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00:00 [Music] It has stood
00:08 the test of time.
00:11 God4s book, the Bible.
00:16 Still relevant in today4s complex world.
00:23 It Is Written -sharing hope around the globe.
00:33 I'm John Bradshaw.
00:37 Thanks for joining me today on It is Written.
00:40 Part of Czechoslovakia for 75 years, the Czech Republic is
00:44 bordered by Germany, Austria and, Slovakia and Poland.
00:47 Its capital is the cit of Prague.
00:50 It dates back to about 1100 AD.
00:52 It is an especially historic city, teaming with
00:56 magnificent historical sites.
01:01 [Music]
01:22 Prague castle, the largest castle in
01:23 the world, was likely founded in the 9th century.
01:26 It covers over 750 thousand sq ft or about 17 acres.
01:31 The Charles Bridge was built in the 14th Century
01:35 by Charles the IV who at the time was the Emperor
01:37 of the holy roman empire.
01:40 Prague was the capital of that empire and it has been
01:47 the seat of kings and an important commercial
01:51 and cultural center.
01:53 [Town Hall clock chiming] Now Prague isn't stuck
01:58 in the past.
02:00 Its theaters and museums and galleries are world class.
02:04 Its scenery has inspired Hollywood to come and film
02:07 here and some of its architecture is whimsical and
02:10 quirky.
02:13 This is the magnificent Old Town Square.
02:15 It dates back to the 12th Century.
02:17 It's surrounded by fabulous buildings including two
02:21 massive churches and the old town hall.
02:24 Tourists from all over the world flock here to take
02:27 pictures of the churches and the steeples.
02:29 On the hour, they rush over to the clock tower to listen
02:32 to the chimes ringing and to see the figurines moving.
02:39 They throng to the many merchant stands which crowd
02:42 this place, especially during the summer months.
02:49 But in the process of running to and fro, many people often
02:51 miss the significance of something right here in the
02:54 middle of the old town square.
02:56 Unlike the rest of pretty well everything here in the
02:59 old town square, it's not really very old.
03:02 It was built at the beginning of last century, a statue
03:05 erected in honor of one of Prague's most famous sons.
03:10 You know, over time, there have been many, many famous
03:12 Czechs and we can think of tennis plays such
03:15 as Ivan Lendl and Martina Navratilova,
03:17 Olympian, Emil Zátopek, the writer, Franz Kafka
03:20 was from Czech Republic as was composer
03:23 Antonín DvoYák and a number of Nobel prize
03:25 laureates, but none of them have had the profound effect
03:30 on the world as has this favorite son of Prague.
03:35 So, how well known is this man in his home town?
03:39 While he may be remembered and perhaps even revered here
03:43 in Prague, if you go outside of Prague, outside of the
03:46 Czech Republic, a lot of people are not even aware of who
03:49 this man is or what this man did.
03:52 His contribution to world history has lost
03:54 a lot of its luster.
03:55 What he did in favor of religious history
03:58 and religious freedom has been pretty well forgotten.
04:01 [Music in the background] This man, one of history's
04:09 great heroes, I think we can say, was ultimately executed
04:13 as a criminal, as a dangerous enemy of the state in the
04:16 year 1415.
04:19 So, what was it that led this family-oriented,
04:22 peace-loving, Bible-believing,
04:25 Bible-preaching man to be persecuted and executed?
04:30 The story of John Huss is inspiring.
04:33 It's full of lessons for people interested
04:35 in religious freedom.
04:36 Now, keep in mind you don't have to be a Christian
04:39 or a religious person to believe in religious freedom.
04:43 The truth is down through time many Christians had been
04:45 fabulously intolerant of the religious freedoms of others
04:49 and even atheists ought to be thankful for religious
04:52 freedom.
04:53 In another age, atheists would have been relentlessly
04:55 persecuted because they choose not to follow
04:57 the religious protocols of the day.
05:00 In fact, today, if you enjoy religious freedom, if you
05:04 believe in a person's right to believe what they want as
05:07 they want, if you believe in your right to take your faith
05:10 directly from the Bible and believe it as you wish,
05:13 then you owe a lot to this famous son of Prague.
05:17 John Huss was born around the year 1370 in the village of
05:22 Husenik in Southern Bohemia.
05:24 Southern Bohemia became part of what is now known as the
05:28 Czech Republic.
05:29 In fact, John Huss took his name from the name of his
05:32 village, Ian Huss or John Huss came from rather an
05:38 anonymous family.
05:39 There is not a whole lot known of the details of his
05:41 early life but what we know is this.
05:44 Influences in his family or from some other part
05:47 of his early life led him to ultimately make the decision
05:50 to become a priest.
05:53 Now, Huss has admitted that he became a priest initially,
05:56 at least, for status and money.
05:59 But, over time, his focus changed.
06:02 As John Huss studied, his love for God grew, as did
06:07 his commitment to ministry.
06:09 And, something else grew as well.
06:11 And, that is John Huss' love for and commitment to truth
06:15 and that is what ultimately led him to a lot of trouble.
06:20 What John Huss found out is that truth is not always
06:24 popular.
06:25 I'll tell you more in just a moment.
06:27 [Music]
06:44 Time for today's Bible question and thank you for
06:47 submitting your questions.
06:50 I was raised going to church with my parents,
06:53 and was baptized as an infant.
06:56 When I grew up I left the church and now that I'm quite a bit
06:59 older and hopefully wiser, I've come back.
07:02 Do I need to be re-baptized?
07:05 What is baptism for anyway?
07:09 Well, let me tell you something.
07:11 The truth is that when you were an infant you weren't
07:14 baptized.
07:15 Like me, you were christened.
07:18 The word baptize means to 'fully immerse' or to 'plunge
07:21 under the water' - unless you were put all the way under
07:23 the water when you were an infant-and that's not very
07:25 likely--then you weren't baptized.
07:28 So, now that you've come back to faith in God and you've
07:31 reconnected with a church, it would be right to express
07:34 your faith in God by being baptized.
07:37 Baptism signifies that you have accepted Jesus, that
07:39 you've repented of your sins, and that you've died a death
07:43 to the old way of life.
07:44 That's why you're being BURIED as it were, and then
07:48 'raised up' to live a whole new life, under a whole new
07:51 power - the power of God.
07:53 The passage in the Bible that speaks right to this is in
07:56 Romans chapter 6.
07:57 From verse three it says, "Know ye not, that so many of
08:01 us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized
08:05 into His death?
08:07 Therefore we are buried with Him by baptism into death:
08:10 that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by
08:13 the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in
08:18 newness of life."
08:20 It isn't that you ought to be rebaptized.
08:23 It's time for you to be baptized.
08:26 It'd sn outward sign of an inward change, letting the world
08:30 know, and God know, and YOU know that you've changed sides
08:35 - that you're no longer following the old life,
08:37 but that Jesus has made you new--so new, it can best
08:42 be described or really only be described as if you had died
08:46 and been raised from the dead.
08:48 That's baptism.
08:51 If you have a question you would like answered, please
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08:57 Submit your question, and in a future program
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09:04 [Music]
09:10 Today, I am in Prague, in the Czech republic.
09:13 This city was the home of John Huss, a man who was
09:16 uncompromising in his faith in God, and who was
09:18 uncompromising in his faith in God's Word.
09:21 A man whose faith in God and in his Word saw him
09:25 burned at the stake.
09:28 So what was it about this great man of faith that saw
09:31 him fall foul of the religious leaders of his day?
09:35 Now, the conventional wisdom is that John Huss was not
09:38 the most remarkable university student that there ever was.
09:41 He did receive his master's degree in 1396 and a few
09:46 years later, he became a professor at the University
09:49 where he received his master's degree.
09:51 Then, in 1402, John Huss became the preacher at
09:55 the Bethlehem chapel, a church that was founded specifically
10:00 so people could hear the Word of God proclaimed in the common
10:04 language.
10:05 A practice, which in itself, was not very common in that day.
10:11 [Building Music]
10:16 Bethlehem chapel has changed a little bit since 1391.
10:20 Some years ago, a fire pretty well destroyed Bethlehem
10:23 chapel but when it was rebuilt, they retained some
10:26 of the original Bethlehem Chapel in what we see today.
10:29 It was in this very place some 600 years ago that John
10:33 Huss began to have a profound impact on the religious world
10:38 and, therefore, on the world at large.
10:42 Back in those days, the religious world
10:44 was dominated by the Roman Church and the Roman
10:46 Catholic church took a pretty hard line with
10:49 dissenters.
10:51 Back then, people believed pretty well what they were
10:53 told to believe and so, the church was riddled with
10:56 ignorance and superstition.
10:59 John Huss started to rise to prominence at the same time
11:03 as the teachings of England's John Wycliffe started to gain
11:07 traction.
11:08 Bohemian students at Oxford University were exposed
11:12 to Wycliffe's ideas.
11:13 They brought them back here to Prague where John Huss
11:16 got a hold of them.
11:17 As John Huss read Wycliffe's teachings, he was moved.
11:22 Wycliffe was teaching ideas such as the authority of the Word
11:25 of God and justification by faith and they were
11:30 radical ideas for that time.
11:32 John Wycliffe didn't have any time for tradition, ignorance
11:36 or superstition or the teachings of men rather than
11:40 the teachings of God.
11:41 What Wycliffe wanted to see was the purity of the Word
11:44 of God get loose and become known and find its way into
11:48 people's hearts, so people could be liberated from sin
11:51 and connected with God.
11:54 John Huss started to teach John Wycliffe's ideas and it was
11:59 from there that Huss' ideas spread like wildfire
12:02 around Prague and around what we now know as the Czech
12:06 Republic and John Huss started to powerfully impact
12:09 his world.
12:11 So, it isn't difficult to see how somebody like John Huss,
12:14 educated, committed, zealous for the truth of God's Word
12:18 would get exercised by some of this.
12:21 The church, in John Huss' day, was teaching traditions
12:24 and errors and it was suffering from a real
12:26 leadership crisis, not simply that they couldn't decide who
12:30 the legitimate leader was, but on a more local level,
12:33 the church leaders were pretty corrupt.
12:36 Their abuses were legendary.
12:39 John Huss believed that the clergy ought to be model
12:42 Christians but they were far from model Christians.
12:45 Many of them were drunks and gluttons.
12:48 They were fabulously - maybe that's the wrong word- they
12:50 were famously immoral and self-centered, power-mad
12:54 and money-grabbing and John Huss decided that something had
12:58 to be done and he spoke out against this and in favor
13:01 of the Word of God.
13:03 John Huss was especially incensed by the practice
13:07 of simony.
13:08 That is when the church would make merchandise of or would
13:12 sell its blessings.
13:13 The people had to pay for the sacraments.
13:16 In fact, many people paid to have their sins forgiven.
13:20 John Huss didn't set out to be a troublemaker but he
13:23 really believed that God had called him to encourage people
13:26 to be liberated from this.
13:28 England's King Edward the III said "The Lord commissioned
13:32 the Apostles to lead the sheep to pasture and not
13:35 to fleece them."
13:36 And John Huss could see that there was a lot of fleecing
13:39 going on.
13:41 John Huss wasn't prepared to stand idly by while such
13:44 shocking behavior was going on.
13:46 So, he taught the Word of God as effectively as he could
13:50 and he opposed the appalling practices that were taking
13:53 place.
13:54 John Huss didn't mean to pick a fight and I don't believe
13:56 he expected to receive such stiff opposition but something
14:00 Jesus said suggested that John Huss was in for
14:04 a battle.
14:05 We read this in John 15:20 and 21,
14:08 Remember the word that I said to you.
14:11 A servant is not greater than his master.
14:13 If they persecuted me they will also persecute you.
14:17 If they kept my word, they will keep yours also.
14:20 But all these things they will do to you for my
14:22 namesake because they do not know him who sent me.
14:27 That's exactly what happened to John Huss.
14:29 Strong opposition started mounting against him.
14:31 Not because he was teaching contrary to the Bible but
14:34 because he was preaching strong, plain, clear Bible
14:41 truth.
14:43 In Matthew 4:4 the Word of God says "It is written 'Man
14:47 shall not live by bread alone but by every word that
14:51 proceeds out of the mouth of God'."
14:53 Every Word is a one minute Bible-based daily devotional
14:56 presented by Pastor John Bradshaw and designed
14:59 especially for busy people like you.
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15:12 You'll be glad you did.
15:14 Here's a sample.
15:17 [Music]
15:24 A short verse speaks loudly to us today.
15:26 Acts 8:8 succinctly states, "And there was great joy
15:30 in that city."
15:31 What city was that, and why was great joy there?
15:33 The city was Samaria, and there was great joy
15:36 there because Philip went there and preached Christ.
15:39 The people gladly heard what he said, and God
15:42 worked great miracles.
15:43 How would you like to experience great joy today?
15:46 If you'll bring Christ into your environment, and gladly
15:50 hear what He says, God will work miracles in your life.
15:53 Healing?
15:54 Money?
15:54 I don't know.
15:55 But certainly the greatest miracle - a new heart
15:58 and true peace.
16:00 "And there was great joy in that city,"
16:03 where Jesus was made welcome.
16:04 Welcome Jesus into your life - or through your witness,
16:06 bring Him into the lives of others - and there'll
16:09 be great joy in your city or home or life today.
16:12 Let's live today by Every Word.
16:16 [Soft Music]
16:46 Some years before, a Pope Gregory had outlawed
16:50 the preaching of the Gospel here in the local language,
16:56 in the language of Bohemia.
16:57 So, news of what John Huss was doing started spreading
16:59 like wildfire and it made him very unpopular with some
17:01 particularly powerful people.
17:03 John Huss was summoned to appear before the Pope,
17:07 which many people believed would lead to his execution.
17:10 The King and Queen of Bohemia rallied to his defense as did
17:13 university faculty and government officials
17:16 and other people as well.
17:18 The Church responded by placing the City of Prague
17:22 under Interdict.
17:24 Interdict would fill the lives of people with dread and fear.
17:29 When the Church stands in the place of God, putting a city
17:33 under interdict effectively locks people out of heaven.
17:39 That's because people now couldn't get married
17:41 in the church, they couldn't get forgiven from the church.
17:44 If somebody died, they couldn't get buried in a church
17:46 funeral service or a church graveyard.
17:49 Huss began to be perceived as someone who was a troubler
17:54 of the people.
17:56 He responded by leaving Prague.
17:58 Instead of being silenced, his voice was given greater
18:01 volume as he went from place to place, powerfully
18:04 proclaiming God's Word.
18:05 It reminds me of 2 Corinthians 13:8
18:08 which says: We can do nothing against the truth
18:12 but for the truth.
18:14 After a time, John Huss came back to Prague and preached
18:16 once again in Bethlehem Chapel, this time with
18:19 renewed zeal and he didn't labor alone.
18:22 Like Paul had Silas and Barnabas had John Mark,
18:26 Huss labored together with Jerome.
18:28 Their varied talents and gifts complimented each other well.
18:34 About this time, another controversy began raging
18:36 and it was a big one.
18:39 Several different individuals each claimed the right to be
18:41 pope, all at the same time.
18:44 The French Cardinals had elected themselves a pope
18:47 and then the Roman Cardinals elected a pope of their own.
18:50 Each rival pope saying that whatever happened under
18:54 the authority of the other pope was invalid, which means,
18:57 of course, that the pardoned were not really forgiven
18:59 and the married were not really married.
19:02 Well, to add to the confusion or in fact, there was
19:05 an attempt to clear up a confusion, the Council
19:08 of Pisa elected a third person pope, Alexander V, who told
19:13 the other two to give up their ideas about being pope,
19:17 which they were not about to do.
19:19 So, you had Alexander V ruling from Pisa, Gregory XII,
19:24 another pope ruling from Rome, and Benedict XIII
19:29 ruling from, by now, Spain.
19:32 Each Pope claiming the right to be Pope.
19:35 How would they settle the question?
19:37 Well, the next large Council wasn't going to be held until
19:40 1414 in Constance in Germany.
19:43 Here, they said, this issue of the popes would
19:46 finally be settled.
19:47 Thousands of people descended upon Constance.
19:50 In fact, it was said that 1500 prostitutes were kept
19:54 busy during the Council of Constance.
19:57 This strange mingling of men of the cloth and ladies of
20:00 the night has been memorialized in a large statue
20:04 unveiled in 2002 at the entrance to the harbor in Constance,
20:09 Germany.
20:11 So, by the time the Council of Constance came about,
20:14 Europe was a stir.
20:15 The two anti popes had been summoned to appear
20:18 at the Council of Constance, as was John Huss
20:21 who was to answer to his teachings.
20:23 The two popes chose to stay away, out of concern
20:27 for their safety.
20:28 And even though his safety had been guaranteed
20:30 by the Emperor, Sigesmund, John Huss really felt
20:34 that he was traveling to his execution.
20:38 When he got to the Council of Constance, John Huss
20:41 was going to explain to the delegates what it was
20:43 he believed and why he believed it.
20:46 But, shortly after he got there, he was arrested
20:49 by order of the Pope and the cardinals and was locked
20:52 up in a foul dungeon.
20:54 Interestingly enough, one of the popes
20:57 also was imprisoned, the other two popes
20:59 were deposed and a new pope was elected.
21:02 And at this Council, the Council of Constance,
21:05 it was decreed that the bones of reformer John Huss should
21:08 be dug up and burned.
21:12 John Huss did have supporters of the Council of Constance.
21:15 But they were unable to change the minds
21:17 of his enemies.
21:19 When he was brought to appear before the Council,
21:21 he was bound in chains and was dreadfully ill.
21:23 John Huss, at his trial, spoke boldly in defense
21:27 of Biblical truth and against the excesses and corruptions
21:30 of the church.
21:31 At his trial, he stood before the very emperor who
21:34 had guaranteed his safety.
21:36 John Huss, in spite of his bold stand for God, perhaps,
21:41 because of his bold stand for God, was sentenced to burn
21:46 at the stake.
21:47 This was a man who had been sentenced to death because
21:50 he upheld the authority of the Bible.
21:53 Because he spoke against excess and corruption
21:55 in the church.
21:56 Because he dared to defy the authority of a pope.
22:01 Up until the time of his death, he lived in inhuman conditions.
22:04 His suffering was great.
22:06 He lived in deplorable filth.
22:09 He was alone.
22:11 John Huss had been abandoned, but never once did his faith
22:15 in God come close to wavering.
22:18 John Huss remained ardent in his faith in God
22:22 and in his faith in God's word.
22:24 At his trial, he was given the opportunity to recant.
22:27 He would not do so.
22:29 A large procession of people led him away to the place
22:32 where he would be burned at the stake.
22:33 Again, once reaching that spot, John Huss was given
22:36 the opportunity to recant.
22:38 He wouldn't do so.
22:43 In fact, his reply was this: "What errors shall
22:45 I renounce?
22:46 I know myself guilty of none.
22:48 I call God to witness that all that I have written
22:51 and preached has been with the view of rescuing
22:54 souls from sin and perdition.
22:56 And therefore, most joyfully, will I confirm with my blood
23:02 that truth which I have written and preached."
23:06 As the flames burned around him, John Huss sang until
23:11 his voice was silenced forever.
23:16 Huss' life and ministry show us that truth is not
23:21 always popular.
23:23 John Huss' heroic example shows us that even when
23:26 the truth is not popular, God's Holy Spirit moves upon
23:31 his faithful ones and inspires them to stand for God anyway.
23:37 Paul addressed this very thing when he wrote to his
23:39 young friend, Timothy.
23:40 Here is what he said: "Preach the Word.
23:44 Be ready in season and out of season.
23:47 Convince, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering
23:52 and teaching.
23:53 For the time will come when they will not endure sound
23:56 doctrine but according to their own desires because
23:59 they have itching ears.
24:01 They will heap up for themselves teachers and they will turn
24:05 their ears away from the truth and be turned aside
24:09 to fables.
24:10 2 Timothy 4:2-4 You see, that is really the choice that
24:18 we have to make.
24:19 To stand on the Word of God and let God's Word guide out
24:23 lives and mold our existence or stand instead with human
24:28 teachings and human traditions and that would be a mistake
24:32 and I hope you and me would never make.
24:35 You see, the Bible is not just another book.
24:39 The Bible is God's Book.
24:42 Did the death of John Huss silence the man?
24:46 Maybe it silenced the man, but it didn't silence
24:49 his message.
24:51 You see, the Bible says in 2 Timothy 3:16, "All Scripture
24:54 is given by inspiration of God."
24:58 And Jesus said, in John 8: "The truth will make you free."
25:03 Writing to a friend once, John Huss wrote these words.
25:06 He said: "Truth (and that is God's truth),
25:09 Truth prevails overall.
25:12 Interestingly, the Czech government has adopted
25:15 John Huss' words as their national motto.
25:19 "Truth prevails".
25:21 And I certainly hope that will be true in your experience.
25:25 John Huss had it right.
25:27 God's truth does prevail over all.
25:32 Let me pray with you: Father in heaven, we thank you
25:35 for truth and we thank you for John Huss and men like him,
25:39 people like him and for their example.
25:41 And I pray that by your grace, I, we would be
25:46 faithful and committed to standing for you, to standing
25:49 on your Word and allowing your Word to be the guide
25:53 and the rule of our lives.
25:55 I thank you today for the Bible.
25:57 And we pray today in Jesus' name, Amen.
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27:49 I look forward to seeing you again next time.
27:51 And until then, remember, It is written, man shall
27:55 not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from
27:59 the mouth of God.


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