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What I Don't Like About My Church

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00:01 [Theme Music]
00:07 It has stood the test of time.
00:12 God's book, the Bible.
00:16 Still relevant in today's complex world.
00:22 It Is Written ...
00:25 sharing hope around the globe.
00:36 Thanks for joining me today on It is Written.
00:38 I'm John Bradshaw and I am going to start today
00:41 by telling you a little story that might even be true.
00:46 [Background music].
00:47 A man is driving in heavy traffic.
00:49 And he's not having a good morning on his way to work.
00:52 He's getting worked up about what the other drivers are
00:54 doing, and he starts shouting at the other motorists.
00:57 DrivinZg Man:"ARE YOU CRAZY?"
00:58 He gets so mad he starts pounding his steering wheel
01:00 and he shakes his fist when someone ducks quickly
01:03 in front of him.
01:04 Driving Man:"LOSER!"
01:05 He honks his horn, makes a scene, and then
01:08 in his rear-view mirror he sees flashing lights.
01:11 He's being pulled up.
01:13 "What in the world have I done wrong?"
01:15 he wonders.
01:16 I haven't broken any laws?
01:18 So the police officer comes -you know what happens--
01:20 takes his license and heads back to his squad car while
01:22 our man sits there brooding and stewing.
01:25 "What a terrible morning!
01:26 I'm late, all these people are driving like maniacs.
01:29 I'm going nowhere...
01:30 and I get pulled up!"
01:32 He stews a while until the officer comes back and gives
01:35 him his license back.
01:37 The man says, "Officer, what did I do wrong?
01:41 I don't think I was breaking any laws!
01:43 I wasn't driving dangerously!"
01:45 The police officer says, "I saw the way you were acting
01:47 back there - shouting, and screaming, and shaking
01:50 your fist, and honking on your horn..."
01:52 The man cut in and he said "Officer, you can't pull
01:54 someone up for shouting or shaking their fist, can you?"
01:59 The officer says, "That's not why I stopped you.
02:02 I saw the sticker on the back of your car that says, "God
02:05 bless you," and the other one on the back of your car that
02:08 says, "Honk if you love Jesus.
02:11 And then I saw your license place holder that says,
02:13 "Follow me to my church!"
02:16 The officer said, "When I saw all that, I thought you must
02:20 have stolen that car!"
02:21 I know...
02:22 I know ...
02:25 but the story makes a point.
02:26 Very often God's people don't get it right.
02:30 And that goes for church members, for pastors, church
02:33 administrators and church school teachers.
02:36 Sometimes church leaders make decisions nobody understands,
02:40 and sometimes church folks just blow it.
02:43 You'll get differences of opinion in church,
02:45 personality clashes, hurt feelings...
02:48 And the saints will sometimes respond by getting mad.
02:52 I'm not going to come to church anymore.
02:54 I'm not going to return my tithe or give offerings to
02:56 the church anymore.
02:58 Some people choose to stay away from church altogether!
03:00 "I'm never going back THERE!"
03:03 You know, people get upset with hypocrites in the church
03:05 and they stay away.
03:06 I'll tell you what I've told many people.
03:08 I've often said I'd rather go to church with hypocrites
03:11 than go to hell with hyprocrites!
03:14 Now you'll hear people say for a variety of reasons,
03:17 "I don't like my church".
03:19 And I guess you can understand that to a point.
03:23 But wait a minute!
03:25 Just whose church is it anyway?
03:28 And when you figure that out, ask yourself how Jesus feels,
03:32 when He looks on, at HIS church.
03:36 How does Jesus feel when He sees the way people act in
03:39 church, the way they treat each other, the way they get
03:41 mad with each other, refuse to speak to each other.
03:45 You think there are things about your church that bug
03:47 YOU?
03:48 Jesus sees it ALL.
03:50 He's there when parents go home from church and yell at
03:53 their kids, He sees when people smile at the preacher
03:57 and then criticize him all the way home in the car.
04:00 He is acquainted with all the different kinds of church
04:03 politics, He hears the gossip and He sees when God's people
04:06 say one thing and do another.
04:09 Jesus sees dishonesty; he sees the infidelity that
04:12 sometimes goes on in church.
04:15 You think YOU have problems with what goes on in church?
04:18 How do you think JESUS feels?!
04:21 Well, the Bible opens some of this up to our understanding.
04:24 In the Book of Revelation Jesus comes straight out
04:27 and says what He doesn't like about His church.
04:30 You might be surprised with some of what he says, so
04:33 don't go away, I'll be right back.
04:38 In Matthew 4:4 the Word of God says "It is written 'Man
04:42 shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds
04:47 out of the mouth of God'."
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05:09 Here's a sample
05:19 Abraham Lincoln's son, Robert, was on a railway platform
05:22 in Jersey City, New Jersey, when he slipped
05:24 between the platform and a moving train.
05:26 But someone behind him grabbed his coat collar and lifted him
05:29 to safety on the platform - saving him from serious injury
05:32 and possibly death.
05:34 The man who saved young Robert Lincoln was Edwin Booth,
05:38 the brother of John Wilkes Booth - who later murdered
05:40 President Lincoln.
05:41 The brother of Lincoln's assassin saved Lincoln's son.
05:44 Coincidence?
05:46 Well, you decide, but when God is at work in our lives,
05:49 THAT'S "providence".
05:52 Ecclesiastes 11:5 says, "As you do not know what
05:55 is the way of the wind, or how the bones grow in the womb
05:58 of her who is with child, so you do not know the works of God
06:02 who makes everything."
06:03 Even when you don't see it, God is at work.
06:06 When some see a coincidence, you can know that God was
06:08 there.
06:09 Let's live today by Every Word.
06:10 [Music] In Revelation
06:13 chapters 2 and 3 you find the letters to the 7 churches.
06:18 Seven brief messages, one each to seven
06:21 different churches.
06:22 Now they were real churches that existed in John's day in
06:24 the area known in the Bible as Asia Minor, but today we
06:28 call that Turkey.
06:30 The churches involved are Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos,
06:33 Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.
06:38 These were young congregations when John wrote
06:40 to them.
06:41 He wrote to them from the Island of Patmos, a Greek
06:43 Island in the Aegean Sea rather close to Turkey.
06:45 And he was on the Island of Patmos as a prisoner,
06:49 a prisoner for his faith.
06:51 The Roman government had him pegged as a troublemaker
06:54 and a disturber of the peace.
06:56 Imprisoned for his faith, cut off from friends and
06:59 associates, John still has strong faith in God and he is
07:03 gifted by God with the revelation that ended up
07:06 being the Book of Revelation.
07:08 John was writing at a time when the Christians of Asia
07:11 were suffering terrible persecution, and these
07:14 messages were designed to encourage these poor souls
07:17 and inspire them with hope.
07:20 And when you read the Book of Revelation you discover that
07:22 this is the first of the many 'sevens' in Revelation -
07:26 you've got seven Spirits, candlesticks, stars, seals,
07:29 trumpets, plagues, thunders...
07:31 When the number seven is used throughout the Bible
07:34 in a symbolic sense, it is generally understood
07:36 to indicate completeness or perfection.
07:39 And seeing as there were more than seven churches in Asia
07:42 Minor (there was Colosse and Hierapolis and others),
07:46 we conclude that Bible teachers have historically been
07:48 correct in believing that each of those seven churches
07:52 in early Revelation represents an era of church
07:55 history.
07:57 Now the first church listed correlates with the experience
07:59 of the early Christian church after Christ's death,
08:01 while Laodicea, the last of the seven, relates to
08:05 the church of the last days.
08:08 Jesus has something to say to each church, and He doesn't
08:12 hold back.
08:13 In fact, He tells them exactly what He doesn't like
08:17 about their situation.
08:19 Let's look together.
08:20 The first church is the church of Ephesus, and Jesus
08:22 addresses Ephesus with a glowing introduction.
08:26 Revelation 2:2,3, he says: "I know your works, your labor,
08:33 your patience, and that you cannot bear those who are evil.
08:37 And you have tested those who say they are apostles and are
08:40 not, and have found them liars; and you have
08:44 persevered and have patience, and have labored for My
08:47 name's sake and have not become weary."
08:50 But...
08:52 They had their problems.
08:53 In the very next verse, Jesus says, "Nevertheless I have
08:57 this against you, that you have left your first love."
09:02 Revelation 2:4 To have lost your first love is a terrible
09:08 thing.
09:09 Sometimes it happens in relationships, marriages.
09:11 It starts with flowers and text messages
09:15 and hand-written notes, but then spirals downward into habit
09:20 and routine.
09:21 The nice little things that used to happen are HISTORY.
09:25 Too often that happens with people and Jesus.
09:28 They were always talking to Him, always wanting to know
09:31 more about Him, always telling others how wonderful
09:34 He was or is.
09:36 They were in love.
09:38 But love gave way to a familiarity that bred apathy.
09:42 The fire went cold.
09:43 Not good.
09:45 But Jesus shows us a way out.
09:48 Look at Revelation 2:5 "Remember therefore from
09:54 where you have fallen;" Remembering where you were
09:58 can spark a desire to get back there.
10:00 It's just like in a marriage.
10:02 Remember.
10:03 You really had something - you could have that again.
10:07 And friend, if you really once had something with
10:10 Jesus, He's wants you to have that again.
10:13 Back to revelation, Chapter 2.
10:15 "Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent
10:18 and do the first works."
10:20 Revelation 2:5 John tells the church at Ephesus, Think of what
10:24 it used to be like.
10:26 Remember where you used to be.
10:28 Then repent.
10:29 And then do the first works again.
10:31 And if we don't?
10:33 Let's read the entire verse, Revelation 2:5 "Remember
10:36 therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the
10:40 first works, or else I will come to you quickly
10:43 and remove your lampstand from its place--unless you repent.
10:47 Revelation 2:5 The light will go out.
10:51 But Jesus can help you get that first love back.
10:54 He can heal a wounded relationship,
10:57 especially if that relationship is with Him.
10:59 The reward promised to the Ephesian church
11:03 is that it would - if faithful - eat of the tree of life (v7),
11:07 and that's promise is for us today.
11:10 You see, even though these letters were written to
11:12 actual churches long ago, we can see that they contain
11:14 counsel, advice - and hope - for us.
11:18 We will look at the remaining churches in just a moment.
11:21 [Music]
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12:44 In the book of Revelation you will find the letters to the
12:48 seven churches.
12:49 A moment ago, we left off at the church at Ephesus.
12:53 Next is Smyrna.
12:55 Now Jesus doesn't have anything negative so say to
12:58 the church at Smyrna.
13:00 This time period here is when the church went through
13:03 brutal persecution under the Roman Caesars.
13:05 The ten days mentioned in verse 10 of Chapter 2 are
13:10 said to refer to the 10 years of persecution under the
13:14 Emperor Diocletian when thousands of people were
13:16 martyred.
13:17 But during that time of intense persecution, the
13:19 church possessed an ardent love for Christ and His
13:22 truth.
13:23 History says that when the Bishop of Carthage was sentenced
13:25 to die, the Christians listening cried out,
13:27 "We will die with him!"
13:30 Christ doesn't rebuke these faithful ones who have been
13:34 through so much, but He promises them in verse 10
13:37 that they will receive from Jesus "a crown of life."
13:41 You'll read in Rev 2:8 that Jesus says, "These things
13:45 saith the first and the last, which was dead and is alive."
13:51 Imagine the encouragement that would be!
13:54 Jesus says, "You're going through misery, but you know
13:56 what?
13:57 I went through that too - I died, but now I am alive."
14:01 What an encouragement that had to be for the believers
14:03 in Smyrna, many of whom were facing death.
14:06 You know, Jesus doesn't always deliver you from the
14:09 calamity facing you, but He promises you that if you're
14:12 faithful in whatever comes your way, ultimately you're
14:16 going to experience the greatest blessings
14:18 imaginable.
14:19 When you're going through a difficult time you can know
14:21 that Jesus is near.
14:23 You don't have to feel it, just need to believe it.
14:26 When the heat is turned up, Jesus is close by.
14:29 And this is what John told the church at Smyrna.
14:32 But then there's Pergamos.
14:35 Pergamos is in western Turkey about 20 miles from the
14:38 Aegean Sea.
14:39 It was a fabulous city in ancient times.
14:42 It had a library with 200,000 volumes in it - Mark Anthony
14:47 gave the library to Cleopatra.
14:50 (She must have liked to read!
14:52 Today I guess he'd just give her a Kindle or a Nook or an
14:54 e-book or an e-book reader or something.) There was
14:56 a theatre there that seated 10,000 people, and they say
15:00 it had the steepest seating of any known theatre in the
15:02 ancient world.
15:04 Now this is the church period when Christianity became
15:06 popular under the Roman Emperor Constantine.
15:09 And just what does Jesus say He doesn't like about His
15:13 church?
15:15 We'll look in Revelation 2:14: "But I have a few
15:19 things against you, because you have there those who hold
15:22 the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balak to put a
15:25 stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat
15:27 things sacrificed to idols, and to commit sexual
15:31 immorality."
15:33 So what was it with Balaam?
15:35 His whole story is one that it would be good to take up
15:38 at length if we had the time.
15:40 Balaam was a prophet of God, one of God's people, and the
15:43 Moabites wanted him to curse Israel to weaken Israel so
15:47 that Israel could be overcome.
15:49 According to 2 Peter 2:15, Balaam loved the wages
15:54 of unrighteousness.
15:56 He was a covetous man, and when he was offered large
16:00 sums to turn against God's people, it was too much
16:03 for him to refuse.
16:04 He refused once, but the second time he refused
16:08 and then, then he said to the men sent to him, hang around,
16:11 while I enquire further of the Lord.
16:13 As though God was going to change his mind!
16:15 Balaam was the one who had a conversation with a donkey,
16:18 met with an angel and STILL carried on in his own evil
16:21 way, because he wanted the money.
16:24 Balaam speaks to those of us who are motivated by our own
16:27 desires and not by God's desires.
16:30 Balaam would have had no trouble knowing God's will
16:32 if only God's will had been the same as HIS will,
16:35 and sometimes some of God's people are like that.
16:38 Some folks want their own way, and not God's way.
16:41 That was Balaam's issue, and John writes to a church that
16:44 was wrestling with that.
16:46 And in that period when Christianity became popular
16:48 because the state was smiling on it, things evidently got
16:52 a little easy for believers.
16:54 Not always the best thing.
16:57 The overcomer in Pergamos is promised the hidden manna -
17:00 the forever spiritual food of the believer which promises
17:03 eternal life and health- the white stone of the high
17:07 priest also, and the new name indicating a victorious
17:10 experience and a changed character.
17:13 Friend, thank God we can all have that.
17:17 Now to the church of Thyatira in verse 20, Jesus says,
17:21 "I have a few things against you, because you allow that
17:24 woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess,
17:27 to teach and seduce My servants to commit sexual immorality
17:32 and to eat things sacrificed to idols."
17:35 In the Bible, Jezebel was married to King Ahab
17:38 and introduced all kinds of falsehood into the midst
17:43 of God's people.
17:44 In fact, Jezebel managed to mix light with dark, truth
17:49 with error, so that although Israel hadn't totally given
17:53 up on God, they were worshipping both God
17:56 and Baal.
17:57 That's disastrous for a Christian church,
17:59 to be mixing truth with error, light with dark, true worship
18:03 with false worship.
18:04 Disastrous!
18:05 God is looking for people who will be faithful, radically
18:09 committed to truth and right.
18:11 And then God says to this church, I will give you power
18:13 over all nations, that you will rule them.
18:16 Interesting - Jesus says, There's a lot I don't like
18:20 about my church, but I'm telling you that I'm going to
18:22 give you everlasting life, because I'm going to save you
18:26 anyway, if you want to be saved!
18:29 Now to Sardis (in Revelation 3:1,2) Jesus says this,
18:35 "I know your works, that you have a name that you are
18:38 alive, but you are dead.
18:41 Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that
18:45 are ready to die, for I have not found your works perfect
18:49 before God."
18:51 What a thing for Jesus to say to His church.
18:54 You're dead!
18:56 Now that's a wake-up call!
18:58 Dead people in the church.
19:00 You think there's any of that today?
19:02 Now here's the good news.
19:04 Remember the prodigal son?
19:05 His father said, "My son was dead, but now he's alive."
19:10 The gospel is the work of bringing the spiritually dead
19:13 back to life.
19:14 So Christ says to the church in Sardis, in Revelation 3,
19:19 "He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments,
19:23 and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life;
19:26 but I will confess his name before My Father and before
19:30 His angels."
19:32 I'm glad the Lord is able to raise the dead.
19:35 That means there's hope for all of us!
19:39 Now the church in Philadelphia.
19:41 It doesn't appear that Jesus reproves this church at all.
19:45 He does say the church has little strength, but maybe
19:48 that's a commendation, that they have strength at all.
19:51 It is said that the time period represented here is
19:53 the time after the Reformation has taken place.
19:56 And if you study that history, you'll see that the
19:58 church got stuck in a rut after the reformation had
20:01 brought it back to life.
20:03 But then God makes another promise to a faltering body
20:06 of believers: God's promise to his church is to be
20:10 a pillar in the temple, and to have His new name.
20:14 See, we receive the character of Christ, because we receive
20:18 the gift of His life.
20:21 Then Laodicea, which correlates with the church in
20:24 the last years of Earth's history.
20:27 Notice what God says: This is Revelation 3:15,16.
20:32 "I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot.
20:36 I could wish you were cold or hot.
20:40 So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold
20:43 nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth."
20:48 Lukewarm -- not cold or hot.
20:52 The result is that God will spew many of these people out
20:54 of His mouth.
20:55 And if I can be agricultural for just a moment, spewing is
21:00 not a voluntary action.
21:01 It is involuntary.
21:02 Which is to say, this isn't something God wants to do, or
21:05 tries to do, but it is something He has to do.
21:09 Something very curious here is that there is something in
21:12 God's eyes that is worse than being against God, and that
21:17 is being lukewarm.
21:19 To be going through the motions as a Christian is
21:22 more dangerous than to be opposed to God.
21:25 You see, if you're self-deceived - that is truly
21:28 hazardous to your spiritual well-being.
21:30 And clearly it is entirely possible to be in that
21:32 condition.
21:33 I heard a few years ago about people living in a part of
21:36 Rhode Island.
21:37 They thought they had lived their whole life but when
21:40 the map was re-examined it was found that they
21:43 had actually been living the entire time in Connecticut,
21:46 even though they had a Rhode Island zip code,
21:48 area code, address, the whole thing.
21:50 All their lives they lived in a state different to the
21:53 state they thought they were living in!
21:56 You know that can happen to Christians, who think they're
21:58 fine but they're not because they're self-deceived.
22:04 Reading Revelation 3:17 and on.
22:08 "Because you say, 'I am rich, have become wealthy, and have
22:13 need of nothing'--and do not know that you are wretched,
22:15 miserable, poor, blind, and naked--" (Revelation 3:17)
22:18 They are self-deceived.
22:20 Man, is there any hope?
22:22 Yes there is.
22:23 Here is what the Bible says: "I counsel you to buy from Me
22:28 gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich;
22:31 and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame
22:35 of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your
22:38 eyes with eye salve, that you may see.
22:41 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten.
22:45 Therefore be zealous and repent."
22:48 Revelation 3:18-19 Gold tried in the fire.
22:53 Someone said that's faith that works by love.
22:56 White garments - the righteousness of Christ.
23:00 And that eye salve?
23:01 That's the Holy Spirit - He can help us to see
23:04 as He sees.
23:05 And notice what God tells us to do.
23:08 Be zealous, and repent.
23:11 God calls us to have zeal for Him.
23:14 You know what zeal is?
23:15 Enthusiasm.
23:16 Passion.
23:17 Fervor.
23:18 Ardor.
23:19 Are you passionate for Christ?
23:21 Because I'll tell you what, he's passionate about you.
23:24 Are you fervent for Jesus?
23:25 Are you ardent for God?
23:28 God says that if we open up the door of our hearts to
23:30 Jesus, He'll come in and then he will allow us to sit with
23:35 Him on His throne.
23:38 Isn't it amazing?
23:39 God tells us candidly exactly what He thinks is wrong
23:43 with His church, what he doesn't like about his church
23:47 and the things that look bad.
23:48 A group that has left its first love; that is tied up
23:51 in the same mess as Balaam was, that tolerates
23:55 the foolishness of Jezebel, and whose works
23:58 are not perfect before God.
23:59 There are people claiming to be believers who really are
24:01 not, and people who have deceived themselves into
24:05 thinking they're okay when they're a total spiritual
24:08 basket case.
24:09 Is it any wonder there are people who say they don't
24:12 like their church?
24:13 Hold on.
24:15 Hold on.
24:16 What is Jesus saying?
24:18 Jesus, who died for this church, only points out the foibles
24:22 of it in an effort to spur it on to repentance.
24:27 And through it all, Jesus is depicted as being
24:30 in the midst of His church.
24:33 He has the leaders in His hand, according to Revelation
24:36 1, and He stands with His people.
24:39 So even if you're at the point where you're about to
24:41 say, The church is just too bad, remember that it's Christ's
24:47 church and He has all the help we need to be all that He
24:52 can help us to be.
24:54 And if you're dissatisfied with the Church,
24:56 disillusioned with Christianity because of what
24:59 you see in the church, these 7 messages help us to see
25:02 that Jesus is still with the church.
25:05 No point trying to tear the church down, when Jesus
25:08 is trying to build it up.
25:09 You don't have to be a genius to see the shortcomings
25:11 of something, but seeing the way out of the mire
25:17 takes some vision.
25:18 If Jesus can list the weaknesses of the church and still see
25:20 a future for it, then we can apply this
25:22 on a personal basis.
25:24 The church is made up of people, and if there's a future
25:26 for a wayward church, there has to be a future
25:29 for a wayward person.
25:31 There has to be hope for a struggling soul.
25:34 You know there's hope for a lost sheep.
25:36 I hope you'll pardon this story I'm about to tell you,
25:38 but it's true and I think it makes the point.
25:42 In the city of Suwa in Japan, city authorities found
25:47 treasure in an unexpected place.
25:50 In an effort to get rid of the city's sewage waste,
25:54 they decided to incinerate it.
25:57 They had been having someone take it away and paying
25:59 for someone to do that.
26:01 They decided they would burn it down into industrial waste.
26:04 Now what do you think they found in the ashes?
26:08 They found gold - $200,000 worth a year.
26:12 See, mineral waters flow through the town, and there's
26:14 an industry in the area that uses gold to gold-plate
26:17 things.
26:18 So even though it is in the sewage in tiny amounts,
26:21 it's there, and when they stuff is burned up, this gold remains
26:25 and can be seen in the ashes of the waste!
26:29 Sewage - just sewage -- and there was valuable
26:33 treasure in it!
26:35 Before you decide that something worthless, consider that God
26:38 can find great worth where you'd least expect it.
26:42 That goes for His church, it goes for you, and thank God
26:46 it goes for me.
26:47 We are valuable in God's eyes - His church is so valuable
26:53 he considered it to be worth the cost of the life of his
26:58 own Son.
26:59 How valuable does that make you?
27:03 Let's pray.
27:04 Father in heaven, thank you that even though Jesus is
27:07 able to say "here's what I don't like about my church"
27:09 we can know that Jesus still values it and every
27:13 circumstance and situation shows a way out or a way
27:16 back.
27:17 Thank you, Lord, that even if we are struggling, even if we
27:19 are getting it wrong, there is a way out and there is a
27:21 way back.
27:22 Let us be encouraged that we've always got hope in
27:25 Jesus and thank you for that.
27:27 In Jesus' name, Amen.
27:33 [Music]
27:47 Thanks for joining me today.
27:48 I look forward to seeing you again next time.
27:51 Until then, remember - It Is Written: man shall not
27:55 live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds
27:58 from the mouth of God.


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