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00:00 [Music] It has stood the test of time,
00:11 God's book, the Bible. Still relevant in today's
00:18 complex world. It Is Written, sharing hope
00:25 around the globe.
00:36 This is It Is Written. I'm John Bradshaw.
00:38 Thanks for joining me today. Today on It Is Written,
00:41 I'm joined by a very special guest.
00:43 We've met before when we talked about the covenants,
00:45 the Old Covenant and the New Covenant, but there's much
00:49 to talk about on these subjects and how the Old
00:52 and New Covenants impact our lives today and what they
00:56 really stand for. My guest is Dr. Skip McCarty
00:59 who for over four decades has been a pastor, a teacher
01:02 and an author. Skip, thanks very much
01:04 for joining me today. SM Thank you John.
01:06 An honor to be here. JB I appreciate this
01:08 opportunity to speak with you about the covenants.
01:10 You have written extensively on this subject.
01:12 You have engaged with theologians and scholars
01:16 from across the Christian spectrum on the subjects
01:18 of the covenants. It's a relevant subject,
01:20 a very pertinent subject today because there is a lot
01:23 of discussion among people who say, well I'm a New Covenant
01:26 Christian. I don't want to be an Old
01:28 Covenant Christian. And I'm sure that's right
01:30 because the covenant God gave us today is the New
01:34 Covenant. What was the first Covenant
01:36 God gave us and before you answer that,
01:39 what's a covenant biblically? What's a covenant biblically
01:41 and what is the first one God gave us?
01:43 SM The covenants in the Bible were different kinds.
01:45 There were covenants between nations, there were covenants
01:48 between individuals such as David
01:50 and Jonathan, they had a covenant with each other.
01:52 But the dominant covenants in the Bible are the covenants
01:55 God made with human beings. And those covenants
01:58 are all God initiated. They are promises God made
02:01 to his people. JB What is or what was
02:04 the original covenant God made with the human family.
02:06 SM I am going to back up even before the human
02:09 family. You can go back in time
02:11 far enough where there was no creation
02:14 and there was only God. And Christianity understands
02:17 God in terms of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
02:21 That's how we understand God.
02:23 Therefore, it can say God is love for eternity past
02:25 because you have Father, Son and Holy Spirit relating
02:27 to one another. Those love bonds, those
02:29 commitments of loyalty to one another, each treating
02:32 the other as they would want to be treated if they
02:34 were in the other's place. That's covenant.
02:36 That's essentially covenant. It's that whole sold commitment
02:40 John Murray, a Presbyterian scholar, he called it
02:42 a whole souled commitment to the other.
02:45 Once God began to bring creation into existence,
02:47 the Angels, they were just folded into that covenant.
02:50 This was the same commitment that was made to them when
02:52 he brought Adam and Eve into the existence, that same
02:55 commitment was made to them. That kind of a covenant
02:57 expects the same kind of commitment back again.
02:59 JB The covenant represents God's total commitment
03:04 to the person he is making a covenant with.
03:06 SM Absolutely. God does expect a whole
03:08 souled commitment back to him.
03:10 There is no question about that. No, it's not a whole list
03:13 of you do this and this and this and this and this
03:15 and then I'll be your God. JB And many people see
03:17 it that way. SM Yeah, well, that's
03:19 a mistake. It was not that way with
03:21 the Angels, it was not that way with the Father, Son or Holy
03:23 Spirit and when Adam and Eve were brought into existence,
03:25 God made that same commitment to them.
03:27 Now he did give them a way that they could express
03:29 their trust in him and that was that tree in the garden
03:32 and they showed their distrust of him which
03:34 is essentially what that was. It was distrusting him but
03:37 every covenant from that point on has been God
03:40 reaffirming. Once Adam and Eve sinned,
03:43 the everlasting covenant from eternity past
03:45 was adapted into a covenant of grace.
03:47 The covenant of grace is the bridge between Eden lost
03:52 and Eden restored. Everything Adam lost,
03:55 the Covenant of Grace, the Everlasting Gospel --
03:58 the Book of Revelation calls it the Everlasting Gospel --
04:00 is that Covenant of Grace. Is God's initiative to restore
04:05 to us everything we've lost. So that's the four promises
04:08 we talked about last time I came here, the New Covenant.
04:10 God will write his law in our hearts.
04:12 He'll be our God, we'll be his people.
04:14 Eventually everyone is going to know him and he'll
04:16 forgive us of our sins. That comes into that.
04:18 JB Important to discuss that because many people have
04:20 the idea the Old Covenant was the Ten Commandments,
04:23 obey this and live, the New Covenant is believe in Jesus
04:26 and be saved by grace. You mentioned something
04:29 that isn't often spoken of in discussions
04:32 of the covenants. So we want to accurately
04:35 understand what the covenants are and you've
04:37 expressed them always as being God's expression
04:41 of his commitment to his people and as we participate
04:44 in that covenant our expression of our commitment back
04:46 to him. But you talked about
04:48 an everlasting covenant. And now, where did that come
04:52 from and what's that? SM The everlasting covenant
04:54 came from God who is everlasting.
04:56 The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That's where it originated
04:59 in the commitments they have made to one another and then
05:01 enfolded the angelic host and the human race into
05:04 that commitment. I am going to turn to one
05:06 passage and that's Isaiah 24 and read verse 5 if you
05:11 would for us. JB The earth is also defiled
05:14 under its in habitants because they have transgressed
05:18 the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting
05:24 covenant. SM Isn't that interesting?
05:27 This is the earth. This is not just a little
05:29 group of people here or there.
05:31 It's not just a nation. It's not just Israel.
05:33 The everlasting covenant involves everyone on
05:36 the earth and the covenants God made with his people,
05:39 for instance, the covenant he made at Sinai, he was just
05:42 grooming them to share with the world the knowledge
05:46 of the everlasting covenant, of God's commitment to everyone
05:48 and that they needed to put their trust in him too
05:52 and have this same experience with God that they were having
05:54 to have restored to them everything that Adam lost
05:57 on their behalf. In Hebrews 13,
05:59 this is the first time that the everlasting covenant
06:02 is associated directly with Jesus in Hebrews 13:20.
06:08 Why don't you read that for us if you would?
06:10 JB Now may the God of peace who brought up our Lord
06:14 Jesus from the dead, the great shepherd of the sheep
06:18 through the blood of the everlasting covenant
06:21 make you complete in every good work to do his will.
06:23 SM Exactly. Isaiah said there is
06:25 an everlasting covenant the whole earth has broken.
06:28 In Hebrews it says when Jesus died it was his blood
06:31 of the everlasting covenant. He atoned for the sins
06:35 of the whole world and gave his life for them so they could
06:38 be restored to wholeness again.
06:40 JB When do we find talk in the Bible
06:44 of the Old Covenant? SM The term Old Covenant
06:47 first shows up in the New Testament.
06:50 It doesn't occur anywhere in the Old Testament.
06:52 The term New Covenant does in Jeremiah, after
06:54 the exile, when they are in Babylon for 70 years
06:58 and Jeremiah 31 God said I'm going to make a New Covenant
07:02 with you. JB It's worthwhile reading
07:04 that. Can I look at that?
07:06 It starts in verse 31. SM Yes.
07:08 JB Behold the days are coming, says the Lord,
07:10 when I will make a New Covenant with the House of Israel
07:12 and with the House of Judah. Not according to the covenant
07:15 that I made with their fathers in the day that I took
07:18 them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt.
07:21 My covenant, which they broke, though I was a husband
07:25 to them, says the Lord. But this is the Covenant
07:28 that I will make with the House of Israel after those days,
07:30 says the Lord. I will put my law in their
07:33 minds and write it on their hearts and I will be their
07:37 God and they shall be my people and verse 34 goes on
07:41 to say, no more shall every man teach his neighbor
07:44 and every man his brother saying know the Lord for they all
07:48 shall know me, from the least of them to the greatest
07:50 of them says the Lord. For I will forgive their
07:52 iniquity and their sin I will remember no more.
07:55 SM Okay this is the new expression of New Covenant.
07:57 JB And it's in the Old Testament.
07:59 SM It's in the Old Testament and it's talking about God
08:02 is renewing his covenant with his people, with Israel,
08:05 that he had made with him at Sinai.
08:07 These same promises occur in the Sinai covenant,
08:10 they incur all through the Old Testament.
08:12 There is New Covenant all the way through
08:14 the Old Testament. JB Which means, then,
08:16 that the Old Covenant isn't the Old Testament and the New
08:18 Covenant, the New Testament, which is commonly talked about.
08:20 SM Yes. There's an element of truth
08:22 to that. Once Jesus came, there was
08:25 something so significant about that that the Book
08:27 of Hebrews does talk about the whole period before Jesus
08:31 came as being Old Covenant, all the sacrifices and all
08:35 the temple ritual and so forth, that was Old Covenant.
08:38 When Jesus came, the ritual changed.
08:41 We still have ceremonies. We still have
08:43 ceremonial law. Our ceremonies are baptism
08:45 and the Lord's supper. There is still ceremonial
08:47 laws but that changed because all of those other
08:49 ceremonies were looking forward to Jesus coming,
08:51 the ceremonies we now have look back on his coming.
08:54 The moral law didn't change, it is still the same moral
08:56 standard, it is still the same standard for sin.
08:58 But the ceremonies change. In that sense, you do have
09:01 a historical Old and New Covenant.
09:04 But that's not what the New Testament is focusing on.
09:06 When the New Testament talks about the two covenants
09:08 it's talking about something vastly different.
09:10 JB We are going to have to talk about that in just
09:12 a moment. We'll be back with more on
09:14 the covenants with Dr. Skip McCarty, right ahead.
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10:15 This is It Is Written and I'm John Bradshaw
10:18 and my guest today is Dr. Skip McCarty and we are talking
10:20 about the covenants, the Old Covenant and the New
10:24 Covenant and Skip, must a moment ago you mentioned
10:28 something that is going to take our conversation a little bit
10:31 deeper. There is an historical
10:34 element to the covenants and an experiential element
10:39 to the covenants. SM Correct.
10:41 JB There was an Old Covenant and there is a New Covenant.
10:44 Jesus stood between the two covenants historically
10:48 but what do you mean when you say there is an experiential
10:50 component? SM In the writings of Paul,
10:52 when he is talking about the covenants, he is talking
10:54 about something that God himself hinted at when
10:57 he gave the New Covenant in the book of Hebrews.
10:59 When he gave the New Covenant in Hebrews 8, he said it's not
11:02 going to be like the covenant I made with those
11:04 I brought out of Egypt because they weren't
11:06 faithful to my covenant. That was the difference.
11:09 It was a matter of faithfulness. So God himself said what's
11:12 going to be different about the New Covenant is I'm
11:14 expecting a different response than I got at
11:16 At Sinai, people said we'll do it all, we'll do everything
11:19 you said but they didn't. They immediately made
11:21 a golden calf. JB Sure.
11:23 SM God says I want a different response from this generation
11:25 and so what he's talking about here is how people respond
11:29 to the gospel message. Jesus said that which
11:32 is born of the flesh is flesh, that which is born
11:34 of the spirit is spirit. You must be born again
11:36 and so if we stay in the flesh, and that can be a rebellious
11:39 response to God or a religious response to God.
11:42 Religious response is where we just do what we think
11:45 is right and think that's going to put God in our debt.
11:48 We'll merit eternal life. That's all Old Covenant.
11:51 And the other side, being born of the Spirit, being
11:54 born according to the Spirit is New Covenant.
11:57 JB So what you're saying, there's a historical component
12:00 to the covenants, Jesus stood between the two covenants
12:03 historically, but there is an experiential
12:06 component where somebody living in this very modern
12:08 age can have a very Old Covenant experience.
12:11 SM That's what he's warning against.
12:13 JB Tell me how a person in practical terms today
12:15 can have an Old Covenant experience.
12:17 SM Okay. JB You might be living under
12:19 the Old Covenant even if you attend a church that says
12:22 New Covenant church right on the sign, if.
12:24 SM That's true. I've knocked on many doors
12:27 in my life just talking to people about the gospel
12:29 and somebody says well I don't really need what you're
12:33 offering because I think I live a good life.
12:35 I live a good enough life. If there's an after life,
12:37 I think I'll be okay. It's the law of Karma.
12:40 The law of Karma says I'm going to get coming back
12:43 to me. If I don't get it all
12:45 in this life I'm gonna get it in the next life either
12:47 good or bad. The Gospel isn't Karma.
12:50 The Gospel is total faith in Jesus Christ.
12:53 His blood of the everlasting covenant is what washes away
12:56 my sins. His promise to write his law
12:59 in my heart and mind is what empowers me to live a godly
13:02 life and that's a process. If I think going to church
13:06 is going to help get me salvation, just going to
13:10 church - that's not going to do it.
13:12 I have to have total dependence on the grace
13:14 of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for me and his promise to change
13:17 my life. That's new covenant.
13:19 JB So secular people, without realizing it, can
13:22 have an Old Covenant attitude.
13:24 SM Exactly. JB and modern New Testament
13:26 church going Christians can be under the Old Covenant.
13:28 SM John, we are born Old Covenant.
13:31 Every human being is born in Old Covenant.
13:33 .We have to be converted to become New Covenant people.
13:36 That's what Paul has in mind here.
13:38 Those who are born of the flesh are Old Covenant.
13:40 That's what he calls Old Covenant.
13:43 Those who are born of the Spirit are New Covenant.
13:45 So He is saying if you are Old Covenant, you will not
13:48 inherit eternal life. So John, if the Old Covenant
13:51 is the Covenant God made with the people at Sinai,
13:54 that would be saying that anyone who is faithful
13:57 to that covenant, as God asked them to me, cannot have
14:00 everlasting life. That's why we absolutely,
14:02 positively know that it's not talking about
14:05 any covenant he had made previously.
14:07 It's talking about their response, an illegitimate
14:09 response, a legalistic or a rebellious response
14:11 to the gospel. That's totally what the Old
14:13 Covenant is in Paul's thinking.
14:15 JB That's serious, isn't it? Because there are Christians
14:17 today who, based on their attitude towards the gospel,
14:22 might be Old Covenant Christians because of
14:25 the experience they are having rather than New Covenant
14:28 Christians because they are missing something vital
14:30 with Jesus Christ. SM That's true.
14:32 And it has nothing to do with Oh, I believe in the Ten
14:34 Commandments, therefore you must be Old Covenant.
14:36 It has nothing to do with that.
14:38 It's how we are responding to God in faith.
14:40 Or if I'm responding to God and I say, Oh, I put faith
14:42 in God but I don't want anything to do with
14:44 the transformation of my life. The New Covenant is I'm
14:46 going to write my law in your hearts.
14:48 I am going to forgive you but I am going to write my
14:50 law in your hearts as well. It's a total submission
14:53 to God, it's a total submission to God to do everything
14:55 he wants to do for us in this life.
14:57 JB and entering into the transformation he wants to
14:59 bring into our lives. SM Exactly.
15:01 JB Let's pick up on more and that in just a minute.
15:03 A great discussion with Dr. Skip McCarty.
15:04 I'll look forward to talking with you more about this
15:06 in just a moment.
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15:25 [music] A very practical verse today
15:33 that you can use in powerful ways.
15:36 Romans 6:11 says, "Reckon ye also yourselves
15:39 to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through
15:43 Jesus Christ our Lord." This is direct instruction from
15:45 Paul, but not many people follow His advice.
15:48 He's saying that in a person's daily battle with sin,
15:51 that person can simply reckon - or consider - himself
15:54 or herself to be dead to sin. You never saw a dead person
15:58 smoke a cigarette or lose his temper, because that person
16:01 is dead. So when we believe, reckon, consider that we are
16:04 dead to sin, sin loses its power over us.
16:08 When temptation comes today, try this. Quote Romans 6:11,
16:11 remind yourself that you are dead to sin but alive
16:13 to Jesus Christ. Call on the Lord, and experience
16:16 the power of sin being broken in your life.
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17:06 I'm glad you've joined me today on It Is Written.
17:09 My guest is Skip McCarty and our discussion is centering
17:13 on the covenants, the Old Covenant and the New Covenant.
17:16 And Skip, what we find in the Bible is that God wants
17:19 everybody to have a New Covenant experience.
17:22 SM Amen. Old Testament, New Testament,
17:24 it doesn't matter when they lived, he wants them
17:26 to have a New Covenant experience.
17:28 It's the only way for salvation.
17:30 JB So somebody in the Old Testament living, it was God's
17:32 will that that person have a New Covenant
17:34 experience. SM All those people
17:36 in Hebrews 11. They didn't have the Old
17:38 Covenant experience that Paul is talking about
17:40 in Galatians 4. They had a New Covenant
17:42 experience. JB Tell me how somebody
17:44 living in the Old Covenant times could have an Old
17:46 Covenant experience as opposed to a New Covenant
17:48 experience. SM Oh easy.
17:50 In Isaiah 1, God is saying you perform the sacrifices,
17:52 you go to the festivals but you are oppressing people.
17:54 He says I hate your sacrifices. You need to live
17:57 a godly life. In other words, they weren't
18:00 fully embracing the promise God had given them
18:03 to transform their hearts. It's very clear God wanted
18:05 love first. Love me and keep my
18:08 commandments. And Love for God and love
18:11 for others was always at the top of the list
18:14 of His commandments. It always was.
18:16 And so God says you're not loving people, then the ritual
18:18 means nothing to me. So people who say I'll treat
18:21 people, I'll cheat them in business, I'll get as rich
18:23 as I can and oppress the poor but yet I'll do
18:27 the sacrifices and I'll perform the rituals.
18:29 God says no, it's not what it's about.
18:31 That is Old Covenant. JB New Covenant, it seems
18:34 very clear, involves a transformation in the life.
18:37 SM Absolutely. JB God said if you love me,
18:39 I'll write my law in your hearts.
18:43 SM Exactly. JB Now you would say
18:45 that that law that he is talking about
18:47 is the Ten Commandments. Can we be certain
18:49 about that? SM It's at least
18:51 the Ten Commandments. It's at least the Ten
18:53 Commandments. That's the law that God
18:55 is writing on our hearts. JB And saying that a person
18:57 is going to keep the Ten Commandments is not legalism.
18:59 SM It can be legalism if that is all they think about,
19:02 is the Ten Commandments and obeying those in order
19:04 to get to heaven. That can be legalism.
19:06 But a person who sincerely seeks God, who trusts God
19:08 to do the work in them they can't do for themselves,
19:10 to make them godly people, loving people, and obedient
19:14 to His commandments, of course.
19:16 But the commandments become promises.
19:18 Once a person becomes a believer and converted,
19:21 they are ten promises. JB And that's the New
19:23 Covenant experience. SM Yes it is.
19:25 JB You know, there's another passage that I have been
19:28 asked about frequently that deals with this.
19:31 It's found in 2 Corinthians 3. Would you mind looking
19:34 at that with me? SM Yes.
19:36 JB What do we say about this passage that Paul
19:38 was talking about here. In fact, you know, it has
19:41 a little heading right here in this Bible, glory
19:43 of the New Covenant. SM In 2 Corinthians 3
19:45 it's very much like his letter to the Galations
19:49 in his discussion of the two covenants there.
19:51 So we bring that mindset here and we find out exactly
19:54 the same thing going on here because what he does here
19:56 is he contrasts New Covenant and another covenant here
19:59 that he has in mind. He says we're ministers
20:03 of the New Covenant, not of the letter.
20:06 He calls the other the letter that many people
20:09 refer to the Sinai Covenant. You have parallel columns
20:13 again where he has Old Covenant and he says the Old
20:15 Covenant is the letter and the New Covenant
20:18 is the Spirit. The Old Covenant is written
20:20 on stone and the New Covenant is written on the heart.
20:22 The Old Covenant is condemnation and death.
20:25 The New Covenant is righteousness and life
20:27 and when you go down those columns, you find out if you
20:31 just have the items he puts in the Old Covenant,
20:33 you have an unsaved person. It's talking about
20:35 an unconverted person. So what you have is the Old
20:38 Covenant again is an unbelieving response to the gospel.
20:42 A rejection of it or a legalistic response to it
20:45 and the New Covenant being a faith-embrace
20:47 of the gospel, allowing God to do everything in us
20:49 he wants to do and he is going to change us from one
20:51 degree of glory to the other by the Spirit who does
20:54 this work in us. That's New Covenant.
20:56 No matter when a person lived, they had to have
20:58 that experience and that is New Covenant.
21:00 JB So the covenants that God made with his people back
21:02 in Old Testament times were gospel-revealing covenants.
21:06 SM Exactly. Each one in capsuled
21:08 the gospel to be shared with the people of the world
21:10 around them. It was the same gospel
21:12 throughout. Paul said in Galations 1
21:14 there's one gospel. There is no other gospel.
21:16 If anybody preaches a different gospel, that would
21:18 be Adam, that would be Moses, that would be anybody
21:21 in the Old Testament who preached a different gospel,
21:24 Paul said let him be accursed. JB God wants people today
21:27 to have New Covenant experience with Him.
21:30 SM Exactly. JB Explain to somebody right
21:32 now how they can have a New Covenant experience
21:38 with God, what that is going to look like, what it will do
21:40 for them. SM Okay.
21:42 Every human being, John, no matter who they are,
21:44 is going to have times in their life when they are under
21:48 conviction by God. You can't get away
21:50 from that, no matter where you are, whether you have even
21:53 heard of Jesus or not. You are going to come under
21:55 conviction by the Spirit of God that there is something wrong,
21:58 you need something more. Now people can try to make
22:01 a transformation in their life but that's futile too make
22:03 that ultimate change that God is asking us to make,
22:06 and so they come to the place where they say God,
22:08 help me! And God comes
22:11 into the picture. There's conversion.
22:13 The Spirit of God brings a new life into them
22:15 and the Bible calls that the new birth.
22:17 That's the New Covenant experience and then
22:19 it's a matter of continuing to trust God, trust his
22:21 promises, trust those promises. God says I'm going to write
22:24 my law in your mind. I'm going to forgive you.
22:26 Don't keep bringing up the past.
22:28 Don't keep worrying about the past.
22:30 I am going to forgive you for that.
22:32 Let's go on from here. I'm going to do a new thing
22:34 in your life and I am going to be your God, and you are
22:36 going to be my child even when things go rough for you
22:38 when you fall, I'm still your God, you're still my child.
22:41 We are going to get through this together.
22:43 The New Covenant is God promising people He is going
22:45 to do for them what they can't do and He is going
22:47 to save them. It's his promise.
22:49 I am guaranteeing you, I will save you.
22:51 Just don't run away from me. Hang on to me.
22:53 Hang on to me. I am going to save you.
22:55 I am going to make your life more meaningful here than
22:57 you have ever dreamed here on this earth.
22:59 JB Allowing God to be in our life that which he wants
23:01 to be. SM Yes.
23:04 JB To make us what he wants us to be.
23:05 SM Yes. JB The discussion when we
23:06 get into well New Covenant you don't keep the commandments,
23:08 Old Covenant you do keep the commandments.
23:10 It's really a smoke screen, isn't it?
23:11 SM It's not in the New Testament.
23:13 It doesn't exist there. That kind of thinking does
23:14 not exist there. Paul is not talking, when he
23:16 is talking about the Old Covenant, he is not talking
23:18 about the covenant God made with his people at Sinai.
23:21 Particularly the moral laws God gave his people
23:23 at Sinai. Paul himself said
23:24 if it wasn't for the 10th Commandment, Thou shall
23:26 not covet, I would not even know I was a sinner.
23:28 He thought he was living a perfect life.
23:29 He says that in Philippians 3. Before the law,
23:32 I was faultless. There is no argumentation
23:34 in the New Testament against the commandments of God,
23:37 against the Ten Commandments. Absolutely not.
23:39 It's only against this rebellious attitude
23:41 toward them. Once you understand
23:43 that's what the Old Covenant is about, it's about a faulty
23:45 response to God, an unbelieving response or a legalistic
23:48 response to God, New Covenant is a faith-response
23:50 to God, totally trusting his grace.
23:52 It's our response to the law, it's a perversion of the law
23:55 that he has in mind. If he is talking negatively
23:57 about it, that's what he is talking about.
23:59 He's not talking about a faith response to God's law,
24:01 see it as now the promise of God.
24:04 JB We've covered some ground today.
24:05 I'm thankful to you for taking the time and I want
24:07 to encourage you, friend, to know that God wants you
24:12 to have a New Covenant experience.
24:15 When you will come to God by faith and say here I am,
24:19 take me and do whatever it is you want to do in my
24:22 life, you are entering into a New Covenant experience
24:24 with God. You see, when God enters
24:27 your life and writes his law in your heart, when Jesus
24:29 begins to live his life in you, what once might have
24:33 seemed impossible to you becomes possible.
24:35 You love the things you used to hate and maybe hate some
24:38 things you used to love and you find your life trending
24:41 in the very direction that God wants it to go.
24:43 Friend, there is only one thing, and that is to enter into
24:45 a New Covenant experience with Jesus.
24:48 Let him write his law in your heart.
24:51 Respond to him by saying as Jesus said to his Father,
24:54 not my will, but your will be done.
24:58 When you say to Jesus, let me have a New Covenant
25:00 experience with you, your life is going to bloom,
25:03 your joy will be full, you'll be walking with Jesus
25:07 the way he wants you to walk and you can look forward
25:10 with great certainty to the wonderful day
25:12 when Jesus comes to take you home.
25:16 [music]
25:26 When you hear the word "heaven" what comes to your mind?
25:29 If it's little more than harps and clouds.
25:32 My guess is you might not be too excited about spending
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25:37 for you! Heaven is a very real place
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26:35 Do you have a New Covenant experience today?
26:38 It's the experience that God wants you to have.
26:40 Dr. McCarty, thanks for making this clear
26:43 for us today. I'm just so thankful
26:45 you've taken the time. Friend, I want to pray
26:48 for you that you can have that experience with Jesus
26:50 that he wants you to have, an experience that is vital
26:53 and vibrant, that even when there are times
26:55 of challenges, God can get you through, an experience
26:58 where the Lord's will is done and you are made a new creature
27:00 in Christ. Let's pray for that now.
27:04 Father in heaven, thank you for giving us a New Covenant
27:06 experience, where we can open up our hearts to you
27:09 and allow you to be the God in our life, and allow Jesus
27:13 to work in us both to will and to do
27:15 for his good pleasure. May we not choose
27:18 to be Old Covenant Christians, trusting our own works,
27:22 doing our own thing in order to secure salvation.
27:25 But may we trust fully in you.
27:27 Give us the grace today to lean on Jesus and expect
27:31 His will to be done. This we pray, thanking you
27:35 in Jesus' name, amen.
27:40 [Music]
27:54 Thank you for joining me today.
27:56 I look forward to seeing you next time.
27:58 Until then, remember, it is written, man shall not
28:00 live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds
28:04 from the mouth of God.


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