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00:05 Hello, and welcome to iSITE REVIEW. Amen!
00:08 We want to bring you each evening stories, testimonies,
00:11 news from each one of the different evangelistic sites.
00:14 We have nine different evangelistic sites here
00:17 in London, and we want bring that to you at
00:20 home what's going on.
00:21 But right now, Greg, we are standing in the ruins
00:23 of the Crystal Palace.
00:25 Absolutely, and what's interesting about this is that
00:28 this was built in 1851 for the world's fair,
00:32 but it was in a different location than here.
00:33 I mean if you look at this, this is massive.
00:36 All of this foundation, and then there's actually another
00:38 layer up above this.
00:40 And they decided that they wanted to move it.
00:43 And so they moved it to this location,
00:45 and guess what happened?
00:47 It actually caught on fire and it burned to the ground in 19...
00:51 You know, in the 1930's.
00:53 Now what's interesting about that is that man makes,
00:56 I mean these what you consider beautiful buildings.
00:59 London is full of that.
01:00 Lots of history here.
01:02 And you look at this foundation; it looks solid.
01:04 Doesn't it? And has lots of rocks, stone.
01:06 But it's interesting that it actually burned to the ground,
01:09 oh, a number of years ago.
01:11 And what's great, because here in London,
01:12 we're here for this campaign, and it's about evangelism,
01:15 and it's about spreading God's word.
01:16 God's word will remain firm and true forever.
01:20 You know, man can build these wonderful structures,
01:22 but this actually burned.
01:23 God's word will not be destroyed. Amen.
01:26 He says, So shall My word be that goeth forth from my mouth.
01:28 It will not return void.
01:30 And that's the blessed thing about this campaign that each
01:35 speaker, as they preach night by night, is sowing seeds.
01:38 We sow the seed, God waters, God brings the
01:41 harvest and the increase.
01:42 All we're responsible to do is to be obedient,
01:45 and to walk in that.
01:46 Absolutely. So what's going to be our first pastor we're going
01:49 to go visit? What church?
01:50 Tonight we're going go Hampston Church.
01:52 That's Pastor Kenny and Chris Shelton's church, where Pastor
01:55 Kenny has been preaching the message every night.
01:57 And we have three testimonies that we want to
02:00 bring you just now.
02:05 Okay 3ABN family I have Elder Derrick here with us.
02:09 Elder Derrick, have these meetings been something you've
02:13 been looking forward to?
02:14 We have. We've been really looking forward to these
02:16 meetings here at Hampstead.
02:17 We've been preparing by having some interview testimonies
02:21 during our main services, leading three or four weeks up
02:25 to these campaigns, where people who have come in from the
02:27 outside world, and have been baptized.
02:29 They've given their experiences on how they've met Christ.
02:33 They've given their experiences on how they've come to the
02:36 church, and what else they've done is they've...
02:38 We've got many new people here who are inviting
02:41 their friends to church. Praise the Lord!
02:42 So what they've done is they've given their experiences on how
02:45 they go about witnessing, and bringing people
02:47 into church as well.
02:48 And, hopefully, what that's done is inspired the rest of the
02:50 church to do likewise.
02:52 Has the Holy Spirit, has He blessed your heart during
02:54 these meetings at all?
02:56 Oh, certainly. I mean I've been an Adventist for over
02:57 thirty-five years, and these truths I've
02:59 known for a long time.
03:00 And every time I hear them I am inspired,
03:02 and I learn something new.
03:03 Oh good, good! I know even yesterday morning for our
03:07 Sabbath worship, the Holy Spirit was as if He was walking
03:10 up and down the isles. Did you feel that?
03:12 Absolutely, because when we were challenged to choose either
03:16 Christ or Barabbas, I felt convicted that I need to make
03:19 a choice every single day to choose Christ over Barabbas.
03:23 Me, too. We all need to choose Christ.
03:24 God bless each and every one of you.
03:26 And God bless you, Brother Derrick.
03:27 And thank you for coming.
03:29 We're excited to be here.
03:34 We have Rebekah here tonight.
03:36 And this was her first time to come to the meeting.
03:39 She's not been well, she told me.
03:40 Rebekah, did the Lord speak to you tonight?
03:43 Yes, He did. It was encouraging to be reminded how powerful
03:52 the word of God is.
03:53 And before we existed He had our interest and love in mind.
04:00 Absolutely! You think you will be coming back to more meetings?
04:04 Definitely. Praise God!
04:07 And we need to, we all want to bring one,
04:09 because this evangelistic series is for everyone everywhere.
04:13 Right? Yes, yes. So you think you guys can encourage others
04:16 to tune in, tune into 3ABN, and tune into the meetings,
04:19 come with you to the meetings?
04:21 What do you think? Yes, yes.
04:22 Good! Yes, thank you.
04:23 That's awesome! Praise God! Thank you.
04:29 Adrano, you have been coming to these meetings.
04:32 How old are you? I'm nine years old.
04:35 You're nine years old!
04:37 And what has the Lord done?
04:39 Has He touched your heart in these meetings?
04:41 Definitely yes. He's touched me 100%.
04:44 And what was your favorite thing?
04:47 Can you remember something special about these meetings?
04:50 The way how pastor has told, has said that the Lord and
04:59 the Devil is different.
05:00 The Devil always presents bad, and the Lord always
05:04 presents good and love.
05:05 Amen! And you came forward tonight.
05:10 You were giving your heart to Jesus, weren't you?
05:12 Yes, definitely. Did anything special come to your mind?
05:18 something that you might want to change, something you might want
05:21 to do in the future?
05:22 You might want to share Jesus at school?
05:25 I want to keep on following Him, and keep on
05:28 learning more about Him.
05:30 Well, praise God! I'm so glad that you have been here.
05:34 You have blessed my heart, Sweetheart.
05:36 And I hope that you'll continue to hold onto Jesus,
05:39 today and forever. Amen? Amen.
05:45 What precious testimonies, especially that young man.
05:47 Nine years old and he wanted to give his life
05:51 100% to Jesus Christ.
05:53 And you know, Jill and I, we looked through the footage
05:55 before we put these iSITE segments together.
05:57 And when I was viewing this it just touched my heart.
06:00 And it makes you want to recommit your
06:01 life to Jesus Christ.
06:02 Because all of us should every day, every moment,
06:05 give our lives 100% to Jesus Christ.
06:09 And it's so neat to see his excitement, the peace that was
06:13 even on his little face.
06:15 And at the very end, just when he had a smile and he said,
06:17 Amen, and he had that wonderful smile.
06:19 That touched my heart, and I think about how it's not only
06:22 the young ones, but us older ones, and those older than us,
06:25 that we should always...
06:27 We're still young. Are we? Yeah. Hopefully! Try to be.
06:31 Anyway, we want to give our lives 100% to Jesus Christ.
06:34 Amen! That testimony of the little guy,
06:38 that touched my heart, too.
06:39 To think last night he came forward to the
06:42 front at the altar call.
06:43 And that's a beautiful thing.
06:44 And I agree, we want to commit our lives
06:46 100% to the Lord Jesus.
06:48 Right now we are on, you could say, the second level.
06:51 I don't know if that's correct terminology, but it's kind of
06:53 like the second level here of the Crystal Palace.
06:56 And this is massive.
06:57 It is. It's huge, and they its, they say, nineteen acres.
07:00 Now you say, nineteen acres, well that just sounds like the
07:03 building and then the surrounding grounds.
07:04 But no, the building was nineteen acres.
07:08 Now that's huge! And it had a lot of glass panels on it, too.
07:11 It did. All the same size glass panels.
07:13 And imagine the fire that started.
07:15 They say that it started in just one room, one small room.
07:18 It was contained, but I guess the timbers were dry and they
07:22 burned quickly, and the entire building was destroyed.
07:25 Yeah, burned to the ground, which is phenomenal.
07:27 And, you know, that brings up actually a good point as far as
07:30 the correlation with that fire is that you think about how sin
07:33 can start, even in our own lives.
07:34 You know, we're here for evangelism, and spreading the
07:37 gospel around the world.
07:38 And so we all have sin in our hearts, but when we let Satan
07:41 take one little foothold...
07:43 You think about that, just one small contained fire
07:45 you said, in an office, and it burned the entire nineteen acre
07:49 building to the ground. It's phenomenal.
07:51 So ask Jesus to cleanse us; the fire of the Holy Spirit
07:54 to cleanse our hearts and make us clean.
07:56 You know, thinking then you can go the opposite direction.
07:58 That's what I was saying, fire of the Holy Spirit.
08:00 That's right. That could grow.
08:01 So we hope here in London this little campaign that may seem
08:04 small, and it will grow, and grow, and grow, and not burn
08:08 something down negatively, but it will be a positive thing for
08:11 what Jesus Christ can do here for London.
08:13 For evangelism. And speaking of growing, and growing,
08:16 we want to go to the Brixton church.
08:18 Pastor Gamall Alexander is there and he has a testimony for us.
08:21 And it's incredible what's going on; the plans for
08:27 evangelism post campaign.
08:29 And it doesn't stop just with the campaign, but we want to see
08:32 what's going to go on here in the South England Conference
08:35 even when this campaign is completed.
08:37 So let's go to that at this time.
08:43 Alright my brother, if you would, introduce yourself.
08:49 Yeah, so I'm Dr. Kurk Thomas, the personal ministries,
08:54 and Sabbath School director for the South England Conference.
08:58 Alright, Dr. Thomas.
09:00 Well, welcome to the Brixton Seventh-day Adventist Church.
09:04 Welcome back rather.
09:06 Wonderful having your support and your presence here at the
09:10 One Life evangelistic seminars.
09:12 Tell me, you and I were talking before about some wonderful
09:19 things that you have planned in the near future
09:23 for evangelism here in Brixton.
09:25 Just give us a brief synopsis of where the conference is headed,
09:31 and what your vision is for the future.
09:33 The future is bright for evangelism here in the
09:37 South Union Conference.
09:39 This program that we're having with 3ABN is a big program.
09:45 It's also a precursor to an even bigger program that we're
09:51 planning in 2018 where every single church in the South Union
09:57 Conference will be involved in evangelism.
10:00 Evangelism that it can own projects in the community
10:04 etcetera, and then we will have the campaigns
10:08 running for two weeks.
10:10 And at the end of that we have a big festival
10:12 of celebration of evangelism in 2018.
10:19 And that's why we put it for 2018, so we can plan properly,
10:23 get our churches motivated, our members motivated.
10:26 Right now we're running, for the past four years,
10:29 a School of Evangelism that is training
10:32 laypeople to do evangelism.
10:34 Just this year we graduated from that school 135 laypeople.
10:41 And these have been trained in a different cohorts.
10:44 We have fifteen cohorts running right now.
10:47 Our next program starts on the 18th of September
10:51 and it runs until June so it runs like a proper school.
10:54 Wonderful! And it's one Sunday per month.
10:56 And our lay people come in and they can be trained in these
11:00 different courses, from lay preaching to lay Bible work,
11:03 to we have a new course called Creative Writing for Evangelism,
11:08 where we actually are targeting the homeless, and the lonely,
11:14 the lonely people in our society.
11:16 Elderly people in the society were very lonely.
11:19 They live at home. They have their home,
11:21 but nobody to talk to. Yes.
11:23 So we want to write letters to them, tell them of the love of
11:25 Jesus, and make contact with them.
11:27 Yeah, so these cohorts are really very excited.
11:31 And the youth can be involved; anyone can be involved.
11:38 Hello everybody! I'm Pastor Hart here in London, U.K.
11:42 at the Chiswick Seventh-day Adventist Church with
11:45 Pastor Keith Baldo.
11:46 We've been trying to find some stories that have been occurring
11:49 behind the scenes since we've been gearing up for the One Life
11:52 evangelistic series, which actually begins tonight.
11:54 And I was talking to the pastor, and he shared a very, very, very
11:57 special story with me.
11:58 And I'm going to let him introduce us to you right now.
12:01 He has a very special member.
12:03 Her name is Mandy, so Pastor Baldo, why don't you share
12:06 a little bit about the story that you shared with me?
12:09 Thank you Pastor Hart.
12:10 With us today is Mandy, who will tell her
12:14 story in her own words.
12:16 Mandy has a very interesting story.
12:19 In fact it's a miracle that took place in her life.
12:23 And so at this time Mandy is here.
12:26 I'm just going to ask her a couple of questions.
12:28 Mandy, just over a year ago you were childless. Right.
12:35 And I remember asking you on one occasion what you would
12:43 like us to pray for.
12:44 Do you remember that? I do.
12:45 Do you remember what you told us?
12:47 I would like to be a mother one day.
12:51 Right. Would you mind telling us the story in your own words?
12:55 Hello. I'm Amanda Swindy.
12:58 I was put in contact with Pastor Baldon as I wanted to do prayers
13:07 for me, as I wanted to become a mother,
13:10 more importantly for my mother.
13:13 So we did several prayers over two different occasions,
13:18 and on this particular occasion it was on the
13:22 17th of March at 5:00 p.m.
13:24 Pastor Baldon prayed for me that I would become pregnant.
13:30 And in June 2015 I became pregnant.
13:36 And it wasn't until six weeks later that I found out that I
13:40 was expecting twins.
13:43 So that was a shock to me and my whole family.
13:47 So I believe through the prayers that Pastor Baldon did for me
13:54 and my whole family, he made this possible, and from God.
13:59 And so I feel so blessed that on the 12th of February
14:03 of this year, 2016, I gave birth to twin boys: Tofari and Tofary.
14:10 They are definitely a blessing from God, because I didn't
14:15 expect to at least be pregnant, give birth to one.
14:20 I gave birth to two.
14:22 So this is definitely a blessing.
14:24 And this is my testimony that through prayer it can happen.
14:29 So basically what I'm saying is, keep the faith, keep praying,
14:34 and you will be definitely blessed.
14:36 Your prayers will be answered, as I am proof of this.
14:41 Amen! Amen! Amen! What an incredible story.
14:45 Perhaps we could turn the camera just over here to
14:48 the left and look at these beautiful baby children.
14:51 What are their names Mandy?
14:53 Tofari and Tofary.
14:55 Tofari and Tofary. Yes.
14:57 Amen! God is so good!
14:59 Now just one more thing.
15:02 At the moment Mandy is doing Bible studies. Amen.
15:07 She would love to be a member.
15:08 She considers herself a member.
15:11 But she's doing Bible studies, and I'm hoping that Mandy
15:14 can take a stand for Christ in our 3ABN London campaign. Amen.
15:19 3ABN London campaign. They're done.
15:20 Thank you so much Pastor Gamal and Pastor Hart.
15:23 That last one was an incredible testimony. Absolutely!
15:26 That woman had wanted to have kids, and couldn't have kids.
15:30 And then the pastor prayed, and just a short time later she got
15:34 pregnant; not one...
15:35 I know I was just thinking of that, too.
15:36 It's not just one...
15:38 But twins! Yeah, twins!
15:39 Double blessing from the Lord.
15:41 Absolutely! Praise God!
15:42 And, you know, we want to encourage you at home.
15:43 It might not be something like infertility.
15:45 It might be something else.
15:46 But God longs to hear and answer prayer.
15:50 And I think one of the most important prayers we can pray
15:52 is, God I want to follow You.
15:55 I want, I choose to give my life to You.
15:58 I want to be a Christian.
15:59 And then that is... He always hears and answers,
16:02 and will save us in His kingdom.
16:04 Absolutely! You know, I think sometimes we may think that
16:06 something is just too small to even ask God.
16:08 But God says, Just make your request be known unto Him,
16:11 unto Jesus Christ, and He's always willing to hear.
16:14 And the neat thing is, you know, I think right behind us here,
16:16 you can't see all these things, but behind us here we
16:18 actually have a cell phone.
16:20 And, you know, you think about God, too, when we reach out to
16:23 sometimes our family, or whatever on these cell phones,
16:25 it doesn't always go through.
16:27 But to Jesus Christ? Amen.
16:28 You can all on Him at any time, and there's never a busy signal,
16:31 or out of service, or anything like that.
16:33 God's always there.
16:34 But wonderful testimonies we've heard today on iSITE for sure.
16:37 Amen! We're sitting on the steps here.
16:38 This is the Crystal Palace.
16:41 Absolutely! And I just wish I had lived back then,
16:43 and could have seen that.
16:44 I think we have a picture of that we want to put in.
16:47 See what it looked like back in the day; the Crystal Palace.
16:51 And what they did, they had a lot of firsts there.
16:53 They had the first World's Fair there.
16:56 They had a lot of other firsts.
16:57 I think there was a first cat show, or fair, or something.
17:01 And so that's kind of neat, because we're cat people. Yeah.
17:03 But we want to go to the next testimony, don't we?
17:05 We absolutely do. And I wanted to just comment
17:08 real quick on this.
17:09 And that is, it's amazing that they actually moved this
17:10 structure to this spot from another place.
17:13 And it's just amazing to me again how man makes these
17:16 structures, but then really God's word is what really
17:18 stands firm and true forever, doesn't it?
17:20 Amen. That is right.
17:22 We're going to Walthamstow church right now
17:24 with Pastor John Dinzey.
17:26 And he has a neat testimony where the message,
17:29 we say there's nine churches involved in this evangelistic
17:32 campaign, there's actually more churches than that. It's true.
17:35 And we want to hear about that right now.
17:41 We're here with Pastor David Burnett, and the Walthamstow
17:45 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
17:46 And he's the area coordinator.
17:47 And, Pastor, could you please tell us about the streaming the
17:51 church is doing, and who the streaming is reaching?
17:53 Alright. We're here in Walthamstow, as was said,
17:56 and we're streaming across the globe, as everybody else does.
17:59 But we're also targeting six churches here in East London.
18:03 The church is Clapton Community Seventh-day Adventist Church,
18:07 Woodford Green Seventh-day Adventist Church, Oasis.
18:10 We're also targeting Leytonstone Seventh-day Adventist Church,
18:14 and also Serenity. These are our neighboring churches closest to
18:18 this center, Walthamstow Seventh-day Adventist Church.
18:22 And so the churches that are receiving the streaming,
18:25 they're also joining us in the evangelistic campaign.
18:29 Any reports about the messages and if its been
18:33 a blessing to them?
18:34 Yeah. I think the response has been very, very good.
18:36 Everybody has been excited.
18:39 The fact that 3ABN was coming here; and when you've come
18:42 they've gone out to ask friends, relatives, given out fliers.
18:46 So its been a very high intensity in
18:49 terms of excitement.
18:51 Well, thank you Pastor.
18:52 This is all the time we have.
18:54 We will continue reporting from the Walthamstow Seventh-day
18:56 Adventist Church. Thank you very much.
19:02 So the 3ABN One Life campaign is here at Stoke Newington
19:07 Seventh-day Adventist church.
19:10 Its been fantastic so far.
19:12 Its only been one day, but these campaigns have always
19:15 been a blessing to welcome into our church.
19:19 It welcomes the community in, and to get an opportunity to
19:24 understand what we, as a church, are about, what our beliefs are.
19:29 And in a Christian community as well, they don't always get to
19:35 see a Seventh-day Adventist Church.
19:37 So these campaigns are really important, especially now,
19:40 because this campaign is about health.
19:42 And in this day and age everybody is about living
19:46 healthily, living a particularly healthy lifestyle in terms of
19:51 food, and the things we do, and the exercise.
19:53 So I think this campaign is really important at this time,
19:57 because we can touch people with healthy living,
20:00 a healthy lifestyle, and kind of then gear them on to where this
20:04 is coming from, because this is from the Bible.
20:07 This is not just something that we've come up with;
20:09 this is from the Bible.
20:12 Thank you. We heard from John Dinzey at Walthamstow
20:14 as well as Stoke Newington.
20:16 Now we didn't hear from Shelley Quinn,
20:17 but we got that testimony from the person who's been attending
20:20 the evangelistic campaign there at her church.
20:23 Behind us here is not the Eiffel Tower, but it is called...
20:27 It almost looks like the Eiffel Tower, but are we in Paris? No.
20:31 We're still in London.
20:33 In England at the Crystal Palace Park actually.
20:35 And that is the transmitting station.
20:37 And it is the fifth largest structure in London.
20:40 Yeah, that's right.
20:41 Yeah, the tallest here.
20:42 And it's beautiful actually here.
20:44 We're still, well we're actually in the park still of the
20:46 Crystal Palace Park.
20:47 And it's amazing because there's an incredible view,
20:49 which I don't think you can quite see from this spot.
20:51 But man, you can overlook a lot of London here just off
20:53 to our left actually.
20:56 But this is one of the beautiful gardens
20:58 that's here in this park.
20:59 And what a wonderful...
21:00 Well, London is just full of wonderful people, of course,
21:04 but this evangelistic series...
21:05 I'm so excited about what God is doing, and these testimonies
21:08 that you've heard, and this iSITE program.
21:11 It's encouraging to see, isn't it? what God is
21:14 doing here in London?
21:15 Amen, it is. And we have one more incredible testimony
21:18 that we want to share with you right now.
21:20 We're headed over to the North Wimbley church.
21:22 We're going to hear from Pastor Phillip Wesley.
21:25 And he has a testimony: someone who...
21:27 It's a 3ABN testimony.
21:29 We won't tell you any more about it.
21:30 You've got to watch it for yourself.
21:36 Hello everyone! I'm Pastor Phil.
21:38 We're here at the One Life evangelism event.
21:41 And I am here with my good friend Crystalina.
21:45 She has a wonderful, powerful testimony of how God
21:48 is working with her.
21:49 Crystalina, do you want to just share a little
21:51 bit of your testimony?
21:52 Yes. I was brought up in Gore, India, and I was a Catholic.
21:58 And I got married with my husband, and moved to Kuwait.
22:04 And we were childless.
22:08 And that brought us close to reading Bible.
22:12 But before that my husband already knew
22:15 the Seventh-day Adventist message.
22:17 And I think God chose me from where I was to be married with
22:23 this special person.
22:25 Because God needed support for us to walk in the
22:30 Seventh-day Adventist church.
22:31 So after seventeen years he knew, before I came to know,
22:36 he knew seventeen years the Seventh-day Adventist message
22:42 through his colleague, Mr. Steve Brown, who is in USA.
22:47 And slowly we started reading the Bible.
22:52 He used to tell me, This is the truth.
22:55 And after seven years I was blessed with my
22:59 first child, Anthony.
23:01 And through that blessing we came very close to God.
23:08 And where we were staying in Kuwait there were some
23:13 evangelical friends of ours staying in the same building.
23:17 We started going to the evangelical church.
23:19 Somehow we were not comfortable there, so one of my colleagues,
23:26 my husband's colleague, who was working with him, but older,
23:32 he told us about the Seventh-day Adventist channel.
23:35 And we bought the satellite channel and we started watching
23:39 it all day; all pastors: Pastor Finley, Pastor Doug Batchelor,
23:44 John Lomacang, everybody.
23:46 And what channel was this?
23:48 3ABN, Three Angels Broadcasting.
23:51 And we as a family started watching 3ABN.
23:55 And when my son was one year old I was specially sitting on
24:00 the sofa, and the Holy Spirit moved me.
24:03 And when my husband came from work I told him we are going to
24:07 Seventh-day Adventist church. Wow!
24:09 And from then on we are here now almost thirteen years.
24:13 We are worshipping together.
24:15 Praise God! What a testimony! Yes.
24:18 I and my husband already are baptized in the
24:21 Seventh-day Adventist.
24:22 And my children are taking Bible study,
24:26 and soon they will be baptized.
24:28 Awesome! Now you've got the whole family.
24:31 And this is the miracle of God.
24:32 This is the power of God, and what He can do through 3ABN,
24:37 and also through just getting the word out, any where,
24:41 any time, any place.
24:43 And so we want to thank you for sharing your testimony.
24:46 I want to thank all the members of the 3ABN channel.
24:49 God bless ya! You heard it right here live, North Wimbley
24:53 Seventh-day Adventist Church, One Life. God bless!
24:57 Amen! Thank you so much Pastor Phil.
24:59 That was an incredible testimony.
25:02 Because of the ministry of 3ABN not only this woman,
25:05 but her family, and now her kids coming to church there.
25:08 Praise the Lord for the impact that 3ABN has.
25:12 And you know, when we're in the states we get letters,
25:14 we talk to people on the phone, but when you go overseas,
25:19 and you see the impact that the ministry of 3ABN has all over
25:23 the world, and here in London, England. That's incredible.
25:26 And Praise the Lord for that!
25:27 You know, really it is.
25:29 And we really appreciate your prayers and support
25:31 of the ministry of 3ABN, because for 31 years or plus
25:35 it's been reaching many souls around the world.
25:38 So a great testimony.
25:39 We appreciate that a lot.
25:41 You know, we're back here at the Croydon
25:42 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
25:44 It's been another fun filled, full, busy day here.
25:47 Appreciate the crew that's working so
25:49 hard behind the scenes.
25:51 But very soon, Jill and I are sitting on these steps,
25:53 very soon this evening we'll have people coming up these
25:56 steps back into the sanctuary to hear more about God's word.
26:00 And Pastor Lomacang again will be bringing
26:02 the message this evening.
26:04 Amen. And to think not only is it it going on here,
26:06 I know at 3ABN, on 3ABN, you can watch this series here with
26:11 Pastor Lomacang from Croydon.
26:12 But it's going on simultaneously on all these
26:16 other sites and venues.
26:17 And we want to give a shout out to
26:21 You can watch the stream on
26:25 We will have all of the other eight venues uploaded.
26:29 The South England Conference is streaming them, and taping,
26:32 recording them in conjunction with the churches.
26:35 So you can watch all the series from each one of the
26:38 presenters at the end.
26:39 And that's an incredible blessing.
26:41 Not just the one from Croydon here.
26:42 Yeah, you're right.
26:44 You know, and last night we talked about those decision
26:45 cards that are there on the pews.
26:48 And I know that now this is getting to be a busy time
26:50 because there's many of these churches have Bible workers.
26:53 So the Bible workers, I was talking to Pastor Daly here,
26:55 pastor of this church.
26:57 And he was talking about how it's exciting.
26:58 And he said, Now Pastor John Lomacang, we can get to work,
27:01 and follow up on these cards where people are making
27:03 decisions for Jesus Christ, baptism, first time maybe even
27:06 to accept Jesus Christ.
27:08 So this is a very busy time.
27:09 We want to ask you to please pray for these decisions,
27:12 and the people that have stood for Jesus Christ.
27:15 And as you watch the meeting at home, maybe the Lord's going to
27:18 put on your heart to make a decision tonight
27:21 for the Lord Jesus Christ.
27:22 Praise the Lord for that.
27:24 Thank you for joining us for iSITE REVIEW.
27:26 We will see you again tomorrow night.


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