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00:01 The Three Angels' Messages of Revelation 14
00:04 have been set to Music,
00:05 "Give Him Glory" features some of Christian Music's
00:07 top composers, arrangers and singers
00:11 worshiping our Savior and King.
00:13 For a suggested donation of just $15,
00:15 you'll receive your choice of double CD or double DVD
00:19 with free shipping in the United States.
00:22 Order online at: 3ABNstore. com
00:25 or call 618-627-4651.
00:30 One of the highlights of my musical career
00:32 is the release of this Project, "Give Him Glory"
00:36 3ABN Music has just released the Project,
00:39 we're excited... so excited,
00:40 it is not only a highlight for me musically
00:44 but because of the message of the songs... in the songs...
00:48 I am delighted to be a part of this Project
00:51 and today we're here to talk about
00:53 some behind-the-scenes of the songs
00:55 and the meaning of the songs
00:57 so I hope that you will enjoy what you hear today.
01:00 I'm joined by President of 3ABN, Danny Shelton,
01:04 and his wife, Yvonne Shelton.
01:07 Thank you so much for joining me.
01:08 You had an instrumental part... pun intended...
01:12 actually as well as "unintended" of this project,
01:16 you, in fact, wrote the title of the song...
01:19 title song... "Give Him Glory. "
01:20 Danny: Yeah, I did... this project is all about
01:24 what we call "Present Truth"
01:25 and been in music for probably...
01:28 before you were born even,
01:29 I was doing some music back then, I think,
01:32 I'm with you Tim, this is probably, to me,
01:34 the greatest project I've ever been involved with
01:38 because as you already said, it's not just the music, Yvonne,
01:41 but it's the message
01:43 and we here at 3ABN... we believe in Present Truth...
01:46 the three angels' messages of Revelation 14th chapter
01:49 this present truth but... I...
01:51 this is the first time I've seen that put to music
01:54 and I wasn't capable of doing that
01:57 so I brought in people like Tim Parton here, of course,
02:01 and then Lanny Wolfe...
02:03 song writer known around the world
02:05 and David Huntsinger who wrote a lot of the songs
02:09 in the Pillars Project
02:11 that our folks at home watching will know.
02:14 Yvonne: And ET Everett... she's our Producing Assistant...
02:18 Production Assistant and Editing
02:19 and she just kind of brought everything together...
02:22 coordinating and getting in touch with everybody,
02:25 keeping in touch and just... I mean, she's just...
02:28 she's an incredible musician, so... all around.
02:30 Danny: Absolutely, great blessing.
02:32 Yvonne: Yes, for sure.
02:33 Danny: Together it took several months
02:36 to get this project and to get the new songs.
02:39 God has blessed tremendously
02:41 and I don't know about you Yvonne,
02:43 of course you come from a secular background in music
02:46 but I know you're still excited about this one too.
02:49 Ah, tremendously excited because for me,
02:51 being able to hear the three angels' messages put to music...
02:56 it's incredible
02:57 because music speaks to your soul,
03:00 I mean, it can get into places where just...
03:02 the spoken word alone can't
03:04 so to know that we have a project
03:06 that has all of this music and all of this message in it
03:10 is... to me it's just phenomenal
03:12 and the music is incredible.
03:14 Danny: It is, we'll talk about
03:16 arrangers and all in a little bit
03:17 but right now maybe we should go to the first song,
03:20 "Give Him Glory"
03:22 I actually wrote the chorus, Tim,
03:23 many, many years ago
03:24 but I talked to Lanny Wolfe and said,
03:26 "Can you fix this song for me?"
03:28 And, of course, he wrote some beautiful verses to this
03:32 and we just titled this project, "Give Him Glory. "
03:35 And give Him glory...
03:41 Give Him glory
03:46 Humbly bow before His Majesty
03:52 Worship Christ the Lord
03:58 For He is worthy
04:03 He alone is worthy...
04:08 Give Him Glory... that is taken from the... Chapter 14 verse 6
04:13 where it says, "Fear God and give Him glory. "
04:15 so, I love that it is right out of Scripture, right.
04:19 Yvonne: Yes. Tim: It's wonderful
04:20 and I also love the fact that you sing the first verse,
04:23 Yvonne sings the second
04:25 and then your daughter, Melody, joins on the third...
04:28 on the chorus so it makes it a family...
04:30 I love... I just love all of that.
04:33 Danny: You throw in the Aeolians in it...
04:35 doesn't hurt you a bit, right?
04:36 Tim: Yeah... they're good backup.
04:38 Danny: Yeah, absolutely.
04:39 Tim: So, let's talk now about...
04:41 back at the beginning of chapter 14,
04:44 where it talks about singing a new song...
04:47 Danny: That's right.
04:48 Tim: And so, that in fact is going to...
04:50 Danny: Behold the Lamb... beheld the Lamb...
04:52 when you look at that, you know, David Huntsinger
04:56 for the folks at home...
04:58 we already had several songs written for the 14th chapter
05:02 starting with verse 6
05:04 so I said, "David... what can you...?
05:06 So he called me back and he said, "I read...
05:08 started Revelation 14 verse 1 and it's just poetic,
05:12 there has to be a song written about it, can I write on that?"
05:15 I said, "Absolutely... " and did he ever, I mean...
05:19 Tim: It paints a beautiful picture the song...
05:22 it's very well done musically... you can... you can...
05:26 you can see it and sense it even in your mind
05:29 just as you listen to the music, so it's nice... nice production
05:32 I love this song.
05:34 Danny: And it didn't hurt to have Ryan Day
05:36 who we're introducing here to sing
05:38 and what an incredible voice,
05:40 we call it "incredible find" for 3ABN now,
05:44 and... beautiful... and the song is an incredible song
05:48 because as you said, it paints a picture of... of...
05:52 literally, like the second coming...
05:54 I can see Jesus... it's like you're looking heavenward.
05:57 Tim: Right... right.
05:58 Yvonne: Yes, it just... it just kind of flows into...
06:03 it starts out softly and it builds to a real climax
06:07 as though... it... it paints the picture... as you said,
06:11 it just paints a beautiful picture of the saints in heaven.
06:14 I started saying, I was in heaven...
06:16 I'm seeing us there.
06:17 Well, Revelation paints a picture...
06:19 sometimes people are scared of it...
06:22 that... you know... scary or traumatic... or dramatic...
06:25 but this, all of a sudden,
06:27 opens us this whole beauty of Revelation,
06:30 "I looked and beheld a Lamb"
06:32 that Lamb, of course, is Jesus Christ.
06:34 Yvonne: Amen.
06:35 Tim: Well, let's... let's give it a listen...
06:37 let's hear it.
06:38 Yvonne: Sounds great.
06:39 Sang... they sang a new song
06:43 worthy the lamb
06:48 He who was slain the righteous Savior
06:52 reigns as the great I am
06:56 born of His mercy
07:01 His bride to claim...
07:14 Worthy His Name...
07:20 Worthy the Lamb of God that was slain, I love that...
07:24 They sang a new song... worthy the Lamb...
07:26 Danny: Can't wait. Tim: Powerful right?
07:28 I can... I can just...
07:30 I'm practicing to be a part of that choir for sure.
07:33 Yvonne: Absolutely... absolutely.
07:35 Now, in Revelation 22
07:38 we hear the words of Jesus saying, "Behold I come quickly"
07:42 and I love that section of the Scripture
07:46 and Lanny Wolfe came up with a...
07:48 a kind of a nice little twist stylistically...
07:51 I have kind of a Quartet... Southern gospel background
07:54 and so this song reminds me of something that we would
07:58 do in Southern Gospel Music
08:00 and so, in fact, we used a Quartet of John Lomacang,
08:05 Ryan Day, myself, and Gene McDonald
08:07 and then the choir backed us up on this great little song,
08:11 "Behold I come Quickly"
08:13 powerful, powerful message.
08:14 Danny: A little... the little behind-the-scenes was...
08:17 I told Lanny... we were going to co-write this song,
08:20 "Behold I Come Quickly"
08:22 so Lanny Wolfe was here at 3ABN
08:24 staying in one of the apartments and so, I said to him,
08:26 "Hey Lanny, I'm... I've got something. "
08:29 During the night before, I'd come up with a little tune
08:32 and kind of... the chorus,
08:33 I said, "I'm coming over to the apartment
08:35 let's work on this song. "
08:36 He said, "Sure. "
08:37 Ten minutes later, I walk in and I pull out my little...
08:40 on my phone I have an App that's going to play it.
08:42 He said, "Before you do that,
08:43 I was just working on something this morning...
08:46 let me let you hear this. "
08:48 As soon as I heard it, I put my phone back up
08:50 and I said, "Oh oh... this is way out of my league...
08:53 absolutely beautiful, but "Behold I Come Quickly"
08:56 you know, Jesus said, "My reward is with me"
08:59 and so, we have that hope and that promise, Yvonne,
09:03 that Jesus is coming... and we can go home with Him forever.
09:07 And I... I love the way this arrangement is because
09:10 you know, it's...
09:11 it does have a different twist to it...
09:14 it is kind of upbeat and happy and...
09:17 but the message is profound again,
09:20 putting that message into music which makes all the difference
09:24 so...
09:25 Danny: You have to be happy when you hear it
09:26 and the thing for me...
09:28 in Revelation people say,
09:29 "I didn't know there was so much joy...
09:31 so much happiness but... "
09:32 it's a revealing of the Lord Jesus Christ
09:34 that's what Revelation says in the beginning
09:36 so it should happy... happy songs... happy music.
09:40 Tim: Right, the... the way that it's written
09:42 is in the tense of Jesus speaking these... every word...
09:45 in the beginning word and verses,
09:47 "I came on a mission from my heavenly home
09:49 to die on a cross for sins to atone
09:52 I went away but said, I'd come back some day
09:54 just keep looking up to the sky watch and pray.
09:57 Behold I come quickly. "
09:59 Let's hear it.
10:00 Danny: Like a thief in the night let's do it.
10:02 Yvonne: Yeah...
10:03 Choir: Ahh... ahh... ahh... ahh...
10:30 Oooh... Behold, I come quickly
10:34 Ahh... ahh... ahh... ahh...
10:54 Audience clapping.
10:59 Amen.
11:01 That part where Ryan takes over that chorus...
11:05 when we change keys going into that...
11:07 it's like, "Sign me up... "
11:09 "Behold I come quickly... " I'm ready.
11:11 I think...
11:12 I think you guys should go to the Quartet Convention.
11:14 That would be good.
11:16 Get a bus... set out singing...
11:18 sounds great to have big Gene McDonald...
11:20 a lot of folk have seen him sing in the Gaither's
11:23 oh... sing great bass voice and...
11:25 It's a good Quartet...
11:27 Especially never having sang together before.
11:29 Tim: Maybe that's why we had so much fun...
11:31 we hadn't sung together so we don't know right...
11:35 so... let's move along and talk about
11:38 a great song that you sing,
11:40 "Beautiful Lord, we praise your name"
11:43 this is a tune that a lot of people are familiar with
11:47 written by Beethoven, "Ode to Joy"
11:51 it's got a big, long number and an opus
11:54 and it's... but... but that doesn't matter
11:57 it's the lyrics now that Lanny has re-written
12:00 to make it appropriate for this song.
12:03 Danny: Absolutely, we kind of did it with you in mind.
12:06 Yvonne: Oh, that was so sweet, it's such a joy to sing it
12:08 because, again, it's Beethoven but with a whole different feel
12:13 and the Aeolians, of course, were singing as well
12:16 and so, they take it to another level
12:18 and just being able to sing with them was such a blessing
12:21 but I...
12:22 I loved singing the song, it's just beautiful.
12:25 Danny: The Aeolians, we should say,
12:27 they've actually been voted I think twice...
12:29 I just heard recently again, "Number One Choir in the World"
12:33 and I know they've gone on to Europe and...
12:35 Yvonne: The Oakwood University Aeolians.
12:36 Danny: Yeah, absolutely,
12:38 so to have them a part of this project is amazing too
12:41 but when it's all said and done
12:43 it really is just about praising the name of the Lord
12:45 so, you can do it in fast... Southern Gospel...
12:49 you can do it in blue grass...
12:51 you can do it in this... in more classical... like this
12:55 but it all says the same.
12:56 Tim: That's right, and this
12:57 this style is really down the Aeolians' alley
13:00 as far as them being collegiate and...
13:02 and I remember being in the Studio
13:04 and they were just very prim and proper
13:06 in the way they were singing this
13:08 and it comes out so well
13:09 but on some of the others
13:10 they were able to move right into the... the style
13:13 but I do love this song...
13:14 I love, "Lord We Praise You...
13:16 We Praise Your Name" right
13:18 and so, what are the lyrics of the chorus?
13:21 "Lord We Praise Your Name. "
13:22 Tim: It just repeats that, right?
13:25 Yvonne: It repeats that but it's just...
13:26 but the way... Lanny... Lanny changed the chorus
13:29 and so the way he built it... "Lord we praise your name"
13:34 it kind of goes in and builds and builds and builds
13:37 and it's just beautiful, I just love it.
13:39 Danny: You can see angels hovering about,
13:41 I mean, literally like it will be in heaven
13:43 that all... all the universe
13:46 will be praising the name of the Lord.
13:48 Tim: What do you say, we listen to it.
13:50 Danny: Let's do it.
14:32 One of the difficult parts of understanding Revelation 14
14:38 is the references to Babylon
14:42 and the whole portion of... of Scripture that...
14:47 that is talking about... maybe not so much as
14:51 why it is difficult to understand in the Scripture
14:53 but putting it in words to write into a song
14:57 I can't imagine trying to undertake...
15:00 undertake that task.
15:26 A lot of times, people won't listen to preachers
15:31 on the three angels' messages or many things in the Bible
15:35 but with this set to music and then to bring in Wintley Phipps
15:38 who has this incredible voice and to have him sing this
15:43 but Lanny hit subject: The Image of Daniel
15:46 have you ever heard the song
15:47 talking about the image of Daniel?
15:49 I haven't... you know, all of these things
15:50 but he did it... and he said this
15:53 that I'll never forget,
15:55 Lanny said, "I've written over 700 songs...
15:57 this is the only song that I ever wrote
16:00 that I felt like God took the pen out of my hand
16:05 and wrote it Himself... the words... "
16:07 I mean, that's amazing isn't it?
16:09 Yvonne: That's amazing... that's amazing!
16:10 It would have to be God
16:12 because there's no way to put those kinds of lyrics to music
16:17 and make it flow
16:19 it just... it hasn't happened before
16:21 and we're really thankful that it happened this time.
16:25 because this... this...
16:26 I've never heard a song like this before
16:28 you know, showing Babylon is fallen is fallen
16:32 and to put it to music... it just blows me away.
16:36 Yeah, this to me literally is our mission at 3ABN
16:41 to get the get the three angels' messages to the world
16:44 and I didn't dream that somebody could put a song together
16:47 and thank you... you're humble about it
16:49 but you helped on it
16:51 and so you're a co-writer of this song,
16:53 I know Lanny did most of it but it's your ideas
16:55 and your helping and your support
16:57 but it is an absolutely incredible song.
17:00 This is a great production as well,
17:02 David Clydesdale did a wonderful job
17:04 in making... arranging it and producing the orchestra
17:08 and it's... it's got a bit of a...
17:10 almost a Broadway Production you know,
17:13 it's just such a... such a wonderful presentation.
17:15 Danny: It's something!
17:16 Tim: Right, just a great big presentation
17:18 so, let's watch.
17:55 Choir: In a little while,
17:58 in a little while... we shall cross the billow's foam...
18:01 Narrator: As we prepare for the second coming of Jesus,
18:03 the three angels' messages of Revelation 14
18:06 call us to worship our Creator.
18:08 Now those messages have been set to music...
18:11 Choir: In the morning...
18:16 Narrator: You'll be moved by Wintley Phipps
18:18 singing Glorious Church.
18:20 "in Spirit and truth and is faithful to the end...
18:27 I will sing and welcome... "
18:32 Narrator: Some of Christian music's best artistes
18:34 have come together to produce this project
18:36 and now, you can own it on a double CD or double DVD
18:40 for a suggested donation of just $15
18:43 with free shipping in the United States.
18:45 To order your copy of "Give Him Glory"
18:48 visit 3ABNstore. com or call 618-627-4651 today.
18:56 Welcome back, thank you for joining us
18:59 as we talk about the three angels' messages
19:02 as we have released this project "Give Him Glory"
19:04 excited just to be talking to you
19:07 because I thank you for bringing this message to my attention
19:11 you know, grew up...
19:13 kind of like Lanny
19:14 and maybe some of the other writers
19:16 that weren't steeped in this message
19:19 but what a tremendous blessing it's been
19:21 to be a part of this so thank you.
19:22 Danny: Praise the Lord for a great job
19:24 I want to say that Tim did,
19:25 he's the Producer actually, we called it a Co-Producer
19:28 but he was the main one, I just kind of sit back in awe
19:31 but the production and maybe we can take...
19:34 in a few moments at least we want to talk a little bit
19:37 about some of the arrangers.
19:38 Tim: Sure, absolutely,
19:39 in fact, let's just talk about that right now,
19:42 there were five Orchestrators and Arrangers
19:44 that were instrumental to... and then being a part of...
19:47 part of this...
19:49 we actually went to a long-time friend, Kris Wilkinson
19:53 and who... she has been working on our projects
19:56 for so many years...
19:57 Danny: 35 plus years.
19:58 Tim: Right, this time she was so busy,
20:01 God has blessed her with so many open doors
20:02 that she was so busy that she didn't have time
20:05 to accomplish everything and we were kind of...
20:07 a little taken aback...
20:09 scared as to how we were going to approach this project
20:11 but God opened the door for...
20:13 actually for this to work out much... almost even better
20:17 by introducing us to four new people including plus...
20:21 in addition to Kris, so we had David Clydesdale,
20:25 Jim Gray, Russel Mauldin,
20:28 and Chris McDonald who worked on all of the songs.
20:32 Danny: They complemented each other.
20:34 Tim: I was going to say, instead of competing...
20:36 they did... they all brought their best game to the...
20:39 to the... to the game and...
20:41 Danny: And a huge orchestra,
20:43 you have your, of course, Rhythm Section first...
20:46 and then we went back and brought a huge orchestra
20:48 then we had what we call our Nashville singers,
20:51 friends like Reggie and Ladye Love Smith
20:53 and Roy Gardener, of course, my daughter Melody,
20:55 then Tammy Jensen... a lot of folk...
20:58 Yvonne: Judy Rymond...
21:00 Danny: Judy... we could go on...
21:01 brought that choir for a number of songs
21:03 and then on about four or five, I think,
21:05 we got the Aeolians to come in and sing
21:07 so... huge production but praise the Lord...
21:10 Tim: You really can't go wrong with all of that wonderful music
21:14 but then you piled some wonderful songs on there...
21:17 and with great messages...
21:18 so it's truly been, again, a highlight for me.
21:22 Let's talk about some of the other songs
21:24 that are on this project.
21:25 Tim: We started off with a couple of medleys...
21:28 one of newer songs and one of older hymns...
21:31 a lot of people will be more familiar with the hymns
21:33 but also with...
21:34 with the first medley that is, Lanny Wolfe,
21:37 "More than wonderful" medley,
21:38 you actually started off with
21:40 "Surely, the presence of the Lord"
21:41 which is a song you've been singing for many years.
21:43 I love it, at lot of the Camp Meetings,
21:45 we will start with that song
21:47 and I just enjoy hearing you sing it
21:50 and so it's a great way to start the project, I think,
21:52 and it's totally... it's giving Him glory...
21:54 it's giving... giving God glory... so...
21:57 and then we... in that... that medley with
21:59 "More than Wonderful"
22:01 which is such a powerful song
22:02 that Sandi Patty and Larnelle Harris made popular
22:07 several years ago,
22:08 but then, Yvonne and Ryan and you updated...
22:13 because you updated... because it's got a twist on the lyrics.
22:15 Yvonne: That's right, that's right
22:17 instead of "about God... we're talking to... "
22:20 so... "You are more... "
22:23 you know, "You are more wonderful
22:25 more wonderful than my mind can conceive"
22:29 and so, it... it's worship now...
22:31 it's... it's not just praise... it's worship.
22:34 And all of the other songs all complement the new songs...
22:39 five or six new songs written...
22:41 on specifically the three angels' messages
22:44 so we picked songs that literally complement
22:46 our part well.
22:48 Tim: Sure, in fact that second,
22:50 the second medley which is a hymn-based medley
22:52 has songs like,
22:54 "Watch, ye saints, with eyelids waking. "
22:57 Yvonne: Yes, yes.
22:58 Danny: Oh yeah, yeah, that's an old one...
23:01 Tim: Yeah, I actually went through the hymnal
23:03 and just started looking for theme of "going home"
23:07 which is... it's... I know, we also did
23:10 "When we all get to Heaven"
23:12 and so, others... like, three or four songs from that
23:15 but then, we have a great friend
23:18 who's been in the song writing for many years
23:21 Aaron Wilburn... and he wrote many years ago,
23:25 "That sounds like home to me"
23:26 and your sister, Tammy Chance, sang on this song with Ryan,
23:32 I just love that.
23:35 Danny: You'd think about the way Aaron wrote it
23:37 and then I've heard all kinds of people sing it
23:40 and the Gaithers did it but to think about...
23:43 it sounds like,
23:45 when you talk about heaven and explain
23:47 and you see the beauty
23:48 in a while this sounds like home to me
23:51 so that's... really I say all of us
23:53 are created with... there's homing pigeons...
23:56 homing devices... while we're here,
23:58 the Bible says we're sojourners and strangers
24:01 but our home really is our heavenly home
24:04 so when we're in heaven, it should sound like home to us.
24:06 Nice... nice...
24:08 a couple of more songs...
24:09 your daughter sang, "Lord, I worship You"
24:12 and then Julie Goss sang,
24:14 "Jesus, we crown You with praise"
24:16 again, two songs... it's amazing how this project is...
24:19 it's so centered on worshipping Christ,
24:22 it's truly a worship experience,
24:25 I mean, I just love to put this CD on
24:28 and love to worship the Lord.
24:30 Danny: Yeah, I do too.
24:31 Yvonne: I'm glad you said that, it is an experience...
24:33 all the different textures that are in the songs
24:37 with the different arrangements and arrangers
24:40 and the orchestrations and the artists,
24:43 I mean it just has all of these layers
24:45 and it's all about worship
24:47 which is what the book of Revelation really is about,
24:50 it's about worship...
24:52 Danny: That's preaching. let's preach it...
24:53 Yvonne: Come on now, we're going to have church in here.
24:55 Tim: So, basically what you're saying is,
24:57 "We encourage you to buy this to practice worshiping
25:00 so that when we get to heaven, you'll be caught up
25:04 and we'll... that way we can all worship in one accord
25:08 but truly, this is a... such a huge blessing
25:11 and we're going to come back with a few more songs
25:14 that we have on the bonus CD
25:16 and we'll talk about that right after this message.
25:20 Choir singing: In a little while in a little while...
25:24 Narrator: As we prepare for the second coming of Jesus,
25:27 the three angels' messages of Revelation 14
25:30 call us to worship our Creator.
25:32 Now, those messages have been set to music.
25:36 Choir singing: "Give Him Glory. "
25:40 Narrator: You'll be moved by Wintley Phipps singing
25:43 "Glorious Church"
25:44 Wintley singing: In Spirit and truth
25:47 and is faithful to the end I will sing...
25:55 Narrator: Some of Christian music's best artistes
25:58 have come together to produce this project
26:00 and now you can own it on the double CD or double DVD
26:04 for a suggested donation of just $15
26:07 with free shipping in the United States.
26:10 To order your copy of "Give Him Glory"
26:12 visit 3ABNstore. com
26:15 or call: 618-627-4651 today.
26:20 Welcome back to behind-the-scenes
26:22 of the three angels' messages, "Give Him Glory" CD.
26:24 You had a wonderful idea to include a bonus CD
26:29 of songs from the other projects.
26:32 There are about four or five projects
26:34 that you had done prior to this
26:36 and so, I think that's a great idea
26:39 to explain some of those songs
26:40 and there are five songs from that project...
26:42 from those projects...
26:44 Yvonne, tell us what those are.
26:45 Yvonne: Well, the first one is, "I Have Fixed My Mind"
26:47 and Reggie Smith is singing that.
26:49 Danny: Oh, that's a great song.
26:51 Yvonne: That's from the "Pillars" Project
26:54 and then there is: "Holy, Holy, Holy"
26:58 oh, I love that... you arranged that song.
27:00 Tim: Right, in the Pillars Hymns Project.
27:01 Yvonne: That's right... and...
27:03 Danny: Reggie and Ladye and you sang that.
27:04 Yvonne: Yes, oh and there's such anointing on that song to me
27:07 from the time I first sang it, I loved it
27:10 and then that: "Hallelujah, We're Home At Last!"
27:12 and Danny and I wrote that song
27:15 and that's from the Project of the same name
27:19 and "Just In Time" is... is a song from the Calvary
27:26 was it from Calvary Project
27:27 and then the last one is: "Calvary Says Love To Me. "
27:30 Tim: I love that song.
27:32 Yvonne: Isn't that beautiful? Danny wrote that one too
27:34 and... and Ladye Love Smith sings it
27:36 and, of course, her voice sounds like silk.
27:38 Yeah.
27:39 Tim: I think this is a wonderful piece of work...
27:43 the "Give Him Glory" CD and the bonus CD...
27:46 it's just wonderful
27:47 and I encourage our Viewers to get your copy of this,
27:51 it's available also in DVD, the Concert...
27:55 you will enjoy this CD and DVD.
27:58 Danny: Amen.
27:59 Be sure and contact us here at 3ABN to get your copy
28:03 of: Give Him Glory.
28:05 Choir: In a little while in a little while...
28:10 We shall cross the billow's foam.
28:15 Narrator: You are sure to enjoy the beautiful
28:17 "Give Him Glory" Project
28:19 as you hear the three angels' messages of Revelation 14
28:23 put to music,
28:25 you will be ushered into the throne room of God.
28:27 Choir: Jesus, we crown you with praise.
28:35 Narrator: Some of the best Christian music composers
28:37 and arrangers
28:39 have joined together on this project
28:40 featuring Julie Goss,
28:42 Wintley Phipps,
28:44 Oakwood University's Aeolians
28:48 and 3ABN Artiste, Danny Shelton,
28:50 Ryan Day,
28:52 Yvonne Lewis-Shelton,
28:53 John Lomacang,
28:55 Melody Shelton-Firestone,
28:57 Tammy Chance,
28:59 C.A. Murray
29:00 and Tim Parton.
29:02 For a suggested donation of $15,
29:05 we will send you a double CD or double DVD
29:09 of: "Give Him Glory"
29:10 or for a suggested donation of just $25,
29:14 we will send you the CD and DVD combo
29:18 as well as a complimentary copy of John Lomacang's booklet,
29:22 "The Three Angels' Messages. "
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29:26 or call 618-627-4651 today.


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