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00:05 Hello, friends.
00:06 Welcome to another iSITE Review.
00:08 Again, Jill and I are close to Central London.
00:11 And again, there are so many historical sites here
00:14 in the great city of London, England.
00:16 And another beautiful day
00:18 that we're experiencing here, aren't we?
00:19 We are. It's perfect.
00:20 They say it rains a lot in London,
00:22 but right now, the sun is shining.
00:23 I see a blue sky. A beautiful blue sky.
00:25 It's a perfect fall day here.
00:27 Right behind us is the Marble Arch.
00:29 Now this was originally designed for,
00:31 like the entrance into the Buckingham Palace
00:33 where you bring all of the dignitaries
00:35 into the palace.
00:37 But they have moved it since then.
00:39 I think in the '60s it was moved, 1960s.
00:41 And right here,
00:42 it's kind of in the center of a thoroughfare.
00:45 Yeah, there are a lot of people.
00:46 This is kind of an intersection for roads, etcetera,
00:48 right here.
00:50 But again, you know, it's amazing
00:51 how they move a lot of these historical sites
00:52 to make it more central for the public,
00:54 for people to visit some of these neat places.
00:56 They have a lot of history,
00:57 rich with history here in London, England.
00:59 They are. They are.
01:01 Yeah, you know, and we wanted to go...
01:03 Today, we have a great testimony
01:04 concerning prayer.
01:06 And we want to start out with that
01:07 in just a few moments.
01:09 We know prayer is a very important part
01:10 of this campaign.
01:11 I know at the Croydon Church we we're at,
01:13 I was there early in the morning one day,
01:15 and there was a group
01:16 that was just praying in the sanctuary.
01:18 I saw some praying
01:19 actually over Pastor Daly's office.
01:22 And, of course, many are praying
01:23 for Pastor Lomacang there.
01:24 And I know all the other sites have prayer groups.
01:26 They came in the production room too
01:27 where we were meeting,
01:28 and they had special prayer over that too,
01:30 the equipment and crew and what's taking place.
01:32 And you think about we can prepare,
01:35 we can have gifted speakers who present the message,
01:38 but that means nothing without the anointing
01:41 and infilling of the Holy Spirit.
01:42 And that comes through the power of prayer.
01:44 It does.
01:45 So right now we want to go to the Chiswick Church,
01:46 Pastor Kevin Hart and his wife, Tara,
01:48 and they're going to share with us
01:50 what's happening over there in regards to this prayer.
01:57 Well, we are at our sixth night of the meeting here
02:01 in Chiswick Church.
02:02 And what has made this time so special?
02:04 One of the components is the fact
02:06 that there's a very dedicated prayer group
02:08 that meets up here every single night.
02:10 And so while we come, we are ushered upstairs.
02:13 And they always take the time to pray for my wife
02:15 and I before the meeting begins,
02:16 so why don't we go take a look right now?
02:17 I believe they're in prayer as we are speaking.
02:23 Well, we are in the upper room,
02:24 so to speak, of Chiswick Church,
02:27 and these are the prayer warriors.
02:29 Why don't you tell us your name?
02:31 My name is Jcanelta Nash. Amen.
02:34 And are you the prayer warrior leader
02:35 of the Prayer Ministries Department?
02:37 Yes, I am. Well, that's very wonderful.
02:41 And we noticed, my wife and I, every night that we come,
02:44 all three of you ladies are in very sincere prayer
02:48 before each meeting, just invoking the Holy Spirit
02:50 and asking that the visitors come
02:52 and that God does
02:54 just a wonderful thing here at Chiswick church.
02:57 So we're going to come around this way,
02:58 and we're going to ask
03:01 one of the other ladies to introduce herself.
03:03 Sister, what is your name? Donna Pusey.
03:06 Praise the Lord!
03:07 What does it mean to you
03:09 to be a prayer warrior here at Chiswick church?
03:10 Oh, God.
03:11 It means everything, everything
03:13 because we know that prayer is the essence of our strength.
03:17 It gives us encouragement.
03:19 It encourages the church itself.
03:24 And it really is...
03:27 You can't really do...
03:28 You can't be a sincere Christian
03:30 or a Christian at all without prayer.
03:33 It is the food of life. Amen!
03:35 And our topic tonight is on prayer, isn't it, dear?
03:37 It is.
03:38 And as we certainly have been blessed by these ladies,
03:40 and this is Sister Melli.
03:42 Well, and what does prayer mean to you, dear Sister?
03:45 It means so much. I cannot live without prayer.
03:48 It's the key that unlocks
03:50 and the hands of faith to unlock heaven's storehouse.
03:53 And Ellen White said,
03:54 you know, she speak about prayer.
03:57 You know, prayer is one of the arts
03:59 to guide us to our friend,
04:01 you know, and we should always pray
04:03 without ceasing
04:05 because the devil cannot get hold of us
04:08 when we are in prayer constantly.
04:11 Amen. Amen.
04:12 Well, that is tonight's topic, prayer.
04:14 And aren't we excited about that tonight, dear?
04:16 We are.
04:17 I know that just having our sisters here praying
04:21 for us has been such a wonderful thing knowing
04:26 that we're covered in Jesus' blood.
04:28 And I know that prayer is a very dear thing to you
04:32 as well because your mother prayed for you
04:35 and prayed for you.
04:37 And that is one of the very tender things
04:40 to your heart
04:41 because that is how you were won to the Lord.
04:45 Amen! Amen!
04:46 So I'm excited to share a little bit about
04:48 that story tonight.
04:51 Thank you, Pastor Kevin and Tara.
04:54 I tell you, it's neat,
04:55 this great group there at his church,
04:57 and again, like you said,
04:58 other churches that are praying for the pastor,
05:01 for the evangelist.
05:02 Their prayer does mighty things.
05:04 You know, it's neat that we have connection
05:05 with the great Creator of the universe.
05:07 When you look at London,
05:08 we're just one small speck as individuals.
05:10 Around the world, wherever you are,
05:12 we're just one small speck.
05:14 But yet, God and the great universe,
05:18 He knows us by name.
05:19 He even knows the number of hairs on our head.
05:20 I mean that's a lot of detail.
05:22 And it's neat to think about all the prayers
05:24 that are ascending for this event, yours too.
05:27 Thank you for your prayers and again,
05:28 your support of this great campaign
05:30 and for the ministry of 3ABN.
05:31 Amen, that's right.
05:33 We want to encourage you at home to pray
05:34 for these meetings as they go on.
05:36 We're kind of mid-campaign right now.
05:37 We are.
05:39 And people are making decisions
05:40 or are in the valley of decision.
05:42 "Do I want to follow the Bible?
05:44 Do I want to accept Jesus as my personal Savior?
05:47 So I want to encourage you to pray God's protection
05:49 over the speakers
05:51 and His anointing over them as they present
05:53 as well as each person
05:54 who's in the valley of decision listening
05:57 to the meetings and making those decisions.
05:59 We're going next...
06:00 Before we go there,
06:02 across the street from where we're at here
06:03 at Marble Arch is Hyde Park.
06:05 They have several beautiful parks here in London.
06:08 I know there' St. James's Palace,
06:10 and we've been there.
06:11 We want to maybe take you there on a future iSITE.
06:13 We hope to.
06:14 There's Hyde Park, and there's other royal parks,
06:17 I guess they call them, I don't know.
06:18 But we would call them city parks in the States.
06:20 But nice parks where people can go,
06:22 and they're beautiful.
06:23 You're right.
06:25 You know, next, we want to go
06:26 to the Croydon Seventh-day Adventist Church,
06:28 which was the church
06:29 that you've been seeing the series coming through 3ABN.
06:31 And that we had a chance to catch up with Pastor Daly,
06:34 and he went around and talked to some of the members there.
06:36 So let's go to those rolls now.
06:42 Hi, welcome to the Croydon Seventh-day Adventist Church
06:44 where we are hosting the 3ABN through a number of meetings
06:49 that are taking place each night with a speaker,
06:52 Pastor John Lomacang.
06:53 We're just going to interview a number of individuals
06:55 who have been coming out each night.
06:57 And I have with me Xavier.
06:59 Xavier, you came to the appeal.
07:02 You came forward for the appeal this evening.
07:05 Tell us what moved you to do that.
07:09 Well, I've been coming here for
07:15 a few weeks now and attending the campaign,
07:19 and I've physically been moved
07:21 by how welcoming the church members are
07:25 and how they teach the Bible in simple
07:31 and practical forms,
07:32 which has a lot of meaning in my life.
07:34 So that is what has really attracted me
07:36 to come down here.
07:39 Thank you very much.
07:40 And you have...
07:42 You're not a member of this church, but you...
07:43 How did you find out about the meetings?
07:47 Well, I first came in here by turning in the soup kitchen
07:52 on a Tuesday.
07:54 And when I came in, nobody knew me,
07:59 but everybody greeted me like I was their lost friend.
08:02 So that really touched me.
08:04 And when I was invited for further meetings,
08:07 I didn't hesitate because of that.
08:10 That's wonderful.
08:11 Through ministry of the soup kitchens,
08:13 you've been able to come to that.
08:15 And now you're attending the meetings.
08:17 And today, you gave your life to Jesus Christ.
08:21 Thank you very much, Xavier. Thank you for your testimony.
08:28 Shelley-Ann Ferguson,
08:30 you've been coming to the meetings
08:31 quite a lot as well.
08:33 How, for you, have these meetings helped you
08:36 in your day to day experience as a Christian?
08:40 Well, I think these meetings have been really helping me
08:44 to readjust and re-look at God's Word.
08:48 And especially the last night's message
08:50 talking about prayer because with prayer,
08:52 it's something I always wanted to understand
08:54 more about, what is prayer,
08:56 and last night's message really spoke to my heart.
09:00 It makes me think more about praying
09:01 and also not just about praying,
09:03 but knowing that when I pray,
09:05 it's not so much a prayer, but who I'm praying to.
09:08 And for me, that has spoken volumes.
09:10 So over the...
09:12 It has been a good experience so far.
09:14 And I'm just waiting to see what else is going to happen
09:18 through the coming weeks.
09:19 So I've been really blessed by the meetings and the nights
09:22 that I could be able to make it.
09:25 Now sometimes we love to come to these meetings by ourselves,
09:29 but have you been able to invite anybody?
09:31 And what's been the response? Well, that's good.
09:35 I have invited a few people.
09:37 And I had a visitor on Wednesday night.
09:40 And it's so funny
09:42 because I met this person on the street.
09:43 Not like that.
09:45 He was very ill, and I stopped to aid him.
09:48 And I took his number and, you know, I've just been
09:50 like sending him texts, how are you.
09:52 And so I sent him a text
09:54 just inviting him out to the meetings.
09:55 And he said, "Oh, I'll come." And he said, "What day?"
09:57 And I was like,
09:59 "Oh, it would be nice if you come tonight,"
10:00 which is Wednesday night.
10:02 And he said, "Give me the address."
10:03 And I did, and he came, and he loved it.
10:05 Didn't want to give his name, but I'm still praying for him.
10:08 And I know that by God's grace, he will get turned around.
10:11 And I've invited a few more people.
10:13 They're coming tomorrow night. Hopefully, they'll get to come.
10:16 And there's been a few more.
10:17 I'm hoping that they will turn up, so, yeah.
10:20 Excellent, well done. Thank you, Shelley.
10:26 So you've been coming to the meetings
10:27 most of the nights, how have you found them so far?
10:30 I found them really like humbling,
10:33 and I'd say Spirit-filled because I've been to campaigns
10:37 before, and I've really enjoyed campaigns.
10:40 But, to me, this one's very different.
10:42 It's like you really feel the presence of God here.
10:44 I've been so touched, especially last night,
10:47 when I left, I thought, "I've got to contact
10:49 as many non-Christian friends I know."
10:50 And I literally was calling them
10:52 as I sat in my car.
10:54 And I was just so touched, and even through everything,
10:58 the whole service down to the singers,
11:02 I felt that the singers' voices,
11:05 I don't believe that was their natural voices.
11:07 It's as if the angels had touched their voices
11:09 and enhanced it.
11:10 So everything, you know, I feel so blessed.
11:13 So you mentioned about inviting friends,
11:16 and that's one of the things that we really need to do
11:18 with members, to invite people around.
11:19 How have you found that? Have people responded?
11:22 Were you successful in bringing anybody
11:23 or are you still trying?
11:25 I'm still trying.
11:26 I mean, one person said that's contacted me
11:28 during the week to tell me their availability.
11:31 I have been disappointed inside knowing
11:33 that I haven't been able to get anyone to come yet,
11:35 but I'm not giving up.
11:37 And I just thought, "God I can't force them,
11:39 but I'm just going to keep praying,"
11:40 because if I pray,
11:41 then God's going to open the doors and let them come.
11:43 So that's all I can do.
11:45 I'm not giving up
11:46 'cause I can't keep this to myself.
11:47 I want to share it with people. You know, I've been so blessed,
11:50 and that's why I want to share it.
11:52 Absolutely.
11:53 And that's what these meetings are about,
11:54 it is to share the gospel to everyone.
11:56 Hopefully, next week, somebody will come.
11:58 I hope so!
12:05 Civan, you've been involved in this campaign.
12:08 You've been working behind the scenes
12:09 by playing a major part in the music.
12:12 We know Pastor Lomacang's songs have been really good,
12:14 but what about the music side of things for you?
12:17 The music side has been excellent.
12:20 The 3ABN team have great musicians there.
12:23 John Lomacang himself is a singer and a musician.
12:26 And he sang with Heritage and other people.
12:30 And you can hear the quality.
12:31 The music has been tremendous. Yeah.
12:35 We also are using our own artists as well.
12:38 So we've got some of 3ABN and some from us,
12:41 and it's been going very well.
12:43 Which ones have stood out for you?
12:45 The artists that stood out for me
12:47 has been Pat who plays for 3ABN,
12:52 obviously, John and his singing.
12:56 In terms of our singers,
12:59 I'm trying to remember who sang on the nights,
13:04 oh, yeah, Kenney is one of our players.
13:06 He's a local boy, and he's playing his,
13:11 Be Inspirational.
13:12 I've played along with him this morning
13:14 during the divine service.
13:17 And that was awesome.
13:19 Now you've been playing the theme song most nights,
13:23 and that has gone down pretty well.
13:26 Can you give us a little tune of what that theme song is?
13:28 I can do it. Yeah? Show us.
14:14 Essence.
14:16 Yeah, and obviously, we didn't have the words to it,
14:18 but it says everyone is talking about everyone to everybody.
14:22 Yeah, to share the Word.
14:23 So thank you Civan, and, you know, thank you
14:26 for your involvement in the campaign.
14:28 And as we go for the second week,
14:30 I hope that it will be a blessing to you.
14:32 It's been a blessing already.
14:34 Thank you so much Pastor Daly,
14:36 and what a tremendous blessing to hear those interviews.
14:39 I was especially touched by, I think his name was Xavier.
14:42 He's been coming as a visitor.
14:43 I don't know if you caught that.
14:45 He's been coming to the soup kitchen.
14:47 And they have a wonderful soup kitchen ministry there
14:50 at their church.
14:52 On every Tuesday, they feed people who come in,
14:55 who don't have any food,
14:57 maybe they're having a hard time.
14:59 Some are homeless,
15:01 but the church opens up their hearts
15:03 and feeds people.
15:05 And they have quite a few people in there.
15:06 And praise the Lord for the outgrowth
15:08 and how this gentleman began attending church
15:11 and was struck
15:12 by the friendliness of the people
15:13 and now have been coming to the meetings.
15:15 So that's wonderful!
15:16 And the last testimony,
15:17 Civan is one of their incredible musicians
15:19 at the church there.
15:21 They have several.
15:22 They actually have a lot of good pianists there.
15:24 Oh, they do. And we've been blessed by that.
15:25 Yeah, a lot of music at the Croydon church.
15:26 I'm sure the other churches have music, too,
15:28 which we hope to show some clips of that
15:29 in some future iSITES.
15:31 But music is a big part of the Croydon church.
15:34 And they have a great ministry there.
15:35 And I, again, want to just mention
15:36 on the soup kitchen.
15:38 You know, as we're standing here
15:39 on this corner here by the Marble Arch,
15:41 you know, it's amazing,
15:42 I saw a very high-dollar sports car
15:44 just go driving past.
15:46 I mean, it sounded just big engine,
15:48 and then just a few feet back here I saw,
15:51 it looked like to be
15:52 a homeless person sleeping on a bench.
15:54 So, I mean, to have someone that can afford a high-dollar
15:57 sports car driving by,
15:58 and then just a few feet away
16:00 someone that's homeless and in need.
16:01 And it's amazing that...
16:03 I don't want to...
16:04 Dichotomy would be the right word?
16:05 It would be.
16:07 Just the opposite,
16:08 you know, there's so many people in need.
16:09 The person may not know Jesus,
16:11 and he owns a high-dollar sports car.
16:12 That's right.
16:14 This homeless person here, all he may need is...
16:15 Actually, he may know Jesus, but he needs...
16:16 Food. Yeah, food, soup, I don't know.
16:18 A job, shelter.
16:19 So the thing is as we pass people
16:21 day-by-day, boy,
16:22 I tell you, there are people in need everywhere.
16:24 In this city and the town or city where you live,
16:27 there's people that need to be touched
16:28 by the Lord Jesus Christ.
16:30 And they're all around us. Amen.
16:31 And I appreciate
16:32 what the Croydon church is doing,
16:34 and, of course, the other churches as well.
16:35 Amen.
16:37 John calls us to get out of ourself.
16:38 True.
16:39 You know, our own box and our selfishness
16:41 and to reach out and minister to other people.
16:42 We want to go next to the Hampstead church.
16:45 Pastor Kenny and Chris Shelton are over there.
16:47 And they have a couple of incredible testimonies.
16:49 The first one is precious to my heart
16:52 because I love kids.
16:53 So we want to go to that testimony at this time.
16:59 Hello, 3ABN family.
17:01 I am here with little Gabriella.
17:04 She's not that little actually. How old are you, Gabriella?
17:06 Eleven.
17:07 She's eleven years old,
17:09 and she's becoming a mighty warrior for Jesus.
17:13 Just a few nights ago,
17:14 she had a special prayer request
17:15 on the card.
17:17 What was that prayer request?
17:18 I wanted stage fright to go away from me.
17:21 And, Gabriella, did that stage fright go away?
17:24 Yes.
17:25 And what happened after it went away?
17:27 What did you just decide you wanted to do?
17:29 I wanted to get baptized.
17:31 Gabriella, you want to go all the way with Jesus.
17:34 You love Jesus, don't you? Yeah.
17:37 I have watched the love of Jesus
17:40 on your face each and every night.
17:42 And it was just so amazing
17:44 because anytime God answers prayer.
17:47 It's such a blessing,
17:49 and it was a blessing for you, too.
17:50 She couldn't even have come up here the first night.
17:53 But then after that stage fright went away,
17:55 when a call was made, Gabriella, you came forward,
17:58 didn't you?
17:59 And are you going to continue to go forward with Jesus?
18:01 Yes.
18:02 And you're looking forward...
18:03 She's looking forward.
18:05 When do you want to be baptized?
18:06 Next week. Next Sabbath, right?
18:08 Praise God.
18:10 Keep Gabriella in your prayers, church family,
18:12 because I know she's going to need it along
18:14 with all the others
18:15 that will be joining Gabriella in baptism.
18:18 God bless you, honey. And God bless you.
18:24 Hello, 3ABN family.
18:26 I have our praise team and their pianist
18:28 that has been here
18:30 during all of our meetings here at Hampstead in London.
18:33 And I am so excited.
18:34 They have been such a blessing to us,
18:37 and I know to those of you, the people that have been here,
18:40 those of you who have been watching over the internet,
18:43 and maybe even a little taste if 3ABN has chosen to air them.
18:47 I've actually sent in some video clips before.
18:49 But I just want to ask you guys,
18:51 has the meetings touched your heart in any special way?
18:54 Who would like to answer first?
18:57 Well, I've been touched
18:58 by the preaching and the double act.
19:02 Yes.
19:03 I've been touched by the way
19:04 you guys really minister together,
19:06 and you really look for the Holy Spirit
19:09 working in a way,
19:10 the people who have come out to the front.
19:12 I've been worshipping at this church for a longtime,
19:14 and we've had a diversity of different kinds of people
19:18 just giving their hearts to God,
19:20 and it's been wonderful!
19:21 It certainly has. Yes.
19:22 Anybody else has something they'd like to share?
19:25 Something that is...
19:26 I love the professionalism.
19:30 You guys are like a tag team,
19:33 and your ministry is highly polished
19:38 and very accessible.
19:41 So, you know, people can really tune in
19:45 to what you're saying very easily.
19:47 Amen. You know, the Lord is good.
19:48 It's Jesus.
19:49 We give Him all the praise, all the honor, and the glory.
19:52 Do you have something you'd like to share?
19:54 Yes.
19:55 I like the way how you interact and connect with the people.
19:59 And we can feel the warmth here at Hampstead that just radiates
20:04 where we...
20:05 You know, there's no diverse between you and us
20:08 is just like one family.
20:11 And we just feel the love and connection by yourself
20:15 and Pastor Shelton.
20:16 Amen. Praise the Lord.
20:17 I love that 'cause we are one family.
20:19 Yes. We are one family.
20:21 Brother, do you have something you'd like to share?
20:23 Yes. I've enjoyed all the meetings.
20:26 I missed one night
20:28 because I had a special duty elsewhere.
20:29 But tonight's message on prayer really has sunk home,
20:35 and I am encouraged
20:37 to keep on asking and reaching out.
20:40 If I don't ask, I don't get.
20:42 And I need some answers to prayer.
20:45 We all do. Praise the Lord.
20:47 And, brother, you have kept everybody together
20:49 with your wonderful piano playing.
20:52 It has been absolutely wonderful.
20:54 Have you anything you would like to share
20:56 before we close?
20:57 Can't wait for next week to hear
20:59 where this is all going to go.
21:00 You have something you could
21:02 maybe sing just real quick as a closing?
21:05 Okay. Yes?
21:07 So, Thank You, Jesus! Yes.
21:10 Thank You, Jesus
21:15 Thank You Jesus
21:21 Thank You Jesus
21:27 Thank You Jesus
21:33 Thank You Jesus
21:39 Thank You Jesus
21:45 Thank You Jesus
21:52 Praise the Lord!
21:58 Amen! Thank You, Jesus! Thank you, 3ABN family.
22:02 Stay tuned.
22:04 I know there will be more wonderful,
22:05 wonderful testimonies
22:07 even from the other speakers to share.
22:08 God bless each and every one of you.
22:14 Hey, iSITE, this is Pastor Phil once again.
22:17 And I'm here with my friend, Anooska.
22:19 She's been coming every night, and we praise God for her.
22:23 What experience have you had here?
22:26 I found it actually amazing today especially.
22:28 I've had a really blessed week, but today was so awesome.
22:32 God's been so good.
22:33 I was asking Him to just give me a...
22:37 Allow the pastor to give me a word
22:38 that will penetrate to my heart.
22:40 And today, he spoke about the Sabbath day,
22:42 and that's something
22:43 I've really been talking to God about.
22:45 And he just made it clear to me today,
22:47 and he's given me a few scriptures
22:49 I will go back to read now.
22:51 And I'm just really blessed by that.
22:52 I just want to thank you again, pastor.
22:55 Wow! Praise God.
22:56 Now that has been an experience.
22:58 And listen, you being here has blessed me.
23:01 So I really want to thank you for just coming out.
23:03 And did you all see this hat right here?
23:05 She is working it, okay?
23:08 So, iSITE, we're here at North Wembley again.
23:10 And I'm Pastor Phil. God bless you.
23:14 My God is Awesome. My God is awesome.
23:18 He can move mountains hide me in the valley,
23:24 Hide me from the rain.
23:27 My God is awesome, heals me when I'm broken
23:33 Sad when I have weakened.
23:36 Bless His holy name!
23:39 My God is awesome, awesome, awesome!
23:46 My God is awesome!
23:49 He can move mountains
23:53 Hide me in the valley
23:56 Hide me from the rain.
24:00 Amen. Thank you, Pastor Wesley.
24:02 A powerful, again, testimony.
24:03 It was so cute though,
24:05 the little girl singing the song
24:06 there at the very end.
24:08 And again, we appreciate the testimonies
24:09 before that with Chris Shelton and Pastor Kenny.
24:12 I tell you, there's just a lot of neat things going on here
24:15 in the campaign London 2016.
24:18 They got a lot of people in that shot, didn't they?
24:20 They did.
24:21 Chris Shelton
24:23 with the entire group of people.
24:24 We're so thankful for each person
24:25 who's sending in the iSITE Review,
24:28 sending in those cell phone videos.
24:30 That's a real blessing.
24:31 And our crew can't get around everywhere.
24:34 So we're so thankful for everyone
24:35 who's using their cameras and sending in those videos.
24:39 And that was precious,
24:41 the praise team and the music that they bring.
24:43 Yeah, music is definitely
24:45 a big part of worship, I believe.
24:46 And God invented, not invented,
24:49 created music and the voice and instruments.
24:53 You know, I believe God...
24:55 Well, we know in heaven,
24:56 it talks about all the music and stuff in heaven.
24:58 So music, a part of these campaigns,
25:01 it's a big thing.
25:02 And a lot of people
25:04 have put a lot of time and effort into it
25:05 which we really appreciate.
25:06 Amen, amen, that's right. We were at Marble Arch today.
25:10 We're back again on the steps here
25:12 of the Croydon Seventh-day Adventist Church.
25:13 And, you know, it's been an incredible journey, Greg,
25:16 just this whole evangelistic campaign.
25:19 And I don't know,
25:20 I think in my own heart and life,
25:22 it's been changed.
25:24 It's been transformed.
25:25 Growing up, I was never really involved in evangelism.
25:29 I don't know, I don't think
25:30 my local church did a lot of that,
25:32 so I grew up knowing about Jesus.
25:34 And we would reach out maybe, as you grow up,
25:36 to your friends or those at school,
25:38 but we never really were involved
25:40 in any evangelistic campaign as we're doing here.
25:44 Not just here at Croydon but, of course, all the sites.
25:46 And I think just to see the Holy Spirit work,
25:49 to see people come down the aisles and make decisions
25:53 for Jesus.
25:54 To see people saying,
25:56 "I want to follow Jesus come what may."
25:58 You know that song?
25:59 "I have decided to follow Jesus.
26:02 I've decided to follow Jesus." You know? No turning back.
26:05 And some people are making difficult decisions
26:08 during this campaign.
26:10 And we want to appeal to you at home to pray for them.
26:13 Pray for people in the valley of decision right now.
26:15 Even right now coming up next is another meeting here
26:18 at the Croydon church and pray for the people
26:21 as they make decisions for Jesus.
26:23 Yeah, that's a good point
26:24 because, you know, part of that song was
26:26 "no turning back".
26:27 I've decided to follow Jesus, no turning back,
26:29 and we're finding some stories
26:30 where some are making a decision for Jesus Christ
26:35 with opposition from their family.
26:36 I'm talking strong opposition.
26:38 And so, yeah, like Jill mentioned,
26:40 pray for these people because they're choosing Jesus,
26:42 which is the right decision, but again, you know,
26:44 you have the family influence around you.
26:46 And wow!
26:47 We really need to pray for them.
26:48 It's been a wonderful day again here in London.
26:51 It's been a sunny day, as you saw earlier.
26:53 We were down at the Marble Arch.
26:55 It's a little cold tonight. I was just going to say that.
26:58 You can't feel the temperature here,
26:59 but it's clear, and it's getting cold
27:01 and the wind is blowing.
27:02 We're starting to shiver on the steps.
27:04 That's true.
27:05 But I think of the wind, you know, and the Holy Spirit.
27:06 You know, it can come in,
27:08 you know, and enter our hearts and lives, boy,
27:12 just soften each one of us
27:13 that we're receptive to Jesus Christ.
27:14 I'm thinking of prayer and the opportunity.
27:17 You know, we started out with the prayer groups
27:18 in this iSITE,
27:20 talking about the prayer that's going out.
27:22 Over each one of these sites, there's prayer groups.
27:25 There's all night prayer sessions,
27:27 people praying for the meetings.
27:28 Absolutely, there are.
27:29 And we want to thank you for your prayers for 3ABN,
27:33 for the ministry of 3ABN for this local event here
27:35 in London.
27:37 And again, we say thank you for that.
27:38 That's right.
27:40 Thank you so much for joining us
27:41 for this iSITE REVIEW.
27:42 We will see you again tomorrow night.
27:44 And we want to pray for the decisions
27:45 you are making at home as well.


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