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00:05 Hello, and welcome to another iSITE and Review.
00:08 It's another beautiful day.
00:09 It actually has a little chance of rain.
00:11 There's a few clouds in the sky,
00:13 but it is another gorgeous day.
00:14 And Jill and I are standing here
00:16 in London in downtown or Central London.
00:18 Downtown.
00:20 Central London I think is what they call it,
00:21 at a busy street corner.
00:23 You can see just down here all the tour buses, etcetera.
00:26 Now this city,
00:28 I have to be honest with you, is confusing.
00:30 There are so many twists and turns,
00:32 and the streets are not necessarily always
00:34 like set in square,
00:36 so there's a lot of twists and turns.
00:38 And I have here in my pocket what we call our oyster card.
00:42 Now this gets us access to the trains, etcetera,
00:45 all the trains and buses.
00:47 But inside of here, you pull this out, it is a map.
00:52 And I'm very thankful, I consider myself...
00:55 I can figure out a map pretty well.
00:56 He's good with directions. He knows...
00:58 You're pretty good.
00:59 This is north, this is south, east, west,
01:01 you know, this is the way we're going and stuff.
01:02 Yeah, that's true.
01:04 But I am very thankful for a map here
01:05 because in London, boy, it is really, really confusing.
01:08 I've actually gotten lost a few times,
01:09 but praise the Lord for the map, we've made it.
01:11 And I think of the great map.
01:13 What map do we have as Christians?
01:14 Amen. The roadmap is the Bible.
01:15 That's right.
01:17 You know, and you think about in London, so many people...
01:20 We were down just a couple days ago
01:21 on Westminster Bridge, and as you walk past that,
01:23 you can hardly get through.
01:25 It's just choked with humanity. With people.
01:27 With the people.
01:29 And you'd think, if we don't know the map,
01:32 we can have the map, but not open it up and read it.
01:34 If we don't read God's Word,
01:35 if we don't know the way to salvation,
01:38 it's just like we're part of the masses passing by
01:41 without any knowledge of Jesus.
01:43 So that is why 3ABN is here in London to bring
01:48 the Word of God,
01:50 to bring light into a dark place.
01:52 I love that scripture, "For God who commanded
01:54 the light to shine out of darkness
01:56 has shined in our hearts."
01:58 And each one of the sites
02:00 that we're going to be going to today,
02:01 each one of those iSITE Review evangelistic sites
02:05 are going to share a little piece
02:06 of what God is doing to bring light,
02:09 to bring the map, the Word of God,
02:11 into their church.
02:12 Yeah, you're absolutely correct.
02:14 And there's a tremendous testimony
02:15 that we're getting ready to go to North Wembley.
02:17 That's right.
02:18 And, you know, again,
02:20 you think about how God's Word is being shared
02:21 each and every day.
02:23 We need to pray for the pastors as they're delivering.
02:25 You know that Satan will be pushed back.
02:27 We need to pray for their health,
02:29 clarity of mind,
02:30 and that as they speak, you know, these guys,
02:33 these ministers,
02:34 they're not just guys, they're pastors,
02:35 they're servants of the Lord that God will be able to speak
02:38 through them to the people.
02:40 And that is absolutely critical.
02:43 And it's a way for us to participate,
02:44 you at home to participate is to pray for them
02:47 that God's Word will be playing
02:49 'cause that is the roadmap for us
02:52 as human beings on this earth.
02:53 It's God's word,
02:55 and what a precious gift that we have.
02:56 But anyway, we're going to North Wembley.
02:57 We're going to North Wembley church,
02:59 and we have a wonderful 3ABN testimony for you now.
03:06 Hello, everybody, on 3ABN!
03:09 I'm Pastor Phil, and I'm here with my good friend, Andrew.
03:13 I met him last night, and we know
03:16 that he was impacted by the Word.
03:18 Andrew, we're so glad that you're with us.
03:21 Say hi to everybody.
03:22 Hey, how's it going, everyone? Alright, good.
03:25 Now listen, Andrew has a powerful testimony.
03:27 Andrew, could you just tell us
03:28 a little bit about your testimony,
03:30 your journey with God?
03:34 Well, it started about two years ago,
03:36 and it actually started
03:40 through 3ABN.
03:43 One of the parts of my testimony,
03:46 my antie and uncle who are Adventists,
03:49 and I used to go to their house,
03:51 and 3ABN would be on, and I'd just get glued to it.
03:54 And there was a particular program,
03:57 I think it was Back to Eden.
03:59 And I watched that, and I just couldn't believe
04:00 how amazing God was in making,
04:05 growing vegetables so simple.
04:08 So that's all hooked me,
04:10 and then I just started watching
04:11 more and more of the programs on 3ABN.
04:15 But my testimony, I guess,
04:19 Cheri Peters as well.
04:22 I met her in Australia.
04:24 I don't really read as well,
04:26 and I'm Dyslexic,
04:30 so I struggle to read, I fall asleep.
04:31 And my auntie also gave me her book.
04:34 Hey, listen, even people
04:35 who aren't struggle with studying,
04:36 you know what I mean?
04:38 But she gave me a book, and I read it cover to cover.
04:41 And then she turned up in Australia a month later,
04:44 and I did her celebrating in...
04:47 Celebrating...
04:48 I can't remember now what it's called now.
04:51 It's Celebrating Life in Recovery.
04:53 That's it! Praise God!
04:55 Andrew, you've been a blessing just being here.
05:00 How are you enjoying the program
05:01 that's been going on so far?
05:05 I wasn't sure what to expect,
05:06 but I guess that was a blessing in itself.
05:09 I was going to go to one of the other churches,
05:12 but I thought, "No, I'll just come here,"
05:14 'cause on the way home,
05:15 and there was a guy
05:17 who sat next to me who I've met on the train,
05:20 and I was having a hard time, and he started singing,
05:24 and it brought tears to my eyes,
05:27 and I haven't seen him since.
05:29 And I saw him about two months later,
05:32 and then your message yesterday about change,
05:37 that's where I'm at.
05:38 I've been baptized,
05:40 but I've fallen back into some of my old ways
05:43 and struggles and complaining a lot.
05:45 And your message yesterday,
05:48 it was just hit me right where it needed to hit me.
05:51 And, yeah, I know I can do it.
05:53 If the young king can do it, then I can do it.
05:57 So, yeah, so hopefully,
06:00 this is a start of new things to come.
06:04 Andrew, I believe that this is definitely a start
06:07 of great things to come
06:08 because God has a purpose in your life.
06:10 And we want to see that purpose grow and blossom
06:14 to something awesome and something great.
06:16 So we thank you for joining us
06:18 on this telecast right here on 3ABN.
06:21 God bless you.
06:24 That's an incredible testimony
06:25 we just heard from Phillip Wesley there
06:27 at the North Wembley Church.
06:29 Absolutely. What a blessing!
06:31 The ministry of 3ABN is touching hearts
06:33 and lives all over the world.
06:35 I know he said he was especially blessed
06:36 by Cheri Peters.
06:37 We are outside one of these telephone booths here
06:40 on the street corner.
06:42 And Praise the Lord
06:43 that any time we want to talk to God,
06:47 we don't have to climb in the red booths.
06:48 That's right. You're absolutely correct.
06:50 We can call on Him at any time of day or night, He hears us.
06:53 I remember that when I was dating or courting Jill,
06:56 that was before I had a cell phone,
06:58 and when we were on a trip.
06:59 I would be looking for phone booths.
07:01 Not in London, of course, it was in the United States.
07:03 And I'd find a phone booth,
07:04 and I'd dial you up and talk to you.
07:05 There aren't many of these left,
07:07 but it's pretty neat.
07:08 We came across one of these in Central London.
07:10 But again, a great reminder that God is always available
07:14 to talk to you, not via phone but just a short prayer.
07:17 And I think the message of 3ABN goes out over
07:19 the airwaves 24/7.
07:21 What a blessing for that.
07:23 We're going next to the Brixton Seventh-day Adventist Church.
07:26 Pastor Gamal Alexander is over there,
07:28 and he has an interview with, I think it's...
07:30 They're young. They're fairly young.
07:32 But they call them a host and a hostess at their church.
07:35 And it's a wonderful thing at...
07:37 I know at the Croydon church
07:38 and at the other churches as well, people are involved,
07:42 the local church members are involved in helping
07:44 the visitors, in accommodating them,
07:47 and being a host and a hostess,
07:49 so we want to go to that interview at this time.
07:55 Would you introduce yourselves?
07:57 Just let folks know who you are,
07:59 and what your role is in the campaign.
08:02 So my name is Leslie Dixon, and...
08:04 That's Leslie Dixon? Yes.
08:06 All right. So, I'm Leslie Dixon.
08:08 I'm a part of Brixton church.
08:09 And my work in the campaign is the host, the main host.
08:13 Yeah, Leslie is the main host.
08:15 Well, and who is this lovely young lady here with you?
08:18 I'm Chantay. Chantay?
08:20 I'm the main hostess.
08:23 It's the main hostess because we have a main host.
08:25 We've got to have a main hostess.
08:27 That's right. Okay.
08:29 And our role is to welcome everybody
08:31 to evenings and some mornings as well.
08:34 To make them feel welcomed
08:37 like into the meetings, program,
08:40 and also give them a brief understanding
08:43 of what the evening will consist of
08:46 and what they may have missed
08:47 if they weren't there for previous London.
08:50 Wonderful!
08:51 Now Leslie and Chantay have been
08:54 an exceptionally important part of our program.
08:57 They make sure that things run smoothly
08:59 from night to night.
09:00 We couldn't do this without them.
09:02 They are just one example of the many components
09:05 that it takes to make a campaign run successfully.
09:09 And we appreciate...
09:11 I appreciate everything you're doing,
09:13 and I wanted to let everybody else know
09:15 who you were.
09:17 So from Brixton Seventh-day Adventist Church,
09:19 this is Leslie, this is Chantay, signing out.
09:24 Thank you, Pastor Gamal, and thank you to the host
09:26 and hostesses of all the churches
09:29 and all those that work behind the scenes,
09:31 so to speak, to make this campaign
09:33 of London 2016 run smoothly.
09:36 It's definitely a team work, 3ABN with the SEC,
09:39 and then all of the local churches,
09:41 and it just keeps branching out from there.
09:44 Now Jill and I are standing in...
09:46 It feels like we're in a circle.
09:48 And we've got vehicles going all the way around us,
09:50 and I think here they call them a rotor, a rotor.
09:52 I call them a roundabout. Or a rotary.
09:54 A rotary is another term as well.
09:57 But they're confusing 'cause when you come around,
09:59 the way I think you'd be going off is different
10:01 because we're on the wrong side of the road.
10:03 Oh, yeah, I would definitely, if I were driving here,
10:05 I'd be in an accident very quickly, I'm sure of that.
10:08 But anyway, around this circle
10:10 and then other many streets here in London,
10:12 there are beautiful baskets of flowers
10:15 that are hanging from these light posts.
10:18 And I noticed underneath them there's like a little wet spot.
10:21 So somebody is watering these probably very early
10:25 in the morning every day I would say,
10:27 most like they're doing their job.
10:29 And it's interesting, we don't even see them.
10:31 I don't even know who they are,
10:32 but yet we get to see the beautiful flowers
10:34 that they continue to water every day.
10:36 And so, therefore, none of our jobs are insignificant.
10:39 Whatever it is, you and your local church,
10:41 I would say 3ABN, all these people,
10:44 but then maybe if we considered behind the scenes,
10:46 we all have to work together
10:47 because if somebody didn't do it,
10:49 the flowers wouldn't be blooming as they are.
10:50 They would die. Aren't they beautiful?
10:52 They would die.
10:53 So all of our jobs are important,
10:55 but we don't do it for man's praise,
10:57 we do it for God and for Him alone.
11:01 God calls each one, and I love that
11:02 because we're each called individually
11:05 as part of the body of Christ to build up the church
11:08 and to do the job that God has called us to do.
11:10 And that young man and lady
11:11 in that church did it wonderfully well.
11:13 We're going next to Tottenham West Green Road Church.
11:17 And this is Pastor CA Murray's church.
11:19 He and his wife, Irma, are there.
11:21 And Pastor CA is going to bring us an interview
11:24 from a young woman, 15 years old,
11:27 that stood up to give her heart and life to Jesus Christ.
11:30 Incredible.
11:32 Let's check out that testimony now.
11:37 Sena, tell me how old you are. Fifteen.
11:41 Fifteen years? Yup.
11:43 You look a lot older.
11:46 And you're almost my, you're almost my height.
11:48 Yep, 5'9". Bless your heart.
11:51 Do you play any sports?
11:52 Yes, I do, volleyball, a bit of football.
11:56 I do athletics a little bit, not too much though.
11:58 So football, by football you mean soccer?
12:00 Soccer. What we call soccer.
12:02 Yes, indeed.
12:04 Alright, have you been coming to the meetings every night?
12:07 Yes, I have, from the start, day five.
12:10 Praise the Lord!
12:11 And last night, you chose to stand up for the Lord
12:14 for baptism.
12:15 Why did you do that?
12:17 Well, there was something I just felt
12:19 when I was sitting down,
12:20 and especially after that sermon.
12:22 There was just something that I felt from within me
12:24 that just told me to stand up.
12:25 And it was just...
12:26 Like it was just the gut of a feeling,
12:28 like I've never felt it before.
12:29 And especially after, you know, through my stages,
12:32 I've made a mistake.
12:33 And it's something that I keep thinking,
12:35 and I keep like reminiscing,
12:36 it's just coming back to my mind,
12:38 and it was a hard decision to make, but I stood up.
12:41 And after I did, it's just like
12:42 the weight off my shoulder was like, it was gone.
12:44 And it felt so good to come
12:46 to the front like nothing before,
12:47 like words can't even explain.
12:49 It feels really good.
12:50 And it hasn't even begun,
12:52 like I haven't even been baptized yet,
12:53 and I already feel good, so I can't wait!
12:55 I can't wait to learn more about God and to finally, like,
12:58 walk with Him and not, you know, the other way
13:00 as you said earlier on today.
13:02 Amen, amen, and we praise the Lord for that.
13:04 Now you grew up in an Adventist home.
13:06 I did, I did, yep, both my dad and my mom are both Adventists.
13:10 And they were born and raised in Ethiopia,
13:13 and then came here and raised the kids.
13:15 There's four of us.
13:16 So growing up in an Adventist home
13:18 does not insulate you from making good decisions,
13:20 from bad decisions.
13:22 Yeah, exactly, that's...
13:24 It was just something like...
13:28 Being born in an Adventist home was obviously manipulated,
13:31 and it was kind of...
13:33 It kind of triggered 'cause, you know,
13:34 you're restricted if I could say.
13:36 And it's kind of like decisions were being made,
13:39 and it was really hard to do things
13:42 I couldn't do, you know?
13:43 'Cause you're told not to do this
13:45 and you're told to do that
13:46 and you're told to do certain things,
13:47 and that's not what you want.
13:49 So you're kind of tempted to do the wrong thing.
13:52 And that's kind of what happened.
13:54 And, yeah, God spoke to me.
13:56 Okay, so you know and understand now
13:58 that even though you make mistakes,
14:00 that doesn't shut you out
14:02 from Christ and that Christ can accept you.
14:04 And now you've made that turn
14:05 that we talked about being converted,
14:06 making that U-turn in your life,
14:08 so you've made that U-Turn, haven't you?
14:09 I have, absolutely.
14:10 And it feels so good, like nothing before,
14:12 like words can't even explain,
14:14 and finally making a U-turn, just wow.
14:17 This is amazing!
14:19 I just can't...
14:20 I don't know how to explain it in words.
14:22 I really can't. Praise the Lord!
14:23 And we are so happy for you.
14:25 You see, this is what coming to Christ does.
14:27 Even though you've made some mistakes in your past,
14:29 Christ doesn't care about that, and we, as Christians,
14:31 don't care about that,
14:33 what we care about is the future
14:34 that you have in Jesus.
14:36 And at 15 years of age,
14:38 somebody's got a weight off of her shoulders now
14:41 that will never return
14:43 as long as she's in Christ Jesus.
14:44 And we want to thank you for your testimony.
14:46 Thank you so much. Thank you.
14:48 Thank you so much, Pastor Murray.
14:49 He's at the Tottenham Seventh-day Adventist Church.
14:51 And that's a little ways north
14:53 of where we are here in downtown
14:54 or Central London as they call it.
14:57 And our church at Croydon is a little ways south,
15:00 quite a ways south of downtown here in Central London.
15:03 It's amazing.
15:04 London is a sprawling city, you know?
15:06 It's a metropolis surely, and it's sprawling.
15:10 The churches are a quite a bit spread out.
15:12 But that was an incredible testimony
15:14 of the young woman who made a stand,
15:17 chose to accept Jesus,
15:19 and that's what this
15:20 evangelistic campaign is all about.
15:23 It's a good point.
15:24 You know, I've heard different numbers mentioned,
15:25 I don't know exactly where these lines are drawn
15:28 in London, but they say about eight million,
15:31 maybe downtown or central, but I think all of London,
15:33 somebody told me yesterday, over twenty million people.
15:37 So you see this one young lady is just one of many.
15:40 But it's just one by one is how we make the impact,
15:43 and then it spreads.
15:44 Amen! That's right.
15:46 And we're standing here
15:47 in a busy street corner or roundabout.
15:48 I can hear some motorcycles. Yeah, and the busses.
15:51 The buses, they have
15:52 a lot of tour busses here in London.
15:54 The double-decker red bus is kind of your London bus,
15:57 you would think of,
15:58 but they have a lot of tour busses.
16:00 People come on it and take tours.
16:01 Yeah, you're absolutely correct.
16:02 Now we're getting ready to go and see Shelley Quinn's church.
16:05 Is that correct? That's right.
16:06 And then as soon as that is done,
16:08 we'll be back in Croydon.
16:09 We're going to make our fast trip back
16:11 to the Croydon Seventh-day Adventist Church there.
16:13 Take the fast train back. That's right.
16:15 And yeah, and it's been,
16:17 and again, a wonderful day here in London.
16:19 They say it's cloudy here most of the time with rain.
16:22 We haven't experienced much rain.
16:23 We have not, and the weather's been good.
16:25 Yeah, but we have experienced some of the clouds.
16:27 You know, it's interesting, as I look around
16:28 at some of these buildings,
16:29 I see some of the country flags that are flying,
16:32 like I see the Canadian one over here
16:33 and some of the other ones.
16:35 There's Malaysia over here. Yup, very good.
16:39 But we want the flag of Jesus Christ
16:40 to be flying above each one of our own lives,
16:43 our own hearts, our own houses
16:46 because we want Christ to be the one
16:47 that we represent.
16:49 We want to be the right representation
16:51 of that heavenly kingdom.
16:52 Amen! That's right.
16:53 Let's go to that interview over at Stoke Newington just now.
17:00 We are both members
17:02 of the Seventh-day Adventist church.
17:04 This is my daughter, Nadine, and I'm her mother of course.
17:08 And I am proud
17:11 that my daughter still attends church.
17:13 She's been coming since I think she was, I think,
17:16 about five years old, and she's never stopped.
17:21 And she's so involved in the church now,
17:23 and it makes me so happy to know
17:25 that God has guided her and protected her.
17:31 Absolutely!
17:33 We've been attending Stoke Newington Adventist Church
17:37 for a very long time.
17:38 And, you know, God works in mysterious ways.
17:41 And I've always said nothing before it's time.
17:44 So although we've been attending this long,
17:46 I would probably say
17:47 that we've certainly been putting our hand
17:49 to the plow in the most recent years.
17:52 So there's always a chance for God
17:54 to work in anyone's life that attends.
17:57 And, as my mother said,
17:59 I'm actually very much involved in the church now.
18:03 I am stepping up
18:04 into the youth leader role in 2017.
18:09 And, again, I'm just hoping that I can be an inspiration
18:13 for the youngsters of today to try to share the work
18:18 with them in new creative ways for them
18:22 where we can hopefully bring them back in.
18:24 So I'm just very grateful that my mother sent my sister
18:29 and myself to church with my grandparents,
18:32 and that now we are a part of one body,
18:35 and we are a family bound together fellowshipping
18:39 and worshipping
18:40 in the Seventh-day Adventist church.
18:42 Especially, as there's so many people,
18:45 so many church brothers and sisters
18:49 whose children no longer come to church,
18:51 we've always continue to pray for them,
18:55 and that they will return one day.
18:57 It's so important to have people in our church.
19:01 But right now, Jesus is our Savior,
19:06 and we look to Him for guidance, for protection,
19:11 and He just brings joy to our hearts.
19:16 Oh yeah, I can't express how much He's done for me.
19:21 I have been looking for Jesus for a long time.
19:24 And on reflection, looking back over my life,
19:27 I've actually seen the blessings.
19:31 And I just didn't realize at the time
19:32 because probably at that time my faith
19:36 for understanding was slightly weak,
19:39 whereas now because I'm growing each day,
19:43 spending more and more time with God's people,
19:46 with the family of God
19:47 and reading and studying His words,
19:50 it's just amazing in terms of what He's doing,
19:53 opening up my eyes to the Word, and seeing Him very simply,
19:57 very clearly, so I can make the changes that I need
20:01 through His grace and mercy to become better.
20:05 So at the moment,
20:07 there's no where I'd rather be but in the church.
20:10 Amen!
20:12 As a young person, which is great,
20:15 so I'm happy, and I'm home.
20:22 I'm a member of this church,
20:24 Stoke Newington in North London.
20:26 And I'm so happy that 3ABN has chosen this church
20:31 to be one of the many venues to host 3ABN
20:36 One Life series of speakers.
20:40 And we've got Shelley Quinn
20:42 who's doing such a marvelous and fantastic job.
20:45 And I'm learning lots of things.
20:49 Some of the things I knew before,
20:50 but it's so good to refresh your memory
20:54 and to add in more information on some.
20:56 I'm so pleased.
20:57 I'm so happy that the venue's being held here.
21:02 It's very easy for me to get here.
21:04 I just live five minutes away,
21:05 so I just walk here every evening.
21:10 I've been a member of this church for 17 years.
21:13 I've been baptized since 1999.
21:16 But I have been coming here since I was a child.
21:19 My aunt used to bring me here when I was a child.
21:21 And I'm so happy that, as I said,
21:26 this venue is being used
21:28 to host the two-week
21:33 campaign here.
21:35 I'm also officer of the church.
21:40 And the office I hold
21:41 is I'm the religious liberty coordinator,
21:46 which is a very important office
21:51 to hold simply because as we all know
21:55 that prophecy is being fulfilled daily.
21:58 We're living in the small print or the details of the prophecy.
22:03 And I'm sure many people,
22:05 many of the prophets in the Bible
22:07 who prophesied about what's going to happen now
22:11 would have loved to live when we're living in.
22:13 Thank you Shelley and JD Quinn and the Stoke Newington church,
22:16 and again, all of the churches that are involved in the 2016
22:20 London evangelistic campaign.
22:21 It's a blessing to be a part of it, isn't it?
22:23 It is.
22:24 And we have made it from Central London.
22:26 We took the train back here
22:27 to the Croydon Seventh-day Adventist Church.
22:29 Beautiful weather, too. It is, it's perfect.
22:32 And we are sitting on the steps here
22:34 with Pastor Richard Daly.
22:36 And he is the pastor here
22:37 at the Croydon Seventh-day Adventist Church.
22:40 And he and his team have done
22:43 an incredible job
22:44 of hosting us here at the church.
22:46 Incredible!
22:48 Done everything they can to make us feel welcome.
22:49 And we've had a wonderful time
22:51 working with the team. We have.
22:52 I tell you, just the tremendous support
22:53 that you have shown for this campaign,
22:55 for 3ABN coming in and sort of not taking
22:58 over your church, but we've sort of done
23:00 some rearranging of some things
23:01 and such, etcetera, you and your team...
23:03 It's all been good. It's all been good.
23:05 But we appreciate it. Thank you so very much.
23:07 We are truly blessed, and, yeah,
23:09 you and your team, again, are a tremendous blessing.
23:11 Well, as I've often said throughout the meetings,
23:14 we're working together in partnership.
23:16 That's right.
23:17 It's not about any one individual
23:19 or group of individuals.
23:21 It's about combining together for one common cause.
23:24 And that is really to share
23:28 the love of Jesus Christ to everyone.
23:30 And we know the gospel commission
23:32 is for everyone,
23:33 and you have resources which we don't have,
23:36 and we have some resources...
23:38 And you have resources that we don't have?
23:39 Yeah, so we link together.
23:42 And I think it's a wonderful way
23:45 that the church can move forward
23:46 rather than everybody doing their own thing.
23:49 We work together for a common cause.
23:51 You know, I know some of the times,
23:52 I would be so thinking about the technical part, pastor,
23:55 you know, this is before we came here
23:56 and actually met face to face, and you would say,
23:58 "Greg, don't forget, it's about souls.
24:01 It's about souls."
24:02 And I appreciate that because that is, pastor,
24:03 what it's all about.
24:05 And I appreciate your desire for souls,
24:07 you know, to win souls to Jesus Christ.
24:09 And in a few moments, up these steps will come those
24:12 that are attending this evenings meeting.
24:13 And we need to remember them in prayer.
24:15 But, pastor,
24:16 before iSITE Review wraps up,
24:18 tell us how long you've been here,
24:20 maybe your family, and your church family here.
24:22 Sure.
24:23 I've been pastoring here now for 6.5 years from 2010.
24:28 Well, you've been pastoring for a number of years.
24:30 Yes, I've been pastoring for about 23 years now.
24:34 You look young.
24:35 I started young, I started young.
24:37 I didn't play around with the call.
24:39 I just said, "Yes, Lord, You've got me."
24:40 Okay. Amen.
24:42 But it's been fantastic.
24:43 I've been pastoring outside of London
24:46 in what we call the provinces and also in London as well.
24:50 So I've had a taste of the two different types
24:53 of tempos of the church experiences.
24:57 Pastoring here in London has been a wonderful experience
25:00 and just a wonderful privilege
25:02 to pastor here in Croydon church.
25:06 You know, when in one of my previous churches I...
25:11 When I first turned up for that church,
25:13 there were three members of that congregation.
25:14 Wow!
25:16 And the Lord taught me to be faithful
25:20 with just three people, just present the table,
25:23 minister to them to the best of your ability.
25:26 Now the Lord has brought me here,
25:27 it's is a lot larger church, but, and I think that...
25:29 Definitely, more than three.
25:31 But the groundwork has been done to...
25:33 How many members here at the Croydon church?
25:37 We have about 700-odd members here.
25:39 And we have a lot of prayerful members,
25:42 but the average attendance is about 400 every week.
25:47 And it's packed.
25:48 I mean, obviously, you know, the church services
25:50 that we've been here because of the campaign,
25:51 they're probably extra packed,
25:52 but, boy, there is like standing room only here
25:54 and a tremendous church family.
25:56 Tell us how the campaign...
25:58 We just have a few moments left,
25:59 how the campaign has been from your perspective
26:01 with the members coming in and with the church here?
26:04 I think it's been going really well.
26:06 You can tell the effectiveness of a campaign
26:09 based on the midweek attendance
26:11 because the weekends are well supported.
26:15 But we've been having full churches every night.
26:17 Monday night was the first working week,
26:21 students going back to school.
26:23 But it's been full.
26:24 Tuesday night was very well attended.
26:26 So we're really pleased about that,
26:28 and not just that, but we've been hearing that
26:31 because of through the networks
26:33 you have, people around the world
26:34 are watching as well.
26:36 So that's great. Amen.
26:37 Amen. Amen.
26:38 Praise the Lord.
26:40 Well, we definitely appreciate you, pastor,
26:41 and your team and your support.
26:42 I know here we've just got a few seconds left,
26:44 but as soon as this campaign is done,
26:45 the Lord has called you onto a new responsibility,
26:48 and that's actually working for the union, the Seventh...
26:50 The Union...
26:51 The British Union Conference. That's alright.
26:53 It is the British Union Conference.
26:54 Yes, I'm to be
26:56 the Communications and Media Director,
26:57 so that's another good reason to link up with you guys
27:00 because I'm learning a lot from you as well.
27:02 Well, it's a blessing.
27:03 And we appreciate
27:05 you joining us at home with your prayers,
27:07 and again, your financial support
27:08 of the ministry of 3ABN.
27:10 And this campaign here in London, it's winning souls.
27:13 Amen! Yes.
27:14 And you can't go wrong
27:15 with winning souls for Jesus Christ.
27:17 So don't forget to pray for these people
27:18 that have stood up
27:20 and actually given their lives to Jesus Christ,
27:22 not only here at the Croydon Seventh-day Adventist Church
27:24 but others here in this conference.
27:26 So again, thank you for your prayers and support.
27:28 And may God richly bless you in a mighty way.
27:31 Have a great evening.


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