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00:08 Hello, and welcome to iSITE.
00:09 It's another day here in London, and we're taking the crew down
00:12 to downtown to Victoria, and then down to maybe Big Ben,
00:16 and maybe Westminster Abby, and a little bit of a trip
00:18 we're going to be pitching to iSITE REVIEW.
00:20 Which is again, we're coming to you from the different churches
00:23 here in London that are doing the campaign 2016.
00:26 And with our crew, who do we have with us today that we're
00:28 going downtown with?
00:29 We have, actually, everyone who's staying at our hotel;
00:31 almost everyone who's staying at our hotel.
00:33 Our hotel is just around the corner from here,
00:35 Croydon Park Hotel.
00:37 We left that this morning; walked down
00:38 to the train station.
00:39 We got our Oyster cards.
00:41 And this gives us a pass to get on that train.
00:44 We're at the East Croydon Station.
00:47 So we're going to take the fast train.
00:48 Hopefully we get the fast one.
00:50 We have, Curtis is here behind the camera right now.
00:52 We have Michael. He's doing audio.
00:54 Brad's directing, and he's behind the camera.
00:56 Tiera's over here. That's Brad's daughter.
00:59 She's taking pictures.
01:00 And then Tim Parton, just behind Tiera over there.
01:03 And we're going to hear some more from Tim.
01:05 He's been playing the piano here for the London campaign.
01:07 He has been every night.
01:09 And we're going to hear more from him today.
01:13 And then we have Ralph Sanchez.
01:14 He's been doing audio, and editing,
01:16 and he's along for the ride today.
01:17 So why don't we hop on that train and let's
01:20 see where it takes us.
01:21 Let's take a trip downtown.
01:29 Right. Ah this is the noon train.
01:30 Oh yeah, thank you.
01:32 So this is the fast one here.
01:36 Westminster Abbey...
01:38 I don't know, we're going to go somewhere.
01:50 This is the fast train.
03:12 And the campus is right back here.
03:14 I can't believe that it's so beautiful here.
03:35 Well, we finally arrived from our start at East Croydon.
03:39 We've made it all the way.
03:40 It's not really downtown London, but we're down by Big Ben.
03:44 You can see over my shoulder here.
03:45 We have West, no we have Parliament.
03:47 Make sure I get this right.
03:49 Parliament between us here, and we're also by the
03:51 West Minster Bridge.
03:52 And the Tims River is right over this wall that's right here.
03:56 And, you know, as our trip down here we were helped by a
03:59 gentleman on the train that actually showed us,
04:01 because it's a little bit confusing actually
04:03 all the underground, and the subway system, and all of that.
04:06 But we praise the Lord for him. But we're here.
04:08 We're here. Absolutely.
04:10 It's exciting! You know, just coming on the,
04:12 we came on the fast train. We did.
04:13 We did the tube underground and we came out.
04:16 And as soon as came out, we came out right over here
04:19 at Big Ben and Parliament.
04:20 And I was like, Wow!
04:22 It's more beautiful than you would think.
04:23 In pictures it doesn't do it justice.
04:26 It's beautiful here.
04:28 The intricacy; see the big tower and the clock,
04:31 and the Parliament building.
04:32 And we are here in London for the purpose of spreading
04:36 the gospel message of evangelism.
04:38 That's very true. You know, I was thinking about
04:40 that as far as Big Ben.
04:41 When we stepped out of the train station it was
04:43 right there before us.
04:44 You know, I think about heaven when it's said that the eye
04:47 can't even, or the mind can't even comprehend what heaven
04:49 is going to be like.
04:51 So we're just awed by what we're seeing here; what man has done.
04:53 But we look forward to heaven, of course, someday soon.
04:56 And that's what this whole campaign is about,
04:58 is about reaching souls for the kingdom of God. That's right.
05:02 Now what are we going to next?
05:03 We want to go to Tottenham.
05:05 Pastor C. A. Murray is there, and he's speaking with one of
05:07 the Elders at the church there.
05:08 This is kind of a heavy testimony. It is.
05:11 It's something that just took place a couple nights ago.
05:14 At his meeting a young man came into church and we want to hear
05:19 what happened to him.
05:24 You just got back from holiday, and have run into a very
05:28 interesting experience, and one that we need to pray for.
05:30 Walk us through that experience, if you will.
05:32 Yes, I have just come back from holiday after
05:35 six weeks being away.
05:36 And I have a neighbor, my next door neighbor who's...
05:40 Her son is actually having challenges at the moment.
05:44 He's a young son. He's having challenges.
05:46 We've been working, I've been working with
05:47 the pastor with him.
05:49 But during the six weeks I've been away, I noticed that
05:52 there's been a few other challenges going on.
05:54 I took the opportunity to invite my neighbor to church,
06:00 because we have the evangelistic program going on at Tottenham.
06:04 I invited him to church and he said, agreed with no hesitation.
06:10 He said, Yes, he would come.
06:12 I thought because of the problems that's been going on,
06:14 I think it would be best if he came to church,
06:16 and for the two week period.
06:18 And he said, Yes, he would come every day.
06:20 Brought him to church that day, and he actually came in,
06:24 and he sat on the second row at the front.
06:26 And I was very surprised he went straight to the front,
06:28 sat there getting prepared for the, preliminaries before the
06:32 actual sermon took place.
06:34 About five minutes before the sermon took place he asked me
06:38 if he could use the bathroom, and went downstairs.
06:40 Went downstairs. I was waiting, and waiting.
06:43 He didn't come back up for awhile.
06:45 The sermon had begun and he still hadn't come up,
06:48 but I still waited in prayer.
06:50 And then he turned up with a tissue on his wrists,
06:53 and asked if he could have a word with me.
06:55 I went downstairs with him, and he showed me that he'd just
06:58 been to the bathroom and cut his wrist.
07:00 He didn't actually get to hear the sermon.
07:03 The sermon actually was profound because it was about young
07:08 people, and prisons.
07:09 And the letter which you had actually read out,
07:12 I found that it would have been something he would have been
07:14 very interested in.
07:15 After I spoke to him I said, Well, actually, what happened?
07:18 We looked at him. He got up as he was outside in the gate,
07:22 and collapsed on the floor.
07:24 And for the rest of the evening we would spend with the
07:27 ambulance service, and him in the ambulance
07:30 putting things right.
07:31 I felt at that stage the great controversy was definitely
07:36 in control at this stage.
07:38 I knew that there was something going on.
07:40 I could feel that the Devil obviously did not want him
07:44 to hear this sermon.
07:45 I'm asking for prayer.
07:47 I'm asking for prayers for my neighbor that God will take
07:50 control, and that whatever's controlling him,
07:54 it will be released.
07:55 Elder thank you so very much.
07:58 This is, as the Elder has said, the great
08:01 controversy being played out.
08:02 Satan has attached himself to this young life and does not
08:06 want to let this young man go.
08:07 This is a young teen.
08:09 We won't give his age.
08:10 We cannot give his name certainly at this point,
08:12 but we would ask you to pray that Christ would have His way.
08:16 Whenever you step out to serve the Lord the Devil tries to
08:19 intervene and interfere.
08:21 But we know that greater is He that is in us,
08:23 than he that is in the world.
08:25 So keep this matter in your prayer.
08:26 This is from the Tottenham Seventh-day Adventist Church.
08:29 And we thank you for your love and your prayers. Thank you.
08:32 Thank you so much Pastor C. A.
08:35 We are standing here on the Westminster Bridge actually.
08:38 This is going right over the Thames River.
08:40 We you can hear Big Ben right now.
08:42 It's chiming 12:00 o'clock at noon.
08:44 And it reminds me that time is running out for this world.
08:48 Jesus is coming soon, and that's why this
08:52 campaign is so important; to share Jesus Christ with a
08:56 lost and dying world.
08:57 We want to encourage you at home to pray for that young man.
09:00 As they mentioned in the interview, we're not mentioning
09:02 his name, but the Lord Jesus knows it.
09:05 He has it engraven on the palm of His hand.
09:07 And I know that God has a plan for his life.
09:10 And we just want to encourage you to pray for him.
09:12 Absolutely. And, you know, you look at the crowds that are
09:14 passing on this bridge, I mean London is a very busy city,
09:17 and you know all of us have what they call the God void,
09:20 where we need God in our lives.
09:22 And so again, for this campaign of London 2016 your part can be
09:26 you can pray, and, of course support this campaign.
09:28 But God is doing marvelous things, and we've heard it,
09:30 in these different testimonies already.
09:32 And we're going to Shelley Quinn... We are!
09:34 ...and her church. This is Stoke Newington.
09:36 And we actually won't see Shelley, but we have three
09:38 different testimonies that they have there at that church.
09:41 We want to go to them at this time.
09:48 I've been attending Stoke Newington campaign, One Life,
09:53 and it's been an amazing pleasure for me to be able to
09:57 be here in this church attending, and to listen to
10:01 Shelley Quinn's preaching for us.
10:05 She's been bringing us amazing details of the story of
10:11 the Bible, the story of Jesus, for these past two days.
10:14 And for me as a theology student, I'm doing my P.A. in
10:21 Newbolt, it's always a pleasure to be able to listen to new
10:27 details, to new things, because we are always here to be able to
10:32 learn and know more about the Bible.
10:35 We are in constant process of learning.
10:38 So for me as a student of theology, imagine it's so
10:44 important, imagine for those that are out there that still
10:49 don't know about the word of God, the impact that this
10:54 campaign brings to all of them to be able to know and
10:59 understand, and realize who Jesus is,
11:02 who God is in their lives.
11:05 It's been an immense privilege for me also, because I've been
11:10 also filming the campaign, working for
11:15 the media department, and be able to put everything
11:21 together, be able to participate in that way so that we can move
11:26 forward for the future, for other people to be able to see.
11:30 It's an immense pleasure, and it's an immense blessing for
11:34 everyone to be able to see this.
11:40 My name Ana Maria and my life story is quite long,
11:45 but tonight I would just like to share with you a little bit of
11:49 what God has done for me.
11:51 And what I understood from being a Christian,
11:57 and what I understood from being in an environment where people
12:02 are sharing the same ideas, the same truth, it was when I
12:08 understood that I was in a very dark place.
12:11 I was in a place where nothing could have taken me out of
12:14 except God and His mercy and His grace.
12:17 And the reason why I'm here tonight at Stoke Newington
12:23 it is partly because I have been watching 3ABN for the past three
12:27 months on a very regular basis; that is every day.
12:33 Due to a car accident I had, I have had this time as a
12:39 blessing, as an opportunity to soak even deeper
12:43 into the word of God.
12:44 And I could say that Sister Shelley Quinn has made a
12:48 tremendous difference into my life.
12:51 I could identify with her teachings.
12:53 And she has been a mentor from a distance for me.
12:58 And I just wanted to thank God for the opportunity of London
13:04 organizing such a wonderful event, that I could come
13:07 and speak to her myself, and hear those messages
13:11 in a different way than on a screen.
13:15 I have not only been blessed, but I have been touched
13:19 to the innermost of my heart.
13:22 I could thank God for this wonderful opportunity that
13:27 I'm able to share and learn more truth.
13:35 I was born in a Seventh-day Adventist family.
13:38 I was being taught all the doctrines and everything,
13:44 but apparently I missed the most important things to have a
13:51 personal relationship with Jesus.
13:53 And from a period of time I discovered I have, I'm lacking
14:01 this relationship with Him, and I wanted to approach Him more.
14:11 But while I was doing this, I started to have more
14:17 difficulties in my life.
14:19 And I started to feel more, let's say depressed,
14:27 and crisis of identity, and where I'm going.
14:31 And today at Stoke Newington church Shelley Quinn preached
14:42 about Jesus, that He has a plan for us.
14:47 And I want to... I love Jesus more; have a deeper relationship
14:54 with Him, and I want to serve Him,
15:00 and I want to discover myself.
15:05 I know it's not just myself in this situation.
15:09 There are lots of people out in the world that's in my
15:13 situation, and I can help, through my experience,
15:20 to help others as well.
15:23 We're standing here with Kathy Dawkins.
15:26 She is 3ABN's My SDA TV representative here in U.K.
15:29 But Kathy, you live pretty close to here, right?
15:32 Very close, and I love it.
15:35 It's an amazing place to be, with a lot of history.
15:37 So this is the place to be when you come to London.
15:40 Yeah, we've enjoyed our time here so far, too.
15:42 This is a lovely place.
15:43 It's beautiful. And now you're holding something here.
15:45 Let's hold it up, and tell me about this.
15:48 So this is the mySDATV box, and this is the M10.
15:53 And we have three types.
15:55 We have a M10, M8, and Dongle.
15:57 The only difference with this box isn't that.
16:01 It is the fastest in terms of loading the content on 3ABN.
16:05 But this is a great tool to have in our homes.
16:09 It connects us to God.
16:11 And I encourage everyone to get one of these. Amen.
16:14 This has all of the 3ABN channels.
16:16 And you've been traveling around.
16:18 Do you take the bus?
16:19 Do you take the train?
16:21 Do you take? We just came on the train this morning.
16:22 But how do you travel around with the boxes?
16:24 Well, I take the bus mostly.
16:28 Say if I have to go to somebody's house to delivery
16:31 the box, I'll wake up very early and get on the bus.
16:34 Because you know London is a big city, and it takes a lot of time
16:38 to get to where I'm going.
16:39 So I mostly take the bus.
16:40 If I do take the train it will be expensive, so I take the bus.
16:45 Yeah. And for the campaign you've been going around with
16:50 the campaign here to the different churches.
16:52 Because we have nine different churches involved.
16:55 And you're going around to the different
16:56 churches with the boxes. Yes.
16:57 And last night I went to Chiswick.
16:59 And I took the train from Westminster.
17:02 We're close by. And it was quick.
17:05 And Chiswick pastor was Pastor Hart,
17:08 and the sermon was really good.
17:10 I encourage all the members to get one of these,
17:13 even if they have the roof already, which they already
17:16 said, Oh, I have the roof of above.
17:18 This is a great tool to give away as a gift, because at any
17:22 day God is coming back. Amen!
17:24 And we are witnessing to people.
17:26 We want them to come into the church and also to one day hear
17:30 the words, Well done thou good and faithful servant.
17:33 And one of the nice things about this is that it's also a
17:35 video on demand, so to speak.
17:37 So it goes back several weeks.
17:38 And you can actually, like if you missed some of the campaigns
17:42 that are going on here.
17:43 If it says, Pastor John Lomacang; you didn't get to hear
17:45 it, you can actually go back and listen to it.
17:47 Isn't that right? That's a huge benefit.
17:48 That is a real, real big benefit to this box.
17:52 Because a lot of times we end up missing different programs
17:56 and there's no way of going back.
17:57 Now this box enables us to go back and watch various programs
18:03 way back when. Great tool to have!
18:06 That's great! And right now we want to go to
18:09 Pastor Kenny Shelton's church over at Hampstead.
18:12 And thank you so much Kathy for what you do
18:15 for the cause of God here.
18:16 Thank you so much. Thank you for having me.
18:18 And we will have an incredible testimony over there that we
18:21 want to go to just now.
18:25 Oh, I was so blessed when I just started watching;
18:30 when I went to the website.
18:32 And I thought, I have to watch this online.
18:35 Because it's the Sabbath day, and I can't...
18:38 You don't get the same blessing unless you're really, you know,
18:43 you're feeding on God's word.
18:45 So the Holy Spirit said to me, Hampstead church. Wow!
18:51 And tune in there. And I wasn't disappointed. Praise the Lord.
18:58 Aw look! I was just gripping myself. Wow!
19:02 And so I went back in the evening, but I couldn't...
19:06 It wasn't broadcast live in the evening, was it?
19:11 Because I couldn't find it.
19:12 Maybe, maybe, I don't know.
19:13 At half past five I was there again on my computer.
19:16 So yesterday we had a very busy day,
19:21 but I tuned again last night.
19:26 And while I was watching it last night, and I was contemplating
19:33 and reflecting on how the Bible breathes life into us,
19:39 and I thought, That is so true!
19:41 And then sister said she put out this challenge that the only
19:46 way we're going to make it in this life is to get ourselves up
19:52 in the morning... And what was it she said was, Before we take
19:57 one bite... Yeah, that's right.
20:00 Before we take one bite of physical food,
20:05 we have to open the word of God.
20:08 And that just was ingrained in my mind.
20:11 And I thought, That's what's missing.
20:14 And I got out of bed; I set the alarm.
20:16 Quarter past five I was out of bed and I thought, Yes!
20:22 It's a wonderful experience, isn't it?
20:23 It was amazing! That's beautiful.
20:26 And it was lovely! And sat there this morning with my Bible open,
20:30 and I really need wisdom right now.
20:34 It's been a very trying two weeks.
20:37 And I was reading about Solomon and how he went to the Lord,
20:42 and he asked for wisdom above all else, and God granted him
20:46 because he didn't ask for wealth.
20:48 And I said to the Lord, I need wisdom right now.
20:53 And, you know, I felt a peace after that.
20:59 And I got on my way to work.
21:01 I was on the train, and I thought, Yes!
21:05 I had the best day.
21:08 And do you know something? my day at work was the best day
21:10 My day at work was the best day I've ever had
21:13 for such a long time.
21:14 It was so busy! And I couldn't wait to get out of work
21:17 actually, to come here tonight.
21:19 Praise the Lord! And I saw you coming down bright and early.
21:22 Oh, look! Well, I went to...
21:24 Do you know something?
21:26 I got lost here because I was so busy with some correspondence
21:30 I had in my bag, and I thought, Oh, I'm going to get off at
21:35 this station, which was on the...
21:38 No, well I was heading for Belsize Park.
21:42 And I missed the stop, and I had to go back and forwards,
21:48 and then back again.
21:50 But I ended up stopping very early.
21:52 Yeah, yeah, I saw you walking down the road.
21:53 Praise the Lord! Yeah, Praise the Lord!
21:55 Amen! Tremendous testimony there!
21:58 And I tell you, it's always neat to see what God is
21:59 doing in people's lives.
22:01 That was at Hampstead?
22:02 That was at Hampstead.
22:04 I kind of get a little confused; all these church's names.
22:06 But there are nine of them plus more have joined actually,
22:09 in this campaign here for London 2016.
22:11 We're obviously not downtown London right now.
22:14 We're at the Crydon Seventh-day Adventist Church,
22:16 and we've had a wonderful time.
22:18 I don't want to say, On the town, because that can come
22:19 across bad, but traveling and seeing more of the historical sites
22:23 here of London, and it's been a really fun day.
22:25 It has been a wonderful day.
22:26 And seeing the testimonies.
22:28 We hope that you've been blessed by the testimonies this evening
22:31 from the churches; the changed lives, the people who have come
22:33 to the meetings, and who have given their hearts to Jesus,
22:36 who have made a decision to change direction in their lives.
22:40 We're sitting, as Greg said, on the steps here with
22:43 Brother Tim Parton, and we've been blessed to spend the
22:45 day with him as well.
22:47 And, Tim, just share what's on your heart tonight.
22:49 Sure thing. It has been such a privilege.
22:51 Today was a beautiful sunny, day in London.
22:54 It was a perfect day to go down and see some of the sites.
22:57 It truly was. You hear about a foggy day in London town.
23:00 Not today. But today was the opposite.
23:02 It was just wonderful.
23:04 In fact, I had taken a long sleeved shirt
23:06 and I didn't need it.
23:08 I had to roll up my sleeves because it was
23:10 such a beautiful day.
23:11 You were sweating.
23:12 I was sweating kind of profusely down there, yeah.
23:14 Yes, and Jill was perspiring, or glistening.
23:15 Is that what they say?
23:17 Anyway, it was such a... It was a treat!
23:19 And now it's such a beautiful...
23:20 There's a breeze, and the sun is going down.
23:22 And it's wonderful getting ready to go into church
23:25 to hear John preach.
23:26 And as we were in town today I was struck...
23:30 We got to take the tube, as they call it, the subway into,
23:34 and the train; the different forms and varieties of
23:38 transportation that they have here in this massive city.
23:41 And I was struck by the fact that we have come in contact
23:45 with so many people, and the hundreds of people that we were
23:49 walking by, and sitting next to, as we were commuting into town.
23:54 And you could reach out literally and touch them,
23:57 and yet there's, like there's, we have this wall between us.
24:02 And a wall, I guess it's the bubble around us that we all
24:07 try to maintain our respect for each other.
24:10 And yet the last Sabbath that we talked about Jesus gaining the
24:16 confidence of the people that He was in contact with,
24:20 by the miracles that He did, by the feeding them, and getting to
24:25 know them, talking to them, preaching to them.
24:27 For them to hear Him speak, and learn His heart, and for
24:31 them to know what His purpose and mission on earth was.
24:34 That allowed Him to gain their confidence,
24:37 so He could speak into their lives.
24:39 Yeah. That's powerful, isn't it?
24:41 And it's so important for us to be a part of a local church,
24:44 and the part of a small group of Bible study,
24:46 where we can do that to each other.
24:49 We can speak into each other's lives.
24:50 We can know each other's goal and mission in life,
24:54 so that if we have troubles, or if we see anything in each
24:58 other's life, we can speak into it.
25:00 Because you can't just go up to somebody on the street and start
25:03 talking to them, because it's awkward, it's uncomfortable.
25:08 You know, I've seen people do it, but they don't...
25:12 Yeah, there has to be that trust.
25:13 there has to be that trust.
25:15 So even tonight as we're filming this, cars are driving by,
25:18 and people are turning, and looking, and walking by,
25:20 watching us wondering what we're doing.
25:22 And we want you all to come in here, and hear what we have
25:26 to say, because the fact is the Bible says,
25:31 Loving God, loving each other.
25:33 And so I feel more struck than any time I can remember
25:37 to love each other, and to gain each other's confidence,
25:42 so that we can be Jesus to each other.
25:45 That is very powerful, because, you know, like today,
25:48 like you're mentioning, there's hundreds, thousands of people
25:50 that we came in contact with.
25:52 And I didn't even look at a lot of these people in the eye.
25:54 And I hate to say that.
25:55 You know, a lot of the... what we all go around with.
25:57 Either we're looking down at our iPhones, or whatever phone
26:00 we have, or we just don't want to...
26:03 Again, it's just uncomfortable sometimes to keep eye,
26:06 to make eye contact.
26:07 But it can be as simple as a smile.
26:09 Absolutely! Because even though I may never find out this
26:13 person's name, I can just say, How are you?
26:15 And, How's your day going?
26:16 Or just looking, I guess Jesus coming through.
26:19 That's what we want.
26:20 Oh, that was definitely my prayer this morning when I knew
26:23 we were going downtown.
26:24 Because I knew that it was going to be more people than
26:26 than were at the breakfast table at breakfast.
26:30 So, I said, Lord, You're going to have to shine through me.
26:33 You know, and I'm thinking about, because you're doing a
26:36 lot of music here at the different campaign sites.
26:38 And the theme song for this campaign is a powerful one, isn't it?
26:41 powerful one, isn't it?
26:42 It is powerful. Someone here wrote the theme song.
26:45 It says, Everyone, everywhere, tell someone Jesus loves them.
26:50 Sharing love, sharing hope, everybody, everywhere.
26:55 Amen! And that's what it's going to take us all getting familiar
27:01 with each other; making personal relationships.
27:03 I think about this simple little song, and it's not simple,
27:06 but powerful: Jesus loves me this I know,
27:08 for the Bible tells me so. Right.
27:11 So all of us have that part of, you know, to spread God's word.
27:14 That's the blessing of being here at London 2016,
27:17 the evangelistic campaign.
27:19 And thank you for your support and prayers for the ministry
27:21 of 3ABN, and for making this possible. Right.
27:23 That's right. It's a blessing here.
27:25 Tim we so appreciate your work and ministry.
27:28 He's been going around, as we mentioned, to each one of
27:30 the different campaign sites.
27:31 So Praise the Lord for that.
27:33 We're had a wonderful day here in London.
27:34 We want to encourage you to stay tuned, because coming up next
27:37 is the message from Pastor John Lomacang, right here through
27:40 these doors in the Croydon Seventh-day Adventist Church.
27:43 And I know that it's going to bless and
27:44 minister to your heart.
27:46 Know that we love you at home, that we pray for you,
27:49 and we so appreciate your prayers for this ministry.
27:52 This is the end of our iSITE for tonight.
27:54 We'll see you tomorrow night.


Revised 2017-06-07