgot, but it's a way of the Scripture
05:31 saying, "It's time now to act."
05:34 So this unfaithful church.
05:36 You remember, the book of Revelation
05:38 is a book of contrasts.
05:39 We have the faithful church who is introduced
05:41 to us in chapter 12.
05:44 She's clothed with the lights of the universe;
05:46 the sun, the moon, the stars.
05:48 And then we have this Babylon
05:50 who everybody really is attracted to.
05:53 She's very seductive.
05:54 We talked about her seducing and how she seduces the world.
05:59 And people are just flocking to her.
06:02 And she's in contrast.
06:03 Both of these women claim, in symbolic form,
06:08 symbols, of people who claim or churches who claim
06:11 to belong to Christ.
06:13 They claim they're His.
06:16 But there's a true one and there's one that's a false one.
06:20 It's just that simple.
06:22 So how do we know?
06:23 How do we know the difference between
06:25 the true, as it were, and the false?
06:29 Well, we know we're dealing with sin here.
06:31 We're dealing with a religious issue.
06:33 We know what sin is according to the Scripture.
06:36 Sin is the transgression of the law.
06:39 In other words, according to the New Testament
06:42 it's the violation of the law.
06:44 There's no judgment if there's no commandment.
06:46 So if you violate God's Ten Commandments,
06:48 you're asking for judgment.
06:50 Just like if you violate the laws of the land.
06:52 The laws of our land, the good ones, are given to us
06:55 to maintain freedom.
06:57 Well there's a lot of people that just, you know,
06:58 they want to do their own thing.
07:00 But if they do their own thing, it produces chaos.
07:02 And we lose freedom, and there's no freedom anywhere.
07:06 No, law is a good thing.
07:08 Good laws are a good thing, and they preserve life
07:11 and they preserve freedom.
07:13 And that's exactly, of course, what the Ten Commandments do.
07:17 It's the book of James, in James 2:10, that says
07:22 if you break any of God's Ten Commandments,
07:24 I'm paraphrasing here,
07:27 if you break any of God's Ten Commandments,
07:30 he says you've broken them all. Why?
07:32 Because they're built on God's love,
07:34 on unselfish love.
07:37 So if you violate any of them, you become selfish.
07:41 And selfishness is not going to be in the new earth.
07:43 Selfishness is the root and the cause
07:46 of all our calamities in this world.
07:49 I'm looking forward to that new heavens and the new earth
07:53 where righteousness and unselfish love is premium.
07:57 And that's where people are going to have a wonderful time.
07:59 A marvelous time. We've talked about that already.
08:01 But to get back to this, so the mark of the beast
08:05 which Babylon makes, she puts this together
08:09 in order to force God's people, to force everybody really,
08:13 to break God's commandments.
08:15 You know, already we have great churches
08:17 that are calling for the solution to climate change.
08:21 I'm not talking about climate change or that argument.
08:24 But they're calling for solutions to climate change
08:27 to being Sunday worship.
08:28 Getting everybody to come back and worship Sunday.
08:31 We've already seen that going out.
08:32 We're seeing atheists buy into that,
08:35 we're seeing secular people buy into that,
08:37 we're seeing religious people buying into that.
08:39 People saying, "Oh, yes."
08:40 And as disasters become worse and worse,
08:43 people are going to say, "We've got to fix this."
08:46 And Sunday will be a solution to it in their mind.
08:50 If they can just have everybody rest one day of the week,
08:53 they think they can solve the problem.
08:55 And they think they can solve poverty with it,
08:58 and a lot of other things.
08:59 So you're going to see this become very, very popular,
09:01 not just among church people, but it's going to be very, very
09:04 popular among people who are secular.
09:08 Even atheists are buying into it.
09:12 So the mark of the beast, of course, is to produce
09:15 a counterfeit Sabbath.
09:17 It breaks God's fourth commandment.
09:19 And it orders the murder of those who refuse to go along.
09:23 Just like in the days of Esther and Mordecai
09:26 when Haman went to the king and talked him into
09:30 murdering all the Jews.
09:32 And yet, God ended up rescuing them.
09:34 God will rescue His people.
09:36 That doesn't mean that many aren't going to lose their life.
09:38 It's going to be terrible persecution coming.
09:41 But listen, it's going to be worse for Babylon.
09:43 When Babylon falls, everything is going to come apart.
09:46 Everything they wanted, all the economy, all the luxury,
09:49 everything they've put their hopes in, this earthly life.
09:52 Just like the Sadducees and Pharisees in the days of Jesus.
09:55 They didn't want a self-sacrificing Jesus.
09:57 They wanted a king that would come and
09:59 give them, make Jerusalem the center of the world,
10:01 and earthly power.
10:03 So that's what Babylon, in the name of Christ,
10:06 offers the world.
10:07 But it's not going to work.
10:10 It's going to be far worse for Babylon.
10:12 It might be worse for God's people to start with,
10:15 but it's going to be far worse for Babylon
10:17 in the end of time.
10:19 So this murdering of God's people,
10:21 this persecution of God's people
10:23 will call down the seven last plagues.
10:27 Listen to the book of Revelation 18:23-24.
10:31 Listen to what it says.
10:33 It says, "The light of a lamp shall not
10:35 shine in you anymore..."
10:37 Talking about the destruction of Babylon.
10:39 "...the voice of the bridegroom and the bride shall not
10:42 be heard in you anymore.
10:44 For your merchants were the great men of the earth,
10:46 and by your sorcery all the nations were deceived.
10:50 And in her," Babylon, "was found the blood
10:54 of the prophets and the saints who were slain on the earth."
10:58 So there's going to be terrible persecution
11:00 by Babylon in the end of time.
11:04 Now Revelation 19:2 tells that God is
11:08 righteous for judging her.
11:10 "For true and righteous are His judgments,
11:13 because He has judged the great harlot who has corrupted,"
11:17 corrupted, "the earth with her fornication."
11:21 In other words, because of being unfaithful to Jesus
11:25 and embracing the leaders of the world for their wealth
11:29 and their power, she's been unfaithful,
11:32 and this fornication has made the world become drunk.
11:37 But God knows what it is.
11:40 And it says that, "He has avenged on her
11:43 the blood of His servants shed by her."
11:46 Do you love the Lord enough to give your life for Him?
11:49 I mean, your life is not going to last that long.
11:51 I mean, in this world we live 70, 80, 90, maybe 100 years?
11:55 Maybe. Maybe.
11:57 But it all goes fast.
11:58 Have you noticed how fast time goes?
12:02 It goes quickly.
12:03 I mean, you know, when I was 10 years old it felt like
12:06 I was walking with a turtle.
12:08 By the time I was 15, I was on a bicycle.
12:11 By the time I'm 25, I'm riding down the interstate, in time.
12:15 By the time you reach my age, I'm on a space shuttle.
12:20 Time speeds up, it goes fast.
12:22 You look back over your life and you say, "Where has it gone?"
12:25 That's why I want life everlasting.
12:28 I mean, if you get everything in this world for this little life,
12:31 what have you got if you lose your soul,
12:33 if you lose eternal life?
12:36 So God says to people, "Get out of Babylon."
12:40 But where do you go? If you leave, you go where?
12:44 Well, there's two women that are symbolic here.
12:47 One is the faithful church, one is the unfaithful church.
12:50 And this is just as simple as ABC.
12:52 God is saying this, He's saying, "Leave the unfaithful,
12:58 unfaithful church, and go into a faithful church.
13:02 Because I'm going to protect that faithful church in the end.
13:04 Even if many people lose their lives,
13:06 a lot of them are going to go through terrible persecution.
13:09 And they're going to be ready for Me to come,
13:11 and I'm going to protect them.
13:12 I'll resurrect them, I'll save them.
13:15 They'll be ready for Jesus to come.
13:16 But you need to get into that church.
13:18 You need to get into that church."
13:20 You know, it's like being in Noah's ark.
13:23 And the hawk...
13:25 I'm making this up, of course. It's a parable.
13:27 The hawk says to the little dove, "I'm going to eat you."
13:30 And the little dove says, "I'm going to fly out of here.
13:33 I'm going to get out of here."
13:34 And the hawk moves closer.
13:36 But something to the little dove says, "Stay in the ark.
13:38 Stay in the ark, because there's a flood outside."
13:41 Jesus said, "There might be difficulty
13:43 in the faithful church, but you better stay in that church.
13:46 You better get into that church,
13:48 because there is coming a storm outside."


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